Are Your Dreams Abundant Enough?

Are your dreams abundant enough?

This means – are your dreams actually big enough?

Or do they fit into the confines of your current life narrative?

I wonder who in your life is actually challenging you to dream bigger?

The truth is that most of us are surrounded by people who don’t want us to grow too much!


Because that is scary for them.

It’s scary to humans to lose their comfort zones, what makes them feel safe and part of a tribe.


Other’s want you to stay the same.

We don’t like change on a good day.

Obviously we don’t like ‘bad’ things happening to us, but the truth is – we also don’t really want TOO GOOD of things happening to us or our people as that threatens the status quo and creates change, and change is BAD according to our primitive minds.

This threatens our ‘fitting in’.

Trust me. Nothing is scarier than going after what you want.


Because you are standing in your BRIGHT BEAUTIFUL POWER and that naturally threatens those that haven’t valued themselved enough and don’t feel worthy enough to do the same themselves.

This is what is hard.

Oh, and you get the haters.

Okay, so they may not throw tomatoes at you, but they sure do like to nit pick you and pin point all your mistakes or just be grouchy with you.

The humans really REALLY don’t like change because it threatens their life and could mean that they have to change.

When you change & transform, this points a spotlight on the person observing your change & transformation and makes them re-evalute their life.

So, I’m enouraging you to rip it all down, come back to the blank slate of the present.

This present moment.

And begin new.

What do you want?

What are you not getting right now in your life?

Where are you stuck?

What is a dream you are too afraid to dream because your life will literally look 180 degrees different?

Is this something you want to go after?

To be fair, most people don’t want a 180 degree different life.

Most of us are pretty comfy in the lives we have.

Plus its safe.

Are you will to be completely uncomfortable to go after what you want?

There is no right or wrong answer by the way.

It’s great if you don’t want to go after a different life and you are happy.

Contentment is an important place to be as well.

But if you read this and its knawing at you and you know there are changes you need to make in your life to step into your full abundant dreams that you see for yourself, then you need to take the actions to make that alignment happen.

SO MUCH is waiting for you on the other side.

SO MUCH is available to you.

SO MUCH magic and miracles.

It’s all energy just sitting in escrow waiting for you.

It’s your job to take the actions and go out and get it.

Dream bigger for yourself and for the betterment of humanity!

Do this and I promise everyday you walk this earth you will be a light and….

Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa

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Are You A Good Lover?

How you do LOVE is how you do MONEY!

Think there’s no correlation? Think again.

The parallels are uncanny – especially when it comes to your money!

It’s simple to explain because money is just energy.

They type of lover you are is exactly the same relationship you are cultivating with your money! (How you do the little things, is how you do everything!)

And how you are treating your lover is probably a good indication of what is happening with your money.

Are you a generous lover?

Are you a stingy lover?

Selfish? Giving? Good at receiving?

Your essence – it’s kinda the vibe you are putting out into the world and how you do everything!

This also doesn’t just apply to your “lover” skills! This also applies to how you LOVE yourself!!

Okay, so you know, back in the Bible when the J-man talked about the 2 basic commandments.

  1. Love God (Love the universe, higherself, etc.)
  2. Love thy neighbour as yourself.

WHOA! Houston we have a problem! It’s the second one.

You see the problem is how can anyone love their neighbours when they are struggling with self-love first.

HENCE, you must be GREAT at self-love before you can love your neighbour as yourself.

The problem in the world is that we need to cure a whole lotta self-issues, like the lack of love and forgiveness we need to give ourselves.

Once you really love yourself, then and only then are you able to pour out your excess love onto others.

You can’t love when you come from a place of lack.

OH – and how that works with your money is like this:

You are always attracting money to your life on some frequency.

When you are not in a loving, grateful state you are actually putting out the vibe of deflecting money from your life.

None of what I speak of manifests instantly, sometimes it will, but usually it takes the universe a while to reorganize itself to align to the things you want to specifically attract in your life, this includes money.

The universe has to orchestrate a whole lot sometimes to makes sure things align so you can get what you desire.

Your job is to hold the focus, the vibration.

That means being a good lover.

To especially yourself and then pour that out into your external world.

It’s how this works.

It doesn’t work the other way around.

You can’t wait around for the world to love you!

That’s not the world’s job.

That’s not anyone’s job but yourself.

This is why there is so much suffering in the world.

It’s because so many souls expect LOVE to come to them when they need to BE and EMBODY the LOVE FIRST.

Be a CAUSE in your life and you will receive the desired EFFECT.

That’s the secret to being a good lover.

That’s the secret to drawing in abundance of money!

Oh my love, I hope you read this and have nothing but LOVE for yourself.

Those that get this truly shine.

It’s a beautiful day.

Go out and….

Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa

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You’ve all heard of setting SMART goals.

S = Specific

M = Measureable

A = Actionable

R = Realistic

T = Time Frame

The corporate world has wrapped this acronym up with spades.

It’s definitely loaded with masculine energy.

But there’s a better way to set goals.

The SMARTER way, if you will.

There are 2 very important letters missing from the SMART formula.

The E and the R.

And this is where we drive the whole setting SMARTER goal process home!

The E is for EMOTION.

Anyone can set a goal without emotion.

I will make $1,000,000.

But what is that tied to?

It needs to be tied to an emotion.

Emotion is our most powerful point of attraction.


That’s the level of feeling you need to bring to your goals and dreams – extreme passion and excitement and desire!

If you don’t care about your dreams and they don’t excite you, neither does the universe!

Then there is the R..

The R stand for REALIZE.

Realize your goals before they happen in your mind.

This is beyond the first dimensional SMART goal you were taught to write down and create at your last business conference.

This is beyond the second dimensional visualization of a dream board you were told to put together and stare at.

This is third dimensional and above work!

This means you are feeling it, seeing it, imagining it, happening right now before you.

This means that your mind actually believes this is happening to you right now.

That’s NEXT LEVEL goal setting.

This is where you need to be when it comes to what you want out of life

Most of us live life luke-warm with luke-warm goals at best!

Don’t let LIFE pass you by with some watered down approach.

FEEL into your dreams.

They were given to you for a specific reason.

You have an important role to play in the symphony of humanity.

Play your part.

LOVE your goals and dreams and surely you will…

Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa

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Why Busy Is Holding You Back!

The cosmic univseral blessing is that we were ALL able to become UNBUSY in 2020.

Being BUSY is actually totally passé.

And if you haven’t received the memo yet, here it is:

Being BUSY is uncool.

There is nothing uplifting or beneficial you receive in your life from being in a state of busy.

It’s time to outsource and create lots of white space in your calendar.

In that white space you make time for your PLAY and CREATIVITY.

If you feel like all is suffering in your life and its not fun anymore, it could be because you are loading yourself with too much “should do’s” and not enough “white space”!

And now as we are going back to adding things back into our calendars, the key is to remember to do only the things you absolutely love to do.

But on the the topic of being busy – it needs to leave you forever.

Being in a state of busy means you are not taking the time to reconnect with your higherself and tune into the areas in your life which may be totally off kilter.

This is important if you want to be healed, create great relationships or create financial abundance in your life.

You want to bend space and time?

Become UNBUSY!

Leave room for the creative dance in your life – that is also a secret key to abundance in all the areas!

What’s one practical way to do this?

Schedule in “ME TIME”.

Mark it on your calendar.

This must be time alone – no partner, no kids, no work – purely the time you need to maybe walk, read, think, meditate, draw, write, pray and listen.

But even harder for us die-hard busy people is to make sure we are doing this every day and doing it consistently.

THAT is how you uplevel into a space where flow naturally aligns with your life.

THAT is how you connect with you and the divine.

THAT is how you connect to your abundant birthright.

Make time to be unbusy and allow for all the miracles to happen in your life –

They need the space too because let’s face it –


So become unbusy.

Really connect back into the deeper meaning you want from life and let go of all the extracirricular activities that – let’s face it – no longer impress – but STRESS!

That my love, that is how you…

Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa

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The Wealth Placebo Effect

Does wealth have a placebo effect?!

I’ve spent over 12 years researching bio-tech firms and dipping my toe in the understanding of how a drug goes from idea to creation to clinical trials and then, if successful, to market.

There are typically 3 phases in a drug trial.

Throughout all phases of the trials, standard of testing must include a placebo group of participants to compare the results of the trial drug to. This makes sense if we want to measure the efficacy of the drug.

So, here’s the twist – many times, the placebo group can do better or have similar results as the trial drug.

Many people who are in pharmaceutical trials are usually running out of medical options and hence enroll into drug trials desperate to find a cure for what ails them.

As a last whim and a prayer for many people, THIS drug trial is their last hope.

The body will always follow the mind.

The subconscious mind is far more powerful and is always directing traffic within the body.

If participants believe they are taking a miracle cure-all drug, their mind will actually go to town to help deliver the results and work towards healing – whether or not they are taking the drug or the placebo.

What’s mind blowing to me is always that many times patients who’ve taken the placebo become cured.

This has been documented many MANY times throughout history.

So how does this work with our wealth?

You will only ever be as wealthy as you believe is possible for you.

You will only ever be as wealthy as you believe you are worthy.

You will only ever be as wealthy as you believe you are right now.

Because you will only be as wealthy as you believe you will be it is no different than being on the actual drug or the placebo. In other words, your brain really doesn’t know the difference and truly –

It doesn’t matter if you are on the placebo or the real thing!

What’s happening external is IRRELAVANT to what is happening WITHIN.

No matter whether you are on the drug or the placebo, either way, if you believe you are going to be healed, your subconscious will re-direct traffic to MAKE THAT HAPPEN.

Same with your wealth!

If you BELIEVE in your mind, in your bones and FEEL that you are wealthy, you will be wealthy!!

That’s the secret to wealth!

That’s the secret that so many people miss – even truly ultra high networth wealthy people.

It really has nothing to do with your outside wealth – it’s all about your inside game.

Think THAT!

Feel THAT!

Believe THAT!

That is how you create wealth and…

Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa

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Why More Self-Care Equals More Money In Your Business!

How does self-care affect your wealth?

If you are wondering why your life or business seem to be stuck in a broke ground-hog-day-perpetual story and can’t seem to get out of all the money stuff that is happening to you, the key might be because of your lack of self-care.

Self-care = Money

‘What?!’, you say.

Yes, the love that you are or aren’t giving yourself is a direct reflection on what is happening in your financial world.

And the crazy ending to this story is that the more self-love and self-care you give yourself, the wealthier (& healthier!) you will be!

Many times in my life I’ve been stuck financially, desperately trying to grow my business and make a buck.

Funny or not-so-funny, when I look back on those times I also see self-loathing or periods of self-frustration and lack of self-forgiveness.

Also, lack of self-care.

And yes, that could mean in reality I didn’t get a hair cut for 6-8 months or didn’t work out and would sit in a nice hot bath of self-pity or frustration for months on end and then ofcourse, making sure everyone around me was doing good or taking care of themselves.

But what I requested of my friends or kids, I was not doing myself.

Listen up!

Anytime we do something from a place of not honouring ourselves as much as another human, or putting ourselves below another, we are not honouring the bodies, the mind, the heart that we were given in this life to be stewards of.

And this is KEY to the money struggles you’ve been having in your business or life!

You will not attract money if you are not in your highest vibration.

And how do you get to your highest vibration?

You feel good.

You feel good about yourself.

You take care of yourself.

You love yourself.

You do all the things that make YOU HAPPY.

You do NOT do the things that only make others happy.

You hold strong boundaries and learn to say “No” in a loving manner.

Law of Attraction 101: Like attracts like.

And if you are in LOVE with yourself naturally others will LOVE you too because LOVE is the strongest of attractions!

This also works for sales.

Do you really believe in and LOVE what you are selling?

It will show through – everytime.

People are drawn to LOVE.

When you are denying your highest self love or care or rest or play, you will naturally be cutting off the flow of money to you.

What do you need?

Physically? Mentally? Emotionally?

Here are some of my go-to pick me ups!

  • Buying nice new tea towels, candles or for-the-love-of-God – buy yourself some new panties!
  • Getting my hair or eye-lashes done weekly or as much as needed!
  • Massages!
  • Running and Walking Alone!
  • Time with my Life Coach, Fitness Coach, Craniosacral!
  • Music or Playing Piano – being creative!
  • Writing!
  • Driving fast & driving to an old back-country dirt road to watch the sunset 🙂
  • Hiring a TON of help…(I haven’t done real laundry in 9 years or vacuum… and I love cleaning!)

Here’s the deal. I don’t do things I don’t want to do AND I don’t do things that don’t light me up AND I don’t do things I know I can do but aren’t the best use of my talents or time.

TRUTH BOMB: I haven’t done real laundry in 9+ years or vacuum. I also don’t make my bed! (THE HORROR!)

Yet, I totally value a SPOTLESS house 24/7 and I come home to a beautifully made bed everyday!

That’s called SELF-LOVE.

Why? Because I’m the Queen of Delegation and I know that if it doesn’t light me up or someone can do a better job of it or if I know I’m happier because of it, I OUTSOURCE it.

Self-Love means that YOU are responsible for your HIGH VIBE above all things.

You are responsible to make yourself happy.

(Now, also note: I’m not suggesting faking it or not processing all emotion fully. There is a time to feel and process sadness and anger.)

We’ve all heard happiness is an inside job – but what does that actually bring to your life?!


That is the secret on how to attract everything you ever wanted!

I remember a few weeks ago having a massage while essentially on a small mini-vacay and thinking for a brief second how lucky and spoiled I am because I had someone cleaning my house, I had people doing admin and managing my office while I was treating myself to a massage.

That brief thought that I was spoiled was tossed out so fast.

It was a USELESS thought to hold.

Because I created that moment on purpose and with good reason! I’ve worked so hard on my money mindset to get it to a place where I can be this free and I’ve also worked smart to get to this place where I am aware of what needs to happen in my life to keep me in a state of manifesting things at a rapid pace which all comes from your high vibration.

If you think someone is spoiled or lucky – you need to do a money mindset check on yourself and see where the trigger is coming from.

Is this true for you?

Once you realize that you create all that is around you, that is the moment when you will be free to create something new and better than before.

One more time…

Self-Care = Money (and in abundance!)

Spending time working on what makes you happy, what makes you resonate on a higher level and you will unblock the riches that you so rightly deserve.

That is how you….

Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa

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Breaking The Money Spell

Breaking The Money Spell by Lisa Elle

Is there a spell on you right now that is keeping you from calling in the money you want to be earning in your business or life?

You know if you are under this spell if money is stuck and not able to flow freely to you no matter what you do!


I know this all too well.

I’ve been there.

Pushing. Forcing. Wrestling with the hustle –

Only to have it get you more stuck and deeper down the vicious circle.

I was watching a cheesy rom-com last night about this love spell that was put on these 4 men and they fell in love with the first thing they saw from cows to women.

Super cheese, I know.

However, there is some great business wisdom in this.

What are you doing in your business that has you under a spell?

The money spell is this: Something you are doing just for the sake of doing it.

For the longest time, I might even guess it was social media marketing for me – that was until my FB account was totally hacked and disappeared.

Trust me, that broke the social media marketing spell for me (and now we are completely re-doing the entire marketing strategy to work for me and my team!)

But the spell you may be under in your business or your life may be something so slight as a time waster or minor energy vampire slowly sucking your energy.

Like one of those energy audits you can do on your home, or buy one of those testers to see which electronic device is sucking all your energy and increasing your power bill – it’s a slow drip drip drip of leaking energy.

WHICH COSTS YOU BIG TIME! (Just look at your last power bill!)

And hence the money spell you are under and you barely even know it!

But the money spell you may be under is not just for money leaks, it could also be a spell that has blocked you from the receiving and being in flow with the unlimited abundance that is meant to be flowing to you.

You are pushing to hard, being too desperate for it.

That’s why it’s not flowing freely.

When you are under the spell of hustle, needing to prove you have to work hard to earn money and believing that money requires hard work to show up in your life – you are absolutely under a money spell.

It’s time to break that spell.

Maybe a kiss will do it?! I’m not one to put a box around what needs to be done to break a spell as powerful as the money spell.

Truth be told, it is easy.

It’s as easy as dropping into the abundant free flowing money energy that is all around you – but hey, I get that that can be challenging when you have real world things pecking at you (like emails, texts, call, people to get back to or children!) and that’s pulling you away from the magical vortex of abundance and back into the hustle spell which leads to forcing money.

Forcing money to flow to you will never work.


This is where so much of the corporate world has it wrong in their messaging.

Money was and always is something you control with your energy.

Money will push you away the same way you pushed away the desperate guy in high school who always wanted to date you and was relentless.

Desperation will never make you a millionaire.

It’s time to break that money spell!

When you are free to live, play, dance in the world without financial worry, stress, anxiety and overwhelm then you can attract money easily to you.

That, my dear love, is how you…

Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa

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Self-Coaching = More Money


By now you’ve probably figured out that life isn’t all roses.

In fact, if you really think about life it usually turns out 50% Fred Rogers Happy and 50% Freddy Kruger Bad.

Okay, maybe not that bad, but we all know that if life were to apply to win world’s best rollercoaster ride, it would have a mantle full of awards.

So it’s not about trying to stay happy all the time.

I think that is the biggest misconception out there in the self-growth/self-help arena.

The real trick (and here in lies yet another tie to your wealth & money) is that you learn to coach yourself.

And what does coaching yourself have to do with money?

THIS. (You are gonna have to follow me here!)

The trick to life, as I have mentioned NUMEROUS times on this blog, is not about being happy all the time.

It is so important to FEEL all the feels and sit with and process emotion.

In other words, allow yourself to feel the emotions that are coming through.

We need to feel sad, mad, angry, frustrated, etc – plus we wouldn’t know happiness if there was no contrast – right?!

We need the full spectrum of emotions to be able to feel the whole spectrum of emotions.

So the goal is not to feel the anger, pain and sadness.

The goal is to shift time.


The goal is to collapse time frames and help you move through those emotions to reach your desired state faster which in turn helps the world.

Here’s another way I can say that: The faster you are able process emotion and go into your tool box of self-coaching tool and help shift your mindset/vibration/energy to a more desired state you will be able to manifest what you want in your life faster.

Self-coaching is meant to give you the tools to shift quicker and quicker – on your own, hence the ‘self’ part of ‘self-coaching’ – so that you can cope, manage and pull your thoughts back into alignment with what you truly desire in life, love, relationships, health, oh… and MONEY!

Why self-coaching versus coaching?

You may have your life coach, fitness coach, business coach, healing coaches, financial coach (which better be my number! 😉 ) on speed dial – but we all know we can’t always talk to our favourite coaches at the drop of the hat, which is why you need to build up a BIG tool box (yes, bigger than your husband’s tools in the garage!) of coaching tools that you can use all on your own when life gets rough.

Life usually doesn’t get rough from 9-5.

Surprise! Sometimes life gets rough after hours and that is when you will need to draw on the tools you’ve learned and pull them out to manage.


The Goal.

The goal is to attract to you the life in which you desire.

The life in which you desire is vibrating at a frequency.

If you don’t have the life that you desire it’s because of one thing and one thing only:

You aren’t a vibrational match for what you desire.

You aren’t vibing at that level yet.

So to get there, you need to vibe there first before it unfolds in your reality.

You can do this all by yourself.

But you may need some guides, and yes, some coaches.

I have invested literally over $100,000 in my self-coaching tool kit and trust me when I say it is my greatest investment I’ve ever made.

You never go wrong when you invest in yourself!

You can never go wrong when you invest in learning how to manage your thoughts and mind.

And money?

Money will fall right into your lap when you are the right vibration for it.

Not desperate.

Not pushing it away.

Call it in with confidence, with poise, with love and gratitude and direction.

Money loves that.

But you have to coach your mind, train your mind to think these thoughts and bring out those feelings to resonate out in the world.

I will be the first to say it’s not easy work, and it is a life long journey of the mind – but it’s so worth it.

When you harness even a small % of your thoughts and go out and intentionally create the life you desire you set in action the butterfly effect that will ripple through the cosmos.

It’s more important than you think to follow your dreams.

It’s not some silly notion that sounds nice.

It literally will impact our world today for the better and future generations.

You can literally change the world by changing your thoughts.

That my love is how you….

Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa



This is holding you back from making money!

You may not even realize that this could be your biggest money block!

And Surprise! – I don’t even think you will see this one coming.

I’m always on a look out for what is blocking me, my energy and the hence, the flow of money in my life.

This one came as a GREAT blessing to me this week when I was FORCED off of FB not by my choosing.

Truth be told, someone hacked my FB account and DELETED ME {the nerve!} but after my initial freak out and loss of 4,000+ close friends, I realized that this was the greatest blessing – I am now able to start fresh on a platform and literally re-build from scratch something by design and on purpose.

So what was the block that I discovered that made my FB hack a total blessing?!

Not showing up authentically in the way in which I desire to show up!

I was in hiding – I mean, not really, as clearly anyone who has followed my blog knows I definitely show up authentically every week, but I was hiding a part of my marketing that I really didn’t want to ‘show up’ for.

The block, you ask?

Chronic People Pleasing.

It’s like the biggest onion you’ve ever seen because I’ve peeled back ‘people pleasing layer’ years ago to be able to even have the courage to publish my book, blog, story, business, etc.

It takes courage to have a business and you really have to let the people pleasing go at that level – LEVEL 1.0 of people pleasing release.

That is some of the onion, but new level new devil – as we know.

If you want to be free – I mean truly free – like FREEDOM 2.0 then you need to


But not LEVEL 1.0 where it’s about getting enough courage to put your ideas out into the world, this is level 2.0 where you literally have to release ALL the people and when you go through your list of people, I can see why many people don’t ever go from LEVEL 1.0 {or leave level 0 for that matter} and progress to FREEDOM LEVEL 2.0.

Because at FREEDOM LEVEL 2.0 you don’t give a shit what your:

  • partner
  • kids
  • parents
  • uncles
  • aunts
  • cousins
  • grandparents
  • neighbours next door
  • high school friends
  • ex-boyfriends
  • co-workers
  • boss
  • other parents from your kids’ school
  • the ‘cool’ moms
  • acquaintances
  • friends
  • employees
  • clients
  • church groups
  • pastor/priest/rabbi
  • yoga instructor
  • OR hot pool boy


This is absolutely holding you back from making the impact you want to make!


Because when you are stuck in people pleasing and worried about what people think of us – we are HOLDING BACK!

And when you are holding back you are stuck in inauthenticity.


Wow – that’s harsh – but think about this –

You are faking it when you are acting inauthentically and not saying/doing what you really want you end up lying about what you really want.

Holding back in your life/messaging/business = Your are lying to the world!

And worse…..

You are lying to yourself.

AND that is the worst betrayal possible.


You stop this when you act authentically and stop telling people what they want to hear and start standing tall in your ideas/creations/messaging!

You love your ideas for a reason.

Your ideas, dreams, desires, messaging, creations were put here for a REASON!

You were meant to make an impact.

And you can’t let the voices in your head or the possible thought that someone may not agree with you run your life.

You are the one holding yourself back.

Here’s the truth.

Every limitation you have holding you back is on you.

It’s only in your mind and that makes you responsible 100% for what is happening in your life.

People pleasing is holding you back from allowing the money to flow freely to you in your business.

If there is even one group of people that you are holding back from that is a kink in your energetic hose that is so desperately trying to water your money garden of money trees.

Those suckers can’t grow if their only source of nourishment is all kinked up.

Sure a trickle comes out and keeps your money tree barely producing, but you and I both know that the flood gates of abundance are waiting to push on through once those kinks are released!

Freedom 1.0 was okay.

I mean it served me personally to be able to publish a book and do a lot of amazing things thus far in my business, but FREEDOM 2.0 is going to be way better.

The people who want to stick around will.

That’s the confidence and courage that 2.0 requires is next level.

Nothing holds you back.

Money will flow freely


Freedom will REIGN!

Choose the next level you –

the next level of your business –


Freedom 2.0

That is how you…

Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa

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The “Get Over It” Blog

The Get Over It Blog By Lisa Elle CFP

Fear is palpable these days.

I still find it fascinating that media and the mainstream narrative can still get away with trying to pump as much fear into society as possible.

But, fear has always been here; just now you hold it in your hands and check on it 1000 times a day on social.

Here’s some truth about fear.

  • Fear will never let you think logically.
  • Fear itself if not logical. 
  • Fear can take data, math, statistics and common sense and throw it out the window. 
  • Fear does not allow you to dissect, disseminate and digest information properly in your head.
  • People stuck in fear do irrational things.
  • They don’t have the capacity to see a bigger picture of life because of their narrow focus, usually on themselves.
  • Fear is born in your head (the amygdala to be precise and there to keep you safe from the big bad world.)
  • Fear radiates through your body and is the number one killer in this world, as fear gets trapped in the body as dis-ease and permeates out into your cells as stress, cancers, and a whole host of every disease known to man.
  • You can’t be in a state of love and fear at the same time because LOVE and fear cannot coexist at the same moment. (I’m not referring to a selfish love, I’m referring to PURE LOVE – there is a difference.)

Decisions born out of fear will tend to not WILL NOT serve you and will provide some hard knocks.  

Fear keeps you living a small life.  

You can’t shine bright and live in fear. {Pick One}

You can’t shine bright when you are too busy pointing out blame. {Choose One}

There is nothing life giving about living in fear. 

Love on the other hand is LIFE giving. 

It is compassionate. It does not blame. 

It does not boast or brag about choices it made….as we all have our own path to walk down. 

Never point out the speck in another’s eye when, OMG – haven’t you heard…. we are all sinners?!?! We all suck on some level?! Right?!

If you are in fear, ask yourself what you are really scared of.

It’s usually death. (Hint: Go and make peace with your higher power/God/whatever you believe and this fear loses its sting completely. Newsflash: It’s happening – deal with it.)

or It’s usually lack or scarcity in love, money/basic needs or health.

But to step out of these fears brings on a whole new set of fears – such as fear of failure or rejection, which is also what holds us back from truly living on purpose.

It’s time to…


Backlash is sometimes part of setting out to do something great and to do something great usually means go against the crowd and to go against groupthink.  (Hey, if you haven’t heard – high school is over!)

It requires courage and trust to go against the grain.

Trust yourself. 

Nothing great was ever accomplished by abandoning your authentic truth (your dreams and desires!) 

Some people, many people, were not born for the role of change-maker.

But you were.

You know this is calling to you.

You were born to make great changes and help shift the world to better, bigger, faster – that’s what entrepreneurs do! 

You are an entrepreneur to move humanity forward.  

Stand in your own truth.

Truth is the highest level of vibrational consciousness which is love. Pure love. 

It has no place for the people that will pick on you and your decisions. 

You can’t spend your time caring what others say about you. {Side note: You can still love others and meet them where they are at, but you don’t have to let what they think about you affect you in any way, because they’ll talk good or bad about you regardless what you are doing. So do your thing anyways – the people that don’t love you, offer support & unconditional love regardless what your beliefs were never your people to begin with!}

Love the past choices you made for they brought you to where you are today.

The income that you are or aren’t earning, the money you do or don’t have, the relationships you do or don’t have and everything you see in the room before you right now is based on your choices, your decisions and the energy frequency you were resonating at.

The good news is this –

You can change your energy frequency.

You can change your vibe.

You can choose to resonate higher. 

The only way to do that is to NOT to look at what your neighbour is doing and tune into what you should do! 

You have God’s voice inside you, literally imprinted on your DNA and tapping you on the shoulder for the work you were meant to put into this world.

Listen to that voice means to turn off the other voices in your head from the rest of the world. 

Do not listen to the Pharisees in your life. (Pharisees were a Jewish sect {from approx. 2300 years ago) that thought themselves better than others, self-righteous and usually very hypocritical. History lesson of the day!)

You have been chosen.

You have been chosen to be great. 

You have been chosen to rise above. 

The only thing holding you back from the life you were called to live in great GREAT abundance is the voices of other people in your head. 

Turn off those people.

Do whatever it takes to stay in harmony with yourself and your world by rapidly identifying conversations that are not edifying and uplifting.

Banish those.


That is how you rise. 

You were called to rise.  

There is no law greater than that.  

God’s law (universal law) comes first before man’s silly rules ever will.


This is your time to….

Live Your legacy.

xx Lisa

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