Are You A Good Lover?

How you do LOVE is how you do MONEY!

Think there’s no correlation? Think again.

The parallels are uncanny – especially when it comes to your money!

It’s simple to explain because money is just energy.

They type of lover you are is exactly the same relationship you are cultivating with your money! (How you do the little things, is how you do everything!)

And how you are treating your lover is probably a good indication of what is happening with your money.

Are you a generous lover?

Are you a stingy lover?

Selfish? Giving? Good at receiving?

Your essence – it’s kinda the vibe you are putting out into the world and how you do everything!

This also doesn’t just apply to your “lover” skills! This also applies to how you LOVE yourself!!

Okay, so you know, back in the Bible when the J-man talked about the 2 basic commandments.

  1. Love God (Love the universe, higherself, etc.)
  2. Love thy neighbour as yourself.

WHOA! Houston we have a problem! It’s the second one.

You see the problem is how can anyone love their neighbours when they are struggling with self-love first.

HENCE, you must be GREAT at self-love before you can love your neighbour as yourself.

The problem in the world is that we need to cure a whole lotta self-issues, like the lack of love and forgiveness we need to give ourselves.

Once you really love yourself, then and only then are you able to pour out your excess love onto others.

You can’t love when you come from a place of lack.

OH – and how that works with your money is like this:

You are always attracting money to your life on some frequency.

When you are not in a loving, grateful state you are actually putting out the vibe of deflecting money from your life.

None of what I speak of manifests instantly, sometimes it will, but usually it takes the universe a while to reorganize itself to align to the things you want to specifically attract in your life, this includes money.

The universe has to orchestrate a whole lot sometimes to makes sure things align so you can get what you desire.

Your job is to hold the focus, the vibration.

That means being a good lover.

To especially yourself and then pour that out into your external world.

It’s how this works.

It doesn’t work the other way around.

You can’t wait around for the world to love you!

That’s not the world’s job.

That’s not anyone’s job but yourself.

This is why there is so much suffering in the world.

It’s because so many souls expect LOVE to come to them when they need to BE and EMBODY the LOVE FIRST.

Be a CAUSE in your life and you will receive the desired EFFECT.

That’s the secret to being a good lover.

That’s the secret to drawing in abundance of money!

Oh my love, I hope you read this and have nothing but LOVE for yourself.

Those that get this truly shine.

It’s a beautiful day.

Go out and….

Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa

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