The Highlight Reels of Money

I had a crazy dream last night!

I usually remember vivid details of my crazy dreams. This was no different.

I was hanging out with my teenage group of friends and we stole the Mona Lisa, although, it wasn’t at the Louvre, it was at a church in Canada.

Once the money came around, we all got like a $2,000,000 cut from the proceeds. I didn’t want any part of it, so all I remember doing for most of my dream was running around this crazy church, which was more like a modern art museum, and trying to find hiding places, so my friends couldn’t find me and give me my $2-mil.

Finally, they found me. I was hiding on a ‘secret’ top floor in the building, and they forced the $2-Million dollars on me. So I took it and hid it in a bench so that the authorities couldn’t link it to me.

My girlfriend, one of my teenage-mob-friends, took her money and glared and me, then ran away with it. I remember yelling to her with deep dramatic passion (like the end scene of a movie) during her escape, “Why do you need this money? Why are you doing this? Don’t you have faith that you will make your own money?”

AAAAAAAND there is was.

I’m no dream expert and 90% of the time I can relate my dreams back to some TV show I watched the night before, like the time Benedict Cumberbatch kissed me…. that was a good dream (the perils of a Sherlock-Christmas-Netflix-Binge). Nonetheless, most of my crazy mixed up dreams come from a something I’ve experienced in ‘real-life’.

This was no different, although a huge break-through for me. I woke up this morning knowing that I didn’t need to steal anything or win any lottery to make my millions (I normally don’t steal, just so we are on the same page…).  It was a peaceful deep calm and knowing that all the abundance, much, much more than the $2,000,000 was already with me and present, I just have to tap into it. (This is something I have been working on for years and no surprise that I have dreams like this!)

All my teenage-gang-mob all felt that they needed to steal the Mona Lisa because they felt scarcity, lack and fear that they weren’t going to be provided for, that this was their only real chance wealth and ‘being rich’.

Who wants to live in fear?

No one does, yet we do. Our brains keep telling us these crazy stories, which are just that – stories.

I did it for SOOOOOO long.

I just got sick and tired of living in fear, lack and scarcity. It’s a very draining place to live. It’s not exciting at ALL!

The stories and the highlight reels we toss around in our brains actually play out in real life. That’s reality. You create it. So guard your thoughts carefully!

I have these conversations ALL the time around MONEY & FEAR with my clients. Daily. The 2 seem to go hand in hand. Too much money, too little money, fear of losing money, fear of not being able to live out the life you want to live, not being able to provide for your family, etc.

These are real fears, just as real as in my dream (Just you probably aren’t stealing the Mona Lisa to reach financial freedom!)

I FINALLY HAVE FAITH. Faith that abundance and my financial situation are my choice, my decision, and with that taking full ownership & responsibility – jumping into a full commitment around abundance and all that has to offer.

That’s what I was yelling to my girlfriend as she was running away with her cut of the money. I was desperately trying to get her to see that she can have the faith inside of her and that abundance could be hers if she chose it. She ran away.

We all can run away, live in denial, fear, lack & scarcity or choose something different. Neither is right or wrong – it’s just a choice.

Yours to make.


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The Secret to Accomplishing Anything

It’s so simple. It actually blew my mind when I first heard it YEARS ago. And, technically it’s easy too, yet I would bet anyone who hasn’t accomplished what they set out to accomplish for themselves or the people who find themselves not happy where they are at in relation to their goals, seldom, if ever, implement this secret.

I believe this secret works well with money too!

Actually, it’s really not a secret at all. But the simple fact that nobody seems to be “doing it” must mean it’s some secret.

The secret to accomplishing anything you want is this:

What Gets Scheduled Gets Done!

That’s it!


This is why.

When was the last time you fully missed an appointment scheduled in your calendar? Rarely right?

If you are like most people, you value being on time, meeting your appointments and you typically do so with integrity.

The problem is that we rarely schedule in what is most important to us.

Health, Cooking, Exercise, Writing, Prayer, Meditation, Reading, Learning, Family time, Romance – you name it, we don’t have it scheduled and yet we hope these things happen in our lives.

Am I not more important than my dentist appointment? Yet, I will always be there and be on time!

Are you prioritizing everyone else above yourself? I have more dates in my calendar for my kids half the time then I do for myself!

It’s no secret then that I can’t seem to always meet my goals – right? My work-out goals, writing goals, business goals, family goals, relationship goals?

Plain as day. I didn’t make time, schedule time for them and honour those commitments to myself.

I used to be really good at this by the way!  I have accomplished some very big things using this secret. I just need to get back in the habit.

How did I write my first book? I scheduled in writing time to my schedule every day.

How am I going to write my second? The same way.

Want to make more money? Schedule in the actions you need to take.

Want a better relationship with your money? Schedule in a Money Date and track your money weekly!

So, my one goal, my secret to making 2017 a huge success and accomplishing EVERYTHING & ANYTHING that I want to this year is to make sure that I have my goals scheduled in and that I have each day planned, scheduled in the most important things to me, then I know it will be a done deal. All my goals will be accomplished. It’s as easy and as simple as that! I’m making a habit to do this Sunday night for the week, and every evening or morning before my day begins!


This will change your life! Trust me!

PS. If you haven’t heard of the Pomodoro Technique, it’s brilliant! Google it – you can honestly accomplish almost anything in 25-minute increments.


This is YOUR year to create ANYTHING you WANT!

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You Don’t Want to Change!

Change Vs. Transformation

You really don’t want to change in 2017.


Transformation of your life, your body, your money, your situation, your relationships, your health, whatever it is.


the act of becoming different or to make something different


implies a basic change of character with little or no resemblance of the past configuration or structure


Change may initially modify behavior, however, lasting change can not happen without transformation.

Transformation is a change from within. Transformation is a modification in values and beliefs to bring about new actions that will achieve the results you want.

When you are transformed, your life looks nothing like your past.

Here’s a secret. You are not your past, so stop taking your past and throwing it into your future! Stop trying to change things that once were.


You are allowed to stop letting your past drag you down. Transformation is simple when you stop believing you are your past.

Transformation is the only way to create lasting change.

Are you ready to create lasting FINANCIAL TRANSFORMATION in 2017? 

This is YOUR year to create LASTING change!

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Cheers to 2017! WAIT… First Read This…

Before I say good-bye to 2016, I love to reflect on what this year taught me.

I’m READY for this year to be over! So many of you I know feel the same way. For many it was a ‘bad’ year and for many it was a ‘great’ year.

For me, it was an amazing mess of a year – mess in a good way. Could it have been better? HELL YES! In so many areas and for so many reasons of my life it really could have been better. But what it was was PERFECT. (Reflecting on that comes from a heart of gratefulness for the lessons taught from the good, bad & ugly this year.) I am so excited to see what 2017 brings, but first a reflection on 2016.

What 2016 Taught Me:

  • That I have my back, and I can depend on me. Building the relationship with myself to be strong. Loving my own company. Saying I will do something and following through with it.
  • That happiness is only based on my thoughts and it is not anyone else’s responsibility on this planet to make me happy – only my job.
  • That I need to throw out the instruction manual for other people on how they act and behave and love them regardless how they act or what they choose for their life. It’s their life. Other people will act how they choose. I act how I choose. Taking the shoulds and expectation out of the equation and acting from love in all situations (this is going to be a life long one to work on….)
  • That everything I choose to believe came true. I manifested the good, bad & ugly that my thoughts contained. Now, I need to just dream bigger and clearer and go out and reach those goals. Realizing that you are more powerful than you choose to believe is mind blowing.
  • Going deeper into watching my thoughts and guarding them very carefully, and choosing what is right for me instead of following what everybody else is doing.
  • Trusting my gut and my heart when it comes to making decisions that are best for my body, health, heart, mind and soul.
  • Learning not to play small to fit in. Shine and SHINE BRIGHT, and not give a flying F what people thing about me – because they gonna think anyways, and what they think doesn’t matter to me anyways. What people think of me and you doesn’t matter. Learning that the only thing I think about myself is what matters. We will ALL have haters in our lives and that’s okay.
  • I learned that writing a book is 10% of the work and marketing it is 90%. I learned the same is true for any product, event or service you sell.
  • I learned that people just want to know that you care and they just want to be heard and acknowledged (I already knew this, however, it’s always a good thing to discover and re-learn.)

As I am writing out diligently my plans for 2017, I write with certainty that they will come true. I believe these goals will come true, and that belief shapes my thoughts about these things that I have planned. My actions will come from my thoughts and I will end up with the result I want from those actions.

It’s written in every great manuscript that has graced this earth since the beginning of time. It all starts with a belief and a thought – absolutely EVERYTHING in your life is created that way.

So here is what I offer you as you are doing your year-end review and goal setting and dreaming for 2017 and how you want your life to look:

  • If there is something you don’t want in your life, change your thought about it.
  • If there is a person you are having a hard time with or they challenge you, then change your thoughts about them, and see what happens.
  • If there is a habit you don’t want in your life, then change your thought about that habit and see magic unfold as you create the ideal life you want.
  • If there is a goal you feel is too hard and you will never reach it, then change your thoughts to reflect that it is easy to attain, or even say the statement, “I’m on my way to believing that I can accomplish X.”

Once you change your thoughts on these things, then you will be on your way to believing these things, action will follow and then you will have the result you want.

Your year will be what you make it to be – so make it everything you’ve ever dreamed. What’s the use in holding back? What does playing the role of living small do for anyone? Least of all you?

Be the best you this year, learn to have your own back, blow your own damn mind and live with fervor in 2017!

CHEERS to 2017!!

PS. Did you give your family the BEST GIFT this year? Did you spend the 1-2 hours to get your will completed, your estate planned, your finances in order?  If you still need help with this or if you want to get your financial butt organized for 2017, I have some great options available to help you do so!

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The Best Christmas Gift You Can Give Your Kids

As we are rushing around buying more shizza we don’t need, why not buy something for your kids that they will be grateful for in years to come? It will be the best Christmas gift you can give your kids – trust me. They won’t remember the Star Wars paraphernalia, or the Shopkins crap that just clutters up your basement (I clearly have none of this in my basement! 😉 ). They won’t even remember the cash you gave them, that they blew at the mall on boxing day sales.

I can’t wait tell you all about HOW THE GOVERNMENT GAVE MY GRANDCHILDREN A $200,000 ESTATE next week – it’s a great true story of what I did for my kids by the way, or should I say what the government did. Stay tuned!

But this week, you just need to know that the best gift you can give your family is a little bit of financial planning.

I am blessed by a family that has done the pre-planning. The blurry impromptu selfie of me with my Oma (side note: nothing in life beats a hug, kiss and impromptu selfie with your Oma – nothing!), I took this weekend at our big family Christmas. I love that I have an Oma and parents that have their financial ducks in a row.

You love your family so much that you would give them the world, right? You spoil your kids, don’t you? Even if you don’t spoil your kids, you work hard for your money, don’t you? Then why haven’t you taken the time to make sure you have your financial ducks in a row?

If you want to do something awesome for your kids, why not get them a 4-in-1 policy. What’s that you ask? It’s an insurance policy that offers you one of these 4 things, depending upon what happens throughout your child’s life:

It’s an insurance policy that offers you one of these 4 things, depending upon what happens throughout your child’s life:

  • critical illness insurance
  • life insurance
  • all your premiums back after 20 years (kinda like a savings account)
  • paid up insurance for later years

That’s a 4-in-1 policy. They can cost anywhere between $30-$100 per month on average, and give you peace of mind knowing you are covered for whatever comes your way. THIS IS A NO-BRAINER POLICY FOR KIDS UNDER AGE 18, and because of the 20 pay period, even more perfect for 0-5 year olds (because they will be 20-25 years old when the policy is due for a payout). And if you can’t afford it for your kids, Grandma, Nana, Oma, or Baba would love to do this for your kids – hit her up! (They want to spoil their grandkids more than we as parents do!) THIS IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN AN RESP – LISTEN UP PEOPLE WITH CHILDREN – you need to get a policy like this BEFORE you even think about RESPs…

Now here’s my end-of-year-rant to the 56% of Canadians that do not have a WILL…..

Let’s cut the BULLSHITTTEEE! You say you love your family? Show them!

Make sure you have a WILL, Power of Attorney, Personal Health Directive! Do you?

We had a family in town recently die without a WILL, without Life Insurance and left his young family in a financial bind. He was perfectly healthy and had a heart attack. Isn’t this how the story seems to go? It breaks my heart, especially since I can do something about this in the world.

Have you planned out what would happen if you die? GRIM, I know, but you guys – hear me out! No one knows the hour of their death (Good Lord, I’m like the ghost of Christmas Death spreading all this Christmas cheer!)

I’m heartbroken when I hear stories of financial hardship that LOVING people left behind for their family because they didn’t take 1-2 hours to get some SIMPLE financial things in place. I don’t want that for you and your family. 1-2 Hours of your time can really make a difference for your family!

I’ve handed out my fair share of life insurance claim cheques in my career. You have no idea what that money means to families who are going through some of their most darkest days. Money does buy less stress for your family. Don’t forget that.



End of rant… for now…

If you want help with this, I can help you.

I have 2 ways I can help you.

The Do-It-Yourself version, where I walk you through all the tools you need to kick financial ASSets (this is my Money Makeover Online Course – It’s PACKED FULL of amazing content and available for $297 right now!)


Working with me 1 on 1 through Wealth Spa™  (my financial concierge membership program) or through one of my December/January Packages to get you started. I hold your hand and do most of the work this way! 😉 

It’s YOUR Time! Get off your cute ASSets and get going!


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What Happens After You Reach Your Goals?

No one ever talks about what the H-E-DoubleHockeySticks happens after you reach your goals! We talk always about reaching our goals, and setting them, but what about after you actually accomplish them? Do you just roll over and die?

This is for anyone who has ever felt like they are in a constant state of “trying” to achieve their goals, setting new ones before finishing old ones, struggling in frustration. I have been on this hamster wheel for the last 16 years, and this year I learned the MIND-BLOWING SECRET!

Here’s the crazy part about reaching your goals. Once you have reached them, you then need to go through the whole process again and figure out what you want all over again, or push further, harder, deeper into what you really want your life to look like.


Accomplishing goals once you have set them out for yourself is actually the easy part. The hard part is in being specific and actually figuring out WHAT THE HECK YOU WANT FROM YOUR LIFE!

Deep down we all know that we can achieve all our goals and that scares us. As my fav money guru, Napoleon Hill says, “What the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve!”

People say fear hold us back from going out and accomplishing our goals and dreams. But I think it’s that we just really haven’t figured out what the f*** we want! Once you do, the rest is action, mechanics, ‘the how’, the part that is left up to God. All we needed to do was decide and believe. We don’t even get that far sometimes or if we do, we play too small – we have cute baby dreams and even some of those we don’t really believe in!

I sit with clients all the time that don’t know what they want. They get swept up in the day-to-day and don’t make time to make their dreams a reality in their life.

This is not how I want to go out! No bloody way. (I’ve been listening to too many British podcasts lately!)

And I am DAMN SURE you don’t want to go out that way. Not really. You know deep down you are here for a reason, a purpose, and you may be sitting there and haven’t quite articulated it.

I think it’s time you articulated what you want from life. I’m A FIRM BELIEVER that YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL! You can have the family, romance, business, dream job, travel, experiences that you want to have without sacrificing you and your wants. If I didn’t believe this I probably would have given up LONG ago!

I think being FEARLESS is a bad thing. Bad word. Who wants to live without FEAR?! I sure don’t. People say “BE FEARLESS”, but you need fear! If you have no fear in your life then you have become complacent. You are comfortable. Comfort is not a place of growth. It’s stagnant. It’s ultimately death…. think about it. You are either growing or you are dying – which way are you headed? I think Tony Robbins always says that, sorry Lou Holtz! (Sometimes, okay most times, I have SOOOOO many gurus in my head, I’m not sure which one said what!)

Fear needs to be present. Fear needs to come along as your passenger, just don’t let it do the driving, as Elizabeth Gilbert says in my fav book, Big Magic (MUST READ!) You need to have that fear – just don’t let it stop you. I really do try to live by the motto, DO ONE THING EVERYDAY THAT SCARES YOU!

There are 2 kinds of people in the world.

The people that don’t even bothering setting goals and let life happen to them. I call them happy wanderers. These people are content with the status-quo. They seem to walk around the planet with not a care in the world. This isn’t me – if you haven’t figured that out yet! Hey, by the way, people like me are sometimes jealous of the happy wanderers – they seem so carefree and oblivious to what is going on in the world – by choice.

Then there are the people who are a cause in the world – by choice. They go make things happen. Their brains are always on. They are always looking at ways of expanding and how they can grow and help the world. They set goals, reach them, or come close to reaching them, and now they are on a new trajectory and need to re-establish new goals and keep leaning in and pushing forward.

I did reach many of the goals I set out for myself in 2016, and in 2017, and I’m back to square one it feels like. NOW WHAT?!

So I find myself sitting here as a new author, well into my blog, podcast, website and branding all done (finally 3.5 years later!) and wondering (once again) where I am going with all of this. I see the big picture at the back end, just not what’s from here to there.


I’m daily in tears. Usually around 4pm when I think my world is falling apart. I FEEL things may not be working out as planned or originally hoped for. That’s a feeling by the way, not what is actually going on. Feelings FEEL real to us, however, nothing that we can’t change with our thoughts.

These are the thoughts I have had. I want to pull my book off the shelf (the online shelf) and disappear it, even though it just came out. I want to quit everything and go get a 9-5 so my life will be easy. I want to simplify my life to be simple.

Then about 2 seconds into these thoughts, I laugh. I do. I will be crying and laughing at the same time. Maybe I just needed an emotional release – because let’s face it. I would last about 2 seconds at a day job before they’d fire the f*** out of me! Seriously, I’m about as employable as a squirrel.

I get into overwhelm. I feel like quitting my WHOLE life at times. I know other people feel the same way. My trick is that my moments of desperation, depression only last a few minutes, because I now have the tools to pull myself out of that funk, that I didn’t have years ago.

MINDSET IS KEY FOR ALL YOU GO-GETTERS & GOAL SETTERS! I’m writing my reality into existence. (PS my dear, this is how it starts! Daily discipline of writing out your goals and plans – if you don’t do your daily mindset work, you lost the game before you even begun! Read chapter 1 in my book. Mindset is KEY! And I can back this up with about 1000 other books and the Bible too my friends!)

FYI – I had a major breakthrough a few months back! One of my core beliefs is that I believe to be successful you need to work hard and struggle. The truth is you don’t need to. Whatever beliefs you have around making money or reaching your goals could be what is holding you back. You may need to re-program the hardwiring in your brain to think thoughts like, “It’s easy to reach my goals. It’s easy to make money. It’s easy to ….” Then slowly over time begin to BELIEVE your thoughts.

Why do we all make life such a struggle on top of the struggle? Why do we worry? Why do we let negative self-talk rule our day?

Just think that if it can be as easy as saying it will be that easy, then it will be easy. What if that was all it took? 

Thoughts produce your actions which create your reality. (PS – THAT IS THE MIND-BLOWING SECRET!)

Have a great week beautiful people!



Do You Have Your Financial Balls In Place?

Financial products are the ONLY product in the world you NEED to buy when you don’t NEED them!

Think about it for a minute.

  • You get sick – you need health insurance.
  • You get diagnosed with cancer – you need critical illness insurance.
  • You break your back – you need disability insurance.
  • Your hot water tank goes and your washing machine springs a leak – you need an emergency fund.
  • Your hot sexy girlfriend/wife/Lisa wants to go to Paris last minute – you need to have a credit card.
  • Your husband dies – you need to have life insurance.
  • You’re sick of working and you want to retire and not work so hard – you need to have a retirement investment account.

The problem with all of this is that by the time you NEED these products in place it’s TOO LATE!

Everything thing else in the world that we NEED we obtain instantly. We need food – we go to McDonalds or the grocery store and make dinner. We want to read a book, we open up our kindle or go to the book store and buy a book. Same with movies, clothes, cars, houses, same with all the things we think we need. We are a society of instant gratification.

I get this!

If I want chocolate, I get chocolate. If I want a bubble bath with candles, wine and a good book and a massage, I go and get that now. Okay, so even when we don’t get things instantly, we at least make plans to go get them because they will fulfill us now, or at least we think they will. Things we don’t need at the present moment we don’t pursue.

Right now, I don’t need a dishwasher, a new pair of underwear, or a new husband. If I did need those things, I would go out and get them!

However, the things that don’t offer us immediate satisfaction or we know we may need in the future, but don’t need today, we typically DON’T buy. Human nature. This isn’t rocket science.

Here’s the thing though – when you need a FINANCIAL PRODUCT because you got sick, disabled, had a financial emergency, or decided to retire, that is the TIME WHEN YOU CAN’T UNDO THE CLOCK!

You fall ill, you will not be getting any good quality insurance of any kind. No insurance company wants to touch you with a 10-foot pole!

You need money, and then wish you had saved all those years previous. No investment is going to give you a consistent 100% return on your money for the next 5 years while you frantically try to save every penny.


No more excuses my dear love! Get your butt in front of someone who can offer you these products – such as an independent financial planner or independent financial advisor who is licensed to sell these products and you will be forever grateful.

Plus being financially organized and prepared is one of the BEST FEELINGS in the world! (Okay – second or third best… but still a great feeling!)

I’ve seen first-hand when I deliver life insurance or critical illness claim cheques to my clients, and the only thing people ever say to me is that they wish they bought more. That’s the reality when you are in these situations. Trust me!

Being financially well-adjusted means that you have balance! Your financial balls aren’t all in the air. You equally enjoy things in the now and you also are prepared for what’s to come.

I hope you are walking around with your financial balls in place!






The Ultimate Quick Financial Guide to Parenthood

The Ultimate Quick Financial Guide to Parenthood


  • You are having a baby!
  • You just had a baby!
  • You know people who are having a baby or just had a baby! (Hi Grandma!)

My lovelies, here is the deal ——> No one tells you what you need to do financially when you have a baby. The government sure doesn’t. Society sure doesn’t. We all know there is no guide to Parenthood! So how do you even know if you are on the right track?

To make sure that you are on the right financial track, I’ve compiled a few tips in an easy-to-read guide to help get all new parents on the right foot financially when having a baby!

Nobody knows better how overwhelming having a new baby can be, and this guide is here to HELP!

Even if you don’t have a baby, or your babies are older now, download this FREE guide and SAVE as a PDF to your iPad or computer and then forward to your friends and family when you know they are expecting or just had a baby. TRUST ME, you will be the hero here!

Every parent wants the best for their babies, and trust me when I say, sometimes as parents, we just want to know we are on the right track and making sure we are doing the best we can for our kids! This is one way to make sure you are headed in the right direction!