Your Most Important Relationship

Your Most Important Relationship

It’s not with your partner, your friends, your family.

There is no pecking order here.

They all fall below this very pivotal relationship.

Your relationship with you.

Of course, I wanted to write that your most important relationship is with MONEY – and really it is.

I mean seriously, money being what it really is – only a vibration you are a match for.

And that’s only because the relationship you have with MONEY is a direct reflection of the relationship you have with yourself. #youcanquotemeonthat

Money comes from within because it is first created in the mind with definite of purpose and then brought into your reality. (Napoleon Hill anyone?!)

Money, You…. it’s all the same. (I know you are going to hate me for that one… )

Truth be told, the relationships you have with other people – any other person – is also a direct reflection of the relationship you have with yourself. (SIDE STEP SMACK DOWN: for anyone who’s having a hate-on for anyone right now… clear that schtuff up with yourself – you are only holding yourself back…)

And, I know it’s hard.

Hard for us to face the facts (and down right scary!) that we are the attractors of our entire lives.

And totally hard for us to realize that our relationship with ourselves is really the most important relationship of all.

It’s hard because the world sings a different story when it comes to determining who your most important relationships are.

It has to.

It’s job is to make you believe it’s better for the whole than it is for the individual.

But, you know deep down that’s not true.

It can’t be.

You are getting told 100 different things and being pulled in a 100 different directions – it’s a miracle you still have your arms attached to your body!

You will never change the world, make a difference, help others, do all the ‘good deeds’ you dream of doing without taking care of the relationship with yourself first (or I’d even just leave it at your relationship with your mind!)

And the opposite is preached about by society, church groups and politics, obviously.

We are told never to be selfish.

We’ve received the message – loud and clear.

Put others first.

Being selfish is a bad.

Women do this masterfully.

I mean, has there ever been a more powerful propaganda to ever work than to convince women (& men) that their sole job is to take care of other people.

Always putting others first.

But this mindset will NEVER get you the desired results you want.

I’m not at all saying that helping others is bad.

Obviously, we need to otherwise humanity would not have survived, but more importantly, it’s the point of the story here:

To be able to make the biggest impact you want to make you NEED to get your head game, body game, thoughts game, feelings game ALL WORKING TOGETHER on the same page.

You need to get in alignment.

It all needs to be in flow.

It all needs to be put first before anything else can.

If the body is aching and requires a massage – then it needs a massage.

If the brain requires stimulation, a break, self-care – whatever it requires – then it needs that to keep the “whole person” you are in check.

Think about the guilt we’ve endured only because we listen to the tales and actually end up believing that we aren’t as important as everybody else.

I’m saying that we’ve been so trained to think that even doing one thing for ourselves is selfish, leaving us with like 40 Hail-Mary’s to do just because we want to go out and do something for ourselves for 5 minutes.

The guilt.

But again, I know we (as collective women & men) are slowly moving past this.

Or at least we are aware of this…

They say we are out for ourselves and that we are the most selfish generation of all time.

And to that I reply….

Isn’t in someway being able to be selfish (and make our choice like we can in this day & age) one of the things we as humanity has long fought for.

Wasn’t that the goal of our ancestors? Wasn’t that the goal of some of these wars?

So we can be free? Free to think, free to go about living our dreams?

And yet, we stay trapped, confined – held prisoner – by the thoughts that have us believe we aren’t worthy of greatness or the lies that we can’t make a difference, that our voice, our work, doesn’t matter.

And we fought against our innate desire to fulfill ourselves first.

Gave up.

And then ultimately became drifters in a half-assed life.

Resistance will be the biggest hold the ‘devil’ ever has on you.

Resistance from doing what you know you need to do, for what your soul is calling out, begging for – which could be anything from living your lifestyle to sharing your art to going after a long lost dream.

The bottom line is this: You need to NURTURE and LOVE yourself.

Because that’s the most important relationship to you.

Make it everything you want it to be.

Cause when you do, you automatically….

Live Your Legacy.

xx L

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Financial PTSD

Financial PTSD

Financial PTSD.

We’ve ALL had it.


It’s real.


So, how do you go move forward with your life after suffering from FINANCIAL TRAUMA?

I don’t care how it happened.

I don’t mind hearing your sob story. I’m sure I’ve heard it before and yes, I do have sympathy.

The liar, the stealer, the good-for-nothing ex, the snake-oil salesman, the errors & omissions of the well-meaning…..

Usually it falls into one of those categories.

Life sucks sometimes.

It doesn’t change the fact that it happened, and whatever happened has no left you holding the bag and you have to deal with it.

The bottom line is this: somewhere in your past a decision you made didn’t pan out as planned.

And this isn’t about who is right or who is wrong.

The fact is, you made a choice and now you have to take responsibility for it.

The reason why so many people stay in Financial Post-Traumatic Stress is because they don’t take the first step – which is admitting they are 100% responsible.

Most people can’t wrap their heads around this.

Don’t worry – you reading this aren’t most people.

Most people reading this will and always go with the path of the victim and will never rise above that station in life.

That’s totally okay.

That’s their choice.

But for the people who are called – know their calling, have a bigger game to play in life and a bigger purpose –

They never let petty, tiny, ridiculous MONEY ISSUES get in the way of what they are here to do.

Whether that be to provide for their families, create their dream business or life and no doubt make a profound and positive impact in the world.

They can’t let something as silly as a financial trauma or money issue get in their way!

If you are still complaining or stuck, here’s the reason why you are still suffering from your MONEY TRAUMA:

You are still attached.

You are still attached to the past.

You are still attached to the outcome and you haven’t released it yet.

When you don’t release the attachment you have to the outcomes it will CREATE anxiety in you.

You can push this money stuff down with an anti-anxiety prescription drug or non-prescription drugs and alcohol and food but let me tell you until you deal with the SCARY STUFF (aka. facing your real money problems) head on it will fester in your life until it produces a string of unfortunate events in your life.

You will manifest nothing good.

Becuase nothing good can come from not taking responsibility for all that you created.

Becuase you were put here to be a creator of your life, and not taking responsibility for that is against the entire reason for your existence.

Think about it.

You were here to create and when you are not creating your life ON PURPOSE you are playing victim to your life.

Creative beings not creating wreaks all havoc in people’s lives. 

People need to be creating constructively and on purpose, not just floating in the breeze, drifting through life and letting life occur to you when it needs to be the other way around. 

It physically goes against everything you were put here to do.

Get it?!?!

So, we NEED to get past the crap and move forward.

We need to get over the Money Trauma and move forward.

We need to get to the place where we can live FREE and POWERFUL.

Yes, I know you “used” to be in a better financial position and you “shoulda” had the billion dollars by now.

Hate to break it to you, but your ego is the only thing that cares.

The rest of the world is moving on without you….

or not.

But either way, you don’t focus on that, because you are only here to….

Live Your Legacy!

xx L


4 Things I’m Doing to Create Time Abundance

4 Things I'm Doing To Create Time Abundance

Something I value more than money is time.

You may be different and value different things, but I hate wasting time.

Probably because I feel there is more money in the world than there is time.

So, for you, my she-gang, posse, lady mafia, tribe (for the men too!) or whatever we call ourselves these days – we need to do a little time audit.

If you haven’t already tracked how much time it takes for you to do little things, start keeping track – like a lawyer!

Then you go through and see what you can do to save time or rearrange time or what will make your life flow.

4 Things I’m Doing This Year to Create Time Abundance:

#1: Outsourcing Groceries

I’m officially done going every day or 2 to grab little things at the grocery store. I’ll still probably do the big Costco run but that’s all I’m up for in a month. I find I spend like 2 hours a week between driving and grabbing a few things here and there…. Not planned out well. You can use a home delivery service. I live out of town, so I’m planning on sending my nanny now that she can drive. It’s just down the road. She just got her licence! So cool!

BONUS: You don’t waste money on all the extra crap you don’t need, like when you buy Joe clothes at Superstore.

#2: Outsourcing Hair & Eyelashes

If I could outsource showers, I would. I don’t know why I hate them so much! I found that eye lashes save me from doing my makeup! I don’t wear mascara nor eye shadow – go figure. Plus, doing my hair once on Monday for the week saves me literally an hour each day as blow drying and straightening my frizzy half curled natural hair (horse hair as my sisters call it) takes a lot of time to tame!

BONUS: You go through way less product for hair and make-up, but I am using dry shampoo more often!

#3: Outsourcing Social Media

I’ve hired an amazing girl to help me with my social media. I already know that will save me hours upon hours of time.

BONUS: No using all my good brain cells on coming up with content! Plus, I’m never on Facebook and rarely on Instagram, so if you actually need me to see an event or something, you’ll need to PM, text or email me the old fashioned way!

#4: Outsourcing My Home Stuff

7 years of having a spotless home, laundry done, beds made and dinner on the table is priceless…. I’m not kidding. I would rather work at McDonald’s and come home to a clean, calm, peaceful, orderly home than do it myself. My energy is spent on what I’m good at and not at fighting with my kids or husband over cleaning. I always joke, it’s like having my own wife. Best Investment EVER! (Yes, for the most part I haven’t cooked, cleaned or done laundry in 7 years. But don’t worry, if you feel scared of forgetting your domestic duties, it’s like riding a bike, it all comes back to you! LOL!)

BONUS: There’s so many. I don’t know where to begin. I can only create when my mind and physical space is clean and decluttered and organized, so for me to be able to write you this, with my coffee, candle & incense burning knowing there’s not a dish to do later or laundry in the back of my head is priceless and helps me do my job better. I used to do both, and guess what, my work suffered like crazy. The house always came first.

There you go, take it or leave it. It’s just how I flourish best. (I have friends who flourish in messes, I just wasn’t programmed that way. I’m borderline psycho-cleaner – I can’t do anything with stuff out of place. Yikes!)

Lots of my friends, or women will come up to me and say I’m lucky for having all this amazing help. I’m not, I just made these decisions and said, this is what I need to be able to do the work I was put here to do.

This also doesn’t mean that one day, I won’t cook or clean full time.

I still love to bake and cook and even clean, and even more so now because it’s special and not just out of frustration. I have way more JOY when I cook and bake now than I ever did before. I also appreciate how much hard work goes into keeping a house humming and organized and clean.

Implementing all of these time saving ideas were all hard to suck up at first. All of them. Financially. Some days, even now they are hard to suck up.

I remember the first time I had to pay my nanny or even a babysitter. I remember the first few times I paid for my lashes or my hair or how I committed to getting an assistant and increasing her salary and hours worked.


It was something new. Something I committed to, but looking back, I don’t think I’d have been able to produce the work I’ve produced, changed literally thousands of lives in some small way, and I wouldn’t have been able to do that unless I audited my time, made decisions to get rid of the things that caused me stress or I could have someone else do. (I love doing social media and I’m very good at it, but first of all, it’s not my calling {it’s my platform} and secondly, I know I can pay someone who can do it better than me, so as the CEO of my life, I did just that.)

So, I want to leave this with you today.

Is there something BIG you want to do, but you feel you don’t have enough time?

If you feel scared to hire help, look at your reasons why. 9 times out of 10 its because of a money block or feelings/thoughts of lack and scarcity that money won’t be available.

Do a time audit. Hire even a little bit of help.

What can someone else do better than you?

See where you can create more time in your life.

Because, like all things, what we resist persists and what we commit to happens.

And for the record, I’ve thought many times just to quit, lay off my help, and then I remember……

I am here for a bigger purpose. Shrinking and becoming small is NOT my goal.

(Plus, I’m providing 2+ jobs for people (plus many contractors) who LOVE working for me. LOL – maybe they don’t, but I love them and I would give them the world if I could. I’m a great boss. This I know and it’s a role I’m learning and stepping further into.)


Showing what is possible.

Living in True Abundance is my Calling.

It’s also yours.

Live Your Legacy!

xx L


Stop Hating Where You Are At

Stop Hating Where You Are At

My goal is to make you fall in love with your numbers, fall in love with your financial life.

It’s not easy.

It’s like trying to get you to love all the fat on your body.

SECRET: You won’t lose weight OR create wealth through hating yourself.

To accomplish those desires you have for you life, you have to LOVE where you are at **RIGHT NOW**!

The first step then to creating abundance in all areas of your life is to LOVE WHERE YOU ARE AT NOW.

You hate the fact you have debt, you don’t make enough money, your net worth is not where you want it, you have more rolls on your belly than a bakery, or you’re not so fond of that extra 220 pounds of husband.

When you HATE where you are at, you are never EVER going to get to where you want to get to with ease and flow.

You’re making it so hard on yourself.

You’re swimming upstream – and for what?

For no good reason at all?

What? Your ego needs to be right?

It needs to prove that the right way to do this is to PUSH HARD.

That to accomplish what you want to accomplish requires HARD WORK?

Have you realized your beliefs around this? Why does it have to be hard?

Are you allowing all the things (the money, the wealth, the body, the relationships) into your life with flow and ease?

Or do you think that you still have to GRIND everyday to accomplish your dreams?

What you ask for, what you believe the universe WILL deliver.

So, what are you asking for?

Are you asking (deep down) for it to be hard work?

Is there something in your past you are trying to “make amends” for that makes you feel that you don’t deserve it to be easy?

What if your family, your job, your business, your health – what if it all came to you with beautiful ease, flow and fun?!?!

What if you could really hold out that everything you ever wanted to gain in this life was “easy to get”?

What if you really believed that? What if you meditated on that day and night and all that means, is that you make that your predominant thought.

Money flows easily and effortlessly to me.

Keep believing.

Throw away the thoughts that don’t serve you. (GEEZ, it’s like I have preached that one to death, but still… you are still thinking that this life is supposed to be hard, you’ll be jinxed, or some other crazy superstition belief which is keeping you from the FULLNESS of life you deserve and is your birth right!)

You will need to change your point of attraction from “hate” to “love”.

Seems obvious.

When you do this you will pivot from pushing upstream life to a life of flow.

It’s going to take a LOT of practice to create this as a habit.

There will be challenges, DAILY, that will want you to go back to your “original programming” thinking that it’s all hard and that put you in a mindset where you don’t like where you are right now.

Begin to accept and LOVE where you are today, knowing full well it’s ALL for your highest good. It’s all so you CAN get better and better, wealthier and wealthier, healthier and healthier.

It’s all so you can….

Live Your Legacy!

xx L

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Wealth Vs. Cash Flow

Wealth Versus Cash Flow

Wealth Vs. Cash Flow.

Having one doesn’t mean you have both.

But for some reason, most people just assume they are the same thing!

Many people have high income and not many assets.

Many people have lots of assets and barely any income.

Very few have both.

Here’s what’s fascinating to me.

Most people typically only focus on on thing at a time.

They either want high income.


They want to hold a high net worth (assets/wealth: words I’m using interchangeably in this blog on purpose…)

The 2 are not the same thing.

I think that’s misconception #1.

Most people think people who make a $1,000,0000+ in their business per year should be rich.

Most people think that people who live in $1,000,000+ houses should be rich.

They are 2 totally separate things.

You get my drift.

Wealth and Income do not go hand in hand.

Why am I telling you this?

Because right now I’m going to guess you are focused on one thing.

(Okay and the rest haven’t even figured out what they are focused on and go through life with no focus – but you aren’t those people. Those people typically don’t even read blogs for starters because law of attraction would dictate that they wouldn’t even be attracted to writing of this kind! BOOM BABY! So cheers to you for having some desire to ramp up your abundance and focus financially!)

You are probably focused on either building wealth or building income.

Neither is right or wrong.

I’ve said many times, if you had no assets but you had a consistent stream of income from investments or a business that paid you handsomely for the rest of your life, to where your income always exceeds or meets your dream life of expenses, then who cares about building wealth, saving or “investing”.

And visa versa, if all you cared about was creating a high net worth, yet you just need peanuts to live on each month, then that’s fine too.

Both are totally good.

And more important, both are totally NO ONE ELSE’S BUSINESS except what feels right for you! 🙂

So here’s my challenge to you.

Do you even know what your after?

Are you more focused on building assets or building cash flow?

Do you have a plan for the income or wealth you are creating?

Why are you creating it this way and does it align with your ultimate goals?

For example, if you really loved travelling 24/7, do you need your 4,000 sq. ft. house to maintain and upkeep or can you get away with a easy-keep condo?

Okay, for me personally. I’m focused STILL on building income as part of a business that’s really only a few years old. However, I will say I definitely have a balance on the wealth building side because I spent my 20’s building up that side more than I ever cared about income.

So, you will go through season or phases.

The questioning starts with: what phase are you in now?

(Bringing awareness to this ALWAYS helps in getting to where you want to go!)

I think it’s important to identify the goals you have right now financially to see if they are actually in alignment with what you want.

What do you want?

There’s no right or wrong answer here.

Because when you have identified your true desires and aligned them with your goals and are going after them you are strong and powerful and unbeatable – plus you are beautiful (naturally!) so going after those goals with confidence is pretty much how you, right here, right now….

Live YOUR Legacy.

xx Lisa


Stepping Into Your Best Life

Stepping Into Your Best Life

There’s usually 2 things that keep you from stepping into your best life:

  • Lack of Clarity
  • Fear

Most people I meet have NO CLUE what they want out of life (lack of clarity) so why should life give it?

The poor universe is like a mad-woman running around with her head cut off trying to deliver all the things you want, but because you don’t know what you want it keeps delivering everything you want, don’t want and the kitchen sink.

Not a great way to be.

Chaos. Internally for you. Stress most likely.

Fear being the other thing that keeps you from living your best life.

You are actually scared of success.

Fear of the unknown.

You are scared to live up to what you will create. Better to play small than to be that big company, big personality, big success story.

Hey, we all know once you’re at the top there’s only one way to go.

Down. Down. Down.

And then comes the evil twin brother of fear of success: fear of failure.


Did you even catch that “silly” belief you have about being and living the super successful life in all areas you were destined to have?

You believe that it’s just going to come crashing down at some point anyways so you go and self-sabotage instead or you don’t even try.

Here’s a question for you to ponder: Why can’t you have everything?

Why can’t you get to the top and stay on top, instead of feeling doom is around the corner?

The one gift I hope you realize is that you are allowed to choose whatever beliefs you want to.

Hey, if you want to be a grouch in old-man-pants and think that the world sucks, people suck – then by all means. You are welcome to do that. I’ll leave you to it.

But for us – the dreamers, the doers, the believers – the world is ours.

Literally. Because the grouchy negative people don’t want it. 🙂

So, how do we get to living our best life when the excuses just keep coming and the negative thought highlight reel from our past keeps spinning out leaving us deflated?

I know.

It seems so elementary.


Focused thinking.

Creating new thoughts that will have us have some new beliefs.

So, next Q: How does this affect me financially? How does this affect my money situation?

If you still haven’t got the memo, (mostly because they don’t actually teach this stuff in school or the work place!), then here it is:

MINDSET has EVERYTHING to do with your money situation.

NOT STEPPING INTO LIVING YOUR BEST LIFE has EVERYTHING to do with your money situation.

You simply are not allowing yourself to receive all that you were created to receive.

It’s that simple.

In fact its so simple we make it hard.

I’m sure like you, I made myself the queen of this land many years ago.

Making things harder than they have to be.

Why isn’t it happening for me yet?

Why isn’t what I want to accomplish going my way?

Clearly, I never got blessed with the __________ (fill in the blank: skinny genes, rich genes, hot genes, smart genes, etc.)

Thoughts that will need to change or you will keep getting what you are getting.

Somethings gotta give.

Change your thoughts and step into your BEST LIFE!

This is your year to….

Live Your Legacy.

xx Lisa


A Message of Hope

A Message of Hope

It is said that a person can live without food for 30-50 days. 

Without water for 3 or 4 days. 

But without hope they can’t.

There’s different kinds of hope. 

The main hope we mostly think about is this hope:

The hope we have similar to wishing on a star, or hoping to win the lottery.

There’s the hope of a better tomorrow, a great future.

The hope that our best days are yet to come.

The hope for health and love and a long life. 

And this hope that our best days are not behind us. 

Almost an ego-based hope.

I find some of these kinds of hope somewhat of a useless emotion (yes, you heard me correctly) & honestly, many times, a waste of time, like wishing on a fairy-godmother. (Useless, I say, when the hopes are not followed up with actions or planning, but I digress.)

The second type of hope I would say is this deep rooted hope within each of us. 

Hope that we are here for a purpose.

Hope that we are significant in some way in the grand scheme of things.

Hope is a rather fascinating emotion to dissect.

I think HOPE is an essential emotion to feel (even the fairy-godmother type), and part of our hard-wiring.

Without it – why would one want to continue on in this life? What would be the point? I really do think people die from having no hope. 

Living without hope is a dreadful way to exist and not just for you, for those surrounding you.

I also think people live way longer than they were “supposed to” from all kinds of HOPE.

Hope is probably one of the most powerful emotions I would wager, next to love of course.

I also think it’s the reason why.

The reason why people do or don’t do things.

The motivating factor behind it all, behind LIFE as a human with a prefrontal cortex that can translate the energy of feelings throughout our whole body.

The hope for a better life.

So, today I send you this message of hope my dear friend.

I’m always blessed by the people who kept holding on to hope no matter what their age. (This stuff totally jazzes me up and gives me hope! {Can one still use the word ‘jazzes me up’ without sounding totally 1980s-Richard-Simmons?!?!})

For you who feel like nothing is working out, don’t forget about:

  • Harland Sanders was 62 when he franchised KFC
  • Julia Child landed her TV show at 51, wrote her first cookbook at 49
  • Judi Dench starred in her first film after the age of 60
  • Ernestine Shepard is a 80-year-old body builder, she started at age 56
  • Picasso painted his masterpiece “Guernica” at age 55
  • J.R.R. Tolkien published his first volume of “Lord of The Rings” at 62
  • At age 69, Ed Whitlock from Ontario became the oldest person to run a marathon in under 3 hours
  • At 100, Frank Schearer was water skiing! (Dad, there’s hope for you wake surfing!)

Hope that the best is yet to come. 

Hope for a better tomorrow.

What happens when hope fades? Dreams fade?

What do we do when our hope fades?

This is a crazy important question.

Because without hope we sure can’t have faith.

Faith requires confidence for what we hope will happen.

When you are without faith and hope, how much do you think you will love life, yourself, anyone else?


Probably won’t be spring out of bed in the morning.

You are now living a miserable existence without hope.

Living without hope makes all the fruits of the spirit practically impossible!

Think about that!

I know I hope for patience!

We hope for the kindness, goodness, faithfulness –

the love, joy, peace – 

gentleness & self-control in our lives and from others.

So, back to what do we do when our hope fades?

Start with Gratitude. 

Start with one simple thing you are grateful for. 

It could be the fact you are breathing. 

It could be that you have a log to sit on.

Sometimes we are so doubtful that things will look up that we forget what’s right in front of us. 

It’s about making the micro-teeny-tiny shifts, planting the teeny-tiny seeds that will turn into full-blown hope.

Gratitude and Thanksgiving have to come first. 

But then, this.

Plugging your hope in.


The thing is this. 

Most of us have our hope tied up in our situations, circumstantially.

This is the wrong place to anchor your hope. The wrong place to plug it in.

It’s like large fries or drunk sex, good for a minute.

Putting your hope in your job, your family, other people, things or society  – will ALWAYS leave you frustrated. 

That wasn’t how this HOPE thing was designed.

Hoping on the fairy-godmother things, as I alluded to earlier, will leave you, flee from you – those things, including all the people around you will forsake you.

It’s a guarantee. 

It’s not a bad thing, it’s just how the system was designed. 

You see we were never designed to place our hope outside of ourselves. 

It was always designed to be a you and God thing or you connected to that all purposeful, all knowing, all powerful source you intuitively know is there – whatever you coin it.

The place where hope was originally conceived.

The place where hope never fades, and never dies.

Hope is the great calling in our lives: 

to be plugged in to our never ending source of hope.

Love and service become fruitless without hope that they will bear fruit. (Although, I will say love can exist without hope, but isn’t it the hope that love will be received? As for serving and helping, why would one do such activities without the hope that a difference is being made? Chances are you wouldn’t. You wouldn’t love or serve without hope.)

Hope is the basis for all business.

The basis for all financial trading.

The basis for progress.

The basis for all products & services.

But it can’t originate from those items. 

It’s tricked so many of us, like a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Lack of hope is the reason for so much suffering in our lives.

The magic of igniting another to find their hope is in fact hope all unto its own.

To add to the great Alexander Pope who first coined “Hope Springs Eternal”:

Hope Springs Eternal Internal. 

Find your hope.

Finding your hope makes you a natural spreader of hope.

Nothing else required. 

It just kinda oozes out of you.

Live Your Legacy.

xx Lisa


How to Break Survival

How To Break Survival

Here’s another way to look at it.



The World.

And by that I really mean….


It can be broken into 2 categories.

Survival and LIFE.

Survival is not yet having developed the faith that you are going to be taken care of – that all your basic needs (& beyond) will be met.

LIFE, on the other hand, is that beautiful space you get to live in once you know that all your basic needs (food, clothing, shelter, water, etc.) have been met, and have been met with abundance.

Keep in mind these are both mindsets.

MOST of the world, regardless of how much money they actually have (TRUE STORY), live in survival.

People live with fear each day that they do not know they will have enough to eat, a warm, safe place to sleep.

Or that all that they’ve worked for will be taken away from them, leaving them without food, clothing, and shelter – not to mention, they are scared about:

  • losing jobs
  • losing lovers
  • losing people to death
  • losing their house
  • losing their health
  • losing their clients
  • losing, losing, losing


The few that have laid to rest this entire conundrum of what shall we eat, wear or where shall we sleep – those that look beyond, get to discover FREE & CLEAR, DEEP, UNRESTRICTED JOY.

All can experience joy – but joy laden with worry undertones isn’t exactly what joy was meant to be – that’s called a nervous laugh.

Wasn’t it someone wise that once said (and I paraphrase), “You are spending your life worrying about what to eat or drink or what you should wear.” and then goes on to say, “O, you of little faith….”

Ummmm, ROCKED it.

Literally, Jesus drove that message home.

It’s all about faith – faith being all about mindset – all about belief.

It’s not about staying in the mindset of WORRY.

We haven’t cultivated our mindset for LIFE because we are so stuck in the mindset of survival.

This is where MOST people are.

I’ve been there.


Anxiety – ALL THE TIME.

Depression – I’m sure it’s walking around with a T-shirt on that has my name on it!

We’ve ALL been there.

This isn’t something unique to only a few (although, I’m sure some would like to think that.)

This is part of our human experience.





That once you find your freedom – LIFE begins.

LIFE happens.

Freedom from survival can only happen within you.

Freedom from survival is not something you will find out in the world.

Not all the trips, travels, money, private jets, lovers, friends, food, clothing or yoga trips on the PLANET will bring you freedom.

You essentially free yourself.

You tune in.

You connect to the highest source.

Peace floods your thoughts.

Survival is not an option anymore.

Enough is enough.

You’ve had enough living in the crumby-cracked apartment survival has you pinned in.

You are ready to break free from your own prison.

The crazy thing is the key was in front of you all the time.

You didn’t think it was available for you.

But it’s always been available.

A tacit agreement between you and your soul.

Waiting for you to take the key of the jail you put yourself in and unlock it.

The key takes you from survival to LIFE.

What does LIFE have to offer you?

Deep Peace.

Deep Knowing.

Deep Love.

Deep Joy.

So, you’re thinking this post is about how to go from SURVIVAL to LIFE.

But it’s not.

It’s actually a reminder for those who keep wavering between survival mode and LIFE mode – for those who KNOW.

It’s like once you’ve tasted the milk, honey, chocolate or wine, you never want to go back.

Once you’ve tasted the good LIFE, you really do never want to go back.

But we do.

I do.

We fall back.

Old patterns.

Wanting to sabotage anything good that we deserve and yet, so deeply feel we do not.

What’s keeping us in a pattern flailing between survival and LIFE is our energy choices.

We are still choosing to come down to the masses, instead of lift them up.

We are still not choosing to stand in our power and stand up for what it is our soul is meant to do.

We are still not listening to the deepest parts of our souls, screaming at us to do, to LIVE the LIFE we are called to.

And it’s easy not to hear, I mean with all the things – the driving kids around, the noise from our devices, our bosses calling, society practically yelling at us to BE a certain way or act a certain way – no wonder life is not worth living so much of the time.

We’ve crushed our own dreams, our own desires.

Yes, I know it. I say it from experience.

Regena Thomashauer says it like this, especially for us women, “Repressed radiance turns into anger. Because we don’t have an external outlet where we can express it, we turn that anger towards ourselves – where it settles in as depression and sadness.”

Word, Regena!

We are practically being yelled at for not complying with the rest of the world, as we keep resisting the calling for our lives.

Who wants to live a life where they feel they are yelled at? Unheard? Dismissed?

Yet, we do this to ourselves.

Of course we have the highest rates of depression on this planet.


The work that God himself placed you here on the earth to do.

The work you’re not doing for whatever reason you’ve created in your head.

The ‘you-are-not-good-enough’ story in some shape or form.

But you get what I’m saying.

Your soul is nodding yes right now.

You know where your chaotic energy, your depression, your anxiety, etc. is coming from.

It’s because you are simply denying yourself the desires of your soul.

You keep denying the soul’s work.

It’s dangerous to do so – but I don’t have to tell you that.

You like living dangerously.

You know one day you’ll figure it out and be the hero of your story.

Meanwhile, you also know too well that this – not living your soul’s purpose – is actually what’s causing ALL the grief in your life right now.

From the bad skin, to the illness, to the fighting, to no money in your bank account.

There’s something you need to let go of.

There’s something you keep resisting that keeps persisting.

There’s something you need to build faith around.

There’s something calling you to LIFE but you keep choosing survival.

Don’t make this harder than it really is.

Because it’s not hard.

It’s just a choice.

A choice to…..

Live Your Legacy.

xx Lisa



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