5 Ways To Master Your Networking

5 Ways To Master Your Networking

I’m heading to Calgary today to talk to a group of women on networking.

I decided to take a different approach than giving the standard spiel on, “make sure to be a card collector vs. a card giver”, “have your elevator pitch ready” and “know your follow up sequence” blah, blah.

You’ve heard it a million times.

You know how to network.

But I want to sing a different song to my group of 40 or so professional women today at lunch.

I thought this would be beneficial to you (my loyal blog readers) as well, because most of my tribe have something going on in the realm of business, and by golly – there has got to be a better way to network that to show up to a million meetings with substandard hotel coffee and stale doughnuts.


Here is my take on networking.

Once upon a time, an alpha-male (I’d use another name, but I’ll be polite) who was a “sales-guru” hired by my brokerage, stood in front of a room of “sales-people” and made us memorize that “our network = our net worth”.

He went on to say that if you want to kill it in sales, then you “MUST HAVE” a pretty big network.

Okay, so that wasn’t the first time I’ve ever heard that, but I took it to heart.

UNTIL, I realized I had a vagina and that I’ve NEVER been successful TRYING my whole career to do things the way a MAN does. Seriously.

(Not to bash men, I adore and look up to most of them, but somehow the alpha-males just get into my head and marinate there!)

But, before heading down the rabbit hole and telling you how I FAILED miserably in business until I started following my own way of doing things (like relating financial concepts to shoes as I do in my book, Strut), there was a greater truth that was revealed to me.

A few years later, last summer to be exact, there was this MASSIVE A-HA moment when I looked at a few VERY successful people around me and they actually had, like, NO NETWORK or basically just knew a few people in the business world. They kept to themselves, and you’d barely know they existed.

To take it a step further, they actually massively disliked humans – you know, for the most part – they never wanted to be around people AND YET, (here’s the KICKER IN THE FACE!) – they were worth millions and making a ton of money, if not millions a year.

This naturally confused me.

I mean, if I followed the belief that my network = my networth, then I would be one of the richest people in the world. I adore people, LOVE the humans, and because of it, I do have a huge network.

This belief of mine would also make most women the richest in the world, as we are queens of the socializing, but we all know this isn’t the case.

The “sales-guru” guy hired by my brokerage to tell me that the size of my network = my net worth was TOTALLY WRONG.

The 2 aren’t at all correlated.

That day my life changed.


I changed my belief from “my network = my net worth” TO “I could make money literally sitting at home all day”. (Not that I do, but you get my point.)

I just needed to find one or 2 amazing people to work with, or people whose zone of genius was “connecting” or hit up my exact ideal clients one on one and go for a coffee, once a week – not 500 times a week. (I have every coffee rewards card in the City of Calgary!)

I stopped chasing NETWORKING events. I stopped even looking for speaking gigs or anything.

Yes, I still LOVE speaking, and will do it because I love it, but I’m no longer doing it for the reason to network, I’m doing it to hone my skill as a speaker, so my message can reach more people.

Oh, and I LOVE HUMANS so much. So, that’s not changing.

Here’s the beautiful thing I’ve preached on this blog a hundred times: fall IN LOVE with changing, challenging and creating new beliefs.

Every time you change your beliefs, expand them or get rid of old ones, you up-level your life.

So, that is:

Networking Tip #1: Your Network DOESN’T Equal Your NET WORTH!

Networking Tip #2: The Person With The Most Clarity Wins

Every time.

Do you really know what you want?

(Cause if you don’t know you will be sucked into someone else’s “WHY” and “WANTS”!)

Why did you just show up at this networking event?

Did you walk in with a goal? Was it to build fabulous connections with 2 new people?

Hey, this goes for sales too.

Oh, and anything you want in life, including sex.

You have to know what you want.

The person with the most clarity wins because clarity breeds confidence and courage.

Let’s be honest.

Most people really don’t know what they want in the grand scheme of things.


Be clear.

Be direct.

Get in, get out.

Which leads naturally into…

Networking Tip #3: Time Is Your Most Valuable Resource

Before you sign up for your next “networking” meeting, make sure you really calculate the cost of it.

Time, usually being the biggest cost, is often wasted when you are a “people pleaser” like me. Naturally wanting to please everyone, I say YES way more than I should.

You need to get on the “NO” train, as Marie Forleo says, and oh, here’s something Warren Buffett said, “The difference between successful people and really successful people is that really successful people say no to almost everything.”



Networking Tip #4: Don’t Be Fake

Everyone can tell if you have a canned Elevator Speech.

I’m FULLY against them.

I don’t even have one.

Guess, what.

My belief here, (and you don’t have to believe what I say) is that LAW OF ATTRACTION will win EVERY TIME, meaning, if you say “UM” or screw up your elevator pitch by stumbling over a few words, trust me – it won’t matter.

Your vibe, genuine or not, salesy or not, heart-felt or not, will SHINE through.

People can see into your S-O-U-L!

So, don’t sweat the fact that you don’t know what to say or that your 30-second pitch isn’t great.

I change mine all the time. You’re probably like me.

Mutli-passionate and where to begin?! Do I start by saying I’m a writer, blogger, author? Or do I lead with my 20-years experience as a CFP, have created over 5 online courses or do I lead with the fact I’m a mom, or do I say I’m going to take over the world?!


Difficult to fit all that into a 30-second pitch.

Networking Tip #5: Be Smart

This goes back to the ‘time’ thing, but you need to pick and choose where you are going to get your best bang for your buck!

Maybe hotel networking events aren’t for you, maybe you are better off choosing specific volunteering gigs where you can better meet the people you need to connect to.

Or maybe you host your own lunch n’ learns or host wine n’ cheese events for prospective clients.

The thing is this.

Pick and choose wisely the events that will naturally feed your business.

Say “no” to the rest.

Maybe you prefer 1:1 coffee dates?

I do. I love getting to know people on a deep level.

That stuff FILLS ME UP!

If you do a ton of networking events, you obviously know you need to cultivate relationships. That’s what this whole thing is anyways.

That’s all marketing is.


Sharing your message with people.

So, do you have a plan for that?

Do you have a plan for cultivating relationships in a way that doesn’t feel yucky or salesy to you?

Do you have a plan for cultivating relationships that doesn’t leave you feeling drained by the end of the day?

Do you have a plan to take over the world (aka. take your business to the next level?!)

Make one!

Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa

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Believe The Lie

Believe the Lie

It’s all a lie.

All the things I’m telling myself.

It’s a lie that I weigh 150 lbs.

It’s a lie that I have a multi-million dollar corporation.

It’s a lie that I can run a marathon.

It’s all just lies.


You have to believe many of the lies you tell yourself.

Yes, your current reality does not reflect where you are headed or where you are going to be.

BUT you can’t let the lies of the future things you want, which you don’t have right now, stop you.

You have to fake it till you make it.

You have to believe the lies, the fakeness, the dream, the goal, the plans SO HARD that you convince your sub-conscience mind that they are REAL.


You have to believe before time reality.

You have to turn your truth into reality.

Nothing great has ever been accomplished without the belief that the goal, the dream, the vision will one day be a present reality.

So, ya, you have to start believing your lies.

You have to believe your fake news.

Everyone makes fun of the fake news, but I know it’s power.

Belief is the most powerful force in the world.

(You don’t have to look far to see how true that statement is!)

If you believe it, to your core, it will be your truth.

It will prevail in reality.


Yes, what I am saying is, obviously, this belief works for the good guys and strongly as it does for the bad guys.

Do you get why the “bad guys” or the liars and the cheaters win sometimes in the world?

Their belief is stronger than yours.

Take that one to the bank.

Make your belief the strongest.

You have amazing things you want to create in this world.

It’s time you create them!


‘Cause your bullshit is good.

I believed mine.

I would never have published a book or 2, if I didn’t believe what I was saying was going to somehow help thousands of people.

So, you know what you have to do.

Don’t let anyone look at you where you are today and snicker at you.

Find the people that see and believe where you are going.

But, even then, forget about ALL OF THEM, ALL OF THE PEOPLE.


You need to be the ONLY ONE who believes in your dreams.

You need to be the ONLY ONE that believe you will weigh your dream weight, or bench your dream bench press, or write your dream book, or sing your dream song, or work your dream job, or love your dream person, or make your dream income.

Just you.

Do you believe it?

Are you believing your present reality how it looks to the outside world?


Are you going to believe in yourself and believe the unseen?

Live Your Legacy.

xx Lisa


Stop Discounting Yourself

Stop Discounting Yourself

Yesterday a colleague, who happens to also be an economics university professor, was asking me about my view on my industry.

During our conversation, we got on to the topic about how women entrepreneurs completely discount their worth.

He was telling me how my prices were way to low for what I offer.

I know that.

I’m aware that I discount myself.

Sometimes it’s not bad, but sometimes it is.

Women in general do this way too often.

You are discounting yourself too often.

What are the signs you are?

Well, by-golly-gee my loves, the first one that pops into my mind is cash flow.

Yup, not just me but MANY MANY women are not asking for more.

I don’t think (for the most part) it has anything to do with wage inequality.

I think it all has to do with the fact that we still don’t ask for the money and that we don’t think we are worthy of large sums of money.

2 Golden Rules:

  1. Ask and ye shall receive. (Oh, even the Bible tells you to do this…)
  2. Knowing, Believing and Radiating You ARE Worthy of it ALL – HEALTH, WEALTH & LOVE!

I think you get to wake up every morning in this world, this specific life, on this specific planet and you get to choose your thoughts.

It’s really mind blowing – the whole world really does revolve around you -in a way…. your thoughts are really that powerful.

I don’t think anyone is going to try to fight me on that point, except perhaps the people who still think life “happens” to them and they are merely spectators in the game of life.

Okay, so if we were to analyze what my problems really are, well, it would all fall back into my thinking.

Yours would too.

We are still holding on to such crazy beliefs that are norms of society.

You don’t have to believe what everyone else is believing.

Can you guess why you are discounting yourself in the area of who you deserve to be in a relationship with, how much money you make, or why you don’t deserve to be 100% healthy, healed, lean & fit?

It’s because you have MESSY THINKING.

Your thoughts are still clogging up the channel that is stopping you from being able to receive all that you are here to receive and ALL THAT YOU DESERVE TO RECEIVE!


It’s muddy, it’s muck and it’s down right not serving your life.

You are the one creating a faulty connection between you and your higher power. (You can’t blame Telus, Bell or Rogers – but you can try…)

Here are a few thoughts you may want to kick to the curb:

  • I can’t lose weight
  • I can’t make money
  • Making money is hard
  • Business is hard
  • Sales is hard
  • Men suck
  • Exercise is hard
  • Netflix is my life
  • Budgeting is hard
  • I’m bad with numbers
  • My boss is a b*tch
  • My job sucks
  • I don’t get paid enough
  • My friends aren’t there for me
  • No one supports me

Can you only imagine what this persons life looks like?

Okay, so we all still have at least one of those thoughts I just listed.

Don’t lie to yourself!

Take that thought and turn it around.

Turn around the ones you struggle with and make them your new mantra.


The only way you are not going to discount yourself as you go through this life is if you start cleaning up your thinking and choose the thoughts on purpose.

This plays into every area of your life.

If you want true abundance, stop discounting.

You want ALL THE THINGS, stop discounting.

You want to get serious and make some serious money, stop discounting.

I want to pose a very deep thought for you and me.

I’m the queen of discount shopping – thrift stores, etc.

Here’s something to ponder:

Does discount shopping reflect your self-worth?

I mean, maybe, just maybe, the reason I’m so hooked on good deals is because I never believed I was worth the full-price Chanel.

Hmmm, it may be time to uplevel your life and start by buying or doing something you didn’t feel you deserved in the past.

I’m not saying be stupid with your money, but really be clear with your thinking on how shopping discount is perhaps from a belief of lack or scarcity. It doesn’t mean it is AT ALL (you could just like the chase of the deal like I do), just be aware of the thoughts that are tricking you into playing a small game.

I’ll leave you with that my friends.

Don’t forget…

Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa




There are 4 things you really need to STOP if you really want to live your best life:

1.Stop trying to live a balanced life.

There is no such thing as a balanced life and what’s the point of that? Are you trying to arrive safely at death?

If you believe you are here for a really GREAT purpose, then stop trying to live a balanced life – that will be the nemesis of your vision and goal.

To accomplish great things will require your life to be FULL and 100% out of balance.

It may be 60/40 or 95/5, either way, seeking balance is a fool-proof way of failing if you are really trying to accomplish anything great.

Reminder that good is the opposite of great.

And I’m talking about being GREAT!

2. Stop thinking there is no room for your dream or that it’s already been done before.

Because guess what – it’s ALL been done before – BUT not by Y-O-U.

You have that special ingredient that no one has – but you have to believe it.

A fabulous quote by Mark Twain – if you don’t believe me then believe him:

“There is no such thing as a new idea. It is impossible. We simply take a lot of old ideas and put them into a sort of mental kaleidoscope. We give them a turn and they make new and curious combinations. We keep on turning and making new combinations indefinitely; but they are the same old pieces of colored glass that have been in use through all the ages.”

3. Stop – PLEASE stop – listening to other people.

I don’t mean stop listening to other people but I do mean stop internalizing every damn thing that everyone tells you about you or how you should or shouldn’t live your life.

Choose one or two mentors – not 7 billion. You have to stop listening to the rest of the crowd.

You have to really get good at the skill of tuning people’s opinions out.

Opinions run rampant and most people let them stop them from following their dreams.

Most people disguise these comments to you as being helpful to you, or they are trying to be “realistic” with you or they are just trying to make sure you don’t get hurt or fail.

Either way…

Who cares?

Fail anyways.


Anyone that does NOT support your dreams is probably not a person you should listen to seriously anyways. (Yup, tough love….)

and finally….

4. Stop that negative self-talk.

Just stop.

Pinch yourself.

Do whatever it takes to stop saying you can’t.

Do whatever it takes to start saying YES to yourself.

So, next question:

How does this affect your money?

  1. Go 110% after your money goals.
  2. Figure out what the real cost of not going for your BIG money dreams is?
  3. A million people pulling your brain in a million different directions only leads to procrastination with your finances, and not to mention lack of confidence with the money past decisions you made.
  4. Talk positively about all your financial dealings, ’cause your words create your life.

Don’t forget to….

Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa

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Sucking @ Grace

Sucking At Grace

Okay, this is where you may need a kick in the pants.

In your grace dispensing.

To Yourself.

I’m not going to sugar coat it because I see this all the time.


People come to me all the time apologizing they aren’t where they want to be.

You still aren’t at your ideal job, education level, income….

You still have debt, not enough saved up, got set back due to illness, care-giving….

The LIST, my friends, is endless.

There’s a million excuses.

And, guess what – NOBODY CARES BUT YOU.

You are the only who cares about the excuses you have as to why you aren’t where you want to be right now.

Somewhere in your head you are still making this mean something about you.

You are still making this mean that you are not good enough.

You still haven’t accepted and embraced that, well, first of all, life is naturally at minimum 50% of crappy un-ideal STUFF to work through and that secondly, that’s how you grow.

You don’t grow without challenges.

You are still apologizing.

You are still apologizing for being you.

You are still apologizing for not being in the NOT YET camp.

Where’s the grace?

Where’s the grace you need to be shown by you for you?

Are you finally starting to adopt the “I don’t care what my neighbor is doing, I will focus on my own journey” attitude?

The second you start apologizing for being where you are right now – in this season of life – is the moment you have compared yourself to something.

Many times it’s the ambiguous “SOCIETY” in general.

I’ve had clients many MANY times ask me how they are “doing” for their age financially. People always want a benchmark to compare themselves to.

It’s like if you are above the average that makes you better.

It doesn’t.

It really doesn’t matter what you earn or what debt you have or ANY OF IT.

Because too many people are still tying that to their self-worth and letting it get into their head and it’s blocking them from doing the REAL WORK – their purpose work, passion work, the SOUL-EXPLODING-WORK that they were called to do.

And that’s because all they are focused on is getting above average results.

When you are focused on getting above average results, you will never get GREAT MIND-BLOWING RESULTS.

This goes for anything in your life.




All of it my LOVES, all of it!

And all because you are apologizing for the season of life you are in.

Don’t apologize for being in a season of life that maybe is pulling you further away from your goals.

It’s OKAY.

Own the season.

Own the fact you are raising kids and the braces cost a fortune.

Own the fact that you not where you want to be financially because you took a year off and traveled the world.

Own your past choices.

The reason for your debt – love it.

Learn from it.

Call it your greatest lesson.

The reason you had to go bankrupt, quit your job, got let go, aren’t making as much as you want right now – it’s all there for you to overcome, for you to grow, and…

for you to learn how to heap loads of GRACE on yourself.

Have you ever thought the lesson here for you right now is just a lesson in learning how to love yourself?

Learning how to give your soul, spirit, body, mind and heart some GRACE?

What if that’s just the lesson?

What if it’s not more complicated than that?

Here’s my big reveal for you, it’s usually and A-HA for most people.

You will never be able to HATE yourself rich.

You will never be able to HATE yourself to losing weight or your best body.

You will never be able to HATE yourself to any GOAL you desire.

You have to love yourself if you want the goal to stick.

You have to be your own best cheerleader.

You have to let yourself be the biggest loser and still be able to laugh at yourself and fail while still pouring out grace and holding the belief that everything works out for your highest good.

You have to stop SUCKING at GRACE!

When you do, that’s when you….

Live Your Legacy.

xx Lisa

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Why Seeking Validation Is Hurting Your Wealth

Why Seeking Validation Is Hurting Your Wealth

Seeking validation for all your decisions and choices is hurting your wealth.

You are looking to ‘the others’.

The partner, the children, the parents, the society.

God forbid, the banks.

You forgot the emerald rule somewhere along your yellow brick road.

The emerald rule that just passes the golden rule for living.

You are here to be you.

To follow your path.

To listen to your truth.

Not the rest.

The rest of the mortals will get in your head.

They push and we get so tired of holding our own that we allow all their judgments and opinions to take over the whole show in our heads.

Enter: The Gong Show

But I don’t need to tell you this.

You already know you committed the cardinal sin and let in the vampires.

They have been sucking the life right out of you for so long.

They’ve taken up residence in your brain and you can barely hear yourself think, let alone be able to tune in and follow your own gut on what’s right and wrong for you.

Why does this hurt your wealth?

It’s hurting your wealth because if you are looking to others to validate you and your dreams and plans, choices, decisions, etc. (and act upon their recommendations) then you will never stay heading in one direction, you will change directions a hundred times and be pulled in a million different directions, because as we know – 100 people will give you 100 different opinions.

You will have no consistency or persistence in your money goals or any goal for that matter.

You will never make it when you stop, start, stop, change, change, start, flounder, fall, win, stop, start….

It’s a disaster!

Your financial life will be a disaster when you don’t follow through.

Your financial life will be a disaster when you are constantly seeking outside validation and listening to every Charles, Henry, Bob, Tom, Dick and Harry that passes you by. (Just Pick One! Dick is usually good a good choice.)

Well, it doesn’t just hurt your wealth, it also hurts your relationships and if hurting your wallet and heart aren’t bad enough, it also hurts your health.

Being in a regular state of allowing ALL the people to speak into your life – instead of a very select few – creates confusion!

Confusion creates dis-ease in the body.

Cells go WACKY and out of order!

Why not select a chosen few that you absolutely trust, admire, respect, want to emulate?

Like your own personal mastermind in your head.

Do you have your short list?

Is it short enough? Is it focused enough? (This is key!)

And I’m going to be REAL straight with you – many times those people on your short list AREN’T the people closest to us.

Yes, you heard me right.

My short list is very short.

Like 2, 3 if you include Jesus.

But, like, it’s a real short list.

Here’s the other thing.

The people on my short list I have never even met in person (yet)!

They are mentors of mine.

Mentors I absolutely want to be like, in every way!

So, what I’m really saying here is that practically NO ONE can really sway me to get off this path I’ve designed for myself because my mentors don’t even tell me what to do, I just choose to follow them.

(And like I say to all my people, the same that is said to me: You already know your truth, it sometimes just takes connection to others to reveal it to you. That’s all a mentor or coach is anyways – a PERSONAL TRUTH REVEAL MASTER! There’s nothing to be taught. There’s only jewels inside to be uncovered!)

The only time you don’t get to where you want to go is when people pull you off your path OR you haven’t even created a path for yourself in the first place. (Back to my posts on creating Clarity….)

Sometimes you realize that you absolutely need to say

“Thank you but no thank you”

to virtually every well meaning person in your life.

And when you do you get to step back into the driver’s seat and take back your life.

You have to stand up for Y-O-U because no one else will.

Not even your BFF.

You get to make this good.

You get to stop asking for Validation.

So, stop looking for validation through others

and start VALIDATING yourself.

You are the only one who needs your approval.

So buy yourself an “APPROVED” stamp at Staples

and like the “That Was Easy” Button,

take that stamp and APPROVE yourself.

Approve your dreams.

Approve your choices.

Approve your wardrobe.

Approve ALL THE STUFF you chose.

Because it’s great and it make you you.

And when you are you, you most definitely…

Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa

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There’s More to Clarity (Part 2)

There's More to Clarity

There’s more to clarity….and I’m going to tell you what it is!

Last week I talked about clarity (Blog: There’s Something Missing In Your Life)

Getting super clear on what it is you want.

(And photo cred to MOI who is planning away at ROSSO – one of my go-to coffee shops!)

So many people give lip-service and meme-service to this, but I can tell you this for a fact – most people actually stop after setting the goals.

And make no mistake, for you to have a goal in the first place is fantastic – it puts you in the top 10%-20% ( or less!) of people on the planet. (A fact according to me…)

You know it – I know it.

But let’s get REAL CLEAR here – that’s the beginning of this journey.

I mean don’t get me wrong, setting goals, creating clarity around what you want in life is H-A-R-D work.

It’s so hard your brain actually burns more calories doing goal setting than a work out. (I don’t know this as fact either, but I get super hungry after a good “session”!)

So, what do you do after the goal has been set?

You get out your calendar and SCHEDULE in the actual tasks that must be done.

I’m brilliant at this with EVERYTHING except when it comes to food.

But business planning, financial stuff – I will go out and say I have far more clarity and more plans and calendars created than the average duck.

I will even go out and say my planning is rock solid….now.

It definitely wasn’t always this way!

I’m a natural born organizer, however, there was always a piece of the puzzle missing – and for me that was always the answer to the question, “What do I want out of life?” (It’s hard to have great plans when you don’t know which direction your super-sexy boat is headed!)

And to be honest, this is REALLY hard for me as a natural adventure-seeker and someone who will buck authority/status quo/the “crowd”/society/norms till kingdom come.

So, yes, as an entrepreneur and financial planner – I really love to plan, but hate to sometimes carry out the plan.

Mostly because that sounds boring AF (as firkytoodle – look it up – the politer version).

However, that being said, I do have one magical secret that has helped me get to where I am today, as far as making plans and carrying them out – and that is…..

  • Really connecting into what you want.
  • Really being spiritually, emotionally, mentally, physically connected to what you want out of life – what you want to experience in your life, what impact you want to make and what mark you want to leave on the world.

And this is what I see.

Everyone (being the “corporate world”) making these SMART goals that aren’t really SMART at all because they completely LACK the energy behind them. (See my podcast on SMARTER goals!)

Not only that, we are so programmed to create goals that are just useless words on paper.

What you need to do is get those words to come alive to you!

You need to create words that set your heart on fire and get you to get excited and enthusiastic about life.

  • Most goals don’t inspire.
  • Most goals don’t touch your heart.
  • Most goals, ESPECIALLY DOLLAR AMOUNT GOALS, don’t mean anything unless you can connect them to a fabulous feeling/emotion or something fun to step into.

And this is what happens.

Your goals don’t even get off the ground because of these 2 things:

  1. You haven’t scheduled them into your day, week, month, year. (Time will always get away from you!)
  2. You don’t have any feeling or real desire behind them – they are just what you think someone said you should have as goals – not YOUR real dreams or desires.

The only reason your goals haven’t manifested your goals yet is because they aren’t an energetic match for you – yet.

They will be, I promise, but you have to do the work.

But you have to up-level that energy to a point where what you are desiring is flowing into your reality without resistance.

When you are unclear, when you have no desire or emotion behind your goals and when you don’t have a written scheduled plan for those dreams – YOU WILL NOT ACCOMPLISH YOUR GOALS.


So do the 3 things:

  • Create Clear Goals
  • Schedule Your Goals
  • Desire Your Goals

And you will be a much better match for bringing it home and no doubt…

Live Your Legacy!

xx L

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The Thing Missing In Your Life….

The Thing Missing In Your Life

The missing thing in your life is so simple yet feels elusive – unattainable.


It’s always going to be clarity.

You’re always going to be seeking clarity. 

Why is that? 

Because when you are clear on what you want, what the next action to take, the next step, the outcome, the goal, the plan – ALL OF IT – then you cut out a LOT of frustration and crap in your life (if not all of it!)

Life flows when you give it clear instructions.

It wants to serve you. It wants to help you.

The reason for most of what ails you in life is because you don’t have the answers you need and the reason you don’t have answers right now is because something is not clear.

This is what is missing for you. 

It’s missing in your:

  • financial life
  • health life
  • relationship life

This is the thing missing in your life – I’ll bet you my bottom dollar!

This is the secret to everything you ever wanted in life!

So, yes, I’m doling out advice.

Do what ever it takes to get clear.


D O  W H A T E V E R  I T  T A K E S  T O  G E T  C R Y S T A L  C L E A R ! !

You will rid yourself of worry and frustration and really get to…….

Live Your Legacy!

xx L

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Burning Desire

Burning Desire

You still don’t have it do you?

Burning Desire.

Okay, so maybe every once in a while you get a burning desire for something.

(Obviously, I’m referring to chocolate!)

I mean, sure every once in a while you get these moments filled with passion and a deep-burning desire — for chocolate.

But, that’s really not the burning desire I’m talking about.

It’s about the burning desire you do lip service to (and even then, most don’t) but you’re not really feeling deep down.

Maybe it feels fake or pushed or not in flow.

I will be the first to say that it’s hard to find your burning desire for the great things in this life that you know you were called to do, but to do them means hard work and facing your fears.

This is where you have to dig deep.

I was totally confronted with this message this week.

I literally got the whole “burning desire” message from like 4 different sources this week that my burning desire is not really burning at the moment. (So, clearly, the universe is practically banging me on the head with it!)

And what I have – you’d hardly desire.

Sometimes life is MEH. (And that’s okay btw to have those seasons!)

I mean, don’t get me wrong, I haven’t quit – one foot in front of the other and sure, yes, I’m doing all the things I love and absolutely do love my life, but that “burn all your boats” part has been missing.

You know, when there’s no turning back.

Not that you at all need to “burn all your boats”, but it’s like that deep connection with the work I’m doing is missing.

And to be more on point, I think it has to do with the fact that, (and I’ve preached this more than once…) my guide, my angel, my higher-self, my captain, my subconscious, inner-soul – whatever you want to call her, but I call her – CLARITY – was missing.

Or rather, I just tuned her out.

Even more so, I know I’m not the only one.

I look at humanity, in general, and know I’m not the only one who’s tuning out my higher purpose most of the time.

“Da-da-da, I can’t hear you.”

Okay, so I also know I could have coffee with you right now and you’d probably agree with me that you aren’t really doing the thing you were meant to do – and if you are, you’re not showing up in a BIG SOULFUL way.

Obviously, we are tuning out from ourselves and tuning into what the crowd is doing. (I’m referring that the crowd is what our Partners, Kids, Family, Work etc. is doing to push us along into their tangled webs of their ‘stuff’, leading us away from our ‘stuff’!)

I mean, I’m so queen of this. I tune out often. I’ll admit it.

Sure, there’s a balance and time of rest and rejuvenation needed, but I also know when I get that nudge that I can be doing something more useful with my time.

And I know why “we”, in general terms, don’t go after the BIG stuff we know we can achieve.

And I would say that it’s because we are too damn comfortable with our lives.

I was telling my biz-bestie yesterday that my life is cush…

Super Cushy.

I mean, I have;

  • food – a life time supply of chocolate at my disposal at the gas station a few minutes from home (what more could one want in life?!)
  • big-screen TVs – more than 5 in my home – LIKE an embarrassing amount…..
  • a nice warm car
  • a beautiful bed and chair to write on
  • comfy nice home (& office!)
  • a fireplace
  • fluffy slippers
  • 8-year old Lulu’s (still in amazing shape – they just don’t make them like the used to!)
  • a big family
  • the best friends a girl could ask for
  • the best support people…
  • WAIT….I forgot my SHOES!

So, then again, I ask – what is all the striving for?

I mean, I literally have it all – right down to the old style Lulu’s!

Why then do we need to find a burning desire to do anything in life?

I mean, get a job, work, watch TV, few holidays, volunteer once in a while, wine night with friends and VOILA – you have a great life.

But if you are anything like me, there is something still screaming at you that wants out.

It’s your art.

It’s creating something bigger than yourself.

It’s the real reason you were put here on earth.

It’s the tiny candle-lit-flame deep down that hasn’t had a chance yet to turn into the burning wildfire of your soul.

You’ve kept it down.

You’ve kept it small for so long.

Only once in a while did you show your tiny tealight candle to someone and they saw your light, but then you hid it away again.

Life got in the way.

Life gets in the way.

It will again.

It will always.

It will until you finally decide that your WILDFIRE is more important than everyone else’s temporary 3-hour log fires. (My mom used to buy those! Cute!)

But you have to choose that for yourself.

No one else can.

No one else can put you first.

You have to be the cheerleader of your own fire.

It’s your job to turn your tealight into your WILDFIRE of burning desire.

Oh, and the other thing…

You have to have a singular purpose.

This is by far the greatest thing I have faced.


What is your one purpose?

What is your one burning desire?

You can’t have 2.

Well, you can, but they are both going to be half-assed.

50% to be sure or 90/10 but either way it’s not 100% effort.

You must focus in and find that one burning desire and then from there all the rest will fall into place.

Like the book “The One Thing”, what’s the one thing you need to focus on that will knock down all the other dominoes in your path?

This is what Napoleon Hill meant by his burning desire.

When you don’t have a burning desire for anything, you are caught in drifter land.

You are a drifter.

You are a pawn in life.

You let life happen to you.

You let your mind happen to you.

Stop drifting.

Start thinking thoughts on purpose.

Being a drifter won’t serve you.

Be intentional.

Start fanning your flames.

Be the person who creates the light –

Heck, be the person that creates the smoke and shakes things up!

Be the force you were meant to be in the world.

Don’t stay in your comfy life.

I mean, sure, 99% of people will.

They will keep doing what other’s say they should.

They will keep listening to the other sheep.

They will stay with the herd.

That’s the 99% of people.

But you.

You are the 1%.

You came here to be the 1%.

So be it!

And when you do, when you find that burning desire –

burn up the path behind you –

there’s no going back!

You get to do what so many people don’t do.

You get to……

Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa

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