From Good to Great

Into the Unknown.

From Good to Great – this is the big idea.

When life is bad, it’s easy to choose good or better. You have to make that jump. You have to. Mostly because bad is not pleasant and uncomfortable, and we love us a little comfort and goodness. And that is good!

But this missive is not about those in a bad situation wanting to create a better life for themselves.

This is truly a different type of plight.

This is a sneaky type of life situation that a majority of us will find ourselves in during one season of life or another.

The one that will rob you of a life WELL lived.

It’s the good life.

The key word here being ‘good’, and not GREAT.

And I am going to be an encourager, a cheerleader for the GREATNESS within you that is stuck in good right now and doesn’t have the courage to go after the GREAT.

I see so many dead souls living good lives.

I feel this is the mark of middle America.

The trap.

We are scared to really step out to of our comfort zones and pivot toward great.

There are more consequences in your life when you go from good to great than when you go from bad to good!

I’m going to repeat this for emphasis!

There are many more perceived losses when you decide and choose to go from good to great than when you go from a bad life to a good life.

When things are bad, anything sounds better, so pivoting your direction to head towards a good life is a simple choice, and backed by heuristic thinking that has anchored and positioned the ‘bad’ in your head like a permanent tattoo that its front of mind. There’s a fear there that reminds you how bad the bad was and you will move heaven and earth to not go back ‘there’ again.

Good, on the other hand, is sneaky.

Good is happy.

Good is easy street.

Good is deceptive to all facets of your thinking processes.

It’s safe, it’s comfortable, and it’s powerful.

Good is antithetical to great.

So, how are we getting stuck in the good life?

We get stuck in good when we stop dreaming bigger and better ideas and plans for our lives.

We get stuck when we don’t listen to our hearts and we are turning off the desires placed upon us by design.

We are turning off our connection and co-creation with the divine and our higher self when we turn our back on imagining the bigger dream and not just dreaming it, but actually allowing for desire to grab hold.

If we do not go to our imaginations to dream we will get more of what we’ve always got.

Glennon Doyle

Everything starts in the dream phase. Everything must be imagined before it can be brought forward to life.

First of all, figure out if stepping into GREAT is worthwhile for you. There are real consequences to leave behind the life of good.

You may be leaving behind a good paying job to start your own business. You may be leaving behind a solid friendship or relationship that was good, to go into the unknown in your searching for great. You may be leaving behind a city or community or home that was comfortable in hopes that a new great adventure awaits for you.

And all of this, naturally, is related to your money! Are you creating cash flow, assets, financial returns at the level of greatness, or are you just settling for mediocre?

Have you hired great coaches, financial planners, accountants, mentors, consulted top resources and books? Are you taking on enough risk or just stuck in playing it safe?

All of this will directly impact your finances. And, yes, your finances may take a little of a hit while you are going from good to great. It’s okay.

These are real fears and scary to step out into the unknown.

Secondly, know that you may have to take a few steps back to go forward.

Truly, you may not have to take a few steps back but for so many businesses and relationships and even money situations, yeah, you may have to go backwards a little before you can leap forward. (And this is the biggest reason we don’t leave good to go for great!)

It’s the trapeze artist who wants to jump to the other rung but can’t.

Yes, you might fall.

Or you might actually get what you want, you may reach out and grab greatness.

And yes, you WILL have to risk it all to go for great.

Greatness requires that you cut all ties with good.

Going for great is not for the faint of heart.

If you do go for ‘great’, I know you will be proud of yourself for doing this.

The feeling of being proud of yourself is a worthwhile feeling – when you know without a shadow of a doubt that you’ve got your back. You don’t have to put any of those expectations on another person. (Which will in return help your relationships to other humans blossom – trust me!)

Step into your GREAT!

Step into the unknowns and you will be fulfilling your legacy today.


In the present.

There is no future for your legacy. Legacy is always built in the present.

And that’s why I always say…

Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa