The “Get Over It” Blog

The Get Over It Blog By Lisa Elle CFP

Fear is palpable these days.

I still find it fascinating that media and the mainstream narrative can still get away with trying to pump as much fear into society as possible.

But, fear has always been here; just now you hold it in your hands and check on it 1000 times a day on social.

Here’s some truth about fear.

  • Fear will never let you think logically.
  • Fear itself if not logical. 
  • Fear can take data, math, statistics and common sense and throw it out the window. 
  • Fear does not allow you to dissect, disseminate and digest information properly in your head.
  • People stuck in fear do irrational things.
  • They don’t have the capacity to see a bigger picture of life because of their narrow focus, usually on themselves.
  • Fear is born in your head (the amygdala to be precise and there to keep you safe from the big bad world.)
  • Fear radiates through your body and is the number one killer in this world, as fear gets trapped in the body as dis-ease and permeates out into your cells as stress, cancers, and a whole host of every disease known to man.
  • You can’t be in a state of love and fear at the same time because LOVE and fear cannot coexist at the same moment. (I’m not referring to a selfish love, I’m referring to PURE LOVE – there is a difference.)

Decisions born out of fear will tend to not WILL NOT serve you and will provide some hard knocks.  

Fear keeps you living a small life.  

You can’t shine bright and live in fear. {Pick One}

You can’t shine bright when you are too busy pointing out blame. {Choose One}

There is nothing life giving about living in fear. 

Love on the other hand is LIFE giving. 

It is compassionate. It does not blame. 

It does not boast or brag about choices it made….as we all have our own path to walk down. 

Never point out the speck in another’s eye when, OMG – haven’t you heard…. we are all sinners?!?! We all suck on some level?! Right?!

If you are in fear, ask yourself what you are really scared of.

It’s usually death. (Hint: Go and make peace with your higher power/God/whatever you believe and this fear loses its sting completely. Newsflash: It’s happening – deal with it.)

or It’s usually lack or scarcity in love, money/basic needs or health.

But to step out of these fears brings on a whole new set of fears – such as fear of failure or rejection, which is also what holds us back from truly living on purpose.

It’s time to…


Backlash is sometimes part of setting out to do something great and to do something great usually means go against the crowd and to go against groupthink.  (Hey, if you haven’t heard – high school is over!)

It requires courage and trust to go against the grain.

Trust yourself. 

Nothing great was ever accomplished by abandoning your authentic truth (your dreams and desires!) 

Some people, many people, were not born for the role of change-maker.

But you were.

You know this is calling to you.

You were born to make great changes and help shift the world to better, bigger, faster – that’s what entrepreneurs do! 

You are an entrepreneur to move humanity forward.  

Stand in your own truth.

Truth is the highest level of vibrational consciousness which is love. Pure love. 

It has no place for the people that will pick on you and your decisions. 

You can’t spend your time caring what others say about you. {Side note: You can still love others and meet them where they are at, but you don’t have to let what they think about you affect you in any way, because they’ll talk good or bad about you regardless what you are doing. So do your thing anyways – the people that don’t love you, offer support & unconditional love regardless what your beliefs were never your people to begin with!}

Love the past choices you made for they brought you to where you are today.

The income that you are or aren’t earning, the money you do or don’t have, the relationships you do or don’t have and everything you see in the room before you right now is based on your choices, your decisions and the energy frequency you were resonating at.

The good news is this –

You can change your energy frequency.

You can change your vibe.

You can choose to resonate higher. 

The only way to do that is to NOT to look at what your neighbour is doing and tune into what you should do! 

You have God’s voice inside you, literally imprinted on your DNA and tapping you on the shoulder for the work you were meant to put into this world.

Listen to that voice means to turn off the other voices in your head from the rest of the world. 

Do not listen to the Pharisees in your life. (Pharisees were a Jewish sect {from approx. 2300 years ago) that thought themselves better than others, self-righteous and usually very hypocritical. History lesson of the day!)

You have been chosen.

You have been chosen to be great. 

You have been chosen to rise above. 

The only thing holding you back from the life you were called to live in great GREAT abundance is the voices of other people in your head. 

Turn off those people.

Do whatever it takes to stay in harmony with yourself and your world by rapidly identifying conversations that are not edifying and uplifting.

Banish those.


That is how you rise. 

You were called to rise.  

There is no law greater than that.  

God’s law (universal law) comes first before man’s silly rules ever will.


This is your time to….

Live Your legacy.

xx Lisa

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