Inspire Blog

I just deleted the whole page.

It sucked.

You know when you are doing the work and you aren’t feeling it. There’s no inspiration.

And that’s okay – cause I will say 99% of the work we do is just that… work. And that’s okay.

It takes the 99% to get the 1%.

What is the 1%?

It’s when you are living, working, breathing IN SPIRIT. 

Inspiration is wrought with all the markings of BEING IN LOVE – like when your heart is racing and your palms are sweaty – when you can barely catch your breath. (Like watching Virtue & Moir Ice Dance….holy inspiration!)

You know when you are ‘in spirit’ doing work and when you are not.

And like I said, it won’t happen every second, but if you are 100% work and 0% inspiration, then that’s going to cause your heart to fail, literally. It will wreak havoc in your life from not being able to fully express yourself. It will manifest itself as dis-ease within your body.

Why are you hiding from it?

Why are you hiding your work from the world? From me?

What if he didn’t sing your favorite song? What if she didn’t write your favorite book? What if you left the world with your gold still in you – Olympic or otherwise?

I get it.

You are scared.

Cause’ it’s scary. It sucks having to put it all out on the line. Vulnerability.

And half the time you will fail.

You’ll fail in love. You’ll fail in business. Your invention will suck. You’ll make mistakes and trip up.

But then……

There will come a time when you won’t fail. You won’t be the class clown. You won’t be looked upon as a failure.

There will come a time when you SUCCEED – you crush it, you rock it – you damn well have the world on a string.

And it’s not even so much what you get in that moment – cause you will ‘get’ to be proud of yourself (best feeling ever), but even more so, it’s what you end up giving to the WORLD….



You BRING FORTH the craziest of feelings, shiniest of lights, the deepest sense of purpose, the greatest joy.

You will have given your gift to the world. You will inspire others at their deepest cellular level, the kind where you know your souls are connected and you can overcome any obstacle.

You will breathe LIFE into another.


This then becomes the question to ask yourself in all things:

Are you breathing LIFE into others?


Are you taking it from them?

Surround yourself with LIFE breathers.

Distance yourself from the “suckers”.

LIFE breathers are all around you.

They show up in your life to inspire to bring you that second wind when you need it – cause if you are doing anything worthwhile it will turn up the ground of your soul and show up as every emotion under the sun – yes, the dirt and crap will come rising up from the depths of your soul…. that’s the growth part.

That’s why the spirit comes to dwell within – so that you can renew, restore, refresh your soil to grow up & out, and to find that light & share it.

Have you ever noticed when you get inspiration that nothing else matters? That the problems you were facing seem to dissipate? Get the feeling that anything is possible?

Anything is possible!

Sit with that for a min.

Anything is possible! What a gift to live in that space, and you have to protect that energy – protect that vibe – cause the suckers come out of nowhere and blow that light so fast… (and by suckers, I usually mean your negative self-talk – although, there are people that seem to have a knack for that too!)

When you live FULLY in that space of your deepest spirit you leave me touched, moved & full of possibility.

You leave me with my heart racing, sweaty palms, and the energy to continue on.

To those that have laid it all out on the field, the ice, the ground, the sky, the stage, the paper, the body, the canvas, the lab, the heart – thank you for being your spirit self-expressed – you have given me breath.

You have inspired me to do the same.



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My Dream Superpower

My Dream Superpwoer

You know how people always ask you what superpower you want?

Everyone wants to fly, or time travel.

I don’t.

I just want one superpower.

And my superpower is something that I can actually get without having to defy the laws of gravity or jeopardize the space-time continuum.

I just want confidence.


If I had all the confidence in the world – what would I look like? What would my bank account look like? What would my relationships, love, sex, business, communication, body, health look like?

I decided this is the superpower I want. And lucky for me, it’s something I can totally sink my teeth in.

I wrote a while back (2016) on how to get killer confidence (and let’s be honest, I am too lazy to go back and read my old blogs {Wealth Spa™ members can check it out in the membership site} So, I actually have ZERO clue what advice I spouted back then!)

I have now decided you need 3 things to have killer confidence, and every time I feel I can’t step out in confidence, or stand in my power, it’s usually because one of these 3 things are missing.

3 Things You Need To Have Killer Confidence:

  • Knowledge/Education/Learning/Skill
  • Clarity
  • Belief

That’s it. That’s my formula for confidence.

And truth be told, I do actually have some killer confidence.

  • I have 100% confidence I can sit on a chair
  • I have 100% confidence I can brush my teeth
  • I have 100% confidence I can shop for shoes

These things I have practiced many times and know how to do them (knowledge/skill), make a decision & set out to do them (clarity) and know that I will accomplish them with 100% accuracy (belief).

However, there are things I know (knowledge I possess), and set out to do (clarity around what I want to do), however, self-doubt (no belief) creeps in and therefore my confidence is shattered.

I usually get 2 out of 3.

I’m sure most of us get 2 out of 3 for any area we want to have true confidence in.

The one MAGIC thing in this SUPERPOWER FORMULA where I usually get stuck is the BELIEF part of the formula.

Belief in my abilities. Belief in myself. Belief that I am worthy or that I have what it takes to bring my dreams to reality.

And I also know this is where my clients and most humans really get stuck.

We go to school and get the knowledge, the education.

We get the clarity – and even that’s a tough one sometimes.

But where most of us fail in this confidence thing is the BELIEF that it is really possible for us.

If you really believed it was possible for you, where would you be?

If you had all the confidence in the world, where would you be?

What do you need to do to really believe in you?

Live Your Legacy.





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The Best Thing I Ever Learned

I’m writing an exam this week.

Another one.

Why on God’s green earth do I do this to myself?

I’ve spent the last 20-years of my life in school which follows the mandatory 12-years of education prior to becoming an adult.

I can never remember a time when I haven’t been registered in a formal “higher” education course for my career, not to mention on top of that, the tons of personal self-growth courses and trainings I’ve attended since high school. That’s like 32 years of my life. I don’t even remember the good ol’ days of not having to think about an upcoming exam – mostly because I would’ve been 5-years-old.

I’ve also become a wiz at multiple choice tests. Ughhh…. like that’s what I want people to remember about me at the end of my life – “But she was really good at passing multiple choice exams and bull-shitting her way through essays – look at all those letters behind her name. {insert sob}”

I came to a crazy realization a while back about all this “learning” & “knowledge” I was trying to gather and accomplish.

{BUT FIRST, let’s be VERY clear. I’m not that smart. I’m brilliant at following through, not quitting, and instant regurgitation, however, after an exam, 99% of the info drains out of my brain so I can make room for important things, primarily Netflix and what I want to eat for dinner.}

OK, so here’s the thing.

Taking all these courses have absolutely NOTHING to do with making money. They also have nothing to do with the quality of work I do. I could have stopped after the 7th letter behind my name and still be considered of “value” in my industry – and truth be told, some of the most brilliant minds I work with barely have ANY formal education. Isn’t’ that how it goes?

Formal education, getting a fancy degree or masters or Ph.D. has really nothing to do with making money.

This I know well.

So that’s probably point #1.

Education ≠ Money

Point #2.

The thing that really drove me to get all this education, up until a few years ago was approval. (Yes, back to good ol’ self-worth issues!)

Approval from men mostly. Maybe my Dad a little, probably my husband at one point, but mostly men in my industry. For me to be taken “seriously” as a woman, I felt I needed to prove myself. (Yes, I know this is sad. But LADIES, I sure as HELL know I’m not alone on this boat!)

And so I did. In fact, I have more letters behind my name than most financial people in my industry.

And guess what?!

It means F-ALL.

In fact, trying to please everyone or ANYONE, especially men or a man, is the BIGGEST waste of time for one’s soul.

Do I regret taking the courses? No. Never. I’m inquisitive by nature so I love to learn and always will.

Do I regret thinking that this would make me something of value and that I’m nothing without this education? ABSOLUTELY!

One thing I think I struggled with is that “society” thinks we need to get all this fancy education to be of value. Sometimes “society” even thinks that we are nothing when we don’t have a degree or formal education. (and by “society” – this could be your parents or others close to you!)

This couldn’t be further from the truth.

What everything should boil down to in the education world is to a place where we solve the problems of the world through ideas, utilizing knowledge and learning how to think.

I think that’s the best thing I ever learned ABOUT learning was to learn that you can help solve other people’s problems and find ways to help others, create, come up with new ideas and make this world a better place (oh and you can make money doing that too!). That’s all education needs to be about. That’s all you need to fill your brain, heart, & soul with.

Don’t let the extra letters behind someone’s name make it seem that they are better than you – because they aren’t. Usually, they are just FABULOUS at regurgitation!

Although it isn’t now, for me, education was all about PROVING something to someone. Maybe on a deep DEEP level that someone was me.

Here’s a question for you:

Is there something in your life right now that you are doing to PROVE to someone else which isn’t in alignment? 


Is that someone you? 

Have you deeply and completely LEARNED to LOVE YOURSELF?

That’s the BEST thing I ever learned!


AND I’m still working on that course.

As for this course & exam this week – it’s in the bag – and for all the right reasons!




Look Within….Everything You Need Is There

What if you knew without a shadow of a doubt that everything you ever wanted in this life was found within you and not outside you?

What if you could disappear all the external demands of your life and turn inward to the demands of your soul?

What if you honoured your soul first?

What if everything outside yourself didn’t become quite as important as everything within yourself?

Where would you be?

Who would you be?

What would you be?

How would you show up in the world?


Why is this important?

You have everything you need to answer these questions.

Answer them.

Live Your Legacy Beautiful!



Money Judgment

Money Judgment Blog


It’s running rampant.

Especially around the purse you bought, or the new car, or the new shoes, or the trip you are taking or the vitamins you buy or the coach you invest with.

Okay, so this isn’t a new thing.

Holy MacDoodle People. You should hear that judgment come flying out of the ol’ pie hole. (Why do they call it a pie hole? Hmmm.)

“Don’t buy that.”

“You don’t have money for that.”

“What a waste of money that was.”

“Why are you investing in that?”


They always throw their own insecurities upon our dreams, desires, fancy “stuff” that we want, but they wouldn’t “waste” their money on.

Okay, we all project. So it’s not just “them”, it’s usually “us” too.

Judgy McJudgy.

Then what happens?

Someone’s comments on your own life puts you in a funk, makes you sad, makes you feel like a failure, starts a fight. Which is crazy by the way that we actually let this happen! Especially from the people closest to us, which seem to be the most critical on our lives.

Giving our power away to the people who we’ve allowed to speak into our lives, but then, instead of taking OPA (other people’s advice) we end up letting their words rush over us like a blanket of shame. Come on! I know all you people pleaser’s out there know exactly what I’m talking about.

How does anyone on this planet know what’s best for you?

Last I checked you were the authority on YOU. The only person qualified to give you advice is Y-O-U.

Here’s the thing with anyone’s two cents on our lives.

You take it and then you release it. You take what you want from what they said and release the rest.

The rest isn’t for you.

The rest is for them to work on.

Again, that’s what they are projecting and probably something they need to deal with. Just recognize that it is their issue and move on.

Their money issues. Their money lessons. Their problems.

You are ALLOWED to buy whatever you want with your own money.
You are an adult.
You live in a FREE country.
So this enables you to buy whatever you want, however, you want to buy it, and whenever you want to buy it.

The person who comments on your business – disregard. Good or bad.

Does their opinion really mean anything? Is it a fact? Are they really someone who has been there before you and is mentoring you or just noise? This is when you have to tune in and have your soul decipher. No one else can do this for you.

Sometime you will be wrong and sometimes you will be right – but if you are really listening to your own soul, your own gut – then you will be right most of the time.

I’ve had people project onto me many times in my life. I’m sure we all have. I only write about it now because seriously I want my clients, friends, and family to know that they don’t need to ask anyone else for permission to spend their money. (You’d be surprised how many clients ask me if it’s okay for them to withdraw their OWN money! I am probably the “worst” financial advisor because I always encourage it. I will always encourage my clients to invest in themselves FIRST!)

I know, this goes back to that “Guidebook to Living Your Best Life” that we all so desperately want to read so we don’t have to make decisions because we are still experiencing decision fatigue and we genuinely just want someone to make decisions for us and keep us in line.

We’ve been trained to follow the leader, the teacher, the principle, the law. We are such damn good followers.

And it helps us keep our thinking to a minimum. I will be the first to say that thinking is hard, it’s like going to the gym. Who really wakes up and says, “I can’t wait to THINK today?”

I’d rather have my life on autopilot until I can get to the FUN part! (I think for most of us, that is spelled W-E-E-K-E-N-D!)

But what if life lived by following your heart, true alignment with your purpose, and essentially not following other people’s rules for your life was the way to make your decisions. What if you could stand in your power, stand in your own personal truth and make the decisions that were only for you and you didn’t care what other people thought of them?

What would your life look like if you could live in a way where you allowed yourself to do what you need to do with your money, without the peanut gallery (husbands, boyfriends, kids, parents, siblings, teachers, grandparents, friends, business partners, employees, employers, etc.) throwing in their two cents?

Where would you be right now?
If you spent your money the way you really wanted to spend it right now could you make that happen for you?

And if you are the person throwing out the money judgment, then maybe it’s time for a money judgment detox.

No judgment here.



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Money Lessons

It’s a few weeks into the new year and I have a PERFECT record of hitting my exercise, move and stand goals (yes, I’ve crushed as many awards on my iWatch as I can possibly get!) AND I’ve gained 3 pounds doing it. SO NATURALLY, I’m pissed and PISSED when I hear about EVERYONE who has lost 10 pounds in a week. CONGRATUFREAKINLATIONS!

Your weight loss triggers me. AND my non-lazy perfect workout record will trigger some of you.

We all get triggered.


It always happens and it creeps up in the most sincere ways.

I do it. You do it. We all do it.

There’s really only 2 ways we can compare ourselves to others: LOOKS & MONEY (okay, on my re-read, there is one other category…. LOVE)

We so badly want to fit in – of course – or we really just don’t want to be left behind.

Here’s the thing.

Comparison will KILL you. Literally. It will make your EGO do crap that will pull you so far off your track and suck the life right out of you till your dead.

Here’s a tip: LEARN TO IDENTIFY THE THINGS/PEOPLE THAT ENERGY DRAIN YOU and then do something about it!

{SUPER SIDE NOTE: My beautiful kids drain me & my massive extended family (people, in general, drain me & never ask me about the weather or other superficial crap – if I’m honest with you!), hence, I get help. I’m not ashamed to admit that. I have full-time help. I spend lots of money on lifestyle choices – WHY? Because I’m honest with myself, and I’ve identified things that drain my energy and I’ve done the work to know what also FILLS me up. I also need my own space for many hours a day (minimum 3, but usually 6 hours!!) and get completely grouchy when I haven’t had my alone time. I do everything in my power to protect my alone time. And yes, that does cost money. But it’s an investment that has already paid off and let’s be honest – it keeps me happy, smiling and full of joy. It’s in FLOW for my life. There will never be a bad penny spent on protecting your energy and doing what you need to do to feel good about your day!}

People always ask me about money and even my money. It’s kinda an occupational hazard. And this is what I so badly want them to deeply understand:

My money lessons – the ones that I’m here to learn, are not your money lessons. You have your own set of money lessons, life lessons, and your own energetic shit to release.

Money is just a mirror.

I mean this seriously.

If you haven’t figured out money is just energy, ENERGY you called in – or didn’t call in or scattered that energy all over the place – then this small money lesson today may be for you! 🙂

You hold that money mirror up to your face and look deeply into it. It will reveal a ton to you.

Keep in mind it’s never about the money.

It always boils back to your mindset and what you are committed to calling into your life. The mirror will show you what you are not really serious about and what you are half-assing in your life. When really your soul is screaming at you to go after your dreams and put some of your dreams mainstream, instead of keeping them hidden as a side-gig you barely take seriously. The mirror never lies.

For me, and if it isn’t obvious, let me re-iterate. I invest heavily in myself and being honest, I’ve screwed up and failed a TON – somewhere to the tune of probably $500,000+. Or more, if you count my phone bills from college and that one really bad spray-on-tan.

Yes, sometimes, investing in yourself, may take shape in the form of Louboutins, Prada or a facial, massage or whatever physical thing that you need to do to FEEL good about yourself. (ANOTHER SIDE NOTE: Don’t ever feel bad for spending money on yourself if it ELEVATES your vibe – however, be careful that you aren’t using shopping as a buffer for what’s really going on or a way to not deal with your feelings or things going on in your life!)

Most of the time investing in myself means that I’m investing in my creations and ideas. The BEST place to invest BY FAR. ALWAYS!

Sure, I’ve had 100’s of failures. IN FACT, I’m still paying for MASSIVE failures from 2007, every month like clockwork. Painful, but are you kidding me? It was a MONEY lesson I needed to learn. My money lesson.

You probably won’t have that same money lesson.

I know many people, clients, colleagues who have gone bankrupt in the past from investing heavily in their ideas and creations. I admire them for trying. So what? Your soda shoppe went out of business and you had put 100% of everything you had in it.

I LOVE that you put 100% in. Most people never give their dreams 100%.

The sideliners never inspire.

AND I know people who went bankrupt, paid everyone back and then did it all again. I just want to HIGH-FIVE them! (Plus, those people, are usually wildly successful later on, and write memoirs…)

Okay, so you don’t have to go bankrupt to learn your money lessons – let me be clear.


We all have money lessons. Even billionaires have money lessons, so this is something you are not going escape anytime soon.

And the greater you get (yes, richer, bigger, better with money) – the greater your money lessons will be!

Don’t worry or care about what others are doing financially.

Follow your own NORTH STAR.

The money lessons usually come up for us when we are NOT following our true path. (BOOM!)

And to be certain, don’t judge others for their money lessons, and if you do – just remember – it’s triggering you for a reason.

Usually, that reason you can find by holding up a mirror.



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Who Do You Give Your Authority To?

Authority Blog

“Take Me, Take Me NOW!”

I say this from time to time. And no, not sex-related (although, what isn’t), but more UFO or rapture related.

This usually comes at a time when I feel stuck on making decisions and I just want to say, HERE. Here, someone, anyone, Ryan Reynolds or Jeffrey Dean Morgan, come take the reins cause I’m tired of steering this ol’ Millenium Falcon (aka my 38-year-old body, brain, mind, thoughts, decisions, heart, etc.) around.

Life, for the most part, is decision after decision.

And personally, I have decision fatigue.

I’m tired of making decisions some days. You are nodding your head yes because you want Ryan Reynolds to take your reins too – ya, I get it.

So naturally, I’m the prime candidate for a cult following. It really doesn’t sound that bad sometimes. Just follow a leader, drink the Kool-Aid. BOOM. All your problems solved right?

The problem, as you can already see, is that Kool-Aid is FULL of SUGAR. And this poses a problem on my KETO (or pretend KETO) diet. (I did have 5 pieces of toast, butter, and honey {yes, FIVE} last night right before bed in starving dispair from my 8-day record of New Year’s Workouts – but I slept like a baby last night.. just saying.)

It boils down to this.

Who are you handing over authority to in your life?

It starts with our parents. This has proven to be a good thing in our lives, or an absolute disaster or both.

Then there were our teachers. Again, some beautiful jujubes amongst a bowl full of nuts.

(Hopefully, you were smart enough to pick out the jujubes for yourself!)

And then it was our boyfriends. Still, to this day I will never know why I invariably had this need to get all my boyfriends to like me (well, now I know self-worth issues clearly), so I naturally became interested in sports and cars (which somehow has stuck). It’s like I had no voice. I just handed the authority reins over about as fast as I do my credit card for size-10 shoes on clearance at Nordstroms.

“Take me, take me now.” They scream at me and my little plastic card.

And my beautiful, if I’m being honest, the whole MEN thing still messes with my brain. I love and respect so many men in my life & business, but I hand over my authority to them way too easily – although, make no mistake I’ve gotten way WAY better on this over the years, and it’s such a tricky spot, like eating, because we need to eat and well, we need men. So, of course, it sometimes gets tricky to know when we are overeating or over-manning in our lives. (…. and some of us could use a little over-manning in our lives right now 😉 )

Let me put it this way.

Where are we so easily handing over authority to others that we stop looking to ourselves to answer the questions and to make the decisions for our lives?

Who are you listening to? Is it you? Do you ever REALLY listen to yourself?

Who are you letting define you?

Some serious questions and obviously something I’m journaling around in my life and getting clear on… eye-opening, and if you were to actually read my journal, probably eye-popping!

Here are some more great questions:

Who do you want to define YOU? and Is that happening? 

Do you love, like and respect the people you’ve handed the authority reins over to?

So many women I know, including myself, allow our bosses to define us, our husbands, our boyfriends, our partners, our parents, our children, our teachers, our religion, our make-up, our clothes, our work, our writing, our art.

None of it is bad, btw.

But here is where the rubber hits the road.

Are you in alignment with who you are allowing to have authority over you in your life?

Meaning, do the people you give authority to in your life bring you good energy or suck it all out of you?

That’s how you tell.

That’s when it’s time to get rid of the energy sucking people you’ve consciously or subconsciously given your authority and power to.

Take it back!

Deliberately and intentionally give the authority reins back to yourself.

I will tell you this secret.

No one on the planet deserves your authority reins more than you.

You are the beautiful authority of your soul.

So start acting like it, my love.



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Strutting Into 2018

Strutting Into 2018

This is how I’ve planned to STRUT 2018.

I started with my commitments.

I wrote out several pages of what I am committed to for 2018.

I mean, what outcomes am I really committed to? Love, Body, Mind, Spirit, Relationships, Business, Money.

It helped me cut out all the crap, set boundaries, and create a schedule of exactly how I want my daily life to play out.

Then I got out my planner that I created.

I planned my first 90-days.

Week by week.

What I’m reading, who I’m following, mentors, what I’m learning, what I’m memorizing, what I want to put into my brain.

I also planned out my business offers – what I’m putting out into the world, creating and where I’m creating value.

So I had my commitments document and my 90-day planner document.

Then I pulled out my calendar.

I scheduled everything in.

Most importantly, I scheduled in my morning routine, my workout, prayer/meditations, writing, reading, learning, and planned out all the hours I’m going to focus on my business specifically. Then put all the kid’s activities in. Then left space.

The blank space is the best. It’s the best part of a calendar for a Sagittarius like myself – who is ALL over the map, yet oddly planned out and efficient. Yes, I’m a walking contradiction.

I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Then comes accountability.

I sent these documents to my BBF – my BIZ Bestie Foreva. She knows it all. So does my life coach, and I’m ready for our call tomorrow and ready to tackle the year. My amazing sidekick also knows, who will show up for work tomorrow and know exactly where this little company is headed over the next 12 months. No questions asked. Just get down to work!

Clarity is an amazing thing.

I’m already boring myself with explaining this to you, but it’s necessary.

The thing is this.

It has to get done.

If you are at all serious about your goals – at all – you need to schedule them in.

This would be the ONE big thing you need to do!


Books don’t write themselves.

Movies don’t make themselves.

Creating art & music doesn’t just happen.

Great businesses don’t just happen.

Art of all forms (yes, business is an art form) needs some structure to be able to blossom.

I love how Steven Pressfield said when he was asked how the muse strikes him, and he answered, (and I paraphrase) “usually at 9am every morning when I sit down to write.”

The universe will meet you half way.

If you are organized, clear with your intentions, and know exactly what you want, then you’ll make it happen once you have it scheduled in.

I will tell you if you will succeed this year in your goals or not just by looking at your calendar.

Think about it.

What does your calendar look like?

The commitments and 90-day plan all come down to my calendar.

I have the year planned out. Not 100%, but 90% anyways. (I always leave 100% room for FUN – make no mistake!)

Maybe one day when I’m not out to make a huge impact in the world will I not plan out my year, but until then – there’s some serious work to do!

Live Your Legacy.




PS. Those are my feet and you can be darn sure those hot polka-dot shoes with bows are my shoes (the pretty much scream LISA), just in case any of lady mafia wants to borrow them. Size 10. SUPER uncomfortable to wear and only good for when your feet are up in the air or photoshoots! 😉




What You Need to Know For 2018

What you need to know for 2018

Let’s go to Portugal.

Family Christmas Conversations 2017.

Let’s plan it for 2018. You know, while we are all young, healthy & without walkers.

But then it always comes back to the same thing, year after year, over and over.


Like we are our own dream crushers. A bad habit, worse than smoking.

And 99% of the time when we dream crush it always comes back to this one little thing….


(I wish we could blame it on Chuck Norris. Chuck Norris can buy happiness with Money.)

It’s always about LACK of money.

It’s like EVIL money is stopping us from having fun or living our dreams.

Yet, we have the money. I mean if we really looked, made some plans, and put in about 5-minutes of effort (maybe 10) to make this happen we could.

Anyone can.

I wonder if many of us hold a belief that if we spend our money on a trip that we will have NO way of getting that money back (especially if we are retired or not working). ***LIE***

Or I wonder if our belief is that we couldn’t go on a trip AND keep up with our regular bills. I mean you CAN’T do both, can you? And often? ***ANOTHER LIE***

Oh, there is also the belief that one would not want to travel with one’s family for weeks on end and using lack of FUNDS as an excuse not to go… okay, that’s another blog entirely! 🙂

CRAZY! Crazy the thoughts we think. And my family isn’t the only one who can talk ourselves out of a large family dream. In fact, I’m going to go out on a limb and guess most families (even the ones that do take crazy big trips) are stuck in scarcity.

It’s easy to spot scarcity.

It usually starts sentences with Bitcoin or Marijuana Stocks. FOMO.

Why are we in such a rush to get rich? Just so we can finally start pursuing our dreams?

Why do we feel we need Bitcoin to be able to live our dreams?

You believe that cryptocurrencies will provide you more than your God-given gifts and abilities? And then we wonder why nothing ever works out in our favor?  (And I’m not saying you can’t make money doing any number of crazy wild things, however, I’m saying look at the REAL reason behind it. Are you hiding?)

HELLO, it’s probably because God called you to be you and you just haven’t stepped acknowledged the beautiful abundance that is within.

This explains why so many “suck it up” in crappy jobs at the expense of their “one-day” dreams.

Let’s be real. Stepping into full abundance is scary and unknown and riffled with even more money blocks that we haven’t uncovered.

Actually, to be fair, we all struggle with the allowance of living a fully abundant life – this isn’t something reserved for the broke.

We struggle….

–> Even when we know we are called to living an abundant life.

–> Even when we know that it is our birthright.

–> Even when we know it’s really the reason why we are here.

This is what you need to know for 2018. 

This is what you need to know when you are planning, scheming, and dreaming your 2018.

Are you ready for this?

I mean, are you really ready for this?

You can go after and create whatever you want to create. I mean WHATEVER you want is possible for YOU.

Not only that, but we also have EVERYTHING we need to make our possibilities a reality.

God gave us that talent. He asked we use it – TO THE FULL!

The reason we never do accomplish our dreams us usually do to one tiny thing.

One measly little MASSIVE HUGE thing.

Crappy, Mean, Negative, Pessimistic Internal Dialogue.

Probably because we always circle back to the past.

Old habits. Old beliefs. Old underwear.

Probably comfy and utterly feckless.

Have you ever thought that the purpose of life is to go after your heart’s true desire?

Whatever that may be?

Show others it can be done?

You know why I love reading about, studying, mentoring under and learning everything I can about super successful people?

Because they showed me that it’s possible for ME!

I want to leave you with this as you go about planning, scheming and dreaming for 2018 and beyond.

I think life is really all about dreaming the impossible and making it possible.

“If the mind can believe, it can achieve.”  – Napoleon Hill

Excuses have to go. They aren’t welcome in 2018.

It must be in alignment & flow with Y-O-U.

Belief must be absolute.

Clarity follows suit.

Fear & Doubt will come along for the ride. The whole way.

But do me a favor,

Take fear and doubt along for the TRIP of their life.

To Portugal.