Are Your Dreams Abundant Enough?

Are your dreams abundant enough?

This means – are your dreams actually big enough?

Or do they fit into the confines of your current life narrative?

I wonder who in your life is actually challenging you to dream bigger?

The truth is that most of us are surrounded by people who don’t want us to grow too much!


Because that is scary for them.

It’s scary to humans to lose their comfort zones, what makes them feel safe and part of a tribe.


Other’s want you to stay the same.

We don’t like change on a good day.

Obviously we don’t like ‘bad’ things happening to us, but the truth is – we also don’t really want TOO GOOD of things happening to us or our people as that threatens the status quo and creates change, and change is BAD according to our primitive minds.

This threatens our ‘fitting in’.

Trust me. Nothing is scarier than going after what you want.


Because you are standing in your BRIGHT BEAUTIFUL POWER and that naturally threatens those that haven’t valued themselved enough and don’t feel worthy enough to do the same themselves.

This is what is hard.

Oh, and you get the haters.

Okay, so they may not throw tomatoes at you, but they sure do like to nit pick you and pin point all your mistakes or just be grouchy with you.

The humans really REALLY don’t like change because it threatens their life and could mean that they have to change.

When you change & transform, this points a spotlight on the person observing your change & transformation and makes them re-evalute their life.

So, I’m enouraging you to rip it all down, come back to the blank slate of the present.

This present moment.

And begin new.

What do you want?

What are you not getting right now in your life?

Where are you stuck?

What is a dream you are too afraid to dream because your life will literally look 180 degrees different?

Is this something you want to go after?

To be fair, most people don’t want a 180 degree different life.

Most of us are pretty comfy in the lives we have.

Plus its safe.

Are you will to be completely uncomfortable to go after what you want?

There is no right or wrong answer by the way.

It’s great if you don’t want to go after a different life and you are happy.

Contentment is an important place to be as well.

But if you read this and its knawing at you and you know there are changes you need to make in your life to step into your full abundant dreams that you see for yourself, then you need to take the actions to make that alignment happen.

SO MUCH is waiting for you on the other side.

SO MUCH is available to you.

SO MUCH magic and miracles.

It’s all energy just sitting in escrow waiting for you.

It’s your job to take the actions and go out and get it.

Dream bigger for yourself and for the betterment of humanity!

Do this and I promise everyday you walk this earth you will be a light and….

Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa

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