Good Things Happen Now!

As the quote always went, “Good thing happen to those who wait.”

But I will have to disagree.

I would change the belief to ‘good thingss happen right now’. After all, if we sit waiting we will be waiting a long time. Last I checked this present moment was all we had….

Perhaps worthwhile things are worth building and waiting for. Creating something worthwhile takes time and consistency. Two ingredients that I would say create a little magic in your life.

But the good. The good stuff. That is right now!

This is quantum physics. We are powerful creators and all we have is now and pulling ourselves into the beautiful life we are creating and creating that higher vibration.

Also, remember that ALL we have is the present.

Anytime we are future thinking or past thinking we are doing that from the place of this moment right here and now.

So the past is essentially fake news and so is the present!

The only time the GOOD can happen is in the present.

The only time anything can happen is in the present – technically – because our brains are constantly trying to trick us to live in the past or future which totally negates what we can create in the here and now.

So yes, we need to challenge all the old sayings and phrases that have been so deeply programmed into our psyche.

Challenge your beliefs. Challenge what those who came before you said things that maybe don’t make sense to us in our current timeline.

Find the origin story of the beliefs you hold and question why you hold them.

Perhaps the origin story of one of your core beliefs comes from a mama sitting on a grunge boat with babes in arms, immigrating to a new country, terrified of what was to come next and yet with all her brave strength calms her children with, “Good things come to those who are patient.”

It was a prayer. A wish. She didn’t know. She was standing tall selling the dream to her children.

And of no fault of anyone, a new phase has been programmed into small children who carry these phrases upon their hearts and minds and take them on as new beliefs.

Words have power to form and this is where generational programming begins and carries on to future generations.

So there was some context to the phrase, and it doesn’t make it right or wrong, but rather a belief that now shapes the decisions and lives of the people that heard these words and took them to heart.


Always be thinking in context.

We do know that we are here in the best time in history to be able to create whatever life we want. Truly. It’s all available to us. More than any other time in history we have all the ingredients we need to manifest our realities at the fastest rate.

That’s what makes this time very special!

That’s what makes me say, “Good things happen now!”

And they are here now, create them and believe them.

Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa

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