Soul Contracts

There are soul contracts that you are here to fulfill.

What is a soul contract?

It’s a deal you made before you even showed up on this planet.

It’s everything you have been and everything you will be.

It’s everything that your soul knows on the deepest level that you are here to experience.

It’s not an in-your-face contract, it’s a gentle nudge.

It’s ALL the things that have been written on your heart that you know are for you – in all the areas of life.

There are two soul contracts I personally am very aware of that I am here to fulfill in this lifetime.

There may be more. And more may show up and some may come and go, but I know for me there are two very strong contracts my soul is here to discover above all other experiences.

One for me will be in the area of relationships/love and one in the area of business.

Yours may be in the areas of healing, wealth/money, communication, relationships, creativity, expansion, etc.

The reason why we ‘tune into’ our higher self – whatever that looks like for you – through writing, meditating, praying, running, walking, dedicated thinking time, etc. is so that we can check in and course correct when we are not on the right path.

And how do you know?

How do you know you are on your right path?

How do you know you are fulfilling your soul’s contracts?

Your body will always tell you.

Your body is the vessle that is communicating to you via pain bodies sending signals up to your brain that something isn’t right with you.

When you are at dis-ease in your body, you know that something isn’t quite right in your life and you will naturally manifest more dis-ease in your body which leads to disease.

These are the signals your are not in alignment with your soul contracts.

I have been given lots of advice lately.

Some welcome, some not.

People will naturally always give you advice.

Hell, I’m always giving advice – let’s call it a workplace hazard as a financial advisor.

There are times to listen to advice and times when you need to energetically say, “thank you for your concern, but this advice does not apply to me.”

Because YOU KNOW!

Your soul knows when its being spoken to.

I would say 90% of the advice we receive is just noise and we have to get really good at filtering it out so we can fulfill these beautiful soul contracts that we are here to bring into reality.

So, how do we get into alignment with our soul contracts?


There are 3 parts to trust.

Dr. Kent Grayson of Northwestern University has The Trust Project where they study TRUST in the market place. He says trust is made up of three things.

  • competence
  • honesty
  • benevolence

Although this study is related to the buyer-seller relationship in the marketplace, these are the 3 things you will need to trust yourself.

Competence: Knowing that you have your own back and you are capable of making decisions that will serve your highest purpose and that you know what is best for yourself.

Honesty: Being truthful with yourself and others when things are not in alignment and things aren’t working.

Benevolence: Giving this beautiful unconditional love without expecting anything in return, to yourself and others. This means loving yourself with this beautiful unconditional love and forgiving yourself when you didn’t have your own back, when you lacked integtrity, when you know you took an action against your own soul.

There is something you will never be able to escape.

Your soul.

Your soul always knows.

Your soul, which is connected to the consiousness of the universe at all times, knows.

Your soul is your higher power, your lighthouse, your guide, the captain of all your faculties.

If you can get past the fear that ego has you held in, you get to open up your life to miracles beyond your wildest dream.

That’s not just hope.

That is your soul’s contract, the expansion that your soul is here for.

That is beautiful and inspiring.

And that….

THAT is how you…

Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa

PS. If you know one of your soul’s contracts is to step into your wealthy woman, book a call with me here!