How to Accomplish Any Goal

My life has shifted a LOT – and I want to tell you the how.

How to SHIFT your life to accomplish the goals you want.

I’m queen of this.

No, really, I am.

It’s because I tap into my power and know how to do that.

Connect to source.

(Side note: I also know 100% when there is a goal for another season of my life or if there is something I really am not ready for yet, or don’t want. Discernment over goals is key too! That’s wisdom.)

BUT it took a long time to work through MANY past teachings and come to some conclusions on my own and truly tap into my power.

Okay, so I’m going to walk you through some very deep and personal things, but only in efforts to help you out.

I’m seeing way too many men and women with so much potential that just can’t seem to get it together.

Spinning their wheels!

And with love, I’m sharing the 100% biggest 2 secrets to help you get it together.

AND both of these 2 things, I have failed MISERABLY at.

I don’t want you to stay in the miserable places that I’ve been.

Sure, I know that sometimes you have to figure these “mistakes” out for yourself, but I also believe to my core:

a) there is no need to fail

b) there is no need for life to be hard

Those are choices.



Learning from others will help you collapse time frames and ultimately get to your goal faster.

Oh, and this isn’t about happiness.

I’m usually pretty happy.

The first thing I learned was that happiness was my choice and not about anyone else.

Even when I was going through the hardest times, joy was found.

Joy is always available even if it doesn’t manifest as a smile.

It’s something deeper.

Okay, so now I share the 2 parts to this!

The #1 reason you are not receiving the outcome to the goals you want to accomplish is this:

You are 100% not in integrity with yourself or others.

So, the first part.

You are not in integrity with yourself.

That mean, you are NOT doing what you told yourself you would do.

You are not standing up for yourself. (Is there someone you need to set boundaries with?! A partner maybe? A child? A boss? A friend?)

You are not properly taking care of yourself. (Did you schedule in the time to meditate, have alone time, body self-care, sleep?)

You are not spending money in a way that is fully aligned with you. (You are spending money on something, when deep down you wished you spent it on something else.)

Your calendar.

a) you don’t keep a good calendar

b) you have no integrity around time or planning

I’m not perfect, but I have learned a few things that really help – ESPECIALLY if you want to do BIG & GREAT things in the world.

You will NOT be able to do GREAT things in the world if you do not have INTEGRITY with your TIME MANAGEMENT – which also means with yourself.

I have developed a practice of deep integrity with myself in certain areas and the other areas, I still need help with.

Oh, and trust me I have coaches and masterminds and they are all fantastic – however – this is something only you can do – only you can honour yourself in this area.

No one can do it for you.

Second part.

You are not in integrity with others.

You said you were going to do something and you bailed or lied or cheated.

Which is fine, but trust me – your invitations will slowly cease because people expect you not to show up. {And that’s because of an underlying fear.}

Don’t be that person.

And even worse, many people don’t even communicate period.

That’s just flat out disrespect – and then – from your own soul’s energy – you expect respect from other humans, but can’t give it to other humans?!

OKAY – obviously you get that – however, there is a DEEPER issue here – and it is NOT about other people at all..

It’s about you.

Your energy field is clogged – to say the least.

You are in disrespect with YOURSELF!

And that sucks to hear. Truly – you are the meanest person to you.

People who have deep integrity with themselves NATURALLY show up in the world for others with deep integrity in all they do!

I personally do not care if people show up late or not at all (that stuff doesn’t affect me – truly), however, I do recognize that people who do not show up are not in integrity with themselves – and trust me – that’s going to cause you a whole lot more pain than it will me.

I’ve been there – done that.

And it feels icky and yucky.

And quite honestly – it’s horrible to have to be so out of integrity with yourself.

It’s self hate.

It’s a deeper problem that needs to be rooted out.

And that’s the whole point of this soul message today.






Trust me when I say, you life will begin to show up roses a whole lot more and you will be able to expand and show up in greater ways for other people.

Do you really want to accomplish some great goals?

Weight loss? 100% about integrity with yourself.

Making Money, Growing Money? 100% about integrity with yourself.

Relationship/Love/Friendship? 100% about integrity with yourself.

Body Building? 100% about integrity with yourself.

Leadership? 100% about integrity with yourself.

Are you NOT accomplishing your goals?

Then you need to find the integrity cracks and fix them.

Forgive yourself and move forward.

No need to apologize.

{Another side note: every time you break integrity it breaks a small part of your soul, it leads to dis-ease in the body, it leads to pain. Breaking integrity is sinning against yourself.}

Deep respect, deep honesty, deep relationship building with yourself will lead to great things.

Why settle for good when you have the ability to be GREAT?

Alberta Lee Cox

Greatness starts by holding integrity in all you do.

That’s how you crush any goal and stay in flow.

That’s how you….

Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa


The Lighthouse, The Trapeze and The First Kiss.

If I were to ever give my BEST 3 pieces of advice to anyone in life, including my children they would be this:

Lighthouse Analogy

This is probably the most profound thing I ever heard. It’s guided me well thus far, and I’m sure it will guide me again and again.

It is this.

Be the lighthouse. Draw the boats to you, don’t go out looking for the boats.

Lighthouses stand tall and bright.

They do not go in desperation to find the sinking & lost ships.

The sinking & lost ships find them.

We need leadership more than ever before.

Leadership is not the same as management.

In fact, leadership is so convoluted these days.

But I will make it simple for you.

Leadership is setting the example you want others to follow.

That’s it.

You want people to do what you are doing – DO IT FIRST.

Show them.

Be the light that shines in others lives.

Do you.

People are always drawn to the light givers because they are bright and you can’t help but be attracted to light.

The key is this:

You need to tune out other people – maybe not entirely, but in a nutshell, yes. (Such as, don’t tune into anything that can possible bring you down or ruin your high vibe, especially if you know without a shadow of a doubt you did your best. You stay in integrity with yourself and the opinions of others will never matter to you. You stay focused on your goal.)

You need to listen to yourself, the Holy Spirit within, Your Higher Power, Your God, Your Universe or Unlimited Intelligence that has 100% been bestowed upon you as a human be-ing in this world.


It’s from God. He’s the light.

You tune into him and you don’t need approval from anyone else.

Not your mom, dad, spouse, friends, children.


When you have God on your side, you’ll shine brighter because you are tuning into the frequency of pure love.

Love always wins.

Love shines bright.

Be the lighthouse.

Trapeze Analogy

I heard this idea from Barbara Huson. But I’ve known it most of my life as letting go and jumping off the cliff. And I think this is the hardest one every time you are tying to step into something bigger than yourself or reach a new unknown level of what you define as success.

There is this moment when you MUST let go of one rung and be suspended mid air with no net before you can cling on to the next rung. The trapeze artist knows this full well and takes the chance every time they let go.

Release the outcome.

It’s scary. It’s not comfortable. It will give you diarrhea or make your stomach churn – but seriously, I think all those are signs you are doing something BIG and exciting and that’s how you know you are stepping right out of your comfort zone.

If your life is peachy-keen, then maybe its time to do a review and see if you are dreaming big enough? Actually stepping into who you were called to be? Growing your big vision and sharing your gifts with the world?

The adrenaline rush, the fear, the sick to your stomach are all good signs that there’s something big brewing in your life. Not everyday, but you definitely need to learn to love that feeling of fear of BIG THINGS to come and how it manifests in your body.

Take the jump and be suspended in mid-air. That’s the sweet spot.

First Kiss Analogy

The third thing is really not about kissing, but really more about procrastination.

Don’t procrastinate.

It does nothing for you.

It’s about the speed at which you come to your decisions that is what will propel you forward and working the decision making muscle will help you in life.

Like your first kiss, that was awkward until it happened, you just got to go for it. This means, any decision, any big or small decision – there is no time to worry if it’s going to turn out or not.

Set the intention, commit, and release – like the trapeze, you need to do this quickly.

Like waiting for the right moment to kiss someone new, decision making without procrastination can be awkward at first and sometimes it will not end up the way you want it – but many times, it will be the best thing that ever happened to you.

Don’t procrastinate. Take those steps, jump in – sometimes it’s the dumbest thing you’ve ever done and other times its mind blowing amazing – and the point is this:

Start before you are ready.

You went for it, you didn’t sit and hum and haw about it, you knew that you had to try it and usually, it works out pretty damn well…

This is actually healthy for your soul, the same way kissing is healthy for our health and if you REALLY like the person may actually release all sorts of feel good chemicals, such as oxytocin, serotonin and dopamine.

It’s all connected.

Go get it.

Don’t sit around and wait for it to fall in your lap.

Your life will pass you by.

I sure hope you don’t procrastinate about kissing like most people do their decision making.

The Lighthouse, The Trapeze and The First Kiss are all ways to….

Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa

PS. Wanna get started? Start at!


Spend Yourself

Spend Yourself

I know there’s a “spending” epidemic in our world right now, however, I do notice the opposite when it comes to the beautiful humans and our lives.

There is a SAVING epidemic.

We are all trying to save ourselves.

I just wonder what we are all so busy saving up for?

I see people everyday using excuses to not step fully into what they are called to do.

And the excuses, although some sound legit in our brains (like caregiving, health issues or lack of capital), are usually because we truly like where we are in life and doing that ‘thing’ that will SPEND US is actually terrifying and uncomfortable.

I would examine your ‘legit’ excuse holding you back.

Take me for example.

Next week.

Big Launch of what is probably going to be my work for the next decade of my life if not my life’s work – something I’ve been developing over the last 5 years! 5 YEARS! {This is going to award me the Order of Canada!}

I’ve cringed over the money we (okay, I) are spending.

I’ve had moments of incredible hope and adrenaline rush only to come down crashing hours later. It’s exhausting!

I’ve called my coaches crying in total breakdowns and fear and needed to talk through the impact of bringing this vision into the world.

I’ve talked myself out of this idea and into this idea so many times.

I ‘ve justified this idea to kingdom come.

I’ve had nightmares of how this project will pan out.

I’ve literally had stomach issues – stress causes constipation or the opposite! TMI – LOL – but don’t laugh – this is really what happens when you actually take the stand and SPEND YOURSELF.

(Side Note: Your health gets way worse when you save up yourself and keep everything bottled up! But the spending yourself health issues that arise are usually short lived – are are more inline to birthing pains, which usually are worth it!)

You manifest all sorts of crazy things in your life – physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually!

All because truly SPENDING YOURSELF is scary.

You are getting rid of the back up reserves – the saving.

And that sucks.

You are hanging on the ledge. {That’s not my idea of fun!}

You are emptying the tanks so you can fill them up with something BIGGER & BETTER!

And all this draining and spending calls for a nap! HA!

Especially when you have NO IDEA if your dreams, planning, vision will ever even come to fruition.

But the same way you shouldn’t buy things that don’t align with you or lift you up is the same way you should not spend yourself in ways that don’t align with you. 

I realize there are different seasons of spending and some seasons for saving yourself. 

Saving yourself may include educating yourself or taking a well deserved rest.

However and a big however. I have seen so many people who GIVE up before they start or saving up themselves so much until everything is perfect or until they make a million dollars.

{You make a million dollars one dollar at a time.}

And guess what my BIG LAUNCH next week is not 100% yet. It’s about 85%. But I know to launch before you are ready.  

Because the trick to life is this – you’ll never be really ready for what life has for you unless you go for it and spend yourself – which also means putting yourself out there in all your imperfect perfection.

It means. Full-Frontal. 

Well, at least that’s what it feels like.  {I remember so many days past I’d rather stand naked in front of the crowd instead of being this vulnerable!}

So here’s the question:

What area of your life are you saving yourself for and not going full-frontal with?

There’s always an area. 

  • It could be telling someone you love them.  
  • It could be forgiveness.
  • It could be your business.
  • It could be stepping out on your own.
  • It could be your art, your song, your invention.
  • It could be your health. (FYI, your health gets way worse when you save up yourself! But spending yourself is usually short live
  • It could be sharing your story.

Whatever it is…. maybe it’s time you start spending versus saving. 

Saving up when you know you should be spending yourself is like a cancer that needs to be released.  


Spend yourself. 

Spend yourself as an investment in yourself.  

The returns – I promise you – will be worth it. 

You are your best investment. 


So go out and….

Live Your Legacy! 

xx Lisa

PS. If you want to get your financial life in order, then you need to reach out to us. Start with our FREE toolkit at FINANCIALBLISS.CA!


The Stand.

The Stand

This is the problem.

This is the frustration around our financial system.

It’s broken.

Let me tell you how it’s broken.

It’s not that there’s a lack of information.

There’s the opposite problem with too much information and often times, not the right information and the issue of time to sort it all out.

Dr. Google doesn’t always paint a clear picture of what to do with your money and it’s definitely not tailored to you.

You don’t need cookie cutter advice.

It takes time to sort through it all, develop a plan, understand tax implications, market implications, estate implications and your financial future.

There are approx. 100,000 “financial advisors” in Canada. First of all – all these advisors are not doing holistic financial planning, most either do insurance only or investments only.

Then we get into the problem of the banking system itself and how profit driven banks are only focused on shareholder return and not actually servicing individuals unless they have many millions.

There is a huge lack of service and this is of not fault of the employees who work at these archaic institutions, but the culture and systems of these financial organizations.

Somewhere, somehow – Canadians, in general, have not received the help they need to create wealth and preserve wealth.

And don’t get me started on our education system and the lack of financial literacy and numeracy provided by schools in general.

Truly, this system needs an overhaul because it’s in the process of desecrating your wealth and leaving our country in financial ruin.

And this is all backed by statistics: (and now, get ready for this!)

  • Out of 15,000,000 women working in Canada $49,721 is the average income of a woman in Canada in 2019 compared to $66,504 for men (gender wage gap)
  • Less than 10 women in Alberta earn over $1,000,000 per year on their tax returns
  • You are in the top 14% of Canadians if you earn $100,000 or over
  • You are in the top 5% of Canadians if you earn $150,000 or over
  • You are in the top 1% of Canadians if you earn $234,700 or over (which is 271,000 Canadians that fit that bill in 2017)
  • You are in the top 0.1% of Canadians if you earn over $740,300
  • And 2,780 Canadians earned over 2.7 million in 2017 the 0.01%


  • 7% of Canadians Eligible to Hold a TFSA account have maxed out their TFSA account (which as of this year is $69,500)
  • 18% of Canadians contributed to an RRSP in 2018 or about 6 Million Canadians
  • 50% of Canadians will retire with debt and an average debt of over $100,000
  • 59% of Canadians who are nearing retirement have no idea how much money they will need to live comfortably for the remainder of their days
  • 80% of All Investment Accounts in Canada are under $100,000 in size
  • The average RRSP size is $111,922 across Canada per household
  • 1/3 of Canadian Households do not own life insurance according to LIMRA
  • 66% of Canadians feel they are underinsured and could use more life insurance
  • Only 15% of people in Canada feel “very prepared” financially if they couldn’t work
  • 42% of Canadians have never even talked to a personal insurance agent for life or disability insurance
  • 8% of Canadians have a critical illness policy – on a good day
  • 50% of Canadians have more in credit card debt than they do in their savings
  • $852 – the average net savings of the average Canadian Household
  • 56% of Canadians DON’T have a will and even more don’t have an up-to-date will.

And then for women:

  • the average age a woman is widowed in Canada is 56
  • 50% of women who are widowed will not longer be able to keep their current standard of living or lifestyle
  • 40% of marriages end in divorce
  • 60% of marriages that start between ages 20-25 will end in divorce

And finally, to really drive this home:

The Value of Financial Advice Study, a huge two-year study completed in 2016 by the Investment Funds Institute of Canada, said that investors who worked with a financial advisor accumulated 290% or 3.9 times MORE in ASSETS over a 15-year period than someone investing on their own.

My two cents on this study and why it demonstrates such a dramatic difference in results from working with a financial advisor to not working with a financial advisor is this:

  • behavioral psychology (managing client emotions, expectations and disciplined behaviors) played a huge part in that
  • accountability
  • actual tax planning to reduce taxes
  • setting up structures to systematically save and do proper financial planning

All of the value add that a Financial Advisor brings to the table is worth the small cost to the client. (Don’t listen to those ridiculous commercials that say your advisor eats up 30% of your retirement savings! It’s called paying for value and no different than any other time you open your wallet to buy something! Oh and by the way, you’ve always been paying these fees and charges – you probably just weren’t made painfully aware!)

And all of this is tied together by relationships.

The importance of having a relationship with your advisor is this:

  • they know you
  • they know your family situation (your crazy father-in-law)
  • your income
  • your business, jobs & career
  • your health & family health
  • your fears and worries around money
  • they know Y-O-U!

The benefit of a long-term relationship with your financial advisor is that you don’t have to re-explain yourself to every new “advisor at the corner bank” every time you are with them. You end up leaving a LOT of valuable information out that way, which only ends up hurting you.

And I could go on and on about this.

You get the picture I’m painting here.

I’ve outlined the problem and why the system is broken.

Here’s the solution:

I feel we are called to change and transform this patriarch system in favour of the few and channel in the new, the advice, knowledge, accountability, implementation and holistic financial planning to the masses.

This is no longer reserved for the wealthy.

This is how we are changing the game entirely across Canada.

We are rising up and taking on old, worn out, slow moving oligopoly financial systems and bringing in new, robust, quick, helpful systems and education to facilitate total financial planning.

We are unveiling a new way to do and GROW your money.

This is Wealth Spa™.

This is how you Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa

Want to get on board? We’ll show you how. Contact us at and we’ll tell you all about it!


Outsourcing Toward Your Big Vision

Outsourcing Toward Your Big Vision

Hiding won’t help you.

It never could.

You will destroy your life and combust YOU from the inside out when you hide from your purpose work and talents.

There’s a special set of gifts you’ve been given, usually not just one gift but many, that is a unique and special combination to only you.

And these gifts were meant to SHINE in BIG WAYS.

I was noticing this in my team this week and how special all their gifts are and how different we all are. It’s really incredible.

Seriously, my right arm has been cut off as my assistant is away visiting her new grandbaby!

Yesterday, I did her job and my job and was reminded why I hired her in the first place –

So I can spend more time on the things that I love and the things that are my gifts.

The trick though is that we are all GOOD at a lot of stuff.

But there are some things we are GREAT at.

I am very very very good at organizing and paperwork.

But it’s not what I’m great at AND it’s not what my soul jumps up and down wanting to do.

I do it because I need to, not because I want to.

I get that we can’t all outsource all the yucky tasks we must do in life, but we sure can outsource some of them.

It’s when you really start evaluating what it is you want to fill your days up with, you realize lots of it needs to be outsourced.

And you are already doing this more than you know you are.

You are a queen of outsourcing.

Like for example, I know you can make a bar of soap, but usually we outsource that to the soap professionals and buy their soap.

See. You just outsourced your soap.

There are lots of things you can outsource in your life that probably won’t cost you as much as you think, but will increase your enjoyment of life TENFOLD.

What if you absolutely DESPISE and hate cutting your lawn or washing your floors.

Don’t you think that the $20 bucks paid to the neighbour kids is well worth the investment, so you can sit back and relax and enjoy your week-end?

Same with your home, usually it’s a cost well worth it!

But sometimes, we have to look at things with a bigger price tag and really step out of our comfort zone when it comes to outsourcing.

When we are growing our businesses, we usually don’t see the benefits right away when we hire someone.

One of my business mentors said that every employee should at minimum contribute to 3 times their salary.

If you were paying someone $50,000 per year, then they should contribute to at least $150,000 of value over time.

The other trick is that they probably won’t be of much value for the first 3 – 6 months, maybe longer.

In that case, you aren’t seeing the return on your money for a while, and that’s where it hurts for most of us entrepreneurs and we don’t like to take risks on employees without them planning on sticking around for a few years or longer.

(Side note: That’s where creating amazing training systems is helpful and you get your employees to create them as they go for the next person!)

But this is where outsourcing is so important.

BECAUSE this is the TRUTH:


Sure you can lose weight, find love, get healthy on your own.

(Even a baby you can’t make on your own! HA HA! But you could outsource that too! LOL)

But you want to create an impact?

You want to be seen, heard and share your message with lots of people?

You want to make a million dollars a year or more?

It will involve a TEAM OF HELP in some way, shape or form.

And that all starts with hiring people, training them, leading them and getting really good at that cycle – as it will repeat.

So this means, we can’t hide.

If your dreams are BIG and I know they are – it will involve other people in your life.

And it will mean that you will have to step into a leadership role and a management role at some point (note these are different things – as one of my coaches pointed out to me!)

There’s really magic in taking the leap into outsourcing.

Hiring someone.

Building a team.

Taking the chance on people and

Taking a chance that your dreams and vision may be brought into life.

It’s totally worth it and totally scary.

Think about the TRAPEZE artist who must FULLY LET GO of the safe bar she’s holding onto to grab onto something great, but in between there’s nothing to hold onto!

That’s the space you will have to jump into – the space where there’s nothing to hold onto – before you can make magic happen!

I remember 9.5 years ago when I hired my first employee ever.

My nanny.

Being responsible for someone’s full-time salary, smaller as it may be, was terrifying!

And every month I was never quite sure where exactly the money would come from.

Now payroll is larger, a few more bodies, and it’s still a fear that rears it’s ugly head with thoughts like, “Well, if I had to lay everyone off I’d be okay.”


No, I would not be okay.

Life is not about shrinking.

Life was meant to expand.

Expanding and growing and pushing yourself right out of your comfort zone is like breathing – MANDATORY.

Shrinking does nothing.

Hiding does nothing.

You can’t hide from this.

Go out and OUTSOURCE.

It helps others and above all, most definitely helps YOU!

On another note, when it comes to your financial life, you don’t want to outsource being the CEO of your TOTAL money picture, but there are many things you can outsource to help you:

  • bookkeeping
  • filing tax returns
  • investment or pension portfolio managers
  • insurance agents to help find the best rate
  • hiring admin to help pay the bills
  • mortgage broker to help find the best rate for your mortgage
  • etc.

When you put your money – cold hard money – and invest in others, I’m sure your return will be WELL WORTH IT in the long run! (Trust me, like investing in the stock market, investing in people is also a skill you must learn and many times you learn the hard way. Don’t give up when you make a bad hire!)

Hey, it’s the new roaring 20’s: DIY (Do-It-Yourself) is out and DFY (Done-For-You) is in!

It’s just taking that first step toward your BIG VISION.

It’s a worthy vision and worthy of the risk.

Take it!


Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa

PS. If you need help clarifying your financial picture, or simply need a Done-For-You service for investments, insurance, taxes or otherwise, make sure to book at complimentary 15-minute discovery call now!


The Magic Flow of Money

The Magic Flow of Money

I think it’s time the patriarch step aside and let some feminine energy in!

What am I talking about?

Your money.

It’s been way too manly.

What do I mean?

Most of us have been raised to “manage money”.

This along with structures, scheduling, measurements are very masculine qualities.

Now, let me say there is nothing wrong with masculine qualities.

There is a problem with balance though and being so fully lopsided to the masculine for decades, if not hundreds or thousands of years.

Have no fear, for the matriarch is making her way back!

What does that mean?

It means the feminine side of money has come to play and be put into the spotlight!

This is where we turn away from the extreme left and find our happy balance with money, adding in the feminine qualities that our money craves.

What are the feminine sides of money?

Well, she’s pretty much like you.

She wants to be desired, loved, appreciated.

When she is appreciated, she will appreciate.

She is tired of being in a box.

She wants to come out and dance and play.

She wants to move and move in flow.

In and through you.

A current.

The current of energy.

Which is all money is anyways.

A current of energy.

It needs to have an outlet.

It needs to be turned on.

So that’s the thing.

And ladies, I know so many of us have been fighting (internally, externally) with our money issues and we have not been in flow with it and we have in return said “NO” to the things in which we know we are to say “YES” to.

What are those things?

It’s saying “YES” to the things that bring you deep joy and turn you on.

Why is that important?

Because once you are turned on, a light, you will be able to shine brighter.

And what does that do for you and the world.

Make it all a much better place, happier.

OH, and you will…


Isn’t it crazy to think that all you have to do is say “YES” – a full “YES” to yourself and the money will flow?!

That’s crazy.

I mean, I’m sure people reading this think I’m crazy.

And so be it, but there’s a magic in being able to flick that switch, and dance in flow with your money.

It’s a different kind of living.

It’s really how you….

Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa


The Power of Your Word

The Power of Your Word by Lisa Elle, CFP

This is all we really have at the end of the day.


Our words.

Our words with others.

Our written word.

Our word with ourselves.

This is what brings all things into creation.

Language brings creation.

Our words are painting our present with stories of the past and dreams of the future.

Our words are building us up or tearing us down right now.

This is why words are the most important part of the human experience.

I know so often I am at fault of not using language (the voice, the grammar, the spelling, the words, the meaning) to the best of my ability.

When we slack off in this area, and carelessly choose our words and the message we are trying to send, we corrupt language.

And I’m not just talking about foul language here and there. I’m talking about spreading messages without integrity.

I guess, this is where you have to have discernment and stop outsourcing the very essence of your being and surrendering it to other people.

(You do this when you take one’s words at their word with out running it through your own personal truth filter!)

There is no such thing as fake news.

All the words spoken and written and said in the world are there for you to process and internalize for yourself and come up with your own conclusions.


This is not new.

Fake news is not new.

The words spoken have always had to been discerned by you, your higher power that resides within you.

You ultimately are the filter for all the fake news, the words spoken and written out in the world.

There is no need to call the news or words fake – for fake they all must be until we give them power.

Words only mean something if you give meaning to them.

Internally. Your thoughts.

It’s your life.

Stop giving your power away and allowing others words in with no filter of your own.

When you are guided in spirit, you can literally not go wrong.

When you are guided by your integrity –

your word with yourself –


your words with others –

you are living your truth.

And here is where you must, you have to – now more than ever – tune into what you know deep down as truth – and follow that.

If all we have at the end of our days is our words, our promises that we kept or didn’t keep and the bearing of that ripple effect of our words out into the world – why then do we not take the time to speak with more intent? with more grace? with more love?

Its truth stings and its truth brings hope.

For if it not were for our words that we create and bring forth the wonders of the world and the miracles, then where would we be?

We are nothing without our words.

We are nothing without language.

What does this mean for your money?

You can speak life into it.

You can direct and intend and declare where you want your money to go and what you want it to accomplish.

You are the master, money is your servant.

Never forget that.

You speak the life into your health, your relationships, your money.

You create from a place of nothingness.

That’s why it’s creation.

It comes from your seed of thought and can not stay as a thought.

It must manifest itself through you and out into the world.

And sure you really never have to speak about it –

But when you speak, you speak power.

Never forget that the tongue is the greatest weapon on the planet.

Never forget that the tongue holds the greatest power of all –

Speaking Creation Into Life.

I am well reminded of this during this time.

These words are my gift to you and probably the most meaningful and most beautiful of words I will probably ever speak to you…

You have a blank slate.

There is no past right now.

There is no future right now.

You are here in this presence, this present.

You have a blank canvas.

You have the power to speak into creation exactly what your heart desires.


Do so.

Live Your Legacy.

xx Lisa


Stand In Your Power

Your Power

People are desperate for assurance.

People are desperately seeking assurance for so many things in life.

(And not just because I happen to sell life insurance! 😉 )

And right now, it’s more clear than ever before.

People so desperately want assurance that life is going to be okay.

People want assurance that their people are not going to die and that everything will go in their favor.

That’s what is running rampant in the world and logic has been traded in for false assurance.

There is no assurance in life.



You have one assurance that you will die one day, but as far as assurances go, that’s not the one we were hoping for! 🙂

We are hoping for the good life – whatever that looks like to us.

People want assurance so badly that they’ll do anything, they’ll follow anything, they will even throw their critical thinking skills away and just beg and plead with anyone that will listen so they can get their dear assurance that life – for even just a minute – will continue to go their way.

And here’s what happens when you do that….

The second you seek assurance from outside of you you give your power away.

Let’s say that again.

Seeking validation, assurance, from outside of you is when you give your power away.


It’s gone.

You are powerless.

And you, being powerless is not a good thing.

I’m sure, intuitively, you already know that you being powerless is not a good thing.

First of all it sounds bad.

I don’t think anyone would want to hear, “Look at that powerless girl walking down the street, so sad.”

Funny thing though, we’ve all labeled power as “bad” – mostly from the power-hungry-crazy people we see in the media.

But power is not bad.

Having your power fully intact and “in force” is a good thing.

Being powerless means that you can not create change.

Being powerless means you can’t create anything really.

The only way one can create anything – including change or transformation is by standing in their own power.

Hear me say that again.

You can only create change by standing in your power.

Do you realize that the assurance you are so desperately seeking is taken away from you the second you turn to society, community, partner, friend, parent, child or otherwise – any human – to where you fully ask them to assure you – on whatever the topic is?

This also goes for your money, business, health, relationships – the works!

And when it comes to your money (income, savings, investments, expenses) are you asking for assurances with it from the outside world instead of really being able to create with it?

You lose your power when you hand over the reigns to someone else to do your critical thinking for you, or to answer questions you haven’t taken the time to answer for yourself or worse, when you don’t take the time to tune in and just follow along the path someone else beat down for you.

Getting stuck in the weeds sometimes is a good thing – that just means your beating down your own path.

And following your own path is good because that means, above all, that you are standing in your power.

Stop asking for the world to protect you.

Stop asking the people to assure you.

When you place your assurance in the people the people are sure to disappoint. I’m not saying that that makes people bad at all or that we shouldn’t seek comfort – I’m just saying stop demanding that the world, government, society, community, church, school, group, person come save you.

That’s not their job.

How horrible would it be if we actually had to take responsibility for everyone on the planet. What a horrible burden to bear!

Luckily for us, it’s not our business, yet we are still seeking that outside validation and assurance.

So we have to really check in with ourselves and make sure we aren’t giving our power away.

Usually it’s evident in one or two areas of our lives.

And we need to know and realize the consequences of standing in our power.

And there are consequences, hence why we don’t find it easy to actually do the deed and stand up tall for what we believe in.

So, what happens when you stand in your power?

(Spoiler Alert: It may not be pretty!)

Sometimes it will be fine.

But sometimes is won’t be fine.

Many times:

You will get flack.

You will get shit on.

You will cause waves.

You will be called names that won’t come from children’s books.

And it’s horrible for a minute.

But after that, it’s pure bliss.

You did it.

You followed your path.

You knew the truth and what was right for you.

You stuck to your guns.

You stand in your power and you rock nations.

You create impact – long after you are gone.

You are powerful.





You, above all,

always are

and always will….

Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa

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The Worst Day of Your Life

Warning: The content in this blog is hard to read, but well worth the read.

It’s the worst day of your life.

Your partner or your child just passed away.

Writing these words on this page stirs emotions, even thinking about this brings pain.

And here’s the question.

A serious question because now you are not only faced with grief, you are also faced with increased expenses and bills, perhaps the loss of a second income or a main income stream.

When faced with your worst case scenario, the question to ask yourself is this:

How much money do I need to feel OKAY to get through this, pay for everything, and grieve properly?

And what makes you feel OKAY financially and able to move forward?

What do you need to have COVERED to sleep at night and not be financially stressed out?

  • Your Mortgage and Debts Paid?
  • Final Expenses Paid/Funeral Costs?
  • Business Debt Paid?
  • Estate Tax Paid (Final Tax Return)?
  • Future Income Stream to Replace Loss of Income?
  • Future Education Needs for Children or Yourself?
  • Charity or Legacy Gifts to Share?

What about if your child passes away?

How much money will it take to grieve, pay for final expenses, maybe take time off work or pay for a family trip?

Ask your partner these questions as well to see how much insurance they would need on you.

It’s a hard conversation to have.

And yes, I’m telling you to adult and have this hard conversation at least ONCE.

I’m going to be on your case about this because I’ve personally delivered death benefits to MANY families in their hardest hour.

And also, because you will be grateful one day if this happens to you, and be grateful to the person who made you buy life insurance on your partner, parents, kids, grandkids.


The beautiful thing is this.

Spend 5 hours of your life completing a few simple things, such as your will and life insurance and then you can forget about it.

Then you can move forward with confidence knowing your family is taken care of and knowing you are taken care of.

Financial Support.

Don’t knock it.

Don’t say it’s only money.

It’s much more than that.

It’s a way to heal, a way to move forward, a way to show love.

That’s why you need life insurance on EVERY member of your family, regardless of age, regardless of net worth or income.

There’s something in leaving a loving legacy on your passing.

This is one way to do it.

This is how you….

Live Your Legacy.

xx Lisa

PS. If you or someone you know requires a quote or a review of their life insurance, please contact us at! We are FULL brokers of life insurance and are happy to help you out with this and see how this fits into your financial plan.


It’s Not If….. It’s When

It's Not If It's When by Lisa Elle

It’s not if….. it’s when.

Here’s the dealio…

Less than ideal things are going to be happening in your lifetime.

And to help you better cope with the things that you knew all along were going to happen to you or to a loved one, you need to have a plan in place!

All the D’s that you know will happen at some point: death, disability, disease, divorce, discharged or dismissed.

And yes, it may seem depressing, but that’s not the point of this at all.

People have dealt with these things – aka. LIFE – very successfully and not even that – they have CONTINUED to prosper through the HARD TIMES! #shocking right?!

There are people that are not only resilient to the crap that life serves up – they often have found ways to THRIVE during the hard times.





Especially with your MONEY!

Because – make no mistake – the hard times are inevitable.

Do you have a plan in place to help you weather that storm?

And yes, there are MANY plans that you can put in place TODAY to make sure when the time comes that you will be better equipt for the storm.

And NO, this is not about stuffing emotions and hiding them away. You will feel the pain in all that life throws your way.

But this IS about being able to not let one bad thing turn into a chain of bad things happening to you.

When someone passes away, when someone gets sick, when someone loses their job – that’s bad enough.

We don’t need to add on FINANCIAL STRESS over and above it.

There’s no reason that money EVER has to be the source of your stress.

Do I need to say that again?!

There’s no reason that money EVER has to be the source of your stress.

And yet it is – and it usually is because YOU (yes, Y-O-U) didn’t plan properly for yourself and your family.

This is not your partners problem.

This is your problem.

(If we all waited around for our partners to do everything for us many of us would be in BIG trouble!)

That’s why I’m saying this is your responsibility!

And I’m saying that with tons of LOVE – because I realize many of you do not have supportive partners in this or one of you in the relationship just doesn’t care at all.

So here’s the plan – the baby steps – that need to be taken to really give you a financial base to work with.

You can’t pass go or collect $200 until you get these basics completed.

Tough LOVE.

You would be well served to do whatever you can to make sure these financial basics are in place before you move on to investing money anywhere else!


  • Make sure you have your Last Will & Testament in place and up-to-date. (For you and your partner!)
  • Own enough life insurance policies on your life (yes, Y-O-U – take responsibility for the life you currently fund and created!) that covers ALL your debts, promised income payments (salary to provide for children or cover monthly cash flow need for a certain time period) and any legacy you wish to leave behind. Make sure to have some on your partner as well!
  • Own enough critical illness insurance policy to cover you in case of Cancer, Heart Attack, Stroke, etc. that will get you through at least 2-3 years of not being able to work or help with additional medical expenses or treatments not covered. Also, make sure to have some on your partner.
  • Make sure you have disability insurance if you are working to cover your monthly income in case you can’t work due to an accident or illness.
  • Make sure you have proper extended health care plan to help cover costs of dental, prescriptions, eye health, etc. and if you have your own corporation make sure you have set up your HSA/PHSP. (Yes, every family needs this!)
  • Make sure you have 3-6 months of expenses saved in a high interest savings account.

Do these things BEFORE you even move on to investing! Before you even start saving for retirement.


Without these financial basics in place your retirement savings will be in jeopardy of a financial disaster striking you.

And if you don’t have retirement savings then you need these basics even more!

And here’s another thing!

You need to do these basics before you even consider paying off your debt!


Yes, you need your financial basics down pat before you even consider making a plan to get out of debt or build up your saving and net worth.

Why is this so dearly on my heart?

I have seen it so many times when clients and friends have been caught when life doesn’t go their way.

And – we all know – many times life doesn’t go our way.

And that’s okay.

But what’s not okay is not using the common-sense and brains we’ve been given to adequately prepare for the D’s that we will inevitably face.

So, make sure you’ve completed this check list!

Don’t go on to anything else until you’ve checked off this entire financial base checklist!

We are all dazzled by investing and saving and want to make money but many of us aren’t even protecting the main thing: our income earning power, covering our bases and protecting and creating our legacies.

Hey, no one will be thrilled when you leave your estate a huge mess!

Talk about adding stress to your family at a time when they should be mourning and remembering you in the best way possible, not in the way that causes disharmony in the family.

And who wants to be financially stressed out when they get a cancer diagnosis? Who wants to be financially stressed out when they lose their job?

Trust me.

Make this promise to yourself.

That you will create a beautiful financial base for you and your family.

A nest.

A safe place to land.


Love and peace.

Do this and you will surely….

Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa

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