Start Now!

Hundreds of women have told me over the years that they weren’t ready to meet with their money.

This is a thing.

You may be cringing inside just hearing this.

Are you ready to face your money?

I want you to know this if you feel you aren’t ready to face your money –

The moment when you feel you aren’t ready to tackle your money situation head on is exactly when you need to tackle your money situation head on.

You need to start before you are ready, because the secret to success is this:

You are really never ready for it anyways.

I liken this to going to the doctor.

And, I’ve done this, so I do speak from experience.

I like to go to the doctor when I’m extremely healthy.

I refuse to go when I’m sick.

Makes a lot of sense, doesn’t it?!

I like to walk out of my doctors office with a clean bill of health AND no lectures on reducing my cholesterol or the need to lose weight, etc, so to ensure that, I make sure I’m 100% before I go for my annual check-ups.

Why is this a thing?

It’s because we don’t want to face reality, face our mortality, face ‘real-life’, face the fact that there could really be something wrong and then we will have to go through the painful experience of having to ‘do-the-work’ and fix or problems.

Same with our money!

Sometimes, when it comes to our money we just need to choose a starting point and go from there.

Don’t forget that everything has a starting point, everything started simply or at one before it ever became 2.

Then two becomes four.

Then one day…

a thousand

a hundred thousand

a million

a billion.

But everything starts at one.


And for many of us, starting new projects always feels so good, so does crossing the finish line.

It’s usually the in-between that’s hard.

Don’t forget. Every Billion Dollar Bank Account Started with a $1. – Lisa Elle

What are you here to start and finish?

Do you know?

If you don’t – keep working on getting clarity around that vision. (PS. That’s the hardest work ever!)

And then go out, do it and you will create the most wonderful feeling of being proud of yourself.

Never underestimate the feeling of being proud of yourself.

Starting and finishing are great ways to create the feeling of being proud of yourself.

Do something today to get you started on the next level of your money!

Starting and starting now is how you are going to…..

Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa

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