Reasons To Be Wealthy

I want to reignite your REASONS TO BE WEALTHY today.

If you have been thinking or occasionally may think:

  • the rich are getting richer
  • the divide is getting wider between rich and poor
  • ‘being rich’ is for rich people and it’s not really for me or
  • money doesn’t buy happiness or
  • I don’t have any money and never will or
  • money doesn’t matter

Then you are right.

You are right because you’ve already made your mind up to be RIGHT about those statements, therefore you will subconsciously find all the reasons that those statements are right and manifesting in your reality as such.

What I understand when people say these things is this:

You have a money block around wealth, large amounts of money and rich people.

(Note: Rich people typically don’t think like that – they may think a lot of things, but usually they are too busy working on growing their wealth to vibrate at the lower levels of complaining or worrying about what others are choosing to do with their money.)

I am very aware of what is happening around me and the world right now.

I see the economy, the numbers and more importantly the real effect on human lives and how this last year has devastated so many people.

And now I will lay out all the possible reasons you may want to reconsider your money mindsets around wealth for 2021 to inspire you to truly be okay with wanting, desiring and GOING AFTER WEALTH!

(Say it with me….. I am a Wealthy Person!)

And it’s serious, and it’s big and it’s transformation.

You will want FREEDOM!

Money brings FREEDOM!


And this isn’t like the old school 2014 freedom where money means you can work from your laptop on a beach, this is a new type of FREEDOM we are finding ourselves losing. (Look around if you think we haven’t lost any of our inherent human rights or freedoms.)

I’m not trying to scare you or have you in a fear mindset – this is about OPTIONS & ACCESS!! (And I feel it’s starting to be a serious thing instead of like “Oh millions of dollars would be nice to have”, I truly think this will be a MUST over the next decades.)

Money brings those things.

Money is going to be the key to your freedom and unfortunately, those who choose (yes, wealth is just a choice!) to not step into their wealth mindset, find creative ways to make money and invest in their ideas or businesses will be left behind and stuck in slavery.

Do you not know by now that when you have no money you are enslaved to yourself?

You have put yourself in bondage and only you can unlock and FREE yourself to create a new life for you.

Let me ask you this…

  • Is money still flowing?
  • Are jobs still around?
  • Are people still buying products and services?
  • Are humans still needing food, clothing and shelter to survive?
  • Do humans want to be treated fair, peaceful & spoiled occasionally with luxury goods & services still?!


That means there is opportunity, and where there is opportunity there is opportunity to be RICH and WEALTHY.

And that is ONLY defined by you, but I do want you to 10x your money mindset game in your head.

Exand it.

Stretch it.

Go for the bigger dreams and money goals.

Right now it is the most important time in history to have money because think of all the good you can do with it.

  • You can invest in & use luxury goods and services! (If you are being honest with yourself, you totally want that!)
  • You can invest in and support start-up and small business.
  • You can help a family member who is ill and can’t work.
  • You can buy food and supplies for hundreds of people.
  • You can buy land and cultivate healthy foods and options.
  • You can be part of the solution to cleaner energy.
  • You can create and help support education in all its forms.
  • You can invest in cures for illnesses and help with irradiating disease from the planet.
  • You can decorate, design and build beautiful buildings or spaces, renovate buildings and create art for them so people can be surrounded by beauty.
  • You can create gorgeous gardens and flower arrangements.
  • You can buy, wear or design luxury fabrics for clothes or linens that are beautifully designed and shoes that are sexy that don’t hurt when you wear them (lol)

(Please tell me something in that list was able to light you up!)

You can only do this if you are wealthy!

Did you hear me?


Things that were common place are now shifting and we are bringing down so many out-dated systems and that’s what makes this an exciting time in history, because now there is….


and there really is no better time in history to create wealth – for you, for your family, for your community.

You want to be a wealthy, but you have to get over your money blocks and your not-so-helpful stigmas and thoughts about money, wealth & rich people.

Don’t go about hating rich people when deep down you may want to be one.

That will not allow you to become rich.

Okay, so there are a million money mindset layers we need to peel back and dispose before we can really get to the next level financially, and we do know its a life journey and there is always another level to up-level to.

But if all you do is slowly, one-by-one take away unhelpful money thoughts and in their place put helpful wealth building thoughts you will slowly begin to see your reality change for the better.

Money is just energy.

You are in control of harnessing and utilizing that energy to create something magnificent in your lifetime.

Are you doing that?

Are you?

This is how you….

Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa


6 Reasons You Need To Buy Life Insurance

6 Reasons You Need To Buy Life Insurance

Here are 6 reasons I always share with clients why they need to buy life insurance.

Did you know that life insurance pays out tax-free to your beneficiaries usually within 30-60 days upon claim? Did I mention tax-free money to your estate?

1. To Pay Final Expenses

In my opinion, everyone needs to have a small permanent life insurance policy to cover off final expenses.  These expenses can run from $5,000 to $25,000 or more. Besides burial or cremation costs, there are also final tax returns and legal obligations or probate or tax owing that are required to close your estate. Here’s the thing, don’t be a burden to your family or friends – consider having a small paid up whole life or universal life or Term100 that will pay out tax free to your chosen beneficiaries to help ease the immediate burden of final expenses.

2. To Cover Children’s Expenses

If you have children under age 18, I firmly believe it is your responsibility to help provide for those children if you were to pass away prematurely. This is something I’m very passionate about because it’s so inexpensive for people of child-rearing ages to afford a decent sized life insurance policy of even $500,000 to $1,000,000 at minimum. Everyone knows a million dollars doesn’t go far these days, not to mention if you want to help contribute to your child’s secondary education costs, then you will really need to take a good hard look at getting the proper amount of life insurance.

3. To Replace Your Partner’s Income

If you depend on your partners income to run your lifestyle and housing costs, then this is a no brainer, obviously if you didn’t have insurance and your partner passes away you may be forced to radically change your lifestyle. The question becomes, is this something you are willing to do during the hardest days of your life? Any amount of life insurance will help ease this burden so you aren’t forced into making rash decisions at inopportune times.

4. To Pay Off Debts

Like I said about the insurance for your children, I also will say that it is your responsibility to cover your debts in the event of your passing. You were the one who made the decision to take on the debt in the first place, don’t you think that you should also not leave that debt to your loved ones to deal with your messes? Time to ADULT now and make sure you have proper coverage to handle all your debts, from mortgage to credit cards to car loans to business agreements.

5. To Cover Business Expenses

Buying life insurance to cover Key Employees or to fund a buy/sell agreement or just to cover outstanding debts in the business, it is so important to look at life insurance for your business. Make sure to talk to a CFP to make sure all the angles of your business are covered.

6. To Pay Off Estate Taxes

Although Canada doesn’t have estate taxes per se, they do have probate fees and final taxes on deemed dispositions of assets on the date of your death. This can be a massive blow to your estate. For example, a million dollars in RRSPs would be worth $600,000 or less after all the taxes are paid on your final tax return. That’s a huge win for the government and a huge loss for your family. This is where permanent insurance is important, such as whole life or universal life or Term100. Probate fees are minimal in some provinces, but in other provinces can be very costly.


Okay, now ask yourself if you have enough or you have enough on your partner.

Let me ask you this, in your darkest of days – losing your best friend, lover, partner – do you want to be financially stressed on top of your loss? OR, on that note, if he’s a schmuck who owes you money and never pays up on time, wouldn’t it be better to have a policy in place to make sure you get what is contractually yours in the case he dies and leaves you high and dry raising kids… just more food for thought… cause you will curse his name for getting off scot-free one last time! 🙂

Either way, I’m happy to get you a quote or put you in touch with someone in your jurisdiction who can help you get some proper risk management and life insurance in place! Don’t wait… I will write another blog on the people who came to me and said they wished they had put some life insurance in place before their partner passed unexpectedly.

Grim, I know. Real Life – Yes, unfortunately.

Bottom Line: You’re still gonna need money, honey.

xx Lisa


Misplaced Hope

I remember the first time that I heard the idea that HOPING was a potential problem in my life.

I remember being flabbergasted.

“What do you mean HOPING is maybe not the best thing to be focused on?”

HOPE, after all, is a MASSIVE fundamental belief that I hold and know we as humans need to have to surive!

But hoping holds just a slightly different energy and tone than hope. Join me down this rabbit hole for a minute… (and this post isn’t about money at all, but like all of my writing, it’s TOTALLY about money {(because money is just energy} and how you shouldn’t put your hope in MONEY, yet you can harness the energy of money to use in abundance for your highest good! So, yes, in a round about way, this post is totally about your relationship with money.)

Many of us are in a world where we are HOPING things turn out better – whatever the arena of our lives where we are found HOPING.

HOPING can become a negative emotion or feeling by eventually creating a negative thought process and then leading to results that are far from what we are actually intending to create or what we actually desire.

HOPING is usually waiting and wanting something out of your control to come true.

Hoping puts the “hope” in the external environment – outside of yourself.

Examples are:

  • I’m hoping to win the lottery.
  • I’m hoping to get better.
  • I’m hoping that life will turn around.
  • Here’s hoping for a better outcome in the next election
  • Hoping the next job works out in our favor
  • Hoping for a better relationship

That is HOPING.

It’s a useless action word, because in reality, there are more positive “action” steps you can take than to sit around “hoping” all day long that things will get better.

There are alternative action steps you can be doing like calling, planning, creating, singing, dancing, writing, walking, etc. instead of hoping.

HOPE, although essentially the same word as hoping, is different.

HOPE is where you place your trust.

Where hoping is an action word, HOPE is something that JUST IS.

HOPE is MORE POWERFUL than hoping.


The good HOPE is trust and a deep spiritual knowing that everything is working towards your highest good.

The problem right now is that we have misplaced hope happening!

And misplaced hope is dangerous.

People have put their hope in all the wrong things.

Not because these things are bad (sure there is good and bad in everything and every system, community, idea, relationship, etc.), but because they are not how we were ultimately designed as human beings.

We were designed to look inward (and upward) for HOPE.

What’s happened is that we’ve somewhere somehow decided that placing our hope in other people and systems will lead us to happiness or the reaching of our goals.

And, trust me, as I’ve written before, we – the people – want nothing more than instruction manuals on what to do next, how to do and when and where to do it.

Thinking is hard work.

No, really – it’s hard to think.

It’s so much easier to have someone else think for you and then just follow that person!

Here’s what’s harder.

Being quiet.

Quieting your mind.

Sitting in silence and tuning into your higher self.


It takes practice & patience!

The world is shifting at a rapid pace.

Oudated and old systems are crumbling right before our very eyes.

Good things are on their way to us!

If you want this journey to feel better for you (I’m not saying easier, but I am saying more peaceful!), I encourage you to re-examine what “things” you have placed your hope in.

  • Politics or Political Part
  • Our Government
  • Our Health Care System
  • Our Education System
  • Our Financial System
  • The Stock Market
  • Our Media or News Channels
  • Groups/Communities
  • Your Employer
  • Your Credentials or Education
  • Your Religion or Church Systems
  • Big Corporations
  • Your Family
  • Your Partner
  • Your Kids
  • Your Lover
  • Your Health
  • Your Body
  • Your Past

This is the point.

There are A LOT of things we can put our HOPE in, and I feel we are being called to re-evaluate things we’ve placed our HOPE in for so long – even if it wasn’t intentional – even if that’s just the “way it’s always been”.

The list of these things above – they are all forms of idols we have in our lives. They are all important, but placing your hope in any of them exclusively will result in you being disappointed and let down.

We are not perfect people and because of that – all of our systems are not perfect.

I feel – and this is a message and constant theme while we are explorers on planet earth – that we are called to tune into God, the universe or whatever you believe has your best desires at heart.

In that silence, that is where your magic happens.

When your HOPE is placed in that within you (or above you) and that alone that’s when you discover you don’t need to be “hoping” and you don’t need to place your hope in anything outside of yourself.


This is the greatest gift because now you are set FREE.

Now you have total PEACE about ALL THE THINGS!

You don’t have to worry about what is happening out there because you have HOPE that the UNIVERSE has your BACK!

You have HOPE that all things are working towards your highest good.

This is the HOPE you want to have.

AND yes, we need HOPE.

We just have to make sure our HOPE is in the right things and not on the external.

We are creators who create from within, so doesn’t it just make sense that THAT is where our HOPE should be and not with the things outside of us and outside of our control?

The thing you place your HOPE in will control you (and mostly through fear) unless they are the RIGHT things.

Placing your HOPE in things above WILL bring you such beautiful PEACE and a CALM to your life – if you haven’t experienced that yet, I encourage you to get to that place of quiet to listen in and not be scared of what you will find.

I guarantee you it will be beautiful and mind blowing….

And I most definitely know that when you place your HOPE in the right things, your life will BLOSSOM and…

Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa


Getting It Right In 2021!

I want to leave you with some words that have been spoken many times and in many ways regarding to money:

Fortune favors the prepared.

Fortune favors the bold.

Fortune favors the courageous.

Fortune favors the brave.

Fortune favors the strong.

So, here’s the thing:

Where are you in regards to taking those daring leaps with your money towards your goals?

Are you STRETCHING & CHALLENGING youself to earn more, save more, invest more, keep more, spend more?

Yes, you read that correctly, I did write “SPEND MORE”!

There are so many ways we live a small life and don’t really take that leap and step out in faith for the things we desire most.

And don’t think that I’m not practicing what I’m preaching.

Here’s a few ways I’ve stepped out in my own life in total faith, because at this point, I’m stepping out to grow my business and praying the money will appear to help us reach our goal as a company.

I’m hiring people to help me build my great vision.

I’m increasing my monthly contributions to investment accounts.

I’m planning events and trips and things that I don’t even know if they will pan out with the state of the globe..

But I’m doing this all in faith.

I realize, the worst case scenario in many areas is that my pride, my ego will get hurt or my bank account will suffer dramatically, but is that not worth taking the risk?!

What area of your life do you want to GET RIGHT in 2021?

What part of you life has been stagnant?

What part of your life have you not even begun to dream big in?

I’m excited!

I know one thing and that is that this year, I am making plans to keep my big dreams before me, even though they seem COMPLETELY RIDICULOUS at this moment, I’m trusting that this will be the year that me and my team make things happen.

I’m excited for us.

I’m excited for you and your goals too!


Because who better to accomplish their dreams than you?!

You are the perfect person to accomplish the desires that you have!


So what are you waiting for?!

Get it down on paper, meditate, journal, do walking meditations like I do, or just speak the words outloud to life.

This is your chance.

Turn off the outside noise.

Yes, I’m aware of a riot happening in the White House, but it doesn’t matter as much as my dreams!

I matter more.

I am more worthy of accomplishing my dreams than watching hours of news casts over something that is totally out of my control and which will truly add nothing to my life (but it will take away time, energy and brain cells…. and create worry and fear.)

You matter more.

You are worthy of all the dreams you have.

Don’t play at the level of others.

Elevate yourself, your thoughts, your tone, your vibration to that of your goals and dreams.

Hold it there.

Don’t sink back down into the muck of the world.

It’s just going to ruin your Kate Spade Outfit and mess up those Jimmy Choo’s!

Not worth it.

You are worth it.

Make your plans to get right with 2021

and baby….

You’re gonna..

Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa


Getting Complete With 2020

Completion is such a beautiful thing.

To be complete with something means that it is finished, that there are no extras laying around, no little tid-bits left hanging out and it really truly allows for closure.

When you are complete with something: a job, a client, a realtionship, 2020, then you get to create a blank slate – with no left over markings on it – and create again, NEW, from that place of nothingness.

That is what being complete is all about.

You can complete a marriage or romantic partnership, and yet, stay in the same relationship but change the terms of it. {Being complete doesn’t necessarily meaning cutting people out.}

You can complete a contract and deem it to be over and then start a new contract – with your employer, with your clients, with your jobs.

You get to choose and live in the place of being COMPLETE.

You also get to do this with yourself.

You get to be complete with the “old you” and start a “new you”.

You get to be complete with your thoughts that didn’t serve you, and then create new thoughts to believe into.

Being complete is magical!

Completing areas of your life will provide you with MIRACLES!


Because the process of completion clears away the old energy that you are holding on to.

I want to liken COMPLETENESS to this:

When you are complete, your energy field is clear.

You are like stainless steel – nothing can stick to you, things/circumstances slide right off of you and have nowhere to attach themselves to.

When you are INCOMPLETE, when you have lots of unfinished business, unfinished energy business, lots of balls hanging in the air –

You are like Velcro. Everything will stick to your energy field.

The good, the bad, the ugly and it sticks and doesn’t easily dissappear, in fact, it grows, gets uglier and you end up attracting more ugly energy balls to your Velcro self.

This is why you need to get COMPLETE.

This is why this is a decision and a decision you have to make and a decision ONLY you can make.

This is something you can only discover for yourself.

Life is better when nothing can ‘stick’ to your energy field and you can let it flow through you and not fester in your Velcro thoughts.

I had an energy healer explain it in this way.

She was referring to 2020 and how it is sticking to so many people who have not done ‘the work’.

It’s easy to identify if you have done ‘the work’ on yourself or not.

How are you coping with 2020?

Are you allowing things to slide off your energy field fairly quickly or are they staying around and flaring up?

How does this look for your money?

There are probably a LOT of areas with your money that you are not complete with.

Where are you feeling INCOMPLETE with regards to your finances?

  • Have you incomplete financial goals?
  • Have you not held integrity with your savings goals?
  • Have you a financial to-do list that has been sitting incomplete for a while?
  • Incomplete bills that need to be paid?
  • Incomplete taxes that need to be filed or paid?
  • Do you have an incomplete will or estate plan?
  • Do you have investment research or financial reviews that you’ve been putting off and are incomplete?
  • A financial appointment to book that you’ve been meaning to, which leaves you…. incomplete?

This is your chance to get complete with all the things you left incomplete.


This is your CHANCE! New Slate 2021 is calling your name to get complete!

If you are experiencing flare ups in your life, the energy is stuck, and you feel like you are a walking Velcro target for all things bad to happen to you, then you need to take time and get complete.

One by one, take the energy balls that aren’t aligning with the life you desire and COMPLETE them.

Thank them for their service and say GOOD-BYE!

Also, tell them they are not welcome in your life again!

This is choice. This is a decision to not lower yourself to that lower vibrational energy field again!

This doesn’t mean bad things won’t happen to you, but it does mean you will react differently next time they do and you will be able to move through the negative energy and back into the good vibes quick QUICK!

After all, that is the goal of this.

It’s being able to shift to the desired energy, desired feelings as fast as possible.

That is how you become a magnet for attracting exactly what you want into your life.

So get complete.

GET COMPLETE with the energy that no longer serves you.

GET COMPLETE with the thoughts that no longer serve you.

GET COMPLETE with the feelings that no longer serve you.

Detangle the energy balls from your Velro and send them back where they came from.

Become smooth as silk, strong as stainless steel and don’t allow those little energy sucks to stick to you!


This is how you….

Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa


How To Manifest Your Desires

It will serve you to learn the craziest secret about money, about energy, about love, about relationships, about all the things….

It’s to understand the balance of energy that needs to be directed to the things that you want out of life.

Although we have access to infinite energy, we are bound by earthly time and a physical body, but that’s why it’s so important how to channel and focus explicitly on what you want to manifest in your life time.

How do you want this life to look?

This is how you manifest your desire!

You have to hold steadfast your desires while at the same time not be so focused on them that you squeeze the life out of them.

So yes, hold lightly (almost an ‘I don’t care about the outcome attitude’)


Stay Laser Focused (sooo focused, almost obsessed!)


Totally counterintuitive.

But isn’t that how life is?

A TOTAL CONTRADICTION most of the time…

And, if you aren’t good with the contradiction of it all you will have a harder time manifesting what you want and if you can’t ease into the flow of life you will come across more blocks that will hinder the speed of obtaining your outcome.

{There’s a reason that easy going people seem to manifest so easily – they know how to go with the FLOW!}

When you are dealing with the energy of your goals, your money, your desires, you absolutely must not strangle your desire, and yet, you must stay radically focused on them.

It’s so hard to care and not care in the same breath.

But in that case, it is like breathing.

Breath in the deep desire.

And then,

Breath out the outcome.

RELEASE it and let it go.

RELEASE the desired outcome.

It is out of your control anyways…

Let Go, Let God.

But you do first have to BREATH it in.

You have to know exactly what that first breath is all about.

I’ll be honest, I struggle with this.

I feel every year for the last 20 years I have the same goals.

And I’m struggling to find new goals that breath LIFE INTO ME.

It’s been actually amazing to look back and see all the goals I did accomplish.

I think – and I’ll be totally blunt here… I get uninspired with MANY of my lame goals…

Always the same ones…

Lose weight, make money, blah, blah…

I can’t even breath life into those goals.

And yes, I have accomplished them in someway, shape or form.

But I need to do this, and I know I’m not alone! MOST of ya’ll need to do this too!

REALLY, TRULY create the deepest of deepest clarity with some really heartfelt INSPIRING goals that get you jazzed up.

And I get it…

I feel it…

Right now, it’s hard to get jazzed up about life.

I feel the oppression in so many ways.

So, we dig.

We do this.

For me, I need to plan a trip or trip(S) {with a capital S!}

I need to have something to look forward to and go on some adventuring!

Plan the dates, the costs, book the hotel, flights, etc.

I just need to do it.

What is it in your life that you really just feel called to do?!


Push past the fear and think of all the wonderful things that are waiting for you once your materialize your dreams.

Stop giving it mouth service or thought service, and actually pick up the damn phone or put your credit card where your thoughts and mouth are!

If you want to take a course or learn something new, then do that!

If you want to create something, then do that!

If you want to start a new business, then do that!

If you have a dream to take your entire family on a big trip, then do that!

There is no PRESENT like the PRESENT!

Do what will give you life, fuel you and bring you JOY!

JOY is always available.

And with JOY is FREEDOM!

Don’t ever forget that!

When you breath in your desires and breath out the outcome and release you will find your joy – and MANIFEST YOUR DESIRES and…

Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa

PS. Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired when it comes to your finances and money? We have the secret sauce to make all your money blues go away – ONCE AND FOR ALL! Check out The Wealth Collective™!


The Message

This MESSAGE! This… right here, right now.

This is THE message that you must remember.

Especially now when the collective energy is radical, the polarity is strong, and fear has taken hold of so many.

You must remember LOVE.

Love being the opposite of FEAR.

You can not be in FEAR and be in a state of LOVE at the same time.

Remember that.

And everytime fear creeps in…

because it’s creeping in….

about money, about health, about death….

remember LOVE.

Remember that UNCONDITIONAL LOVE wins…

PERFECT LOVE will always win.

Love that is patient, and kind.

Love that is not easily angered.

Love that is not jealous or envious.

Love that is PURE and doesn’t remember the wrongs of others.

(1 Corinthians 13:4-8 – It’s worth a read…)


That LOVE will drive out fear.

You must push through this scary time, the fear.

And you do that by staying in your JOY.


Only you can choose to LOVE over the rest.


TO LOVE is to be set free.

If you want to be set free, you must find your JOY state.

Okay, so this is what your charge is – for today and ever more….

Your job is YOUR VIBE.

Only you create and set your vibe, your vibration.

Love radiates at a much higher frequency than fear.

They say that one person vibrating at a level of 500hz or higher (which is the frequency of LOVE), can actually affect in a positive manner up to 750,000 people…. (Ref. Power Vs. Force by Dr. David Hawkins)

That is what being the LIGHT does…

And this positively reflects in every area of your life – INCLUDING your money….

You need to find your JOY.

Being JOYFUL sets you FREE. (One of my mentors said these exact words recently!)

I found mine this week.

A little bit of sun.

It does wonders…

A little bit of adventure hiking.

A little bit of alone time.

A little bit of reading.

A little bit of hot tubbing.

A little bit of talking to random strangers and connecting with new humans.

That is my JOY.

You need to find what brings you JOY and keep doing it.

Stay in that joy-filled place.

That is how you are easily able to be LOVE and LOVE OTHERS.

This is also where you don’t get to stay in GUILT.

Guilt is a wasted emotion, as my girlfriend told me this week.

I also think MOMS are plagued with mom guilt any time they try to do anything for themselves… even going alone on a trip away from their kids for a much-needed break. Don’t buy into that.

Don’t let the mom guilt hold you back…. besides, your kids need to see you take care of yourself first and your KIDS need to SEE a HAPPY JOYFUL CONFIDENT MOM! {Yes, moms, go and do something for yourself! Leave the mom guilt behind!}

This goes back to the JOY thing.

Can I just say that a HAPPY JOYFUL LISA is the best gift I can give the world!!

It is.

And a happy {insert your name} is the best gift you can give the WORLD!

That’s how you be a light!

But you need to be the person who seeks out your joy-filled activities!

No one can bring you to joy.

Happiness is an inside job.

That may mean – no news, no phone, no social, no government…

Your vibe and your being in a VIBE of LOVE is sooooo much more important than just you – THIS IS THE OPPOSITE OF SELFISH.

It’s how we will make it through the hard times, and above all – it’s the LIFE you were called to.

Being in a vibration of LOVE will ERADICATE FEAR!

Wouldn’t that be a great thing to eradicate FEAR and the place where all the dis-ease in our bodies live?

You were created to enjoy pleasure.

You were created for JOY and LOVE.

Fear must step aside.

Fear will eat you up.

It will cause you to hide.

You have no LIGHT when you are in fear.

You are not a joy spreader when you hide.

Remember that.

Remember God, the Universe, created you shine your LIGHT.

That’s the purpose of all of this.

So, do what you have to do, but above all… stay in your JOY STATE.

Stay in LOVE.

You can never go wrong.

As we enter this new season, this new year…..




Live Your Legacy!

I love you.

xx Lisa


For A Time, Such As This…

Okay, there is LOTS of money stuff that’s going to happen to you in your life – it’s just a matter of when. 

Wait, like today – when many of us are told to stay home and many people are unable to do their jobs.

Yes, a day like today.

The trick is to deal with all your money stuff NOW (Yes, especially now in the middle of a pandemic) and have a plan so when life, death, illness – and everything in between throws you an inevitable curve ball you can say with confidence, “I’ve got this!” and let all the money worry & fear roll off your back – like Chuck Norris would. {Insert laugh, I still think I’m funny!}

This is all about YOU, YOUR MONEY, CALLING YOUR TRUE ABUNDANCE now, not in 10 years from now…. 

It’s also about getting your financial poop in a group now, not in 10 years from now.

It’s also important to remember that money is sitting there waiting for you to go out and take it.

Even if you can’t do your regular job, trust me, money is always available to you – even if it may not be in the money form – because you can still manifest exactly what you need.

Don’t give up on the miracles.

Don’t give up.

Even if it feels bleak and dreary right now, I assure you.

Imagine you are on a plane.

You are in a storm, but you just need to break above the clouds.

You are so close.

You are so close to being able to fly in the blue sky above the clouds where the financial storms can’t reach you. (okay, so life will still be 50% fabulous and 50% crap – that never changes regardless how much money you have, but you can eliminate a WHOLE LOTTA unnecessary stress.)

That, my love, is your true birth right.

That, my dear friend, is yours to claim.

No one can take that from you.

No one can take joy or pleasure from you.

And even with the challenges, what if you were created for a time such as this?

What if this time was YOUR TIME?

What if this challenge in your life right now was the challenge that was ordained to be exactly what you needed for your highest good and what if you trusted that?

What if you trusted that you were made to receive all the desires of your heart and what if all that was needed to truly receive that was to TRUST FULLY and get on that plane to reach the blue skies?

Want to learn how to fly into the blue sky?

If you are stressed right now, full of anxiety, struggling, overwhelmed, not sure where to start, feeling guilt, feeling shame around money, I invite you to check out our webinar.

We want to introduce you to The Wealth Collective™.

This is the plane ticket you’ve been waiting for.

We’ve created something so timely.

And it’s taking off! NOW!

We’ve created the trifecta of accountablity, financial systems, money coaching, and knowledge to help get you out of the fog and into the blue sky.

Blue sky is available for you.

Blue sky is much close than you think.

But only you can choose that.

Only you can choose to….

Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa

P.S. We want to give you your ticket, save your seat, to join us as we introduce you to The Wealth Collective™ so you can get above the clouds! We have a webinar on Friday, December 18th at 10am MST that we want to invite you to, and we will send you a special gift for hearing us out.

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The EQ of Your Financial Plan

I’m a huge fan of all types of coaching and coaching programs.

Anything that helps fuel my own personal growth as well as arms me with the tools for life to be able to cope, calm myself down, relax, release, ground myself and ultimately create my own happiness.

That is what coaching has done for me over the past decade.

And I invest a LOT of money into that.

What it allows of me?

It allows me to be emotionally available for my clients and hold the space for them.

It allows me to be a ‘money healer’ for them.

And none of that I learned in a financial text book.

It’s EQ. It’s emotional intelligence and it’s a skill that can be mastered over time, like anything you put your mind to.

I invest heavily in my EQ and my IQ.

Both equally.

My IQ? Well not that I even know what it is – ha! However, I have invested heavily in my IQ and gaining knowledge to be able to teach others.

But for me personally, I don’t really care as much about my IQ as I do my EQ. I really just enjoy learning and keeping sharp and no doubt will have my 50 letters behind my name by age 50 for which I think is a fun bucket list thing to accomplish. I’m over half way there.

But where I really excel. And also part of my gift as a woman is my EQ. My emotional intelligence and intuition.

And I can mix my EQ perfectly with my knowledge. Perfect Alchemical creation at its best. 

That’s what I offer my clients.

If you think only IQ (Knowledge) is going to get you to your financial goals – think again!

If you really think for one minute that it’s all about the numbers or the returns or the fees or even the actual money… then you’ve already lost your money game before you even started!

It’s because money is energy. 

And your ability to make the dream amount you want to make has nothing to do with return, and fees and numbers… and has everything to do with what’s between your ears. 

I see that. 

I’m your person to help you make sure you’ve tidied a nice little clear path to flow in your brain so you don’t have to live with money fear or worry or those pesky money blocks ever again. 

You need a cheerleader. You need a guide. You need someone who’s been there before and can show you the right tools to help you get to where you want to go!

We all require support and tools and coaching – and don’t I know it.

{I still invest thousands per month in my coaching! Yes, over $1000 per month in my EQ – sometimes way more than that! And it’s paid off so much more than any IQ teachings!}

Coaching and learning the tools to be better equipped with what life throws our way is what this is all about.

Seeking out and investing in yourself in this way around money is truly how you….

Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa

When it comes to your money, your overall holistic financial plan, your money mindset & money coaching we want to partner with you in The Wealth Collective™.

You need support, knowledge and the tools to help you make the best financial decisions for your life. 

You may just want a second opinion.

You may just need to learn the knowledge so you can ask the right questions to the right people.

You may want to create an additional stream of income.

We can help you with that!

That’s the Wealth Collective™. 

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