Your One Job

It is your job to increase your level of deservingness, your level of wanting, your level of desire.

And your visceral reaction to that statement will say everything about your mindset in realtion to MONEY!

You are here for increase.

You are here on this planet for expansion.

That is what humans are here for.

We are here to reproduce, grow, learn, be creative and keep doing the things no one has done before.

The homosapiens who lived thousands of years ago, heck, hundred years ago – their minds would be blown on the things we can do now!

Why are you fighting so hard to push back on your hearts desires?

A few of my dearest friends this week happened to give me advice to ‘pull back’.

Why is it that we are so quick to do that? To fit in?

For you, you right now that is reading this and knows deep in your soul that you are here for more and want the crazy-amazing-mind-blowing-dream life, please don’t listen to those who aren’t dreaming as big as you.

Keep your mind on expansion.

Keep up-leveling your life to new dimensions.

Keep focused on the big dreams, the desires of your heart that are so irrational but you can’t help but go all in on them.

And you need to know this.

You are worthy of your wildest dreams.

Let that sink in for a bit.

You are worthy of all the things you can believe you can achieve.

And the BEST thing you can ever do for your family, your friends, humanity – is to follow those dreams, make those dreams come into being.

That is the most exciting thing in the world!

Bring about your most wildest dreams into the world is what this life is all about!

What would life be like without ‘new’, ‘exciting’, ‘dreams-coming-true’?

Answer: Horrible. Shoot me now.

When you step into your purpose and it lights you up, you inevitably light up the world around you.

THAT is how we make true transformation.

Because light casts no shadows.

You cannot hide from light.

Light shines on messiness and helps begin the shift from mess to healing, then to beauty.

So when I say, it’s your JOB, your ONLY JOB, to be in full control of your ‘vibe’ and what you are putting out in the world, that is your only job. It’s there so YOU can live out your dreams and the absolute only way you will help someone else live theirs.

Since I published my book in 2016, I’ve had hundreds of conversations with people of all ages who wanted to write a book but didn’t know how. There were truly inspired by my book and me taking the chance to put my dreams out there for the world to see.

If you aren’t relentless in your pursuit of creating the GREAT, you are missing out on all the fun life has to offer – THE BIG MIRACLE!

Your one job is to go after YOUR BIG MIRACLE with focus, courage, and faith – believing in things not yet seen.

And who wants to miss out on that?

Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa

PS. If you are ready to go all in on your BIG MONEY MIRACLE, then you need to book a call with me here!