Get Over Financial Worry

Get over worry and fast.

This is key when it comes to our relationship with money – and yes, don’t kid yourself, money is a prominent relationship in your life!

Let’s start with this.

Worry is a sin.

What is a sin technically?! 

In simple terms, it’s something that is not good for you.

It goes against your perfect divine nature to be in harmony with the universe.

Worry pulls you from that.

Pulls you away from your best self.

And then you start that vicious downward spiral.

And once it starts, it begins to slowly carry over from one area of your life into others.

Hence why it’s so important to constantly be guiding yourself back into perfect harmony with yourself.

You can’t even be one degree out of alignment; ask any pilot or captain where you end up when you are one degree off course!

We know we shouldn’t waste time worrying. 

What a waste of our most precious resource. Time.

Yet here I am in so much worry this morning.

It’s creeped in. Business. Family. Even had a bizarre dream that I had some mutating skin disease and turned into a lizard. Weird.

Worry does creep in, even to the best of us.

Worry is an illusion that you have actual control over an outcome.

And that somehow your time spent in worrying over an outcome will make it better.

So, how do we get over worry, especially financial worries?

This is what I do.

2 things.

  1. Face it. Is there anything you can do on your end to clear it out of your energy field. Any action steps, conversations, emails, doing something – like acting on a request of another – so that you can stay in your integrity and when you put your head on the pillow at night, you can say you did you best. And that is the best thing you can do for yourself. Don’t erode the integrity you have with yourself. That is the worst feeling. Do everything in your power to always have your back! That is the one relationship you must be loyal to above all others. That’s when you are in harmony with you, your higher self and essentially your universe!! That’s the connection you have to make.
  1. Hand it over. It’s not your problem any more after you’ve dealt with it.  It doesn’t serve you. It doesn’t serve the world. It doesn’t make the world a better place to sit and focus on the worry. Let it go. breath. Walk. Scream. Call a friend. Talk it through. Aaaaaaaaand release.
  1. Ask yourself, “Where is the opportunity in this?” You may not see it right away but with all the problems you are facing, is there a glimmer of hope or questions you can ask your self to see if you can find the opportunity in your worrying.

When we rid our lives of worry, especially financial worries, we create space for more joy to fill our lives and when we have more joy, we create better a better world and a beautiful ripple effect that flows out.

This is important.

Mostly, because you are here for a purpose, and worry need not be a part of what you are creating.

This is how you…

Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa

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