How To Stop Your Money Leaks

Here’s the thing.

For most of us, we do actually make and earn ‘enough’ money.

The problem is that we are not focused in our spending.

We mindlessly spend much of the time.

Now, spending is TOTALLY okay. It’s not the spending that is ever the issue!

It’s the mindfulness of it and tuning into the energy of the spend that you are making.

The biggest way to stop your money leaks is to get really clear on what it is you are trying to create.

And for the record, I don’t want you to think you are leaking money when in actual fact you are leaking ENERGY!

Remember, money is just energy – it’s your energy. It’s what you are putting out and attracting in the world.

And if you are stuck in the feeling of always ‘being broke’ or ‘not able to get ahead’ then I would suggest you start by looking at your mindset and really start to scrutinize the thoughts you are having in regards to your money.

Money brings up all sorts of crazy and irrational emotions and fears within us. It also brings up great dreams and possibilities when we ‘feel’ we have an abundance of money available to us.

Leaking money is just a mindset and when we mindfully spend that is when we get to truly create wealth from a place of power and alignment.

xx Lisa

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