If I’m honest with you, I’m sitting here this morning with total fear.

‘What ifs’ have got me by the short & curlies. (Can a lady even say that?!?! LOL)

I actually got like 6 different downloads pouring out of me this morning (I’m tuned in & dialed in this morning!), but the one I’m choosing is the one I need to hear. (I’ll write the rest this week for you!)

This is the one I’m struggling with.

And no doubt, 99% of the planet…

Living Life to THE FULL.

I’m still not allowing it all in.

You’re still not allowing it all in.

Not allowing yourself to live life to the full….

This means that you have a main block in one of three areas: HEALTH, WEALTH, or LOVE….

and here’s the truth…

If you have a blockage in one area, you have a blockage in ALL areas because they are all connected.

Where are you DAMNED up?

Seriously, if your life, your blood, your breath moves like a powerful RIVER, then where is the dam-dam?

It’s stuck somewhere within.

You know this on a deep level.

Sure, life may seem good.

And it is! No doubt!

However, why is it not GREAT?!

Why haven’t you stepped into you power?

(We talked about this Friday Night on my Facebook Live)

Then you know that power has to come from within, it’s not something that is external. It’s not something that you can go looking for on the outside of you, or something you can ever force or force upon another person.

Power must and always comes from within.

When you are damned up, stuck, stagnant in life, you know that you are certainly not in your power, and you are certainly not living life to the FULL (which by the way is something every one of us is called to!)

We are called to live in total HEALTH, ABUNDANCE & LOVE!

But we can’t have the healthy body, the money, or the love we desire if we don’t allow FLOW in our life.

See what I said there – “ALLOW”

Meaning, it’s already there, it’s just something we need to “LET IN”!

We need to give ourselves PERMISSION.

I think I read Brene Brown would write herself PERMISSION slips to be able to allow her to do great things.

I think it’s the same for most of us.

We are still waiting for some magic fairy, or magic partner, or God to give us permission to be GREAT, to use our power within.

So we live GOOD lives.

But it’s not GREAT.

Good is comfortable.

I was telling a friend how freakin’ comfortable my life is.

And it is….

I have manifested the current life I live – no doubt.

I am a powerful manifestor.

I manifested this life before I was 30. And had everything I ever wanted by 30.

(Read my book STRUT if you want to know more about that!)

But here’s the thing, as it is with goals, and life if you really want to live out this life with no regrets and make it GREAT…

There will always be the next level.

Next level HEALTH

Next level WEALTH

Next Level LOVE


(and for LOVE, I’m talking all your relationships, in case you are curious.. I’m talking about taking all your relationships to that next level of love!)

I’m one of those people who had a big goal and accomplished it.

Actually, I’ve done that a few times.

It’s an amazing high, and then, you typically crash after… I did.




Are You Bringing Forth Your Light?

I’m purposely self(ish).

‘ISH’ means just a little, right?

I’m sure there are people that think I’m fully selfish, and others that think I’m selfless – in reality, I think most of us fall somewhere in between.

I love people so much, however, I cherish my alone time, self-care, exercise and writing time even more and for me to be the best me, that typically involves minimum 3-6 hours a DAY of alone time.

“Holy crazy lady!” – is what you are probably thinking right now!

But this is by design.

I seriously changed my entire life this year to honour my soul first & do a self-check-in every day before I go out into the world.

I think that’s a gift to the world! And to be honest, probably the greatest gift I can give the world – The BEST VERSION OF ME!

And mark my words, if I don’t get my “ME TIME”, I’m grouchy. I curmudgeonly go about my day like a light has been blown out or worse….


Not on purpose.

It just feels like the light is out, because I didn’t fan my flames and keep the light going for the day.

For me this self-care involves, writing, working out, speaking, planning, reading, singing, listening, growing, sharing. Whatever my souls needs to get me to the place where I bring myself to be the light I choose to be in the world.

It comes across as selfish I’m sure to so many. And yes, I realize there will be people who will never understand this.

Some people never will.

Some people “expect” me to do things to fit in with the world.

And when I do follow the crowd, I end up drained. Exhausted. Asleep….

I don’t. I won’t. (Oh, and I refuse to do what the crowd is doing and I refuse to do what I’m told to do – because normal is downright boring to me. Can you relate?)

And I know that I don’t fit into the box of what most people think is normal.

And every day, I’m more and more okay with it.

I actually have no choice but to be okay with it.

If I’m not doing me the way that I want to be doing me, what’s the point of it all anyway?

Do you get it yet?

Do you understand yet why you need to do you, be you, live you?

Why do you need to bring your art into the world? Bring forth your craziest of desires, your dreams and make them a reality?

It’s your responsibility!

Will people laugh at me? Maybe. But people suck sometimes.

Will people support me? Maybe. Some will, many won’t. And that’s okay.

But you can’t quit.

You can’t give up.

You can’t stop.

When you are living your deepest sense of purpose, the right people will show up always. (Belief I CHOOSE to hold.)

I think so many people still know they were born for more.

The ones that gave up, or maybe deep down weren’t born for more, we aren’t friends.

Nothing against them, but it’s just that the natural laws of the laws of attraction wouldn’t even let someone like that to read the first sentence of this post, let alone be a friend on my facebook page 😉 That’s how the rules work. I don’t make them, I just observe them. (Lots and Lots of observation in this area – the natural laws of attraction don’t fail!)

Are you bringing forth your art? Whatever it is? Are you literally birthing your dreams?

Can I paint a picture of what happens to your soul when you don’t?

It withers.

It dies.

You die.

You become a moving, talking body of emptiness.

Bleak. Obsolete. Dark.

You can always spot a person with the light ON inside them. They are living in a place of full self-expression and they don’t really care what other people think.

They are following what lights them up. I see it all the time, from the women I connect with to daily online to seeing that sparkle inside someone who just created something they are so damn proud of.

Can I tell you a secret?

It doesn’t matter what you do. I mean, it really doesn’t matter.

You could be the best pencil carver in the world, or the best rock collector. You could create the best cake or dance the best jig.

The “WHAT” really doesn’t matter.

Because here is the secret, if you are living in flow, on purpose, in that place that lights you up, you will leave the people around you touch, moved and inspired.

You will light up a part of their soul.

How many times have you seen this? Someone living ‘in spirit’?

And then after you feel like you can do anything? They inspired you so much that even though you know doing what they did isn’t for you, you feel like you want to excel at what you do?

And it’s not just adults, the most inspiring kid I met last summer at camp could do a Rubik’s cube in less than 2 minutes. Watching him absolutely blew my mind!

The problem with watching people who inspire you usually brings about another problem.

The voice that says you will never be that good at anything.

The voice that starts quiet and slowly becomes louder in your head.

And then I buy a Rubik’s cube, and can’t even get one side of colors to match in 10 minutes, even after watching endless YouTube tutorials!

“You suck! You will never be able to do this!”

And it’s true. There’s a good chance you will never do anything your heart isn’t into….

Because here’s a deep truth of mine: I’m really not into Rubik’s cubes.

My soul’s true work will not be to complete a Rubik’s cube in under a minute.

That is another soul’s work, another soul’s calling.

Not mine.

So, you have to do what calls to you. You can’t fake this.

You can fake a lot of things in life. Women are good at this… 😉

But you can’t fake the thing that moves you to the core, the thing that leaves others inspired.

You can’t fake your dreams.

You can’t fake inspiration.

So, STOP faking it – cause some of you are just going through the motions.


We can always tell when you aren’t living your best, most inspired life. You’ll never be able to hide that from us. You’re drained. You’re tired. You’re out of energy.

Figure this out for your sake mostly, but also for us onlookers of your life.

Start living in the way that inspires you most (yes, even if you think it’s selfish and even if the people around you think it’s selfish – because it’s not), because you WILL create a unique cause and effect on the world that is greater and more powerful than all the elements combined.

Something only your unique beautiful DNA can do.

Something only your soul can bring forth.

Be you.

Mark my words.

And I would preach this from the mountain tops – it’s your responsibility to live from a place of inspiration and bring forth your art!

You have no greater command than to LOVE yourself (which means to live in a place of a happy-fully-self-expressed-pencil-whittler-rock-collector-writer-dancer-lover-musician-carver-painter-designer-speaker-communicator-artist-planner-driver-athlete-creator-you), which also (by default) means you are loving your creator (which was technically the first command), who created you to create for the benefit of yourself and others (which was the part about loving your neighbour as you LOVE yourself).

Are you giving the world the best version of you? Are you bringing it?




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The Most Important Thing A Leader Needs To Do

The Most Important Thing a Leader Needs To Do


You’re reading this because you are one.

You know it deep in your soul.

Some aren’t and that’s okay.

I’m always amazed at the people I meet who know they aren’t meant to lead. And I admire them.

They have their own important purpose here, and it manifests in the most spectacular ways.

But this message, it’s specifically for the leaders…

The ones who were called.

The ones who know they are meant to lead, and create big changes in the world.

This is for you.

You’re wondering why it isn’t happening yet?

You’re wondering if you are making a difference at all?

You’re out on a limb and in constant flux of wondering if any of this is even what you are called to do – that’s how much self-doubt you’ve had around your calling lately?

You’re starting to think the stars will never align?

You’re wondering if you were just meant to live a small life at the end of day? Cause let’s face it – it’s easy to do that. Shrink. Play small.

I’m there with you.

I see you.

I get you.

And then, there’s that still small voice.


So tiny that it gets drowned out by your day-to-day life, but it’s there constantly, like a little child begging for candy. Consistently. Annoying even…

And then it’s laden with “what ifs”.

You want to change an outcome. You want to create a positive impact.

If your leadership goals are in alignment with the highest good for mankind – it will come to pass. It CAN’T NOT.

A double negative.

Follow me here for a minute.

You have a vision.

Your desires, your vision, your dreams were all placed on your heart for a reason.

A beautiful vision for what you want to create and bring into the world.

That is love.

Love is high vibe. Meaning – it’s energy literally vibrating at the highest level.

If your vision was that of fear, anger, overall negative emotions, they are “low-vibe” and vibrating at a much lower level, it will always be easily overtaken by the high vibration of positive emotions for our highest good – like love, joy, peace, kindness…

Do you get where I’m going with this?

Your vision is a frequency.

The highest frequency will win.

Negative anything can’t win when it’s standing for LOVE.

As a leader, it is your responsibility to hold your vision for the world at the highest level, in the highest regard, above all else. ABOVE ALL ELSE.

You can’t associate, or let in the people who bring down your vision.

You protect your baby. At all costs.

No different than you would your own children.

This is just a spiritual protection. It’s also physical, mental and emotional.

Leadership isn’t an easy calling.
It never is – if it was, then everybody would be doing it and be successful at it.

How do you become a leader?


You hear the calling.

You answer it.

You anoint and appoint yourself to bring this vision into the world.

How do you fulfill your calling as a leader?


You hold the vision you have for the world in the highest regard and frequency surrounded by so much LOVE.

Always. Consistently.

It will win. Your vision you have for the world, will win.

It has to.

Otherwise, it’s all futile.

In vain.


Until you put meaning on it. And hold that vision, that vibration for the good of what you are birthing into the world…

AND It is simple, my leaders.

I never said easy.



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My Soul Craved An Adventure Today…

My soul craved an adventure today.


So I put on my sexiest panties. And threw off the old, nasty, granny panties and got dressed. Why do I think I’m not even good enough for my new sexy panties???


I dropped by my office, left a courier and some files for my assistant, and took off on the open road.


Calendar open this morning. By design.


Luckily when you live on the edge of a small town, smaller towns are near by and you can get lost in some cute cozy cafe, mismatched chairs, with some farmer and people you’ll never see again.


I am getting funny looks.


City girl, for lack of a better word, (clearly, my panties are too sexy for this town! Yikes!) with designer purse, in a land where they don’t pull out their devices to blog about their day, they might have a flip phone if lucky. They just have coffee and grey hair, and I’m oddly jealous, just a little.


I’m transported to Tennessee. I swear. Jason Aldean in my ears. Fly Over States. Reminds me of the simpler life.


So my mind is clear. Happy content.


I’m on an adventure.


Time stands still.


When you choose not to hide yourself, your light, your message – there are consequences.


This I am learning.


I’ve learned this lesson 5 times this week.


What choice does one have when one has a calling? A purpose? Their heart to follow?


And it’s hard for a people pleaser like myself to ‘offend others’ or have people not like me. And I know that not everybody will like me, but it still hurts. It always will. These are the human parts of us.


I’m at a cozy cafe I’m calling the nest. But in reality it’s a seedy motel in a small town, smelling of greasy coffee and fake plastic flowers on the table…  and again I’m in love.


I ordered the ‘sunny’ breakfast. There were 3 choices for breakfast.


Somehow, sitting with the farmers across the room, hearing them talk reminds me of my Opa and sitting at the farm table growing up, shooting the shit on everything and anything….  for the sake of it. No agenda. Just coffee in hand.


I’m committed to this adventure. To living life on the edge – and I already know it’s not for everyone…. by design… perfect design. But it is for me.


So, I don’t hide behind these words I write. I share them as authentically with you as if you are here beside me.


You and me.


Two souls having coffee out in a small prairie town with all the time in the world.



What I REALLY Wanted To Say…..

What I Really Want To Say

I did a segment on Global TV morning news a few days ago.

It was FINE, however, I never got a chance to drive home what I really wanted to drive home. I had a lot to say, which didn’t get said. (You’re shocked right?!)

AND I have a platform, as we all do, and so I’m going to share it because I still feel it needs to be said.

So here is what I REALLY wanted to say in my morning interview, colorful language and all…. but that’s at the end of this post (or just scroll to the end!) 😉


A couple Quick RRSP tips & Strategies to Maximize your RRSP (blah, blah)

#1) Save monthly.  Because usually, it’s easier to have smaller chunks leave your bank account than have to come up with a large sum at tax time if you haven’t saved money throughout the year. However, on that note, lots of my clients get bonuses from their employer, usually in February, which they typically put in their RRSP which makes it easy to do, but nonetheless, I think creating a monthly saving habit is key. Plus, if you are investing in the stock market or mutual funds with your RRSP, then you can take advantage of dollar-cost averaging into the market, which means your just buying up new share or units every month and taking advantage of market cycles.

#2) I really want to make a point to say this. People are always so concerned about their Rate of Return on their investments. Which is super important, however, there is usually one BIG thing that I find people don’t talk about until after it’s too late, and that is TAX PLANNING.  Be very aware that withdrawing $60,000 from your RRSP versus your TFSA have very different tax consequences. And I find the cooler talk, or what everyone wants to know about is what the rate of return on your investments is at, but they don’t really ask what after-tax return or what the real numbers are.  $1,000,000 in your RRSP is NOT a million dollars in your hands to spend and I think that is one of the most overlooked aspects when it comes to investing in general. We all want to know what our Marijuana stocks or Bitcoin did because it’s fun and sexy and nothing about taxes is sexy. Let’s just be honest here…

#3) Reinvest your tax refund. If you overpaid your taxes you will be getting a refund. Take your tax refund and reinvest it. Especially if your income is consistent and high, this will help you in savings as well. (But if you feel you need to go on a trip to Europe to blow off some steam, then do that……)

Here are some more things, I planned to say but didn’t.

In regards to the question,

  • SHOULD YOU INVEST IN RRSP or TFSA or Pay down debt or your mortgage?

These were my notes:

First, There is NO right answer here and sorting through that will for most people require some guidance from a financial professional. Hence, why if you are serious about paying the least amount of tax or wanting to grow your ASSets you probably should work with a financial professional.

I have 3 things here to consider as well to help you with this.

1) Canadians need to Start saving.

In 2015 only 65% of Canadians paid into either a TFSA, RRSP or Both. That means 35% of Canadians or basically one 1 out of 3 Canadians are not saving anything. And I think that number is alarming, as is the fact that out of the 65% that are saving, a majority of those people do not have adequate retirement savings and will still need to rely solely on government programs such as CPP and OAS.

Only 6 – 8% of Canadians have maximized their RRSP or TFSAs.

However, I will say every investment tool and strategy has a place and is not for everyone.

Cash is king for the most part – so on that note, so is liquidity or investments you can liquidate quickly if need be for an emergency and I don’t think most people have that – which is one of the foundational things in financial planning.

2) The second thing is this, you can make a plan to get out of debt and if you don’t incur any more debt, your debt is finite, meaning there is an end to it. On the flip side, saving, accumulating, investing, investing in yourself, or businesses that help others – there is unlimited potential there, and that means that your investments do have the possibility to grow, technically they are infinite. I think there is a way to save and pay down debt, anything is possible with a plan, which brings me to my last point…

3) And lastly, my third thing to consider is it’s never too late to start. One of the things I find, and a huge part of my message for Canadians is that it’s never too late to save, however, I find shame and embarrassment, and all the things we “SHOULD HAVE” done but didn’t get in the way of our “getting started”. Then we feel guilty for not doing that and then we panic and fear sets in and we get into overwhelm. A big part of my message is money forgiveness and getting people to forget their past money mistakes, make a financial plan, make a plan to get out of debt and move on. So forgive yourself.  I’ve made huge financial mistakes, and I am 100% certain I will in the future, but it’s about forgiving yourself and making a plan and moving forward so you can live your dreams with clarity, confidence, and courage.

ALL THAT IS GREAT – and would’ve made a GREAT INTERVIEW, however…..


None of this shit matters. I mean, it does matter, as does anything we humans give meaning to, but we are the ones giving meaning to it.

Is it important to you? If it is, pursue it with your whole heart.

If it’s not, then it’s not for you. It’s not what you are here to do, or what you are called to do. If God didn’t plant that desire in your heart, then let that be someone else’s dream, don’t force something that’s not yours. (I mean this for ALL areas of your life, not just vocation & money goals.)

When it comes to money, and you know deep down in your soul that abundance in ALL areas of life is available to everyone once we decide to choose it and call it into our lives. All your needs will be met, and all your wants are a possibility that you can call into your life experience, then don’t be so focused on that lack side of this equation or the fear side of not having enough money. You can go about making money the hard way, or you can just call it in.

There is no magic formula for wealth. The choice is always yours.

  • Are you living your life in a way that makes you feel self-expressed, full, deep joy, & happiness?
  • Are you shining your light in the way that you know you were meant to?
  • Are you keeping your word with yourself & honoring your HEART, body, mind & SOUL?
  • Are you doing what you said you will do?
  • Are you creating value and making a difference?


  • Are you still just doing what you think will please other people?
  • Are you still trying to impress your boss?
  • Are you still trying to follow societies formula for success or wealth?
  • Are you still letting your fear and ego run the show?
  • Are you still not choosing beliefs that will serve you going forward?

The money is always a by-product of your thoughts.

End of story….  almost…

Ready for a run on sentence?

I personally think when you can get to a place where you love yourself, even if you cringe at seeing yourself on TV (I rarely re-read or re-watch any of my content because I find that doesn’t serve me…) and you get to decide what serves you and doesn’t serve you in this life, and you did your best and you know you are living in your purpose and living on purpose, and you know you have the power, knowledge & support of the entire universe at your back, you get to live in that magical place where you don’t give a flying fuck what anyone thinks (yes, she said that), and you can BE LOVE & SHINE LOVE.

This is all that matters.

Take it or leave it.

And I’m good if you leave it.


This is the message I need today.



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PPS. Please share if this spoke to you 🙂



Inspire Blog

I just deleted the whole page.

It sucked.

You know when you are doing the work and you aren’t feeling it. There’s no inspiration.

And that’s okay – cause I will say 99% of the work we do is just that… work. And that’s okay.

It takes the 99% to get the 1%.

What is the 1%?

It’s when you are living, working, breathing IN SPIRIT. 

Inspiration is wrought with all the markings of BEING IN LOVE – like when your heart is racing and your palms are sweaty – when you can barely catch your breath. (Like watching Virtue & Moir Ice Dance….holy inspiration!)

You know when you are ‘in spirit’ doing work and when you are not.

And like I said, it won’t happen every second, but if you are 100% work and 0% inspiration, then that’s going to cause your heart to fail, literally. It will wreak havoc in your life from not being able to fully express yourself. It will manifest itself as dis-ease within your body.

Why are you hiding from it?

Why are you hiding your work from the world? From me?

What if he didn’t sing your favorite song? What if she didn’t write your favorite book? What if you left the world with your gold still in you – Olympic or otherwise?

I get it.

You are scared.

Cause’ it’s scary. It sucks having to put it all out on the line. Vulnerability.

And half the time you will fail.

You’ll fail in love. You’ll fail in business. Your invention will suck. You’ll make mistakes and trip up.

But then……

There will come a time when you won’t fail. You won’t be the class clown. You won’t be looked upon as a failure.

There will come a time when you SUCCEED – you crush it, you rock it – you damn well have the world on a string.

And it’s not even so much what you get in that moment – cause you will ‘get’ to be proud of yourself (best feeling ever), but even more so, it’s what you end up giving to the WORLD….



You BRING FORTH the craziest of feelings, shiniest of lights, the deepest sense of purpose, the greatest joy.

You will have given your gift to the world. You will inspire others at their deepest cellular level, the kind where you know your souls are connected and you can overcome any obstacle.

You will breathe LIFE into another.


This then becomes the question to ask yourself in all things:

Are you breathing LIFE into others?


Are you taking it from them?

Surround yourself with LIFE breathers.

Distance yourself from the “suckers”.

LIFE breathers are all around you.

They show up in your life to inspire to bring you that second wind when you need it – cause if you are doing anything worthwhile it will turn up the ground of your soul and show up as every emotion under the sun – yes, the dirt and crap will come rising up from the depths of your soul…. that’s the growth part.

That’s why the spirit comes to dwell within – so that you can renew, restore, refresh your soil to grow up & out, and to find that light & share it.

Have you ever noticed when you get inspiration that nothing else matters? That the problems you were facing seem to dissipate? Get the feeling that anything is possible?

Anything is possible!

Sit with that for a min.

Anything is possible! What a gift to live in that space, and you have to protect that energy – protect that vibe – cause the suckers come out of nowhere and blow that light so fast… (and by suckers, I usually mean your negative self-talk – although, there are people that seem to have a knack for that too!)

When you live FULLY in that space of your deepest spirit you leave me touched, moved & full of possibility.

You leave me with my heart racing, sweaty palms, and the energy to continue on.

To those that have laid it all out on the field, the ice, the ground, the sky, the stage, the paper, the body, the canvas, the lab, the heart – thank you for being your spirit self-expressed – you have given me breath.

You have inspired me to do the same.



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My Dream Superpower

My Dream Superpwoer

You know how people always ask you what superpower you want?

Everyone wants to fly, or time travel.

I don’t.

I just want one superpower.

And my superpower is something that I can actually get without having to defy the laws of gravity or jeopardize the space-time continuum.

I just want confidence.


If I had all the confidence in the world – what would I look like? What would my bank account look like? What would my relationships, love, sex, business, communication, body, health look like?

I decided this is the superpower I want. And lucky for me, it’s something I can totally sink my teeth in.

I wrote a while back (2016) on how to get killer confidence (and let’s be honest, I am too lazy to go back and read my old blogs {Wealth Spa™ members can check it out in the membership site} So, I actually have ZERO clue what advice I spouted back then!)

I have now decided you need 3 things to have killer confidence, and every time I feel I can’t step out in confidence, or stand in my power, it’s usually because one of these 3 things are missing.

3 Things You Need To Have Killer Confidence:

  • Knowledge/Education/Learning/Skill
  • Clarity
  • Belief

That’s it. That’s my formula for confidence.

And truth be told, I do actually have some killer confidence.

  • I have 100% confidence I can sit on a chair
  • I have 100% confidence I can brush my teeth
  • I have 100% confidence I can shop for shoes

These things I have practiced many times and know how to do them (knowledge/skill), make a decision & set out to do them (clarity) and know that I will accomplish them with 100% accuracy (belief).

However, there are things I know (knowledge I possess), and set out to do (clarity around what I want to do), however, self-doubt (no belief) creeps in and therefore my confidence is shattered.

I usually get 2 out of 3.

I’m sure most of us get 2 out of 3 for any area we want to have true confidence in.

The one MAGIC thing in this SUPERPOWER FORMULA where I usually get stuck is the BELIEF part of the formula.

Belief in my abilities. Belief in myself. Belief that I am worthy or that I have what it takes to bring my dreams to reality.

And I also know this is where my clients and most humans really get stuck.

We go to school and get the knowledge, the education.

We get the clarity – and even that’s a tough one sometimes.

But where most of us fail in this confidence thing is the BELIEF that it is really possible for us.

If you really believed it was possible for you, where would you be?

If you had all the confidence in the world, where would you be?

What do you need to do to really believe in you?

Live Your Legacy.





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The Best Thing I Ever Learned

I’m writing an exam this week.

Another one.

Why on God’s green earth do I do this to myself?

I’ve spent the last 20-years of my life in school which follows the mandatory 12-years of education prior to becoming an adult.

I can never remember a time when I haven’t been registered in a formal “higher” education course for my career, not to mention on top of that, the tons of personal self-growth courses and trainings I’ve attended since high school. That’s like 32 years of my life. I don’t even remember the good ol’ days of not having to think about an upcoming exam – mostly because I would’ve been 5-years-old.

I’ve also become a wiz at multiple choice tests. Ughhh…. like that’s what I want people to remember about me at the end of my life – “But she was really good at passing multiple choice exams and bull-shitting her way through essays – look at all those letters behind her name. {insert sob}”

I came to a crazy realization a while back about all this “learning” & “knowledge” I was trying to gather and accomplish.

{BUT FIRST, let’s be VERY clear. I’m not that smart. I’m brilliant at following through, not quitting, and instant regurgitation, however, after an exam, 99% of the info drains out of my brain so I can make room for important things, primarily Netflix and what I want to eat for dinner.}

OK, so here’s the thing.

Taking all these courses have absolutely NOTHING to do with making money. They also have nothing to do with the quality of work I do. I could have stopped after the 7th letter behind my name and still be considered of “value” in my industry – and truth be told, some of the most brilliant minds I work with barely have ANY formal education. Isn’t’ that how it goes?

Formal education, getting a fancy degree or masters or Ph.D. has really nothing to do with making money.

This I know well.

So that’s probably point #1.

Education ≠ Money

Point #2.

The thing that really drove me to get all this education, up until a few years ago was approval. (Yes, back to good ol’ self-worth issues!)

Approval from men mostly. Maybe my Dad a little, probably my husband at one point, but mostly men in my industry. For me to be taken “seriously” as a woman, I felt I needed to prove myself. (Yes, I know this is sad. But LADIES, I sure as HELL know I’m not alone on this boat!)

And so I did. In fact, I have more letters behind my name than most financial people in my industry.

And guess what?!

It means F-ALL.

In fact, trying to please everyone or ANYONE, especially men or a man, is the BIGGEST waste of time for one’s soul.

Do I regret taking the courses? No. Never. I’m inquisitive by nature so I love to learn and always will.

Do I regret thinking that this would make me something of value and that I’m nothing without this education? ABSOLUTELY!

One thing I think I struggled with is that “society” thinks we need to get all this fancy education to be of value. Sometimes “society” even thinks that we are nothing when we don’t have a degree or formal education. (and by “society” – this could be your parents or others close to you!)

This couldn’t be further from the truth.

What everything should boil down to in the education world is to a place where we solve the problems of the world through ideas, utilizing knowledge and learning how to think.

I think that’s the best thing I ever learned ABOUT learning was to learn that you can help solve other people’s problems and find ways to help others, create, come up with new ideas and make this world a better place (oh and you can make money doing that too!). That’s all education needs to be about. That’s all you need to fill your brain, heart, & soul with.

Don’t let the extra letters behind someone’s name make it seem that they are better than you – because they aren’t. Usually, they are just FABULOUS at regurgitation!

Although it isn’t now, for me, education was all about PROVING something to someone. Maybe on a deep DEEP level that someone was me.

Here’s a question for you:

Is there something in your life right now that you are doing to PROVE to someone else which isn’t in alignment? 


Is that someone you? 

Have you deeply and completely LEARNED to LOVE YOURSELF?

That’s the BEST thing I ever learned!


AND I’m still working on that course.

As for this course & exam this week – it’s in the bag – and for all the right reasons!




Look Within….Everything You Need Is There

What if you knew without a shadow of a doubt that everything you ever wanted in this life was found within you and not outside you?

What if you could disappear all the external demands of your life and turn inward to the demands of your soul?

What if you honoured your soul first?

What if everything outside yourself didn’t become quite as important as everything within yourself?

Where would you be?

Who would you be?

What would you be?

How would you show up in the world?


Why is this important?

You have everything you need to answer these questions.

Answer them.

Live Your Legacy Beautiful!