Money Lessons

It’s a few weeks into the new year and I have a PERFECT record of hitting my exercise, move and stand goals (yes, I’ve crushed as many awards on my iWatch as I can possibly get!) AND I’ve gained 3 pounds doing it. SO NATURALLY, I’m pissed and PISSED when I hear about EVERYONE who has lost 10 pounds in a week. CONGRATUFREAKINLATIONS!

Your weight loss triggers me. AND my non-lazy perfect workout record will trigger some of you.

We all get triggered.


It always happens and it creeps up in the most sincere ways.

I do it. You do it. We all do it.

There’s really only 2 ways we can compare ourselves to others: LOOKS & MONEY (okay, on my re-read, there is one other category…. LOVE)

We so badly want to fit in – of course – or we really just don’t want to be left behind.

Here’s the thing.

Comparison will KILL you. Literally. It will make your EGO do crap that will pull you so far off your track and suck the life right out of you till your dead.

Here’s a tip: LEARN TO IDENTIFY THE THINGS/PEOPLE THAT ENERGY DRAIN YOU and then do something about it!

{SUPER SIDE NOTE: My beautiful kids drain me & my massive extended family (people, in general, drain me & never ask me about the weather or other superficial crap – if I’m honest with you!), hence, I get help. I’m not ashamed to admit that. I have full-time help. I spend lots of money on lifestyle choices – WHY? Because I’m honest with myself, and I’ve identified things that drain my energy and I’ve done the work to know what also FILLS me up. I also need my own space for many hours a day (minimum 3, but usually 6 hours!!) and get completely grouchy when I haven’t had my alone time. I do everything in my power to protect my alone time. And yes, that does cost money. But it’s an investment that has already paid off and let’s be honest – it keeps me happy, smiling and full of joy. It’s in FLOW for my life. There will never be a bad penny spent on protecting your energy and doing what you need to do to feel good about your day!}

People always ask me about money and even my money. It’s kinda an occupational hazard. And this is what I so badly want them to deeply understand:

My money lessons – the ones that I’m here to learn, are not your money lessons. You have your own set of money lessons, life lessons, and your own energetic shit to release.

Money is just a mirror.

I mean this seriously.

If you haven’t figured out money is just energy, ENERGY you called in – or didn’t call in or scattered that energy all over the place – then this small money lesson today may be for you! 🙂

You hold that money mirror up to your face and look deeply into it. It will reveal a ton to you.

Keep in mind it’s never about the money.

It always boils back to your mindset and what you are committed to calling into your life. The mirror will show you what you are not really serious about and what you are half-assing in your life. When really your soul is screaming at you to go after your dreams and put some of your dreams mainstream, instead of keeping them hidden as a side-gig you barely take seriously. The mirror never lies.

For me, and if it isn’t obvious, let me re-iterate. I invest heavily in myself and being honest, I’ve screwed up and failed a TON – somewhere to the tune of probably $500,000+. Or more, if you count my phone bills from college and that one really bad spray-on-tan.

Yes, sometimes, investing in yourself, may take shape in the form of Louboutins, Prada or a facial, massage or whatever physical thing that you need to do to FEEL good about yourself. (ANOTHER SIDE NOTE: Don’t ever feel bad for spending money on yourself if it ELEVATES your vibe – however, be careful that you aren’t using shopping as a buffer for what’s really going on or a way to not deal with your feelings or things going on in your life!)

Most of the time investing in myself means that I’m investing in my creations and ideas. The BEST place to invest BY FAR. ALWAYS!

Sure, I’ve had 100’s of failures. IN FACT, I’m still paying for MASSIVE failures from 2007, every month like clockwork. Painful, but are you kidding me? It was a MONEY lesson I needed to learn. My money lesson.

You probably won’t have that same money lesson.

I know many people, clients, colleagues who have gone bankrupt in the past from investing heavily in their ideas and creations. I admire them for trying. So what? Your soda shoppe went out of business and you had put 100% of everything you had in it.

I LOVE that you put 100% in. Most people never give their dreams 100%.

The sideliners never inspire.

AND I know people who went bankrupt, paid everyone back and then did it all again. I just want to HIGH-FIVE them! (Plus, those people, are usually wildly successful later on, and write memoirs…)

Okay, so you don’t have to go bankrupt to learn your money lessons – let me be clear.


We all have money lessons. Even billionaires have money lessons, so this is something you are not going escape anytime soon.

And the greater you get (yes, richer, bigger, better with money) – the greater your money lessons will be!

Don’t worry or care about what others are doing financially.

Follow your own NORTH STAR.

The money lessons usually come up for us when we are NOT following our true path. (BOOM!)

And to be certain, don’t judge others for their money lessons, and if you do – just remember – it’s triggering you for a reason.

Usually, that reason you can find by holding up a mirror.



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Who Do You Give Your Authority To?

Authority Blog

“Take Me, Take Me NOW!”

I say this from time to time. And no, not sex-related (although, what isn’t), but more UFO or rapture related.

This usually comes at a time when I feel stuck on making decisions and I just want to say, HERE. Here, someone, anyone, Ryan Reynolds or Jeffrey Dean Morgan, come take the reins cause I’m tired of steering this ol’ Millenium Falcon (aka my 38-year-old body, brain, mind, thoughts, decisions, heart, etc.) around.

Life, for the most part, is decision after decision.

And personally, I have decision fatigue.

I’m tired of making decisions some days. You are nodding your head yes because you want Ryan Reynolds to take your reins too – ya, I get it.

So naturally, I’m the prime candidate for a cult following. It really doesn’t sound that bad sometimes. Just follow a leader, drink the Kool-Aid. BOOM. All your problems solved right?

The problem, as you can already see, is that Kool-Aid is FULL of SUGAR. And this poses a problem on my KETO (or pretend KETO) diet. (I did have 5 pieces of toast, butter, and honey {yes, FIVE} last night right before bed in starving dispair from my 8-day record of New Year’s Workouts – but I slept like a baby last night.. just saying.)

It boils down to this.

Who are you handing over authority to in your life?

It starts with our parents. This has proven to be a good thing in our lives, or an absolute disaster or both.

Then there were our teachers. Again, some beautiful jujubes amongst a bowl full of nuts.

(Hopefully, you were smart enough to pick out the jujubes for yourself!)

And then it was our boyfriends. Still, to this day I will never know why I invariably had this need to get all my boyfriends to like me (well, now I know self-worth issues clearly), so I naturally became interested in sports and cars (which somehow has stuck). It’s like I had no voice. I just handed the authority reins over about as fast as I do my credit card for size-10 shoes on clearance at Nordstroms.

“Take me, take me now.” They scream at me and my little plastic card.

And my beautiful, if I’m being honest, the whole MEN thing still messes with my brain. I love and respect so many men in my life & business, but I hand over my authority to them way too easily – although, make no mistake I’ve gotten way WAY better on this over the years, and it’s such a tricky spot, like eating, because we need to eat and well, we need men. So, of course, it sometimes gets tricky to know when we are overeating or over-manning in our lives. (…. and some of us could use a little over-manning in our lives right now 😉 )

Let me put it this way.

Where are we so easily handing over authority to others that we stop looking to ourselves to answer the questions and to make the decisions for our lives?

Who are you listening to? Is it you? Do you ever REALLY listen to yourself?

Who are you letting define you?

Some serious questions and obviously something I’m journaling around in my life and getting clear on… eye-opening, and if you were to actually read my journal, probably eye-popping!

Here are some more great questions:

Who do you want to define YOU? and Is that happening? 

Do you love, like and respect the people you’ve handed the authority reins over to?

So many women I know, including myself, allow our bosses to define us, our husbands, our boyfriends, our partners, our parents, our children, our teachers, our religion, our make-up, our clothes, our work, our writing, our art.

None of it is bad, btw.

But here is where the rubber hits the road.

Are you in alignment with who you are allowing to have authority over you in your life?

Meaning, do the people you give authority to in your life bring you good energy or suck it all out of you?

That’s how you tell.

That’s when it’s time to get rid of the energy sucking people you’ve consciously or subconsciously given your authority and power to.

Take it back!

Deliberately and intentionally give the authority reins back to yourself.

I will tell you this secret.

No one on the planet deserves your authority reins more than you.

You are the beautiful authority of your soul.

So start acting like it, my love.



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Strutting Into 2018

Strutting Into 2018

This is how I’ve planned to STRUT 2018.

I started with my commitments.

I wrote out several pages of what I am committed to for 2018.

I mean, what outcomes am I really committed to? Love, Body, Mind, Spirit, Relationships, Business, Money.

It helped me cut out all the crap, set boundaries, and create a schedule of exactly how I want my daily life to play out.

Then I got out my planner that I created.

I planned my first 90-days.

Week by week.

What I’m reading, who I’m following, mentors, what I’m learning, what I’m memorizing, what I want to put into my brain.

I also planned out my business offers – what I’m putting out into the world, creating and where I’m creating value.

So I had my commitments document and my 90-day planner document.

Then I pulled out my calendar.

I scheduled everything in.

Most importantly, I scheduled in my morning routine, my workout, prayer/meditations, writing, reading, learning, and planned out all the hours I’m going to focus on my business specifically. Then put all the kid’s activities in. Then left space.

The blank space is the best. It’s the best part of a calendar for a Sagittarius like myself – who is ALL over the map, yet oddly planned out and efficient. Yes, I’m a walking contradiction.

I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Then comes accountability.

I sent these documents to my BBF – my BIZ Bestie Foreva. She knows it all. So does my life coach, and I’m ready for our call tomorrow and ready to tackle the year. My amazing sidekick also knows, who will show up for work tomorrow and know exactly where this little company is headed over the next 12 months. No questions asked. Just get down to work!

Clarity is an amazing thing.

I’m already boring myself with explaining this to you, but it’s necessary.

The thing is this.

It has to get done.

If you are at all serious about your goals – at all – you need to schedule them in.

This would be the ONE big thing you need to do!


Books don’t write themselves.

Movies don’t make themselves.

Creating art & music doesn’t just happen.

Great businesses don’t just happen.

Art of all forms (yes, business is an art form) needs some structure to be able to blossom.

I love how Steven Pressfield said when he was asked how the muse strikes him, and he answered, (and I paraphrase) “usually at 9am every morning when I sit down to write.”

The universe will meet you half way.

If you are organized, clear with your intentions, and know exactly what you want, then you’ll make it happen once you have it scheduled in.

I will tell you if you will succeed this year in your goals or not just by looking at your calendar.

Think about it.

What does your calendar look like?

The commitments and 90-day plan all come down to my calendar.

I have the year planned out. Not 100%, but 90% anyways. (I always leave 100% room for FUN – make no mistake!)

Maybe one day when I’m not out to make a huge impact in the world will I not plan out my year, but until then – there’s some serious work to do!

Live Your Legacy.




PS. Those are my feet and you can be darn sure those hot polka-dot shoes with bows are my shoes (the pretty much scream LISA), just in case any of lady mafia wants to borrow them. Size 10. SUPER uncomfortable to wear and only good for when your feet are up in the air or photoshoots! 😉




What You Need to Know For 2018

What you need to know for 2018

Let’s go to Portugal.

Family Christmas Conversations 2017.

Let’s plan it for 2018. You know, while we are all young, healthy & without walkers.

But then it always comes back to the same thing, year after year, over and over.


Like we are our own dream crushers. A bad habit, worse than smoking.

And 99% of the time when we dream crush it always comes back to this one little thing….


(I wish we could blame it on Chuck Norris. Chuck Norris can buy happiness with Money.)

It’s always about LACK of money.

It’s like EVIL money is stopping us from having fun or living our dreams.

Yet, we have the money. I mean if we really looked, made some plans, and put in about 5-minutes of effort (maybe 10) to make this happen we could.

Anyone can.

I wonder if many of us hold a belief that if we spend our money on a trip that we will have NO way of getting that money back (especially if we are retired or not working). ***LIE***

Or I wonder if our belief is that we couldn’t go on a trip AND keep up with our regular bills. I mean you CAN’T do both, can you? And often? ***ANOTHER LIE***

Oh, there is also the belief that one would not want to travel with one’s family for weeks on end and using lack of FUNDS as an excuse not to go… okay, that’s another blog entirely! 🙂

CRAZY! Crazy the thoughts we think. And my family isn’t the only one who can talk ourselves out of a large family dream. In fact, I’m going to go out on a limb and guess most families (even the ones that do take crazy big trips) are stuck in scarcity.

It’s easy to spot scarcity.

It usually starts sentences with Bitcoin or Marijuana Stocks. FOMO.

Why are we in such a rush to get rich? Just so we can finally start pursuing our dreams?

Why do we feel we need Bitcoin to be able to live our dreams?

You believe that cryptocurrencies will provide you more than your God-given gifts and abilities? And then we wonder why nothing ever works out in our favor?  (And I’m not saying you can’t make money doing any number of crazy wild things, however, I’m saying look at the REAL reason behind it. Are you hiding?)

HELLO, it’s probably because God called you to be you and you just haven’t stepped acknowledged the beautiful abundance that is within.

This explains why so many “suck it up” in crappy jobs at the expense of their “one-day” dreams.

Let’s be real. Stepping into full abundance is scary and unknown and riffled with even more money blocks that we haven’t uncovered.

Actually, to be fair, we all struggle with the allowance of living a fully abundant life – this isn’t something reserved for the broke.

We struggle….

–> Even when we know we are called to living an abundant life.

–> Even when we know that it is our birthright.

–> Even when we know it’s really the reason why we are here.

This is what you need to know for 2018. 

This is what you need to know when you are planning, scheming, and dreaming your 2018.

Are you ready for this?

I mean, are you really ready for this?

You can go after and create whatever you want to create. I mean WHATEVER you want is possible for YOU.

Not only that, but we also have EVERYTHING we need to make our possibilities a reality.

God gave us that talent. He asked we use it – TO THE FULL!

The reason we never do accomplish our dreams us usually do to one tiny thing.

One measly little MASSIVE HUGE thing.

Crappy, Mean, Negative, Pessimistic Internal Dialogue.

Probably because we always circle back to the past.

Old habits. Old beliefs. Old underwear.

Probably comfy and utterly feckless.

Have you ever thought that the purpose of life is to go after your heart’s true desire?

Whatever that may be?

Show others it can be done?

You know why I love reading about, studying, mentoring under and learning everything I can about super successful people?

Because they showed me that it’s possible for ME!

I want to leave you with this as you go about planning, scheming and dreaming for 2018 and beyond.

I think life is really all about dreaming the impossible and making it possible.

“If the mind can believe, it can achieve.”  – Napoleon Hill

Excuses have to go. They aren’t welcome in 2018.

It must be in alignment & flow with Y-O-U.

Belief must be absolute.

Clarity follows suit.

Fear & Doubt will come along for the ride. The whole way.

But do me a favor,

Take fear and doubt along for the TRIP of their life.

To Portugal.



Creating Cash Flow

Creating Cash Flow

It’s really all about cash flow.

Seriously. That’s what this money thing is all about.

You know, having enough money to spend on living the life you want to live.

Cash flow.

I really just wanted to clarify this, because I think so many people are worried about the wrong thing.

The game is simple.

If you have enough cash flow to cover your expenses, then you are financially free.


You can get that cash flow from doing 1 of 3 things.

1) Jobs that create cash flow
2) Investments that create cash flow
3) Businesses that create cash flow

They all involve “work” or better defined as you creating value for others, clients, customers, the world.

I wouldn’t say any of the 3 is easier or simpler than the others.

I would say each comes with its own set of struggles and frustrations, setbacks, and benefits.

2 of the 3 options for creating cash flow allows for unlimited growth.

1 of the 3 does not.

But you know this.

The quest remains the same no matter which you choose.

Monthly cash flow great enough to cover your needs, wants, lifestyle and help fund your dreams.

It really is all about cash flow.

What it’s really not about: Saving, Net Worth, and Debt.

It seems this is what everyone is so focused on.

But in reality, if you had a business that produced you sufficient or even great cash flow every month, and you spent it all, would you be fine? Absolutely!

I mean prudence and planning are helpful and NECESSARY things because things don’t always go as planned, but for the most part, if you had a business or multiple businesses/investments that produced you sufficient cash flow, you really wouldn’t need to save a penny if you were “guaranteed” that income each month.

Okay, I’m just trying to play devil’s advocate, and I do realize nothing is guaranteed.

Saving and Investing is important. For the people that have jobs, then saving/investing builds up their investments for future cash flow streams when they are not working.

The business owner typically invests a ton, but usually all into his/her business.

Net Worth, (and yes, I do teach that this is an important metric to measure) doesn’t actually provide cash flow for you – you actually have to do something with the assets for that to happen. Just growing your net worth is not going to create cash flow for you.

Debt is a tool if used properly, although, most of the time I realize that’s not the case. Paying down debt only really does one thing: increases cash flow.

My bottom line is this: If you focus on creating the right things (cash flow) then other things, the other goals (savings, net worth and debt) will take care of themselves.

Find ways of creating cash flow.

Find ways of creating multiple streams of cash flow.

Find ways of creating multiple streams of cash flow that will outlive you.

Find ways of creating money flowing to you. Consistently.




True Release

True Release

If you saw this page right now, thoughts scattered this morning. Even my coffee is scattered, spilled.

Writing about release is very hard. Mostly because it’s handed me my ASSets this month.

I mean some serious releasing stuff. Things I’ve held on to so tight for the last 17 years. (okay, I lied, 18 years – I usually refer back to when I was 20 – it’s a thing and ya’ll know I had a birthday)

Usually, it’s from the way I thought things were supposed to go and guess what, despite my best efforts, have not gone my way.

Which, at the end of the day, is actually pretty okay with me.

Okay, what kind of BS statement was that.

This was not okay.

So much in my life right now is not okay. Not the way I planned.

This is what I actually wrote and then deleted, “I”m an adventure seeker at heart and thrive with new adventures.” Okay, so true, but this isn’t some trip to New York on my own, or a hike in the Rockies, or like the time I manifested a private jet. Those were adventures.


This is the stuff I don’t care for an adventure with. Things that I want to go my way. Things that I have an expected outcome with.

But, life has other plans. God always has other plans.

Plans that usually come and bite you hard in the ass. Maybe God is a Pitbull….

And to be fair, I’m kinda glad He is.

Cause I’m coming out of what is probably the WORST month I’ve ever had in my business for so many reasons.
Totally thrown off my game. I mean, luckily, I have people who can help and I’m sure from the outside everything looks tickity-boo.

But it wasn’t.

There are days I quit. Literally, wanted to disappear.
So I sabotaged.

Queen Sabotager.

Wow, even coming clean with you, to the page, this morning is sobering.

So, back to the country I go, where I go, alone, crawling into my own thoughts, and just sitting there.


Constantly releasing.

Releasing how things should have been.

I “should’ve” been further ahead by now.

Sobering thought when you realize you were further ahead a decade ago – your money, your relationships, your body. (I know MANY of you have been there!)

And then I think about all the friends, clients, mentors, famous people, millions of people – who had it all and then didn’t.

Because I know that life is not a straight up, bottom left to diagonally right type of life.

But I thought it should’ve been.

I wanted that chart. And I still want that nice chart. (Don’t we all?)

And it wasn’t. And it never will be straight up.

You get caught in all the “shoulds”. And all those shoulds get you blocked the EFFFF up, yes, I’m referring to constipation.

And don’t laugh. (okay, you can always laugh, because I think I’m hilarious at times)

Give your head a shake if you don’t think that it’s all connected. All of it.

As we all are.

This is what happens, by the way, when you don’t release and hold on to stuff:

  • you get sick, from cancer to constipation, to massive headaches
  • you hold on to extra weight that even the most perfect diet or exercise regime will not allow you to shed
  • you yell at your kids more
  • you have less patience
  • you get pissed at everything and anyone
  • you get irritated when the tiniest things don’t go your way
  • you get depressed
  • you might drink more or smoke more or find new ways to sabotage yourself
  • you become a total B*TCH – let’s be honest here
  • and the worst thing about all of this holding on – the absolute worst….
  • you laugh less. You don’t laugh at all.

Okay, so here’s my BIG idea. Here’s been my most painful, crying EVERYDAY lesson from the last month.

Stop holding on so tight.

Stop holding on so tight, Lisa. {or insert your name here}

Let it all go.

Cause if you don’t, it will go anyways. So be the one to laugh and let it go.

None of it really matters anyway.

Don’t let your identity get so wrapped up in things that can be taken away from you.

This would be money, stuff, relationships, your body.

Things that can’t be taken away from you: a loving heart, serving others, a big smile for the world.

The rest is all fake, and not worth worrying over. Ya, it hurts your pride like a mother-fucker to fail. Yes, I said it.

It’s true.

But you somehow find the courage to keep on keeping on and facing your life after it hasn’t gone your way.

You adult. You own it. (Damn, that even hurts worse sometimes.)

I got to the point where I literally broke down in laughter. (You get sick of the tears sometimes and the stupid stories you keep telling yourself.)

Sometimes you just have to set your soul free. You have to live in that place where everything you look at turns over a new adventure. Put on the glasses, the filter, the one where everything breathes new hope and where everything that crosses your path is another magical miracle.

Because it is.

  • True Release means the universe can dance with your soul
  • True Release means never having to worry about an outcome
  • True Release means you set yourself free knowing God has your back
  • True Release means you get to happen to life, not life happen to you.
  • True Release allows you to soar, that feeling you get in your dreams when you can fly. (You know that feeling – the one when nothing can stop you. The feeling that you are making a difference, making a contribution, everything in flow, living your life in this most amazing space!)

And you will soar my dear friend. You will always soar in True Release.



The World Needs You

The World Needs You

This week 3 of my favorite places closed down: a restaurant close by, a coffee shop and a clothing shop I loved.

I’m heartbroken.

I really loved what these places had to offer: my favorite Arugula & Prosciutto Pizza, the best Spanish Latte ever, and clothes that were 100% me, my style – in other words – black.

Seriously, I totally root for the success all businesses, because if one fails, really, we all lose out.

I really do go through the cycle of grief. Shock, Denial and then I’m very angry at the economy for letting them down or even blame management, even if I have no idea what happened, I make stories up in my head. Acceptance feels like an eternity away.

(Hey, I just lost out on my fav Pizza & Latte – pretty serious stuff emotionally! Now I have to spend all that time trying new restaurants and coffee joints and trying on new clothes {which I hate, if you want to know!} to find my new “love”.  It’s like I’m going to have to kiss a lot of bad pizza’s before I find my one true mozzarella love!)

I’ve been having a hard time with the changing landscape in my industry as well. So many “old” men thinking business can just go on the way it did the last 40-years, and not really clueing into what’s really happening in the world (aka – EVERYTHING is going online), meanwhile, it feels harder and harder than ever to break through the noise when it comes to marketing your products and services.

And even with all the regular stress of business, because we all have it, there’s one thing I want to remind you of (and by you, of course I mean me – cause this be that message I need to hear again and again!)

The world needs you and what special gift you bring to it.

There is no such thing as competition. It can’t exist if you believe in ABUNDANCE. (You seriously can’t believe in both – they are opposites. Think on that!)

Plus, the world really does need your special type of pizza and your clothes, your skin care, your latte, your zany brand of Financial Wisdom.

Don’t let anyone tell you differently.

You make a difference to someone.

Even if you don’t feel like you do.

You do.





Purpose Driven Passion

I have one vow to make to myself today for this new year.

37 was crap if I’m being totally honest with you.

The whole year was like that. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful, I’m blessed and I deepened relationships and made new soul aligned ones as well, expanded my network of amazing humans and lived every day with a smile and deep joy.

AAAAND I sure let myself down – that is why it was not my best year.

And trust me  – there is no worse person to let down than yourself.

And it gets worse!

Way worse when you realize you can’t hide from yourself, dodge your own emails, ignore your own texts, not answer your phone calls, skip out on your birthday, drive away from yourself. Difficult.

I’ve tried.

As it turns out you have to still feed, dress, walk your sorry ASSets around.

I’ve had a rough go lately, and I do take 100% responsibility for it, even if 100% of it was 100% out of my control.

It boils down to this. Integrity with my word with myself.

I haven’t served as many people with my message this year because I didn’t follow through with my word to myself. I haven’t gone ALL out only because I have so many other balls up in the air to keep happy that I totally didn’t do what I was supposed to do.

My juggling act seems to be impressive at times, but ultimately ends in failure when I’m not being true to myself.

Can you relate? Ya, I know you got your balls in the air and on the floor too!

Yet, I still laugh and love and even with those negative thoughts, I’m still choosing to move forward, take action on my dreams, while still sitting with the negative emotions that come, the sadness, the hurt and being okay with it.

I’ve had many moments of deep depression in my life. Almost all of it I can relate back to NOT staying in integrity with my word to myself. (Cause how can you be depressed or mad at yourself when you are in LOVE with yourself and kicking ASSets and living in total integrity with yourself and others? Plus, nothing is worse than rolling over and playing victim.)

And no, I’m not being hard on myself. I knew better. But I kept choosing to put others first – and yes, this includes that crazy thing where I care what people/society/family/friends/LinkedIn actually thinks of me.

Always others first. Keep the peace. Be the middleman. Don’t speak up. Don’t fight. Play nice with others. Don’t rock the boat. Don’t stand for something greater than yourself, because that makes people not like you. (Which again is crazy, cause who cares – you can’t control what people think anyway, this I need to really let go of!)

Some may not see it that way, but I knew that every time I tried to make someone else happy or be the peacemaker,  I choose them over myself. I choose what they think about me over what I think of me and that is probably the worst SIN against yourself. ‘Cause HEAVEN FORBID that I ever stand up for myself really, and every time I broke those agreements with myself it ended up in a DISASTER.

And let’s just say, when your life feels like a disaster in one area of your life, every area of your life follows. It’s how the good ol’ law of attraction works.

And it can all be traced back to one thing. One simple thing.

Choosing Yourself.  Choosing Yourself first.

Listening to yourself. Taking what you need. Being Loyal to your heart, your dreams, your body. Keeping your word to yourself.

Cause here’s the real deal.  You’re gonna naturally be able to give more when you have all that personal sh*t taken care of.

When you can’t take care of yourself you are paralyzed and render yourself completely unable to give back. It sucks. That feeling/state completely sucks and ends up serving NO ONE. Plus you become grouchy and miserable.

One of my coaches, Katrina Ruth, said this week,

“Being 0.01% off alignment is being 100% off alignment.”

God did a fabulous job of showing me that this month! BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, BOOM! (I hit the floor laughing at one point, cause it seemed like a cosmic joke!) I’m a chiropractors dream I’m so much out of alignment with my soul somedays!

But when we realize we are off track by putting others thoughts of us, others ideas, others ideas of how business “should” go, and all the bullshit that society tells us on how to be a good person, “go to university, get married, have some kids, a mortgage and a J-O-B” and all the other completely crazy stuff that really has nothing to do with your soul’s purpose here, we need to course correct.

So many of my friends, women mostly, but men too, have put everyone else’s needs above our own, giving until we are a dry well and it’s hurting us, and it ends up serving no one in the long run.

We need to pull back into alignment. I need to pull back into alignment.

Alignment for those of you who don’t speak “woo-woo” is when your life is in flow, you are doing your souls work and not just doing it for your ego.

Ego Goals, although achievable, never satisfy.

Ego Goals are like showing off at cocktail parties, fun for the moment, but after leave you completely aware that you really know nothing and leave you with a hangover type depression that’s hard to shake.

Purpose-driven Passion Goals usually come along with problem-solving, still aware you know nothing (cause let’s face it, none of us really know anything!), but you can tap into unlimited knowledge & power from source, learn it and make a difference and that will fuel you more than any Ego Goal ever could.

Purpose-Driven-Passion-Soul-Work Goals will nourish and feed and grow you.

Choosing you means choosing your purpose-driven goals. Ego Goals will leave you with 50-letters behind your name by the time you are 50 and you really won’t even really know what half of the letters stand for. I know cause that’s my ego goal, and as of right now, I barely can remember what most of the 19 (going on 22) letters behind my name even mean half the time.

Letters behind your name, like a great resume, like trophy accomplishments (trophy wife, trophy career, trophy cars, trophy homes), like most things in life, really do mean f*ck all. (Not that I’m saying they are bad, in fact, the opposite, however, it’s about the fact they don’t really mean much at the end of the day if your soul is sucked dry…)

Doing your life in a way that serves your soul is the only way to do life.

So that’s my promise to myself this year: choose myself.

Over and over again.



PS. And, as for my birthday today, it’s pretty great. I have a beautiful 10-year old and 8-year old making me breakfast. I have my coffee. Facetimed my Mom & Dad. I’m ready to tackle the new year with my blue shovel! Cheers!