Freaking Out About Money

Freaking Out About Money

How much time are you spending on freaking out about money?


How many crappy DIY projects, self-done shoddy basement renos, duct tape appliance repairs, online coupon shopping for a pair of designer shoes, pork n’ beans can comparison ad nauseam only to see where you can save a few pennies?

Maybe your money freakouts don’t manifest themselves in ways of coupon cutting, but perhaps the opposite, in ways of shopping sprees, buying useless shit you will never use, or eating your way out of your financial meltdown. (BAHAHAHAH – like I’ve never eaten my way out of a financial crisis.)

Or maybe worse, you go for a massage and let your inside voice dictate to you all the bills you need to pay through the entire massage, leaving you more knotted than when you first went in.

You could just be past all of this freaking out about money cause you’ve done it on repeat for so many years, that you actually have made freaking out about money just part of your regular day and just actually expect that no clients are going to call you and that no money is coming in today. Zombie Apocolypse. That’s what you hope deep down happens today. **Insert Quick Hail Mary**

I’ve done all of the above. If you have too, then we are a special breed of humans who can paradoxically go on a shopping spree while freaking out about money.

What I’ve learned, in a painfully slow way, over the last few years, is that mindset is everything. And even beyond that, it’s tying your positive thoughts to powerful happy positive emotions and holding them in a high frequency (aka. guarding your positive thoughts, moods, joyful outlook on life) so you attract more to your life of what you want. (I’m still working on my homing beacon!)

Here’s the deal with freaking out about money. No matter which way you freak out about money, loud and proud, tantrum style, or quietly so no one knows, this is what you are attracting to yourself at a HIGH frequency – MORE MONEY CRAPOLA. Yes, I speak the truth and you know it deep down!

It really doesn’t matter how you freak out about money, if you wear pyjamas and have it with green eggs and ham, or if you wear your freak out on a mountain, or on a camel, or on a train, plane or automobile, or worry about money in socks or barefoot, or while clipping your toenails. THIS is what has you stuck right now in your money life.

So stop freaking out. Stop being a freak about money altogether.

Begin with believing that you are on your way to whatever it is you want more of in your life. Call it in.

Plus, once you stop wasting all your time freaking out about money, you could actually go and make some……



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Do you really want to change the world? Make a difference?

I sure do.

I’ve pondered this up, down and sideways.

How does one do it?

And the answer I could come up with is one word:


Which I’m sure could come off as being/looking/acting/appearing “selfish” however, there is a positive & negative selfishness:

  • One where you are out only for yourself. One where one one else matters.
  • Then, there is the selfishness, where you selfishly take time for self-growth, self-care, self-love, self-forgiveness, self-management to be a better person for the world, your family and for yourself. It’s a win-win-win.

I’m totally all about being the second kind of selfish (obvi). Being the second is never truly selfish, it’s just taking the time you need to be a better person so you can do your job in this world, better. I revel in those moments as a natural introvert.

I was reading Danielle LaPorte’s new book, White Hot Truth, on gurus and famous people who changed the world. (And BOOM I was glued to the page in my research efforts on how to change the world…)

Every single person on the planet has major flaws and the beauty in so many ways is our imperfection, however, for some reason, these absolutely shocked me! I know I always put people of power on a pedestal, only because we as people expect more from our gurus, religious leaders, and politicians (okay, maybe not politicians!) It’s crazy. Really, it is crazy, because they are just people like us… and maybe even worse than the average human….

Are you ready for this? This actually blew my mind. I must really live in a bubble. Thought provoking? YES!! (Courtesy of Google & Danielle’s Book)

  • Martin Luther King Jr. probably had many extramarital affairs.
  • Gandhi had to prove his chastity by often sleeping next to naked girls, giving detailed sexual instructions, including his bizarre sexual practices, and setting up ashrams and sex experiments with girls and boys, even his grandniece.
  • Socrates was short, fat, ugly, smelly old man. Never bathing. Would you take life advice from a short, fat, ugly, smelly old man?
  • Mother Teresa had some serious shady care going on in her care, from reusing needles to washing soiled clothes and cooking utensils in the same water and rarely, if never, gave an account or transparency for the millions of dollars given to her or the charities she ran.
  • Abraham Lincoln was racist and so was Winston Churchill – like…vocal and bad about it.
  • George Washington scammed millions of dollars (in today’s dollars) through Congress as sitting president.
  • Even the POPE himself (Pope Pius IX) kidnapped a Jewish child to raise as Catholic. (Kidnapping? Seriously? Say like 10,000 Hail Mary’s for that and go to jail….. Poor Edgardo….)
  • Einstein was a philanderer and married his cousin Elsa, after cheating on & divorcing his first wife. (Can you imagine that? I’m leaving you for my cousin?!)

And yet, these people celebrated in history as heroes and made a significant impact on our world.

Doesn’t that give you hope? That in all our failing there’s still a chance for us, somewhat normal people, who don’t steal millions, kidnap children, disinfect our houses and take showers, to make a significant difference in our world?

Reflecting on another self-trait: self-forgiveness. When you love so much and want to make a difference, you’re gonna inevitably mess this shizza up, make mistakes (which just mean you are trying) and will need HUGE amounts of self-love and positive self-talk. (I know self-forgiveness has been a long, hard struggle in the past for me – but I’m seriously over it now… for a few hours at least….)

Here’s what I want you to take away from this:

The pressure to be perfect has to be released. You can be a walking disaster and still make a difference. Proof is in the pudding… we all sinners…da-da-da…

Here’s the other thing I want you to take away from this:

You need to foster your self. Foster the self-love, self-forgiveness, self-care, self-growth.

Put self-time ahead of some of the other ‘pressing’ things in your day. Create and follow self-practices that will allow you to achieve the desires that were put in your heart (also known as goals, dreams, aspirations, etc.).

If you can get down some or all of the ‘self’ stuff (the care, love, forgiveness, growth, etc.), then you have self-management in the bag and you can go on to change the world.

You can’t change the world from a place of self-loathing, self-hatred, self-exhaustion, or self-regression.

You can, however, make a difference with love and a vision, even with some serious mistakes on the way.

For me, that means waking up at 4:19am to write this. For me, for you, because it’s my self-love and because I have a message to share, and I did my purpose work….

And it is done now, so I can go shower and disinfect my house, and make sure my kids get to school on-time today….




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Money Mindset.

Million Ways to Wealth

Million Ways to Wealth

I want to let you in on a little secret. There is no magic formula for wealth.

And here we are, no matter what our net worth or bank account is screaming at us, we are always looking outside of us to complete this magic formula for ourselves.

And the secret to this whole schmozzle?

The secret is that your acre of diamonds is within you.

It was never “out there”.

It is always in here.

In you.

Stop looking for it out there with that guy or that company or that lottery ticket.

Money is attracted to us from the desires we have, and I hate to say it – for good or evil. (Evil bad people can make millions too, like drug kingpins and Dr. Evil. Another reason why we need you to make your millions, so you can be part of the solution!)

Money does not discriminate.

Money doesn’t care what color your skin is, or what university you went or didn’t go to, or how rich your parents are or anything. It really doesn’t care if you are a man or a woman or who you like to have sex with. You may care about all those things. Money doesn’t.

Money is just energy attracted to you, by your thoughts. Yes, that old book again….Think & Grow Rich.

But we know, your thoughts create your feelings, which create your actions, which create your results.

Circumstance is just that. Circumstance.

Hold steady your thoughts.

Make sure they are what you want. I mean, sure you can re-order your dinner at the multiverse, but the same thing happens when you send your order back a million times, they could spit in your food or you could end up with a PB-jelly sandwich topped with garlic, cilantro, and curry.

Be certain. (for longer than a minute…. )

Just try it. Be certain with one desire. Make it your burning desire. One chief aim.

What do you want out of life? All of it is there for you. Righhht……

I’ve been figuring this scheisse out for myself. Always. Right? It’s what we do as humans – sit and think and reflect and figure out how to make this experience work for us.

I just can’t decide what I want right now. Seriously. I have so many ideas, goals, things happening and I’m at this buffet of 5-star food with overload – or so it seems in my jumbled head.

“Clarity, why hast thou forsaken me?”

I ask flippantly. As if she’d answer me while I’m checking my phone for texts for play dates, coordinating egg delivery (yes, I get fresh farm eggs delivered weekly – best thing ever!), replying to clients concerns & wishes, stretching in awkward positions while trying to light my incense, candle, drink my tea, coordinate my playlist so I can sit and type for…. or crap, ya, forgot to pay that bill, and the dryer just broke, and how did ice and glue get all over the floor?!?! Did I mention I’m trying to help transform the financial landscape in Canada?


Not so much.

Need to spend more time with her.

What’s my one burning desire?

Some days, it’s just to get to bed. No, not sex. Actual sleep.

How do people have one chief aim like Napoleon Hill says? One burning desire?

I’m the chief of many aims and many desires. (Aren’t we all?!) Which is partly why I’m a walking paradox.

I zig when others zag. Maybe that’s why I’m so driven. The ladder to success is never crowded at the top – maybe I don’t like crowds. Hmmm….

So what’s my bottom line…

There are a million ways to wealth. Billions. Ad infinitum.

Isn’t that great news?! Great news that we don’t have to follow some stupid formula. Great news that we don’t have to build wealth like our grandma or dad or neighbour or Bill Gates or co-worker did! Sure, we can learn, sneak-a-peek, and model what others did, but at the end of the day we take what we want and leave the rest.

Find your way to wealth. It’s not going to be easy, but it will be worth it for you, your family, your community, your world.




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Money Mindset.

Spending ALL Your Money

Spending All Your Money

Let’s call a spade a Kate Spade.

Saving and investing and paying down debt kinda sounds like a lot of work, boring and…..


So, I’m changing it – because I can. Why the howdy-ho not?

From now on we only spend money.

Trust me this is going to be way more FUN because we get to spend ALL of our money! It’ll be like going on a SHOPPING SPREE in NEW YORK at Henri Bendel! (Trust me it’s FUN!)

So, instead of feeling weighed down by your money decisions I want you to think about how you get to spend your money.

You get to spend it on 3 things:

Past You (debt), Present You (current expenses), and Future You (investments, insurance, business).

Put all your purchases now into one of those 3 buckets.

Where are you spending most of your money?


Decide if you like where you are spending your money.

If you do, great.

If not, change it.

And if you want to make sure you have a great future, maybe start spending more money on the future you!



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Money Mindset.

Happy Money

Happy Money

How are you feeling right now about your money situation?

What is your one-word answer to that question?

Take a split second and answer that.

Whatever that word is that popped into your head – that is what you are attracting to your life.

If you answered:

Crappy –> You will get more crap.

If you answered:

Happy –> You will get more happy. 

Money is just energy. That’s it.

I’ve talked about LOTS on my blog over the past years.


Do the 180 if you have to.

Change your point of attraction by changing your thoughts.

Isn’t life great?!

You got to buy clean drinking water today!

What a wonderful thing my friends! (Thanks to my Brooke for that!)

I sign off on my emails to my tribe as HAPPY MONEY!

Because in my world, and if you are part of my world and want to be part of my world – it is only…..




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H.O.T. Leadership

Would you follow you?

I’m currently contributing a chapter to a book on women’s mentorship and leadership, and as I’m writing this chapter for this book, I find myself in a constant state of query – questioning EVERYTHING I know about leadership.

Like, what really makes a leader?

I’ve read hundreds of books, taken the courses – heck, I even remember being part of the H.O.T. Leadership Team in Grade 5 – which stood for Helping Others Together – however, the only thing HOT about being chosen was Jeff Hill, whom I had a major crush on, plus we got to go on a field trip together and skip school, which clearly made leadership look super HOT.

I feel like leadership is this buzz word in the working world, that to me, quite frankly, means fudge all. (Who doesn’t have “Leadership Skills” on their LinkedIn profile?!)

Let me tell you why…

I did this leadership course a few years back, and one of the exercises was to interview others about you and get true feedback on how you show up in the world.

I hated this exercise. Most people pleasers do (because we immediately want to make the other person happy and please them so they like us.)

But what I hate more is being told what I need to work on, when in fact, I already intuitively know this.

As an adult, (and I caveat that with as an adult who is over 30! I think children do need guidance in this area more so, but even then…) I know exactly where my shortcomings are. I know my strength and weaknesses. I work on them all the time with my life coach, and with my plethora army of business, health & relationship coaches.

Maybe I’m just weird that way – maybe not.

I really do think when you look deep down you know how you are showing up in the world.

You know when you aren’t smiling enough.

You know you should be working out more.

You know you should work on your public speaking.

You know that you talk too much.

Or that you aren’t paying attention to what your soul is screaming at you and following your own path, but instead what you think others want you to do.

Here’s the deal.

You can’t change the past. I find looking there for clues usually leaves you deflated and feeling like crap and adds nothing positive to your current being in the present.

So I’m of the school of thought – why dwell on it? It’s over. Telling me to my face when I already know I screwed up or didn’t nail it on the head when I did try my best is not going to win you any favours in my book.

I think my big pet peeve here is that people are so quick to call themselves leaders and use positions of power to make you feel bad about yourself  which we listen to because they are “well-respected leaders” and we were taught to “respect the leaders”, but I think we are letting too many of NOT the right leaders into our lives.

I think most “leaders”, especially from the business world, are missing a few special ingredients which I think all leaders need to really be effective leaders.

Vulnerability. Humility.

Admitting that they suck sometimes.

And then, I think and only then, you can respect someone in a leadership position because – let’s face it – who wants to follow someone who is perfect?

I took this sales course a year ago from a guy that was very well-paid leadership expert on sales and marketing.

I walked out of that day-long seminar and felt a few things.

  1. He totally came off to me that he was better at sales than anyone else. (Not a great way to get followers…)
  2. He totally didn’t resonate with me at all because of this and I felt he treated a room full of adults almost like children – telling us the rules of how to sell, making us think through our sales process instead of feeling our way through or trusting our own instincts. (When did any sales call ever go according to a script or a step by step plan?!)

Okay, to be fair, I know lots of people, especially men, may need the step by step plan if their brains are wired that way. But, you try to tell an intuitive woman who has run her business for 17 years following her gut to start following some sales protocol?


I do business, as I do life, as I do anything, from my gut – from my intuition, from figuring out what will work for my life and not yours.

I am so proud that over the last few years I have finally stopped listening to EVERYONE full bore and just followed my own path.

I think so many leaders out there are trying to get you to follow their path, their systems, their past – on how they climbed Mount Everest or made a million dollars in business, but that was then, for them – it’s not now, for you.

You need to look within.  Always. And Trust.

God gave you a specific purpose. He didn’t want you to be someone’s puppet.

Take this from someone who has been MANY people’s puppets in the past – and if you are a people pleaser – this is you to a T.

Danielle LaPorte says it best in her new book, White Hot Truth,

You are the authority on you. Nobody knows better than you what’s right for you. NOBODY. Final say? All you. No matter what…. All that experts (leaders) offer you is data for you to take into consideration. You are the centrifugal force that must filter, interpret, and give meaning to that data. Your body knows. Your heart knows. Your mind will help you act on what you know. My guiding philosophy about any philosophy is: Take what you want and leave the rest.

So, with that – how do you mentor others? How do you become a leader?



Meaning, declare yourself a leader and start acting like it. BE what you want to be and be it with your whole heart, mind & soul and I guarantee you will show up in the world exactly as you see yourself (no stupid leadership interviews or a course to tell you that!)

When you are following your truth and living from your truth you don’t need to know or really care about what others think!

There will always be haters, and nit-pickers and people who think it should be done another way – screw them. Don’t listen. Choose the leaders you follow based on what is aligned for you.

Let’s face it. There are a million gurus to follow out there.

I personally have my mastermind of about 6 women (yes, my ultimate gurus are all women coincidently – only because I resonate with them) and when I say I would follow these women to the ends of the earth and off a bridge – I probably would. The rest, I can tune out.

(I guess there’s Jesus too… so that throws off the whole woman thing 🙂 – however….

You get to pick and choose what you want from who you want and throw out the rest. That’s the beauty of life.

Here’s the bottom line: To be an effective leader you have to be following your true path and lead from alignment with what is true to your soul. Sorry, my friends, there is no instruction manual that you were born with, although we so badly want to have one and feel it would make life so easy. This is what faith and trust are for. It’s why there is no handbook to how you should live your life and the choices you need to make every step of the way. You must tune in and see what is right for you and not anyone else. Step out in faith.

Those who step out in faith, follow their own path, with humble heart, lead people naturally.




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Point of Attraction

Yesterday, I had my best wake surf ever!

I even did a little dance on the surf board.

Dancing & Surfing.


I’m so proud of myself for always being willing & open minded to try new things and push myself to do the uncomfortable – knowing full well that wiping out (literally) is a REAL possibility.

There is no better feeling than being proud of yourself.

I know I talk about this a lot – all we are really chasing at the end of the day is feelings, good feelings: LOVE, HAPPY, PROUD, ABUNDANT, JOY.

Let’s be clear here, sometimes being proud of ourselves comes easy, but definitely not all the time.

One area I struggle with is MONEY! Shocking right?!?

I’m so hard on myself for not being where I want to be financially.

Can you relate?

Or relate to not being proud of yourself in one key area of your life – such as your health, relationships, etc??

And so what do you think happens when we are hard on ourselves about where we ‘should’ be?

Yes, you know the answer.

We draw more of that to ourselves.

Law of Attraction attracts more of the un-love, the hating of ourselves, the shame, guilt, lack, and scarcity – it all comes back to us in droves and digs the vicious cycle deeper.

Been there.

Done that.

Have a closet full of the T-shirts.

So how do we pivot to create what we really want in life?

The only way to attract what you want more of is to change your point of attraction.

  • Feeling broke or worried about money? Start counting your assets & all that you’ve been blessed with!
  • Want more love in your life? Start loving on all the people that cross your path – like crazy!
  • Want a new relationship? Start loving yourself like crazy. (No one wants a needy partner!)
  • Ready to release the excess weight or want your health back? Start to see yourself as the person you’re on your way to becoming!
  • Want your partner/spouse to shape up or ship out? Then BE the FIRST to LOVE them like crazy!
  • Want to be an author, artist, famous, successful, politician? BE THAT NOW – embrace it now.

See, most people have it wrong.

They think they need to DO to HAVE and then BECOME.

But in reality, you need to declare and BE (& become) first on the inside so it can begin to radiate out of you, then you will DO the work to HAVE what you really want.

Mindset is everything – and that is how the law of attraction really works.

So the feelings you are chasing – LOVE, PROUD, JOY, ABUNDANT, HAPPY…..

Find that in yourself first – and more of it shall be given to you.

I will repeat.


It shall be given to you in ABUNDANCE.




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Hard Conversations

It’s a little nudge. The quiet voice. That something on your to-do list. The thing you know you NEED to do, but you still haven’t done it.

A conversation on “what happens when I’m gone.”

Seems nobody likes to talk about it. We don’t like being faced with our mortality.

It doesn’t bother me. Mostly because I’m completely ready for death – which frees me up to LIVE and not be worried.

I plan on living to 110. Seriously. I will move heaven and earth to make that happen, but hey, if God has other plans, then so be it.

So I have my will, power of attorney, personal directive.

I have loads of life insurance.

I have spreadsheets about 10-pages long listing absolutely EVERYTHING I manage, that actually are up-to-date.

I can’t preach from my very core, or write my next book without having done this stuff myself.

I can’t already tell some of you won’t read this because the thought of dying almost literally scares you to death;  you’re not ready to face death yet, and that’s okay – when you are ready – read my next book – it will be out by then….

But I will say, the peaceful feeling that you have made your last wishes known to your family is one of the best gifts you can give them.

Let me say it again:

The best gift you can give the people you love the most on this planet is to let them know your last wishes, from the assets to how you want your remains handled.

It’s real my loves, it’s real life. You know it.

I’m watching my dearest family members walk through the recent loss of their loved ones, and in the same breath, beautiful new babies born into our family.

It’s life and it’s beautiful.

However, when someone we love passes away, even for the closest of families, it usually brings fighting, discord, and pain.

Many times relationships are wrecked for the rest of this earthly life.

All because one thing didn’t happen.

A conversation.

A conversation about death.

A conversation about the reality, the day-to-day stuff that happens upon death.

A conversation that best involves the entire family.

A conversation that only needs to take 5-minutes or 15-minutes. (There’s the 10-second grouchy-old-man version – cremation, throw my ashes in the lake and give all my stuff to my dog, Arnold. And then there’s Lisa Elle’s End-of-Life-Extravaganza Black-Tie-Event with a party planner and everything…just saying – it’s going to be a thing, but in reality, you’ll all be dead, because I’ll be 110, and well, none of you reading this now will be there… so the plan goes…)

But we aren’t having these conversations because they are tough.

And because we can’t stomach the tough conversations, it leads to more turmoil for our loved ones.

Okay, fast forward and now you think you have all your ducks in a row – maybe some life insurance and a will, etc. Maybe you’ve even told everyone in your family what to do when you are gone.

Listen to this:

Just recently, I know a few estates of some friends and some family members where I know they would have benefitted IMMENSELY from a 1-hour conversation with a CFP or Estate Planner. But they didn’t.

I hate HATE knowing I could have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes on these estates by simply having a 1-hour conversation. I hate knowing I should have spoken up. Maybe it’s on me to learn how to be a bit more pushy, and ask the hard questions.

This is why.

Nothing really is simple anymore.

  • You live in a province with probate tax – you need to have a conversation with an Estate Planner.
  • You have a regular family with 3 ex-wives, multiple children from different relationships – you NEED to have a conversation with an Estate Planner.
  • You have minor children – you need to have a conversation with an Estate Planner.
  • You have disabled children of ANY AGE – you need to have a conversation with an Estate Planner.
  • You have no kids – you need to have a conversation with an Estate Planner.
  • You are married, or living common law or not married – you need to have a conversation with an Estate Planner.
  • You own assets in other countries or have close family in other countries – you need to have a conversation with an Estate Planner.

Oh, and if you don’t fall into one of those categories – I really can’t help you. At all. Because you are outta this world – literally.

My point.

EVERYONE can benefit from a conversation with a CFP or Estate Planner.

Need to quickly clarify: Estate Planner is someone who specialized in this area – not all lawyers and accountants do this, CFP’s or TEP (Trust & Estate Practitioners) do this. Look for one of those. We can pull the plan together and pull in lawyers and accountants as needed depending upon what you specifically need for your estate. NOTE: YOUR CORNER BANK DOES NOT DO THIS. This is something you need a fiduciary for.

Plus, this crap changes every time Justin changes his sexy hair. Meaning, what you plan today is not the same as tomorrow’s new proposed government budget and changes to tax law. So best to have a relationship with someone who you can review your plan with as well every few years!

So what started out as a nudge that is inside of you, is now me giving you a SPANK and YELLING at you to get this stuff dealt with (not in a kinky way of course….more so in my MOMMY VOICE YELLING AT MY CHILDREN!)


  1. Get a will. Spend the money – go to a lawyer. At minimum, get a template DIY will.
  2. Hire an Estate Planner.
  3. Have conversations about life after you with people you care about.

What you will save by getting an Estate Plan in place:

  • family relationships (hey – it helps!!)
  • reduce stress & worry for the people you love
  • money that goes to your family instead of to the government aka. reduce taxes (on every estate there is one consistent beneficiary!)
  • peace of mind for you so you can live your life with less worry
  • leaving a legacy of LOVE and not a SHIT SHOW

NEED I SAY MORE my beautiful loves reading this.

I do know nothing will ever go perfectly to plan, but better a plan than not.

All you really need is 1-2 HOURS of PLANNING. It can literally change the course of your family for generations to come.

I’m totally kicking your a** today.

Consider it kicked out of love.



Here’s how I can help you with this….

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PS. On a personal note, if I have any more friends and family tell me they don’t have wills, I’m going to march you to a lawyers office, lock you in there, or even make you draft up a will before I let you out of my sights. I think it will be my new signature move. I may need to learn some martial arts first. Now, who wants to go out for coffee with me?

PPS. Do you see the photo I posted for this post? That is my beautiful family. I would hate to see them fighting after I passed on over any of my assets or worse. (The Loewen’s are loud and strongly opinionated on a good day – I don’t need to add to that!) I don’t want to be remembered that way. I want you to insert your family photo in there and ask yourself if you want to see your family ripped apart because you didn’t share your last wishes with them. <3