Start Now!

Hundreds of women have told me over the years that they weren’t ready to meet with their money.

This is a thing.

You may be cringing inside just hearing this.

Are you ready to face your money?

I want you to know this if you feel you aren’t ready to face your money –

The moment when you feel you aren’t ready to tackle your money situation head on is exactly when you need to tackle your money situation head on.

You need to start before you are ready, because the secret to success is this:

You are really never ready for it anyways.

I liken this to going to the doctor.

And, I’ve done this, so I do speak from experience.

I like to go to the doctor when I’m extremely healthy.

I refuse to go when I’m sick.

Makes a lot of sense, doesn’t it?!

I like to walk out of my doctors office with a clean bill of health AND no lectures on reducing my cholesterol or the need to lose weight, etc, so to ensure that, I make sure I’m 100% before I go for my annual check-ups.

Why is this a thing?

It’s because we don’t want to face reality, face our mortality, face ‘real-life’, face the fact that there could really be something wrong and then we will have to go through the painful experience of having to ‘do-the-work’ and fix or problems.

Same with our money!

Sometimes, when it comes to our money we just need to choose a starting point and go from there.

Don’t forget that everything has a starting point, everything started simply or at one before it ever became 2.

Then two becomes four.

Then one day…

a thousand

a hundred thousand

a million

a billion.

But everything starts at one.


And for many of us, starting new projects always feels so good, so does crossing the finish line.

It’s usually the in-between that’s hard.

Don’t forget. Every Billion Dollar Bank Account Started with a $1. – Lisa Elle

What are you here to start and finish?

Do you know?

If you don’t – keep working on getting clarity around that vision. (PS. That’s the hardest work ever!)

And then go out, do it and you will create the most wonderful feeling of being proud of yourself.

Never underestimate the feeling of being proud of yourself.

Starting and finishing are great ways to create the feeling of being proud of yourself.

Do something today to get you started on the next level of your money!

Starting and starting now is how you are going to…..

Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa

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6 Reasons You Need To Buy Life Insurance

6 Reasons You Need To Buy Life Insurance Alberta


Here are 6 reasons I always share with clients why they need to buy life insurance.

Did you know that life insurance pays out tax-free to your beneficiaries usually within 30-60 days upon claim? Did I mention tax-free money to your estate?

1. To Pay Final Expenses

In my opinion, everyone needs to have a small permanent life insurance policy to cover off final expenses.  These expenses can run from $5,000 to $25,000 or more. Besides burial or cremation costs, there are also final tax returns and legal obligations or probate or tax owing that are required to close your estate. Here’s the thing, don’t be a burden to your family or friends – consider having a small paid up whole life or universal life or Term100 that will pay out tax free to your chosen beneficiaries to help ease the immediate burden of final expenses.

2. To Cover Children’s Expenses

If you have children under age 18, I firmly believe it is your responsibility to help provide for those children if you were to pass away prematurely. This is something I’m very passionate about because it’s so inexpensive for people of child-rearing ages to afford a decent sized life insurance policy of even $500,000 to $1,000,000 at minimum. Everyone knows a million dollars doesn’t go far these days, not to mention if you want to help contribute to your child’s secondary education costs, then you will really need to take a good hard look at getting the proper amount of life insurance.

3. To Replace Your Partner’s Income

If you depend on your partners income to run your lifestyle and housing costs, then this is a no brainer, obviously if you didn’t have insurance and your partner passes away you may be forced to radically change your lifestyle. The question becomes, is this something you are willing to do during the hardest days of your life? Any amount of life insurance will help ease this burden so you aren’t forced into making rash decisions at inopportune times.

4. To Pay Off Debts

Like I said about the insurance for your children, I also will say that it is your responsibility to cover your debts in the event of your passing. You were the one who made the decision to take on the debt in the first place, don’t you think that you should also not leave that debt to your loved ones to deal with your messes? Time to ADULT now and make sure you have proper coverage to handle all your debts, from mortgage to credit cards to car loans to business agreements.

5. To Cover Business Expenses

Buying life insurance to cover Key Employees or to fund a buy/sell agreement or just to cover outstanding debts in the business, it is so important to look at life insurance for your business. Make sure to talk to a CFP to make sure all the angles of your business are covered.

6. To Pay Off Estate Taxes

Although Canada doesn’t have estate taxes per se, they do have probate fees and final taxes on deemed dispositions of assets on the date of your death. This can be a massive blow to your estate. For example, a million dollars in RRSPs would be worth $600,000 or less after all the taxes are paid on your final tax return. That’s a huge win for the government and a huge loss for your family. This is where permanent insurance is important, such as whole life or universal life or Term100. Probate fees are minimal in some provinces, but in other provinces can be very costly.

Okay, now ask yourself if you have enough or you have enough on your partner.

Let me ask you this, in your darkest of days – losing your best friend, lover, partner – do you want to be financially stressed on top of your loss? OR, on that note, if he’s a schmuck who owes you money and never pays up on time, wouldn’t it be better to have a policy in place to make sure you get what is contractually yours in the case he dies and leaves you high and dry raising kids… just more food for thought… cause you will curse his name for getting off scot-free one last time! 🙂

Either way, I’m happy to get you a quote or put you in touch with someone in your jurisdiction who can help you get some proper risk management and life insurance in place! Don’t wait… I will write another blog on the people who came to me and said they wished they had put some life insurance in place before their partner passed unexpectedly.

Grim, I know. Real Life – Yes, unfortunately.

Bottom Line: You’re still gonna need money, honey.

xx Lisa



Your One Job

It is your job to increase your level of deservingness, your level of wanting, your level of desire.

And your visceral reaction to that statement will say everything about your mindset in realtion to MONEY!

You are here for increase.

You are here on this planet for expansion.

That is what humans are here for.

We are here to reproduce, grow, learn, be creative and keep doing the things no one has done before.

The homosapiens who lived thousands of years ago, heck, hundred years ago – their minds would be blown on the things we can do now!

Why are you fighting so hard to push back on your hearts desires?

A few of my dearest friends this week happened to give me advice to ‘pull back’.

Why is it that we are so quick to do that? To fit in?

For you, you right now that is reading this and knows deep in your soul that you are here for more and want the crazy-amazing-mind-blowing-dream life, please don’t listen to those who aren’t dreaming as big as you.

Keep your mind on expansion.

Keep up-leveling your life to new dimensions.

Keep focused on the big dreams, the desires of your heart that are so irrational but you can’t help but go all in on them.

And you need to know this.

You are worthy of your wildest dreams.

Let that sink in for a bit.

You are worthy of all the things you can believe you can achieve.

And the BEST thing you can ever do for your family, your friends, humanity – is to follow those dreams, make those dreams come into being.

That is the most exciting thing in the world!

Bring about your most wildest dreams into the world is what this life is all about!

What would life be like without ‘new’, ‘exciting’, ‘dreams-coming-true’?

Answer: Horrible. Shoot me now.

When you step into your purpose and it lights you up, you inevitably light up the world around you.

THAT is how we make true transformation.

Because light casts no shadows.

You cannot hide from light.

Light shines on messiness and helps begin the shift from mess to healing, then to beauty.

So when I say, it’s your JOB, your ONLY JOB, to be in full control of your ‘vibe’ and what you are putting out in the world, that is your only job. It’s there so YOU can live out your dreams and the absolute only way you will help someone else live theirs.

Since I published my book in 2016, I’ve had hundreds of conversations with people of all ages who wanted to write a book but didn’t know how. There were truly inspired by my book and me taking the chance to put my dreams out there for the world to see.

If you aren’t relentless in your pursuit of creating the GREAT, you are missing out on all the fun life has to offer – THE BIG MIRACLE!

Your one job is to go after YOUR BIG MIRACLE with focus, courage, and faith – believing in things not yet seen.

And who wants to miss out on that?

Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa

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How To Stop Your Money Leaks

Here’s the thing.

For most of us, we do actually make and earn ‘enough’ money.

The problem is that we are not focused in our spending.

We mindlessly spend much of the time.

Now, spending is TOTALLY okay. It’s not the spending that is ever the issue!

It’s the mindfulness of it and tuning into the energy of the spend that you are making.

The biggest way to stop your money leaks is to get really clear on what it is you are trying to create.

And for the record, I don’t want you to think you are leaking money when in actual fact you are leaking ENERGY!

Remember, money is just energy – it’s your energy. It’s what you are putting out and attracting in the world.

And if you are stuck in the feeling of always ‘being broke’ or ‘not able to get ahead’ then I would suggest you start by looking at your mindset and really start to scrutinize the thoughts you are having in regards to your money.

Money brings up all sorts of crazy and irrational emotions and fears within us. It also brings up great dreams and possibilities when we ‘feel’ we have an abundance of money available to us.

Leaking money is just a mindset and when we mindfully spend that is when we get to truly create wealth from a place of power and alignment.

xx Lisa

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Soul Contracts

There are soul contracts that you are here to fulfill.

What is a soul contract?

It’s a deal you made before you even showed up on this planet.

It’s everything you have been and everything you will be.

It’s everything that your soul knows on the deepest level that you are here to experience.

It’s not an in-your-face contract, it’s a gentle nudge.

It’s ALL the things that have been written on your heart that you know are for you – in all the areas of life.

There are two soul contracts I personally am very aware of that I am here to fulfill in this lifetime.

There may be more. And more may show up and some may come and go, but I know for me there are two very strong contracts my soul is here to discover above all other experiences.

One for me will be in the area of relationships/love and one in the area of business.

Yours may be in the areas of healing, wealth/money, communication, relationships, creativity, expansion, etc.

The reason why we ‘tune into’ our higher self – whatever that looks like for you – through writing, meditating, praying, running, walking, dedicated thinking time, etc. is so that we can check in and course correct when we are not on the right path.

And how do you know?

How do you know you are on your right path?

How do you know you are fulfilling your soul’s contracts?

Your body will always tell you.

Your body is the vessle that is communicating to you via pain bodies sending signals up to your brain that something isn’t right with you.

When you are at dis-ease in your body, you know that something isn’t quite right in your life and you will naturally manifest more dis-ease in your body which leads to disease.

These are the signals your are not in alignment with your soul contracts.

I have been given lots of advice lately.

Some welcome, some not.

People will naturally always give you advice.

Hell, I’m always giving advice – let’s call it a workplace hazard as a financial advisor.

There are times to listen to advice and times when you need to energetically say, “thank you for your concern, but this advice does not apply to me.”

Because YOU KNOW!

Your soul knows when its being spoken to.

I would say 90% of the advice we receive is just noise and we have to get really good at filtering it out so we can fulfill these beautiful soul contracts that we are here to bring into reality.

So, how do we get into alignment with our soul contracts?


There are 3 parts to trust.

Dr. Kent Grayson of Northwestern University has The Trust Project where they study TRUST in the market place. He says trust is made up of three things.

  • competence
  • honesty
  • benevolence

Although this study is related to the buyer-seller relationship in the marketplace, these are the 3 things you will need to trust yourself.

Competence: Knowing that you have your own back and you are capable of making decisions that will serve your highest purpose and that you know what is best for yourself.

Honesty: Being truthful with yourself and others when things are not in alignment and things aren’t working.

Benevolence: Giving this beautiful unconditional love without expecting anything in return, to yourself and others. This means loving yourself with this beautiful unconditional love and forgiving yourself when you didn’t have your own back, when you lacked integtrity, when you know you took an action against your own soul.

There is something you will never be able to escape.

Your soul.

Your soul always knows.

Your soul, which is connected to the consiousness of the universe at all times, knows.

Your soul is your higher power, your lighthouse, your guide, the captain of all your faculties.

If you can get past the fear that ego has you held in, you get to open up your life to miracles beyond your wildest dream.

That’s not just hope.

That is your soul’s contract, the expansion that your soul is here for.

That is beautiful and inspiring.

And that….

THAT is how you…

Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa

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Good Things Happen Now!

As the quote always went, “Good thing happen to those who wait.”

But I will have to disagree.

I would change the belief to ‘good thingss happen right now’. After all, if we sit waiting we will be waiting a long time. Last I checked this present moment was all we had….

Perhaps worthwhile things are worth building and waiting for. Creating something worthwhile takes time and consistency. Two ingredients that I would say create a little magic in your life.

But the good. The good stuff. That is right now!

This is quantum physics. We are powerful creators and all we have is now and pulling ourselves into the beautiful life we are creating and creating that higher vibration.

Also, remember that ALL we have is the present.

Anytime we are future thinking or past thinking we are doing that from the place of this moment right here and now.

So the past is essentially fake news and so is the present!

The only time the GOOD can happen is in the present.

The only time anything can happen is in the present – technically – because our brains are constantly trying to trick us to live in the past or future which totally negates what we can create in the here and now.

So yes, we need to challenge all the old sayings and phrases that have been so deeply programmed into our psyche.

Challenge your beliefs. Challenge what those who came before you said things that maybe don’t make sense to us in our current timeline.

Find the origin story of the beliefs you hold and question why you hold them.

Perhaps the origin story of one of your core beliefs comes from a mama sitting on a grunge boat with babes in arms, immigrating to a new country, terrified of what was to come next and yet with all her brave strength calms her children with, “Good things come to those who are patient.”

It was a prayer. A wish. She didn’t know. She was standing tall selling the dream to her children.

And of no fault of anyone, a new phase has been programmed into small children who carry these phrases upon their hearts and minds and take them on as new beliefs.

Words have power to form and this is where generational programming begins and carries on to future generations.

So there was some context to the phrase, and it doesn’t make it right or wrong, but rather a belief that now shapes the decisions and lives of the people that heard these words and took them to heart.


Always be thinking in context.

We do know that we are here in the best time in history to be able to create whatever life we want. Truly. It’s all available to us. More than any other time in history we have all the ingredients we need to manifest our realities at the fastest rate.

That’s what makes this time very special!

That’s what makes me say, “Good things happen now!”

And they are here now, create them and believe them.

Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa

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Time To Ditch The Macro View Of Your Money!

When it comes to your money there are two overarching themes: macro & micro.

Macro money, as I will call it, takes a look at the overall themes of money out in the world as you see it.

Micro money takes a look at your own personal financial situation.

Macro money views will naturally manifest themselves in your ‘micro’ money situation.

What does this mean, and why is this important?

How you see the world and how you view, process and internalize information on what is happening out in the world, on subjects such as the economy, inflation, currency exchange, fiscal and monetary policy, and news in general is shaping your thoughts on what is happening in the world.

Those thoughts will dictate your behaviour towards money.

Thoughts create feelings and feelings/emotions run WILD when it comes to our money leading us to make financial decisions based on fear, anxiety, and greed.

We use our limbic brain (monkey mind), and don’t make decisions from our pre-frontal cortex where the rational conscious thinking can occur and we end up doing dumb things with our money.

So, what can we do to create and build wealth having to deal with both what is going on out in the world (macro view) and what is happening with your money personally (micro view)?

I’m going to tell you something that will go contrary to what any economist or portfolio manager will tell you.

DITCH the MACRO view of the world!

Stop listening to the news and the world around you, at least in the beginning when you are getting your financial feet on the ground! (Once you’ve ‘made it big’ you can go back to listening to the macro news.)

If you are a home-based business owner or small business entrepreneur, then you really need to hear this:


Please never forget that!

That means your money is 100% in your control to create.

And now you are totally in disagreement with me, but hear me out.

I’ve shared with you my list of things you can control and you can’t control. (Read that here!)

The thing when it comes to our money, our income, and achieving goals – that is always in our control.

Yes, things won’t go your way 100% of the time, and yes, you WILL have money ups and downs, but your belief in what you are creating will absolutely make it rain for you!

And it won’t happen overnight, but it will happen for you.

The magic happens here:

1. Turn off the outside noise.

There is so much noise! Get off your social, your news, the distractions. Those not only are harmful to your thoughts much of the time as they absolutely can pull you from a higher vibration down to a lower vibration in a matter of seconds, but the other thing is that they can be a colossal waste of your precious time. Time you could be spending setting up appointments, talking with prospects, clients, creating content or doing some good in the world.

Be a creator. Make sure your creator to consumer ratio is at least 4:1 if you are serious about creating some serious moola in your business or life!

2. Get clear.

I have beaten this horse to death.

But you still don’t really know what you want. If I held a gun to your head right now, would you be able to clearly tell me what it is you are building without flip flopping and changing your mind in two seconds? You need that kind of clarity to really bring in what you are doing. That kind of clarity also helps you say ‘NO’ easier to things that are not aligned with your energy or your goals. The more you can say ‘NO’ the better off you will be. Seems so counter-intuitive, but try it.

3. Be All In On You

This is where you begin to take aligned action and go for it. What is aligned action? It’s actions that all match and sync up to the goals you are trying to bring about into your reality. It’s gotta be you and you. You’ve got to have your own back more than anything else in the world. This is the micro’est’ of all, because it’s quiet, it’s just you – and yet, it’s the seed that will change the world.

Never underestimate the power of the micro.

After all, a micro-organism did just change the world these last 2 years….

Can you actually get to a place where truly none of the outside noise in your life matters. Truly.

That’s the zero point.

That’s the point where all possibility lies.

That’s the point of creation.

Your MONEY, your wealth is held there in that vibration.

It’s waiting to be unlocked by you.

You do this by creating Value + Results for others in the world, and then you will get what you want.

But to help others and create massive value with massive impact, you need to be all in, clear about what it is you want and free from distractions.

Seriously, has watching the news ever solved any problems? Has hanging out on social media made anyone wealthy?

Social media strategy and content creation is MUCH different than just hanging out and commenting on posts.

You get what I’m laying down for you.

Get serious about YOU.

Get serious about YOUR GOALS.

Get serious about YOUR MONEY.

This is the MICRO view of money on your own personal level.

It’s time to stop pretending and pussy footing around your big goals.

You are worthy of making them happen.

You are worthy of being a Wealthy Woman!

You are worthy to right here, right now….

Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa

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Financial Tailwinds

Financial Tailwinds by Lisa Elle

We know luck favours the prepared, and sometimes the unprepared – because by definition, luck is chance.

This is no doubt a topic that comes up when it comes to wealth and your money.

When luck does strike, the difference between the prepared and unprepared is that the prepared are ready to handle the surge of money coming their way.

The unprepared (and let’s say, the unprepared mindset) will typically squander wealth in no time at all.

Regardless of your level of preparedness, we do know that some people get lucky financially.

These are financial tailwinds.

Let me take you back to some high school math and chat a bit about the bell curve.

The bell curve in statistics shows that most data collected will fall within a normal distribution (think Mean, Mode & Median) and most centered around average.

The tailwinds as I’m calling them (or the tails of the data point) are extreme outliers.

Extreme losses or extreme wins are the tails of the bell curve and truly rare.

The extreme wins in investing or money or business or lottery, are the financial tailwinds I’m referring to.

The truth is ‘Hiting-It-BIG’ is a financial outlier.

Sadly, many of us won’t see that in our lives.

But before you lose all hope and want to punch lady luck in the ovaries, know this:

Just because you don’t HIT IT BIG, doesn’t mean you can’t MAKE IT BIG!

There is so much in your control that you can do to create the exact life of your dreams and have what feels like a financial luck!

One of the first steps you need to take to MAKE IT BIG is to create a solid wealth map and create some serious financial clarity around your goals and what exactly it is you want to create.

This is still the first step and so over looked and also done incorrectly!

(Yes, some of ya’ll have been goal setting and stealing OPD {other people’s dreams} and not doing the hard work yourself, which is hard work and requires lots of introspection to actually decide what you want out of life and be super okay with your dreams not being as big as your neighbours, but I will save this topic for another week!)

Here’s the other things you need to have in place to MAKE IT BIG!

  • A Financial Roadmap
  • Up-To-Date Wills and Estate Documents
  • A Solid Risk Management Plan (To cover death, disability, divorce, disease, ) and – all my D’s)
  • A Consistent Savings & Investment Plan
  • A Plan for Debt
  • A Plan for Business and Future Business Succession

All these things NEED to be in place for you to have a solid foundation…

These give you mental clarity and peace to allow for life to happen and unfold –

And don’t underestimate that slow and steady will still yield you financial luck!

I operate on a best case and worst case scenario in my head all the time.

I do it for my clients as well. I’m sure you may think the same way.

Best case is this, you have solid financial footing and financial clarity when a financial windfall does come your way.

Worst case, if you have a solid financial plan in place, and taking steps toward that, you will be better than fine.

Either way, I believe you create your financial luck.

Creating financial tailwinds in your life is another way you…

Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa

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  1. Work with us 1:1 in the Wealthy Woman Accelerator and we will guide you every step of the way!
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From Good to Great

Into the Unknown.

From Good to Great – this is the big idea.

When life is bad, it’s easy to choose good or better. You have to make that jump. You have to. Mostly because bad is not pleasant and uncomfortable, and we love us a little comfort and goodness. And that is good!

But this missive is not about those in a bad situation wanting to create a better life for themselves.

This is truly a different type of plight.

This is a sneaky type of life situation that a majority of us will find ourselves in during one season of life or another.

The one that will rob you of a life WELL lived.

It’s the good life.

The key word here being ‘good’, and not GREAT.

And I am going to be an encourager, a cheerleader for the GREATNESS within you that is stuck in good right now and doesn’t have the courage to go after the GREAT.

I see so many dead souls living good lives.

I feel this is the mark of middle America.

The trap.

We are scared to really step out to of our comfort zones and pivot toward great.

There are more consequences in your life when you go from good to great than when you go from bad to good!

I’m going to repeat this for emphasis!

There are many more perceived losses when you decide and choose to go from good to great than when you go from a bad life to a good life.

When things are bad, anything sounds better, so pivoting your direction to head towards a good life is a simple choice, and backed by heuristic thinking that has anchored and positioned the ‘bad’ in your head like a permanent tattoo that its front of mind. There’s a fear there that reminds you how bad the bad was and you will move heaven and earth to not go back ‘there’ again.

Good, on the other hand, is sneaky.

Good is happy.

Good is easy street.

Good is deceptive to all facets of your thinking processes.

It’s safe, it’s comfortable, and it’s powerful.

Good is antithetical to great.

So, how are we getting stuck in the good life?

We get stuck in good when we stop dreaming bigger and better ideas and plans for our lives.

We get stuck when we don’t listen to our hearts and we are turning off the desires placed upon us by design.

We are turning off our connection and co-creation with the divine and our higher self when we turn our back on imagining the bigger dream and not just dreaming it, but actually allowing for desire to grab hold.

If we do not go to our imaginations to dream we will get more of what we’ve always got.

Glennon Doyle

Everything starts in the dream phase. Everything must be imagined before it can be brought forward to life.

First of all, figure out if stepping into GREAT is worthwhile for you. There are real consequences to leave behind the life of good.

You may be leaving behind a good paying job to start your own business. You may be leaving behind a solid friendship or relationship that was good, to go into the unknown in your searching for great. You may be leaving behind a city or community or home that was comfortable in hopes that a new great adventure awaits for you.

And all of this, naturally, is related to your money! Are you creating cash flow, assets, financial returns at the level of greatness, or are you just settling for mediocre?

Have you hired great coaches, financial planners, accountants, mentors, consulted top resources and books? Are you taking on enough risk or just stuck in playing it safe?

All of this will directly impact your finances. And, yes, your finances may take a little of a hit while you are going from good to great. It’s okay.

These are real fears and scary to step out into the unknown.

Secondly, know that you may have to take a few steps back to go forward.

Truly, you may not have to take a few steps back but for so many businesses and relationships and even money situations, yeah, you may have to go backwards a little before you can leap forward. (And this is the biggest reason we don’t leave good to go for great!)

It’s the trapeze artist who wants to jump to the other rung but can’t.

Yes, you might fall.

Or you might actually get what you want, you may reach out and grab greatness.

And yes, you WILL have to risk it all to go for great.

Greatness requires that you cut all ties with good.

Going for great is not for the faint of heart.

If you do go for ‘great’, I know you will be proud of yourself for doing this.

The feeling of being proud of yourself is a worthwhile feeling – when you know without a shadow of a doubt that you’ve got your back. You don’t have to put any of those expectations on another person. (Which will in return help your relationships to other humans blossom – trust me!)

Step into your GREAT!

Step into the unknowns and you will be fulfilling your legacy today.


In the present.

There is no future for your legacy. Legacy is always built in the present.

And that’s why I always say…

Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa