Acting ‘AS IF’

Ladies, listen up!

I want you to know this.

You get to have your cake and eat it too.

You get to choose the belief that life gets better and better in all the areas.

You get to bring your dream life to reality today.

You get to choose to act ‘as is’ and fully embody what it is you want to create in this life.

I literally live my dream life full of all the wonderful things and full of support. All because I chose it and made it happen – it took time, but it’s been a journey well worth it. I never really did believe that I couldn’t have it ALL! I always just knew that I would have it ALL and that life just keeps getting better every day.

Are there things I’m still working on? YES! But they will keep adding to the beautiful life I’ve already created for myself.

If there is something you want, act as though it’s yours!

And that means:

? How does it feel to have the thing you want? {Feel that feeling now!}
? How would you be acting right now if you had the thing? What would you be doing? {Do that now, Act that way now!}
? How would you be thinking if you had the thing? {Think that way now! Fill your thoughts with gratitude for the thing your heart desires!}

This is the money secret. This is the body secret. This is the love secret. This is the business secret. This is the secret to changing your point of attraction.

Act ‘AS IF’.

You make your plans. You absolutely don’t hold any expectations. You release.

Expectations are the KILLER of you stepping into your dream life. Whatever that looks like for you.

This is hard to do by the way. Every time I have expectations on money, business, humans and expecting them to act a certain way – that’s when you get let down.

You never get let down when you hold no expectations.

And what does that do for you? It keeps your point of attraction oscillating at the right frequency to bring in what you desire.

No timeline. Time is an expectation.

You must release the timeline.

You have to play. You have to keep things light and fun. ? (This I’m bad at but getting better!)

That’s how it’s done baby!

That’s how you..

Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa

PS. You also get to choose to be sexy AF and make no apologies about it. ?

PPS. You also get to choose to be a WEALTHY WOMAN! If you want to get started, click here!