Wealth 2021

The conversations have changed.

They’ve been elevated.

Especially around money!

Maybe it’s time to sit at the table with people who are having higher level, deeper conversations about how to build wealth and how that looks in today’s economy.

These women are having better conversations because they are asking better questions.

This isn’t your 2020 conversation.

This is for the future thinkers.

The problem solvers.

The critical thinkers.

If that doesn’t interest you then this isn’t for you.

The idea is how to build wealth in this timeline. It’s possible!

Wealth 2021.

Time to reach 7-figure status!

And let me tell you, this isn’t your grandmother’s way of building wealth or even your parents way.

This is the new paradigm of money.


And I’m having conversations with people who get it, want to share it, want to learn more, and truly want to harness the power of WE THE PEOPLE to bring in more love and peace into our world.

There is a way.

I want you to be part of my conversation and sit at my table.

Together, we will help you build TRUE WEALTH in all the forms.

If you are interested in this conversation, then let’s chat!

This is important.

Your wealth as is as important as your health.

It’s time to have the conversation about how you can do this for you, your family, your community and…

your LEGACY!

It’s time.

There is no excuse left….

Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa


Overcoming Lack

Overcoming Lack

Most common fears is…


I don’t have enough.


Will I have enough? 

It’s 99% of the time a scarcity problem. A lack problem. That’s what every client who invests with me is really asking when they want to retire, that’s what everyone wants to know. They want to know if they are going to be okay. 

And here’s a secret: you will be okay until the moment you pass on. 

So you need to surrender! Let this worry go because….

Surrendering allows abundance into your life.

Surrendering is the ultimate act of freedom.

Surrendering allows God to work His magic, cause let’s face it – your magic sucks without God at your back.

Surrendering is Power. 

Answer yourself these questions:

Are you free?

I mean, seriously, do you feel FREE right now?

  • Do you feel FREE to create the exact life that you desire in every area of your life?
  • What are you holding on to so tightly that you are choking it to death?
  • Is it a job?
  • Is it a mountain of bills that you can’t seem to get out from?
  • Is it growing your business?
  • Is it a relationship that has you feeling trapped?
  • Is it your body holding you hostage from really living your life?
  • Is it technology? (There’s a good & scary one!)
  • Are you using all the talents, gifts and abilities that you have been blessed with to the full?

I’m not saying get rid of anything. Seriously, as that may be the advice of many others, but me, NO. Not today anyway….

I’m saying SURRENDER it.

And it may TOTALLY feel uncomfortable!

I’m saying to go about your day-to-day stuff and every time a negative thought creeps in about the “situation” you are dealing with then just say under your breath that you release it.


“I release this worry.”

“I surrender this worry.”

Releasing is the biggest and hardest part of surrendering.

It’s letting go of the outcome and trust that EVERYTHING works out for you perfectly as it should.

And you know what?


You just need to take a few deep breaths and release the negative stored energy.

Things will NOT always go to plan, but they do go perfectly. You may not be able to see that just yet, but don’t lose faith, because what is around the corner next is going to BLOW YOUR MIND.

Want to know what surrendering gives you:

  • Mind-Blowing Experiences
  • Mind-Blowing Family Time
  • Mind-Blowing Trips
  • Mind-Blowing Abundance
  • Mind-Blowing Fun
  • Mind-Blowing Friendships
  • Mind-Blowing Marriage/Partnership
  • Mind-Blowing Romance
  • Mind-Blowing Business
  • Mind-Blowing Clients
  • Mind-Blowing Art & Music
  • Mind-Blowing Creativity
  • Mind-Blowing Flow
  • Mind-Blowing Gifts
  • Mind-Blowing Bank Account
  • Mind-Blowing Sex (Cause it’s true and someone needs to point that out!)
  • Mind-Blowing Connections
  • Mind-Blowing Life

And, don’t you want to live a mind-blowing life?!

I do.

See what happens when you release and surrender?

You make room and allow for the AMAZINGNESS of LIFE to come pouring in!




Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa



Deservingness by Lisa Elle

Here is another money truth.

You will never rise above your level of deservingness.

You have a threshold, a glass ceiling.

We all do.

And when it comes to money, many peoples ceilings of belief and worthiness are much higher than our own.

THAT IS THE ONLY DIFFERENCE between “rich” people and “poor” people when it comes to money.

Your threshold of deservingness.

People have been conditioned to believe that they don’t deserve more or shouldn’t never want for more.

People born into great wealth were born into believing the thoughts that they deserved money, so money usually comes easy for them, even if they never work for it because they easily believe that they deserve great wealth.

Yet other people, over time keep increasing their level of deservingness on purpose. (This is the category that I fall into! AKA: Expanding Your Mindset & Beliefs!)

It is possible to do ALL things, but Y-O-U have to be the one to think them first.

But NEVER possible if you don’t believe you are worthy or deserving of the thing you dearly desire — be it love, health or money.

This is THE TRUTH.

Your inside thoughts will never manifest an outside reality if you don’t begin to believe the thoughts that align with your desires.

Trust me on this!

I’m queen of manifesting and queen of not manifesting!

Somethings I can manifest with RIDICULOUS ease. I’ve never had blocks around certain areas in my life.

(I manifested the cutest car last week and it literally drove to my house and I bought it in less than 12 hours of starting my car search. I didn’t even have to go look at cars or anything… I do this with all things shopping as well. Things just come to me! Partly because I hold a strong belief that I will not waste time on shopping, so I don’t. Things naturally just fall in my lap… literally. I also know exactly what I want, so there’s no guessing as to what I am buying, so it makes it easier to pass by all the stuff I don’t need or want.)

Money – yes, MONEY – and certain areas of it still come with incredible deeply rooted beliefs within me from childhood that are very difficult to root out and bring to reality.

The belief that you have to work hard to earn money still rears its ugly head for me from time to time, but that one is slowly making its way out of my head. (And it’s hard when you really do love working and I’m a hustler… no doubt about it… I’d rather be working than doing sooo many things.)

It’s also important to note that if you are half into believing a desire, such as wanting to make a million dollars, and then the rest of you, deep down, feels that you would be shunned or harrassed by friends or family for making that money and you might lose your status quo with your immediate relationships, and you may be losing your life as you know it by making the million dollars, your original programming will win out.

Meaning, you will never actually be able to manifest your desires because your conscious and sub-conscious are at odds and that is cognitive dissonance within you. Your stronger beliefs will always win out, and fear of loss will win out in that situation.

This is where it really does take “work” to be able to shift your thoughts and raise your level of deservingness!

And for some it can happen fast, but I would say for many of us, this is a process that will take time.

I believe things can happen and manifest instantly. Like a million dollars.

However, I know there are layers to peeling back the old beliefs to finally align with the truest desires within you and this can take days, months or years to work through.

Once those beliefs begin to come into alignment with what you want – WATCH how fast you begin to manifest and how rapidly things begin to appear in your life!

Your level of deservingness has to be increased.

You are worthy of everything you desire and you deserve everything you desire.

Can you really see that and imagine what it would be like to have everything you desire?!

That BLOWS my mind.


Right now.

And that IS the reason I get up and continue on everyday, because I know I was meant for more.

I know you were meant for more in this life, right here and right now.

You and worthy.

You deserve this.

You deserve to….

Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa


Your Unfinished Financial To-Do List

Your Unfinished Financial To-Do List

I don’t think you have to technically do anything to manifest what you want.

I do believe anything is possible.


However, sometimes manifesting the impossible requires that you grow up and adult.

What do I mean by that?!

I mean, you may have to clear out the blockages that are in your life first before you can open up the channel to receiving what it is that you wish to receive.

Like getting your conscious clear.

Again, what do I mean by that…

You may not be living your life according to your values and beliefs.

In the realm of money or financial stuff, the financial stuff that you haven’t completed, yet know you ‘should’ get done, are probably blocking something from flowing to you.

This could be that TO-DO List that you’ve been carrying around for literally decades!!

Things you haven’t completed yet like:

  • Will & Estate Planning documents you’ve been meaning to get ‘around to’
  • Creating a debt repayment plan (set it and forget it!)
  • Start an Investment Account
  • Make sure you and your family are all covered for life insurance, critical illness, etc.
  • File years of tax returns (this is more common than you think!)
  • Pay your taxes or not cheat on your taxes…even by $1
  • Getting an extended health care plan because you haven’t been to the dentist in years (and then book the dentist!)

Okay, so I’m not going down the rabbit hole of governments misusing our tax dollars, however, taxes are a BIG money block for so many people.

Many people I know hold the mindset that they don’t want to earn money because they will have to pay more in tax.

If you are part of that mindset, then I will guarantee you will never make the desired income you wish to make. You will never earn any dream amount of money with that mindset.

Even if you dislike taxes, like a normal person, you can still release and allow yourself to be happy paying taxes while reminding yourself of all the good things you are doing, like paying for your teachers, nurses and firefighters or at least to drive on smooth paved roads with functioning traffic lights.

If it’s on your To-Do List, then chances are you value it.

Do you hear what I’m saying?!

The financial things we know we ought to do and aren’t doing is causing us financial harm by stopping the flow of money to us and stopping us from really manifesting our true financial desires!

I’m going to say it again….


I’m talking about truly taking responsibility for that To-Do List which is important to you and getting ‘er done.

You are no longer needing your parents approval.

And yes, it will cost money to get those things done.

However, once you do that, trust me, you will clear the blockages and allow more money into your life because now you are living in clear alignment with your goals.

So, figure out what the pesky financial things you’ve been meaning to get done and get them done.

Pull out your phone and make appointments.

Email me and my team if you need help with any of this, but just DO IT!

That’s it!

Deep down, most of us love and respect money and want more of it.

Honour that!

You are lying to yourself if you don’t honour that, and the problem is, you and your subconscious know that you are lying… even if not a soul on the planet knows you are lying or cheating, you are only cheating & blocking yourself.

Many times, I work with clients and you can instantly see the shift in their faces and spirit when we’ve helped them complete their financial to-do list that’s been hanging over their heads for years.

Space has been created to now bring in something new.

And don’t forget this little gem of truth:

How you do the small things in life is how you do the big things.

So, be honest with your $1 or pennies.

Only because karma has its way.

You are only blocking yourself from the riches.

You need to have a clear conscious to build and manifest real wealth.

Now, sure, millions of people have built wealth doing bad things.

This we do know for sure.

However, I wouldn’t worry about your neighbour or the bad guys of the world.

They will have their own karma to deal with.

Keeping your energy free from the clutter of others energetic junk should be your only goal – plus it will lead you to more health, wealth & love in your life.

And after all, this is all about you.

You are here to grow.

To expand.

To step into your true abundance.

You are here to…

Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa

PS. If you want to clear up your financial to-do list, then you need to hook up with us! One way is to book a connection call with us and see how we can help you clear up your pesky to-do list or if you are ready to really grab your money by the horns, then check out Jumpstart Your Wealth and work directly with me! Check it out here —>


Jumpstart Your Wealth

Jumpstart Your Wealth with Lisa Elle, CFP


We all know what that means on Grey’s Anatomy.

I’m sure we all pretty much have a good idea what that means when it comes to our money.

Sometimes we need a jumpstart.

A little boost to get us going in the right direction.

What I’m finding is that everyone flatlines now and again or dips below the flatline financially….

It’s part of life.

Part of the cycle.

Regardless of where you are in your financial cycle, it’s wise to check over all your little ducats and make sure they are helping you, supporting you directed to your specific life desires.

Sometimes we need to jumpstart our wealth or if we are running along nicely, we may need to re-evaluate and bring in some fresh energy and ideas to our wealth building!

No matter where you are at, there is always the next level.

No matter where you are at, there is always room for improvement.

If you are sitting here thinking, money isn’t my jam or even what I’m focused on at the moment, then I encourage you to think again.

How are you going to do anything with out getting your financial energy in alignment.

As Rev. Beckwith said, “You can’t be the light of the world if you can’t pay your light bill.”

Mic Drop.

Because we know money is just energy, the reason for many of us is that we aren’t using our energy (& money) in aligned ways to help bring about that light in us.

It’s time to get your money aligned with your goals.

It’s time to do a deep dive and dig into those things you are putting off and move them off your To-Do List.

Do you still have hanging over your head unfiled taxes, completing your Wills, get some cash flow planning or investments in order or do you even know what you net worth is?

Most clients I sit with don’t even know their plan for when shit hits the fan! {oh, and FYI, it always does!}

None of us are escaping life alive, yet we carry on like we are.

So, we may need a jumpstart.

Time to jumpstart your wealth.

And the rest will flow.

I promise.

Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa

PS. We may have different reasons for wanting those extra dollars…but, we all want it.

Stop for a second –

Close your eyes and ask yourself –
Take a second and let that question sink in.

Would it mean:

  • Financial security during tough times? (Plenty of those to go around, #COVIDlife)
  • Saving for your children’s education?
  • Taking a much-needed vacay (beach, mountains, resorts…luxury)?
  • ​Giving to your favourite charitable cause?
  • ​Vacation Property
  • ​Owning Your Dream Business

Whatever it means for you, IT ALL COMES DOWN TO THIS:



I’m inviting you to work with me for 6-weeks to JUMPSTART YOUR WEALTH!

This powerful program has been proven to work and will help you get out of the “I can’t”, “I don’t know where to start”, or “If I haven’t yet, I never will…” mindset and start thinking that once you have the education and the one-on-one accountability you can and you will grow your money!

You are unique and you deserve this! Make this commitment to yourself and set aside this time for you, as I know all too well how difficult is to get started or how to ask the right questions when it comes to your finances. Let me help guide you!

Your individualized, personalized, customized financial money plan is out there now just waiting for you to take action!

Remember, this program has been designed exclusively for YOU! This program is about YOU, YOUR money and YOUR goals.

You spend hundreds per month on health and self-care, but the financial area of your life is totally neglected.

Your wealth is as important as your health!

This is NOT a group program!

This is 6-weeks to elevating your financial health, wealth & money mindset 1-on1 with me, Lisa Elle.

Sign up and break on though!

HERE! {}


Owning Your Own Life Insurance

Owning Your Own Life Insurance by Lisa Elle, Financial Planner Calgary, Alberta

We’ve all grown up with someone somewhere telling us to own our own homes versus rent and the benefits of that.

It’s no different when it comes to life insurance.

You need to be the owner of your own life insurance policy.

Many people think that because they have coverage through their employer for life insurance or through their mortgage that they have proper coverage.

The reality is this.

You don’t own your life insurance policy through your mortgage lender (or such as Manulife Protection Plan) and you definitely don’t own your life insurance policy through your employer.

The reality that 2020 taught us is this: there are zero guarantees when it comes to employment.

This means if you are laid off, fired, quit your job OR if your employer decides they no longer can afford your benefit plan, you will have no coverage and no say in the matter.

Now, yes, you can go and apply, however note it’s best to be young and healthy when you apply for life insurance.

If you have any pending surgeries, medications or chronic health conditions, you may be rated (paying a higher premium) or declined for life insurance, after all, life insurance companies take the gamble that you are going to live a long time and don’t want to insure ill health – that’s why it’s best to lock in your rate when you are young and healthy.

Important to note: if you have only mortgage insurance, that only covers your mortgage. Nothing else. No credit cards, loans, car loans, funeral or final expenses, not to mention leaving anything extra behind for your family to maintain their lifestyle. You can’t break off a piece of your paid off house to buy bread, you will need to refinance if you require money to pay for the other debts and expenses.

Did I mention most people don’t even know the exclusions on their mortgage insurance?

Here’s the other thing.

When you own your own life insurance policy you are in the driver’s seat. You control the policy.

This means you control when it cancels (unless it expires, but that is an upfront contractual obligation) and you also control if you want to convert your term coverage to permanent life insurance as well.

Traditional Underwritten Life Insurance, that you own, will pay out for almost all types of deaths. There are very few exclusions. Even suicide pays out after 2 years owning the policy.

When you depend on your mortgage insurance (which typically expires when your mortgage term expires and you will need to reapply) or when you depend on your employer’s life insurance policy (which is also typically very small amounts of life insurance) you are giving financial control over to the “hoping gods” – hoping that you will have coverage when you will need it most.

Don’t take that chance.

Own your own life insurance policy, own your own critical illness policy.

Make sure you have coverage in place when you need it most.

Because the second you need the coverage, it’s already too late to buy it.

~ Written by Lisa Elle, BMgmt, CFP, FCSI, CHS, CPCA, EPC, CEA, CCS, RIS

PS. If you want to review your life insurance coverage, book a FREE 15-minute call directly into my calendar HERE or go to


Is Your RESP Going To Save You?

Is Your RESP Going To Save You by Lisa Elle, CFP

I see this all the time and it’s DETRIMENTAL to you and to your family’s wealth & future!

You need to start your financial journey off by taking care of you.

Yes. You.

It seems so counterintuitive because we are so programmed to take care of our families first, but when it comes to building wealth and in specific, the risk management part of your life (preparing for the unexpected financially), then you need to start making sure you have your financial priorities in alignment with your values.

So many loving parents are putting away hundreds of dollars a month for their children’s future – namely, their education or into their RESP (Registered Education Savings Plan).

And there’s nothing wrong with that, as long as you’ve already taken care of you.

What do I mean by that?

I see so many families that are putting $100, $200. $400 per month away for their children, when they don’t even have their own financial basics in place, risk management basics.

Financial basics in place to cover death, disability, massive health care expenses. (Critical Illness Insurance would help cover those expensive treatments.)

And while saving for your child’s future is important, don’t let it interfere with you taking care of yourself first.

The reality for many of us is that we have to take responsibility and take care of ourselves first.

How are you going to help your family if you pass away, get disabled, or can’t work if you don’t have a proper risk management plan in place?

Is your RESP going to save you?!

HINT: No it’s not. You can barely touch that money anyways.

I only say this because I’ve seen this more than once in my career of 20+ years. In fact, too often.

Clients with money going into RESP plans before the parents even have their own savings thought about, or even a proper emergency fund established, or even basics like owning their own personal life insurance policy or critical illness or extended health care plans for drugs, dental, etc. (Do you know how much diabetes will cost you per month if diagnosed without a plan?! or Cancer Therapies?! That will rip through any savings plan very rapidly.)

I am the first to cheer you on in saving for your children’s future, however, don’t let that get in the way of making sure you can take care of your kids when the unexpected happens.

Food, clothing, shelter – those are far more important expenses to consider if something happened to you before you consider saving for college.

And here’s another thing… what about your retirement?

Unless you have plans that your child will be the one to go to university and become a doctor and save you financially, why are you not prioritizing taking care of you first?

The ol’ ‘put your oxygen mask on yourself first before your children’ rings true here.

Who is going to save you?

You must take care of yourself, put a proper risk management plan in place. It may only cost $100 or $200 per month to do so, but it’s extremely important to provide for your family in case of death or disability/critical illness (and don’t depend on your employer benefits because you never know when you will be laid off, fired, quit your job or if your employer simply can’t afford benefits anymore.. it happens…).

I value education too.

However, never at the expense of my family having no money or having to move or not afford food if I can’t work for whatever reason.

So I’ll ask again, are your investments/savings in alignment with your values?

Your RESP won’t save you.

~ Written by Lisa Elle, BMgmt, CFP, FCSI, CHS, CPCA, EPC, CEA, CCS, RIS

PS. If you want help with making sure your values are in alignment with investments/savings, I’d be happy to help. Book a FREE 15-minute call into my schedule HERE or go to and sign up and receive my FREE course: Financial Basecamp: Creating Your Unstoppable Unapologetic Financial Base!


The FEE Talk…

All About Investment Fees by Lisa Elle, CFP

Don’t worry, I won’t make this as awkward as when your parents sat you down to tell you about the birds and the bees.

However, talking about investment fees is still an awkward conversation only because I find there is so much MISINFORMATION on the topic and I want to really outline the fees and the values that go with them when it comes to investing.

You have questions regarding investing and specifically fees.

And this is an important question to get answers to – for you, for me, for everyone.

My goal with this article is to lay down the facts about investment fees.

The first part of this is to determine the 5 ways you can invest.

There are only 5 ways to get to invest in companies in either a debt instrument (such as bonds or debentures) or as ownership (equity or stocks).

A reminder that all investing is truly putting up capital for other people’s ideas – in its simplest form.

And so how do we do that?


  1. Invest nowhere, do nothing, invest under your mattress
  2. Invest at your corner bank (big large institution) and provide them more capital to help them create more profits
  3. Invest through your employer (typically mandatory) with your pension, group RRSPs, etc.
  4. Invest through a self-directed account (fully DIY) or putting capital directly into a company or individual idea (private equity, crowdfunding, angel investing, helping your friend/family out)
  5. Invest with a financial planner and work with a professional investment advisor or PM.

There are different benefits to each AND most people will have one or all of these types of investment accounts.

None of these are the right way and none of these are the wrong way to invest.

However, you need to understand why some types of investing cost more than others.

DIY is typically the lowest cost, but you are all on your own. Typically the risk is higher as you are putting up capital for investments as a sole person or entity which doesn’t carry with it as much strength as a group of people investing larger amounts of capital into a project, idea or company, unless you are investing in an index fund, such as an ETF (Exchange Traded Fund).

Obviously, you know there are no guarantees with any of the types of investing and even the mattress option carries with it risk, such as your house burning down or the value of your money being eroded away from inflation.

So, we can’t look at risk when we deal with fees and we must take risk out of the equation, due to the fact that we must all agree on the point that everything in life carries risk and the only guarantee is taxes and death. How exciting?!

Well, now we need to establish what our intentions are with investing.

This is KEY when discussing fees as your goals may or may not align with the fee structure of various types of investments.

The level of service that comes with each of these 5 types of investment set-ups is extremely varied.

Clearly no one at the mattress store is going to help you hide money under your mattress, whereas sitting with a Certified Financial Planner is literally looking at your financial accounts and investments from every angle, including tax and estate implications.

Your employer’s group pension plan also cares about as much as the mattress sales person, and of course DIY, is well… DIY, so unless you are the professional well versed in the tax code, investments, estate planning, research, etc, then you are literally on your own.

I have clients ask this exact question on fees: why are they so high?

Well, I would have to say, they are high, but what people tend to forget is that if those fees weren’t there then you’d be all on your own (back to Investment option: DIY) or paying for advice (back to the $250 per hour invoice) plus leaving you to still do-it-yourself.

I know at our firm, most clients get away with a steal of a deal, because they are only paying the MER fee on their investments and receiving all the same value as the clients who are choosing fee-for-service and I’m invoicing them at $250/hour (some institutions charge much more than that).

So, if you calculate your fees, for most accounts under $500,000, you are actually getting a pretty good deal not having to pay the fee-for-service rack rate. (Oh, and as account value rises when you are invested in pooled-mutual-fund type securities, typically investment fees reduce – so your $1,000,000 portfolio will pay less percentage wise in fees than the average client with under $100,000 in assets.)

What is included in the MER or investment fees?

In a nutshell, a Management Expense Ration (MER) represents the combined total of the funds management fee, operating expenses, and taxes. (Oh ya, there are taxes upon taxes…)

Here’s a pretty detailed list that’s worth a review and these are all at a fraction of the cost that it would cost you to do it yourself:

  • Professional Investment Management & Investment Selection
  • Investment Diversification
  • Research (Have you done research before?! How many hours did it take you to study one company? This is why they have teams doing it.)
  • Easy Access to your money when you need it! LIQUIDITY! (Don’t underestimate this one – not every asset is liquid in nature!)
  • Convenience
  • Administration of Account Opening/Closings
  • Reporting, Statements & Fund Communication
  • Regulatory Compliance and CRA Audits
  • Accounting and Fund Valuations Costs
  • Custody Fees (the clearing house)
  • Legal Fees (Yes, Lawyers are everywhere)
  • Cost of Creating and Distributing Annual, Semi-Annual Reports and Prospectuses
  • PDF, Printing Costs & Mailing Fees (If you still get your statements mailed to your house or like a shiny brochure, even if it is a PDF)
  • Online Platform Technology Fees (How did you login to your account?)
  • Regulatory and Continuing Education Credentials (stay top of game)
  • Call Centre Support/Customer Service (For when things go wrong)
  • Advisors (A human to talk to regarding your specific account)
  • Taxes (How could we forget you?)

So yes, this can cost you in the range of 2% to 3.5%.

Total Realtor fees are in the same range as mutual funds (note: the average home price of $500,000 pays 3.8% in fees to sell your home plus lawyers fees, etc.) Most businesses provide services and have a profit margin of over 5-10%, yet you still buy the groceries and services that you require to function.

Investing & Investment fees are no different.

Not to mention, you are willing to hire a gym, fitness class or fitness coach to help you stay fit. Hiring a financial professional is no different.

Typically, the brokerages take 1% of that fee and then it gets cut up even further.

Your advisors role is to:

  • understand your financial goals & needs for this account
  • compliance and regulatory checks to make sure this account is suitable
  • monitors transactions on your behalf
  • complete 30+ hours of professional development, education and licence renewal every year
  • tax planning considerations for the account
  • estate planning considerations for the account
  • communications & updates regarding your account

I believe most people will see the value in this.

Now, the next question, what happens when my fees eat up most of my return?

That will happen from time to time as the market goes through its cycles. It’s the cost of doing business and in this case, the cost of investing – there are no guarantees. However, ALL of my long term clients have made money, over and above the fees, sure it varies, but that also depended on your personal risk tolerance and what you invested in.

It’s really important to note the difference in fees in regards to different investments.

Here are a few things to note:

  • Foreign Equity (Stock) Trading has higher fees than local trading or ETF (index type funds)
  • Active Management versus Passive Management: my opinion is that you still need both and there are macro trends you need to be aware of
  • Don’t forget about currency exchange when investing in different countries and how that effects your portfolio
  • Bonds and Debt Instruments cost less than equity trading
  • Fixed Income fees are usually embedded in the bond
  • What about the TER (Trading Expense Ratio?) Nobody really talks about that. That is the measure of a funds trading costs and usually expressed as a percentage
  • There are sales charges, however, our firm typically doesn’t charge upfront commissions, such as DSC (Deferred Sales Charge) funds. Our firm does No-Load or Front End Load at 0% – so there are no fees to you when you redeem your investment
  • Segregated Funds also have additional guarantees, such as Assuris for accounts up to $100,000 and have death benefit guarantees in place, even if minimal and this is included in the fee
  • Segregated Funds also by-pass probate in an estate and do offer creditor protection in certain cases

My goal here is to outline to you the value of what you are paying for.

Many investors are going the DIY route. That is great if that’s been working for you.

It is important to note that at some point in time, you will need a professional or you will need to hire a professional to help you navigate tax, estate matters, total holistic financial planning at some point, and those that choose the DIY method will have to pay for that service.

Here’s another point to note:

Clients who pay for the professional management and help along the way typically have 3.9 times more wealth or 290% greater net worth because of working with a professional financial planner than those who go it along. {Source: Center for Interuniversity Research and Analysis of Organizations, 15-year Gamma Factor Report & Value of Financial Advice Study on Canadians who work with a Certified Financial Planner and those that don’t}

No one builds wealth alone.

And, the old adage plays true here.

It takes a team. It takes a village. Like raising kids!

Fees are ever only an issue in the absence of value.

Are you getting the service you desire? Are you getting your questions answered in a timely manner? Does your advisor care? Do you feel you are getting value?

I personally will pay a premium to know I’m getting great service. I will also pay a premium for great advice.

Here’s another question: Do you know what you are paying in fees in regards to your investments?

If you don’t have anyone to explain that to you, then maybe it’s time you hire an advisor. If you have an advisor that can’t or won’t explain it to you in detail, then maybe it’s time you hire a new advisor.

Oh, and how great is it to be able to phone/email one person instead of a call centre and wait on hold for an hour?!

Sometimes in life there are things worth paying for.

Financial Planning, Retirement Planning, Tax Planning, Risk Management and Estate Planning is definitely worth paying for.

~ Written by Lisa Elle, BMgmt, CFP, FCSI, CHS, CPCA, EPC, CEA, CCS, RIS

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The Lucky Money Formula

The Lucky Money Formula by Lisa Elle, CFP

The secret about money is that it is only ever partially about luck.

Same with the lottery.

I mean, you have to be playing the lottery to win.

You definitely don’t win if you aren’t even buying the tickets.

That’s how it is with multiplying your wealth as well.

You need to be in the game and recognize it’s just that.

All people who pay taxes are in the game of money, whether they know it or not.

The problem is most people are just standing around on the court waiting for the ball to be passed to them instead of actively creating a plan, strategy and taking action toward a plan to get the ball passed to them and then making that winning shot.

You won’t get a shot at being lucky with your money when you haven’t even…

  • realized you have a money game afoot… (like Sherlock Holmes)
  • decided to learn the rules of how money works
  • actually put some blood, sweat, tears and actual money into the money game
  • created a plan, a system or strategy to work toward what you want (which is what lucky is!)



I truly have created and brought forth into my reality a lifestyle that I adore, a business that I love, and a great family.

All those things take work, planning, strategy before the luck ever kicks in.

Sure, I have other goals I am working on now (up-leveling )… you don’t just die and rollover when you reach the next level, but I do see what I’ve created and the choices and decisions I’ve made to bring them forth, exactly as I have planned in a path that is working for me for right now.

Same with your money.

You must, absolutely must create a plan and strategy around your money for when the money ‘comes in’.

Because money will come in and if you aren’t ready for it YOU WILL squander it.

Now, I always say money can’t be wasted.

And it can’t.

Because you will learn valuable lessons from all the times you squandered money or spent money in an unaligned fashion.

Money is still not wasted in those situations, it’s just taking you a longer time to learn your lesson and get clear on what you actually want money for.

But here is where the LUCK is.

Here is where the LUCK O’THE IRISH be with you…. (Yes, Happy St. Patrick’s Day!)

You absolutely must get clear on what it is you want to be lucky with!

If you won a million little rubber bouncy balls (like the ones I find all over my house and want to scream because they just end up in the corners and the kids just abandon them) you would not consider yourself lucky. (Maybe if you could sell them for like $100 or $1000)

If you won a million bags of garbage, you would probably not feel lucky and feel like you have now literally have a million pounds of garbage to deal with.

If you won a million rolls of toilet paper, you may feel lucky! (Circa March 2020)

But if you won a million dollars and you didn’t have a plan for it, you may feel stress and overwhelm, or regret if you blow it all in one day, unless you have a plan, strategy and a way to back your truest of desires.

Are you clear on what you want to be lucky in?

Are you clear on what you would do with your luck when one day the little creepy leprechaun comes tapping your shoulder (or more like pulling on your pant leg as he is very tiny)?

Most people hope and pray for this.

For the day their money will come in.

For the day their ship will come in.

It’s a fantasy. Only because it never really happens like that.

And for the people who’ve already aligned with that next level, then it’s no biggie. (And yes, gratitude is key!)

It’s really almost an expected luck when you have planned for it.

But to everyone else you are LUCKY.

That’s how people are going to view you when you have a plan and you have taken specific actions toward that plan.

You will be lucky.

The others won’t be lucky only because they didn’t take those first initial steps required in the luck formula.

Create A Plan, Strategy, or System + Desire Toward A Specific Goal/Dream + Aligned Actions = LUCK

It’s that simple.

The rest of the luck is smoke and mirrors.

Lasting LUCK happens when you make it happen.

So make it happen


Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa



Expansion by Lisa Elle, CFP

If you’ve been a follower of this blog for the last 300 weeks, you will know one thing for sure – that this blog is always written from my higher self to my regular Lisa self – the person at the keyboard typing away.

It’s always a love letter to help guide me as I journey through all the things life is bringing before me.

Right now, it’s expansion.

I was re-reading the highlighted parts of The Abundance Book this morning, by John Randolf Price, and being reminded of this:

When you are sitting in a place of scarcity or lack – which let’s be honest, creeps in from time to time – that is when you are not connected to source and relying on your all sufficiency from the ALL SUFFICIENT ONE, God.

Depending too much on yourself.

That is a money block.

That is one way you may be cutting yourself off from tapping into your abundance.

I’m growing my business and expanding it right now as we speak in big ways, but it’s totally draining to say the least, and MANY times I seriously wonder, is this worth it?!

But here’s the thing.

The ONLY reason it’s so draining, and the reason your life could feel so draining, instead of life giving, is because you ARE CUT OFF FROM YOUR SOURCE and trying to do all the things yourself.

And, no this isn’t a reminder on delegation – because you can ask anyone – I’m the QUEEN of DELEGATION!!

Trust me, I delegate everything from my eyelashes to my dishes and laundry! I do not do what I feel is not the best use of my time or energy (FYI – there is a secret million dollar lesson in those words!) and I do that well and still getting better at it by the day!

But this is different.

This is more of an energy feeling that my brain has mustard up.

As we know, all the things are truly created in your consciousness.

For the most part, it has nothing to do with your reality – it’s usually all in your head anyways.

We cut off our expansion and tapping into the greatest of desires by not focusing on the ’cause’ of where what we desire is coming from. {Hint: God}

We are so focused on the effect.

We are so focused – and usually miserably so – on the effect that has not materialized in our reality or if it has, it looks nothing like what we wanted in the first place.

That’s because at some point we were severely disconnected from source or from the cause of where all things come from.

Not to mention, that this is all happening up in your noggin all the time.

And we aren’t taking responsibility for all the “less desirable stuff” or crap that is popping up in our lives.

That’s why it’s hard to expand into and bring forth what you know deep down you are here to create and bring into reality.

Can I also say, it’s super fun to see something you’ve dreamt of for so long manifest in reality?!

That’s the vibration and feeling and thoughts you need to keep tuning into again and again and again.

That is how you follow through on expansion.

Keep focused on the good!

Stay in that state of gratitude.

Sure it’s hard.

Last night was hard for me, so I just went to bed and knew it would all be better tomorrow.

Sleep! Sleep is wonderful!

Go to bed and reset.

I give so many of my problems over to my subconscious brain to solve when I’m sleeping – and it truly does!

It’s also part of how you can expand.

Ask more of your higher self!

Ask to see problems in a new light!

The universe wants nothing more than to shift your perspective.

That’s how A Course in Miracles defines of a miracle anyways: a shift of perspective!

I’ll leave you with these words from The Abundance Book and they are a smack in the face most of us need when it comes to why we are blocking the flow of money & good things to us:

“If I say ‘I can’t afford’ something, I am building a ‘can’t afford’ consciousness, and the law will bring more things and experiences into my life that I can’t afford.”

John Randolf Price

What do you keep pushing away from you instead of just allowing it?

Stay in the e x p a n s i o n mindset where anything is possible and dance in that deep knowing joy and trust me on this one….

THAT is how you….

Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa

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