Self-Coaching = More Money


By now you’ve probably figured out that life isn’t all roses.

In fact, if you really think about life it usually turns out 50% Fred Rogers Happy and 50% Freddy Kruger Bad.

Okay, maybe not that bad, but we all know that if life were to apply to win world’s best rollercoaster ride, it would have a mantle full of awards.

So it’s not about trying to stay happy all the time.

I think that is the biggest misconception out there in the self-growth/self-help arena.

The real trick (and here in lies yet another tie to your wealth & money) is that you learn to coach yourself.

And what does coaching yourself have to do with money?

THIS. (You are gonna have to follow me here!)

The trick to life, as I have mentioned NUMEROUS times on this blog, is not about being happy all the time.

It is so important to FEEL all the feels and sit with and process emotion.

In other words, allow yourself to feel the emotions that are coming through.

We need to feel sad, mad, angry, frustrated, etc – plus we wouldn’t know happiness if there was no contrast – right?!

We need the full spectrum of emotions to be able to feel the whole spectrum of emotions.

So the goal is not to feel the anger, pain and sadness.

The goal is to shift time.


The goal is to collapse time frames and help you move through those emotions to reach your desired state faster which in turn helps the world.

Here’s another way I can say that: The faster you are able process emotion and go into your tool box of self-coaching tool and help shift your mindset/vibration/energy to a more desired state you will be able to manifest what you want in your life faster.

Self-coaching is meant to give you the tools to shift quicker and quicker – on your own, hence the ‘self’ part of ‘self-coaching’ – so that you can cope, manage and pull your thoughts back into alignment with what you truly desire in life, love, relationships, health, oh… and MONEY!

Why self-coaching versus coaching?

You may have your life coach, fitness coach, business coach, healing coaches, financial coach (which better be my number! 😉 ) on speed dial – but we all know we can’t always talk to our favourite coaches at the drop of the hat, which is why you need to build up a BIG tool box (yes, bigger than your husband’s tools in the garage!) of coaching tools that you can use all on your own when life gets rough.

Life usually doesn’t get rough from 9-5.

Surprise! Sometimes life gets rough after hours and that is when you will need to draw on the tools you’ve learned and pull them out to manage.


The Goal.

The goal is to attract to you the life in which you desire.

The life in which you desire is vibrating at a frequency.

If you don’t have the life that you desire it’s because of one thing and one thing only:

You aren’t a vibrational match for what you desire.

You aren’t vibing at that level yet.

So to get there, you need to vibe there first before it unfolds in your reality.

You can do this all by yourself.

But you may need some guides, and yes, some coaches.

I have invested literally over $100,000 in my self-coaching tool kit and trust me when I say it is my greatest investment I’ve ever made.

You never go wrong when you invest in yourself!

You can never go wrong when you invest in learning how to manage your thoughts and mind.

And money?

Money will fall right into your lap when you are the right vibration for it.

Not desperate.

Not pushing it away.

Call it in with confidence, with poise, with love and gratitude and direction.

Money loves that.

But you have to coach your mind, train your mind to think these thoughts and bring out those feelings to resonate out in the world.

I will be the first to say it’s not easy work, and it is a life long journey of the mind – but it’s so worth it.

When you harness even a small % of your thoughts and go out and intentionally create the life you desire you set in action the butterfly effect that will ripple through the cosmos.

It’s more important than you think to follow your dreams.

It’s not some silly notion that sounds nice.

It literally will impact our world today for the better and future generations.

You can literally change the world by changing your thoughts.

That my love is how you….

Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa