Creating The Upward Spiral

Upward Spiral

We all know about the downward spiral, but how do we create the upward spiral in our lives?

I’m not going to sugar coat that life is no bed of roses half the time, and there are many times we linger in the waiting room of life?

I usually find myself in a waiting room here and there. Right now, there are 2 big things I’m waiting on and they are fully out of my control. I’m sure you can identify an area of your life where you wait for answers.

This is a big part as to why the downward spiral begins.

We lose sight of the blessings in our life and slip from the place of gratitude to a space where we are focused solely on what we don’t have.

When we get thrown into the waiting room of life, what we don’t have is answers and us peeps really don’t like that – it’s uncomfortable to the max!

We don’t have answers on a diagnosis, housing, job status, money coming in, the health status of loved ones or a relationship status.

Waiting rooms are real and painful places to have to visit.

And to add insult to injury, the point of the waiting room may not ever become evident in our lifetime.

You may actually never get closure, answers, reasons for bad things that happened, explanations about why this happened. 

We may never know. We may never get to the real reasons why things didn’t work out.

The truth is that some things work out and somethings don’t.

Holding the belief that everything that is happening is happening for your highest good to draw you closer to your authentic real aligned self where you get to live a life in full expression of what your soul is here to express is key in creating the upward spiral in your life.

It’s that mind shift, the thinking, the thoughts that will eventually shift you from downward to upward.

You have to remember life is not happening to you. You are happening to it.

Again, and for emphasis… (really let this become a deep core belief and it will serve you greatly!)

You are happening to life, not the other way around.

You are not a victim of your circumstances.


This is so hard – so hard – to remind ourselves of when we have been beat down by life and it feels the floor is coming out from under us.

You may be in what feels like a downward spiral, but when we catch that within us, we can reverse it.

The sooner we reverse the downward spiral the better.

And how do we do that?

We do that by asking.

Ask for help.

Speak up to YOU about what you desire. (Personally, I wouldn’t go around sharing your deepest desires with very many people unless you can find a safe person who will 100% have your back! Otherwise, people have a natural tendency to nay-say your dreams and keep you small. There is so much psychology behind this, mostly due to the fact that we are tribal by nature and for safety’s sake {& other people’s fear of losing you} you shouldn’t break-free from the norms of society.)

Don’t hide and tuck away your plans in the basement of your heart – truly pulling those dreams into a place where you can clearly state what it is you want with confidence – this is the moment you will reverse the downward spiral and create upward momentum.

Complaining about your circumstances will not get you to that place.

Neither will making fun of other people, judging others.

Being on your phone and watching TV 24/7 doesn’t help much either. 

I’m not saying any of these is bad but you really have to question what this does for you!

The questions to always ask yourself is this: How is this serving me?

If it is serving you, then it is serving the world!

If it is not serving you, then it is taking away from the light of the world.

We are all connected, and your good vibes and energy have a massive impact as they resonate out into the world.

And because the only thing in your control, truly, is your mind and choices of how you want to feel, then that is your main job to make sure you are spreading some good vibrations.

If you really want to master the art of creating and sustaining the upward spiral in your life, become familiar with integrity.

Integrity is not just being a ‘good person’ or following a moral code. I don’t use that as a definition at all.

Integrity is doing what you say you are going to do and not wavering, and when you don’t do what you say you are going to do, then being forthcoming and owning your mistakes.

It’s being in integrity with your word to yourself which starts as baby steps.

Baby teeny tiny steps in making promises to yourself, keeping the promise to yourself, and then making another one and keeping it with yourself.

Getting so good in keeping your word to yourself that you absolutely don’t have to deal in low level emotional vibrations of shame and guilt.

That’s how you love yourself.

That’s how you trust yourself.

That’s how you build a solid relationship with yourself.

Some times for so many of us, it’s easier to keep our integrity with a perfect stranger more than it is with ourselves. We have disregarded ourselves is such a way that everyone else is more important. {This used to be so true for me and I know it’s still true for so many of us!}

All of this will help you shift into the upward spiral and this is the goal, so you can spend more time in a beautiful freeing, joyful, happy energy and share that with your neighbours, regardless of the circumstances you find yourself in.

Same goes for your money.

You need to reclaim your financial independence and start creating the upward spiral with your money. Savings integrity, spending integrity, integrity with your business and financial goals.

Don’t forget…

You are a wealthy woman.

It’s time to reclaim that and when you do, you…

Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa

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