Stop Hating Where You Are At

Stop Hating Where You Are At

My goal is to make you fall in love with your numbers, fall in love with your financial life.

It’s not easy.

It’s like trying to get you to love all the fat on your body.

SECRET: You won’t lose weight OR create wealth through hating yourself.

To accomplish those desires you have for you life, you have to LOVE where you are at **RIGHT NOW**!

The first step then to creating abundance in all areas of your life is to LOVE WHERE YOU ARE AT NOW.

You hate the fact you have debt, you don’t make enough money, your net worth is not where you want it, you have more rolls on your belly than a bakery, or you’re not so fond of that extra 220 pounds of husband.

When you HATE where you are at, you are never EVER going to get to where you want to get to with ease and flow.

You’re making it so hard on yourself.

You’re swimming upstream – and for what?

For no good reason at all?

What? Your ego needs to be right?

It needs to prove that the right way to do this is to PUSH HARD.

That to accomplish what you want to accomplish requires HARD WORK?

Have you realized your beliefs around this? Why does it have to be hard?

Are you allowing all the things (the money, the wealth, the body, the relationships) into your life with flow and ease?

Or do you think that you still have to GRIND everyday to accomplish your dreams?

What you ask for, what you believe the universe WILL deliver.

So, what are you asking for?

Are you asking (deep down) for it to be hard work?

Is there something in your past you are trying to “make amends” for that makes you feel that you don’t deserve it to be easy?

What if your family, your job, your business, your health – what if it all came to you with beautiful ease, flow and fun?!?!

What if you could really hold out that everything you ever wanted to gain in this life was “easy to get”?

What if you really believed that? What if you meditated on that day and night and all that means, is that you make that your predominant thought.

Money flows easily and effortlessly to me.

Keep believing.

Throw away the thoughts that don’t serve you. (GEEZ, it’s like I have preached that one to death, but still… you are still thinking that this life is supposed to be hard, you’ll be jinxed, or some other crazy superstition belief which is keeping you from the FULLNESS of life you deserve and is your birth right!)

You will need to change your point of attraction from “hate” to “love”.

Seems obvious.

When you do this you will pivot from pushing upstream life to a life of flow.

It’s going to take a LOT of practice to create this as a habit.

There will be challenges, DAILY, that will want you to go back to your “original programming” thinking that it’s all hard and that put you in a mindset where you don’t like where you are right now.

Begin to accept and LOVE where you are today, knowing full well it’s ALL for your highest good. It’s all so you CAN get better and better, wealthier and wealthier, healthier and healthier.

It’s all so you can….

Live Your Legacy!

xx L

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Wealth Vs. Cash Flow

Wealth Versus Cash Flow

Wealth Vs. Cash Flow.

Having one doesn’t mean you have both.

But for some reason, most people just assume they are the same thing!

Many people have high income and not many assets.

Many people have lots of assets and barely any income.

Very few have both.

Here’s what’s fascinating to me.

Most people typically only focus on on thing at a time.

They either want high income.


They want to hold a high net worth (assets/wealth: words I’m using interchangeably in this blog on purpose…)

The 2 are not the same thing.

I think that’s misconception #1.

Most people think people who make a $1,000,0000+ in their business per year should be rich.

Most people think that people who live in $1,000,000+ houses should be rich.

They are 2 totally separate things.

You get my drift.

Wealth and Income do not go hand in hand.

Why am I telling you this?

Because right now I’m going to guess you are focused on one thing.

(Okay and the rest haven’t even figured out what they are focused on and go through life with no focus – but you aren’t those people. Those people typically don’t even read blogs for starters because law of attraction would dictate that they wouldn’t even be attracted to writing of this kind! BOOM BABY! So cheers to you for having some desire to ramp up your abundance and focus financially!)

You are probably focused on either building wealth or building income.

Neither is right or wrong.

I’ve said many times, if you had no assets but you had a consistent stream of income from investments or a business that paid you handsomely for the rest of your life, to where your income always exceeds or meets your dream life of expenses, then who cares about building wealth, saving or “investing”.

And visa versa, if all you cared about was creating a high net worth, yet you just need peanuts to live on each month, then that’s fine too.

Both are totally good.

And more important, both are totally NO ONE ELSE’S BUSINESS except what feels right for you! 🙂

So here’s my challenge to you.

Do you even know what your after?

Are you more focused on building assets or building cash flow?

Do you have a plan for the income or wealth you are creating?

Why are you creating it this way and does it align with your ultimate goals?

For example, if you really loved travelling 24/7, do you need your 4,000 sq. ft. house to maintain and upkeep or can you get away with a easy-keep condo?

Okay, for me personally. I’m focused STILL on building income as part of a business that’s really only a few years old. However, I will say I definitely have a balance on the wealth building side because I spent my 20’s building up that side more than I ever cared about income.

So, you will go through season or phases.

The questioning starts with: what phase are you in now?

(Bringing awareness to this ALWAYS helps in getting to where you want to go!)

I think it’s important to identify the goals you have right now financially to see if they are actually in alignment with what you want.

What do you want?

There’s no right or wrong answer here.

Because when you have identified your true desires and aligned them with your goals and are going after them you are strong and powerful and unbeatable – plus you are beautiful (naturally!) so going after those goals with confidence is pretty much how you, right here, right now….

Live YOUR Legacy.

xx Lisa


Stepping Into Your Best Life

Stepping Into Your Best Life

There’s usually 2 things that keep you from stepping into your best life:

  • Lack of Clarity
  • Fear

Most people I meet have NO CLUE what they want out of life (lack of clarity) so why should life give it?

The poor universe is like a mad-woman running around with her head cut off trying to deliver all the things you want, but because you don’t know what you want it keeps delivering everything you want, don’t want and the kitchen sink.

Not a great way to be.

Chaos. Internally for you. Stress most likely.

Fear being the other thing that keeps you from living your best life.

You are actually scared of success.

Fear of the unknown.

You are scared to live up to what you will create. Better to play small than to be that big company, big personality, big success story.

Hey, we all know once you’re at the top there’s only one way to go.

Down. Down. Down.

And then comes the evil twin brother of fear of success: fear of failure.


Did you even catch that “silly” belief you have about being and living the super successful life in all areas you were destined to have?

You believe that it’s just going to come crashing down at some point anyways so you go and self-sabotage instead or you don’t even try.

Here’s a question for you to ponder: Why can’t you have everything?

Why can’t you get to the top and stay on top, instead of feeling doom is around the corner?

The one gift I hope you realize is that you are allowed to choose whatever beliefs you want to.

Hey, if you want to be a grouch in old-man-pants and think that the world sucks, people suck – then by all means. You are welcome to do that. I’ll leave you to it.

But for us – the dreamers, the doers, the believers – the world is ours.

Literally. Because the grouchy negative people don’t want it. 🙂

So, how do we get to living our best life when the excuses just keep coming and the negative thought highlight reel from our past keeps spinning out leaving us deflated?

I know.

It seems so elementary.


Focused thinking.

Creating new thoughts that will have us have some new beliefs.

So, next Q: How does this affect me financially? How does this affect my money situation?

If you still haven’t got the memo, (mostly because they don’t actually teach this stuff in school or the work place!), then here it is:

MINDSET has EVERYTHING to do with your money situation.

NOT STEPPING INTO LIVING YOUR BEST LIFE has EVERYTHING to do with your money situation.

You simply are not allowing yourself to receive all that you were created to receive.

It’s that simple.

In fact its so simple we make it hard.

I’m sure like you, I made myself the queen of this land many years ago.

Making things harder than they have to be.

Why isn’t it happening for me yet?

Why isn’t what I want to accomplish going my way?

Clearly, I never got blessed with the __________ (fill in the blank: skinny genes, rich genes, hot genes, smart genes, etc.)

Thoughts that will need to change or you will keep getting what you are getting.

Somethings gotta give.

Change your thoughts and step into your BEST LIFE!

This is your year to….

Live Your Legacy.

xx Lisa


A Message of Hope

A Message of Hope

It is said that a person can live without food for 30-50 days. 

Without water for 3 or 4 days. 

But without hope they can’t.

There’s different kinds of hope. 

The main hope we mostly think about is this hope:

The hope we have similar to wishing on a star, or hoping to win the lottery.

There’s the hope of a better tomorrow, a great future.

The hope that our best days are yet to come.

The hope for health and love and a long life. 

And this hope that our best days are not behind us. 

Almost an ego-based hope.

I find some of these kinds of hope somewhat of a useless emotion (yes, you heard me correctly) & honestly, many times, a waste of time, like wishing on a fairy-godmother. (Useless, I say, when the hopes are not followed up with actions or planning, but I digress.)

The second type of hope I would say is this deep rooted hope within each of us. 

Hope that we are here for a purpose.

Hope that we are significant in some way in the grand scheme of things.

Hope is a rather fascinating emotion to dissect.

I think HOPE is an essential emotion to feel (even the fairy-godmother type), and part of our hard-wiring.

Without it – why would one want to continue on in this life? What would be the point? I really do think people die from having no hope. 

Living without hope is a dreadful way to exist and not just for you, for those surrounding you.

I also think people live way longer than they were “supposed to” from all kinds of HOPE.

Hope is probably one of the most powerful emotions I would wager, next to love of course.

I also think it’s the reason why.

The reason why people do or don’t do things.

The motivating factor behind it all, behind LIFE as a human with a prefrontal cortex that can translate the energy of feelings throughout our whole body.

The hope for a better life.

So, today I send you this message of hope my dear friend.

I’m always blessed by the people who kept holding on to hope no matter what their age. (This stuff totally jazzes me up and gives me hope! {Can one still use the word ‘jazzes me up’ without sounding totally 1980s-Richard-Simmons?!?!})

For you who feel like nothing is working out, don’t forget about:

  • Harland Sanders was 62 when he franchised KFC
  • Julia Child landed her TV show at 51, wrote her first cookbook at 49
  • Judi Dench starred in her first film after the age of 60
  • Ernestine Shepard is a 80-year-old body builder, she started at age 56
  • Picasso painted his masterpiece “Guernica” at age 55
  • J.R.R. Tolkien published his first volume of “Lord of The Rings” at 62
  • At age 69, Ed Whitlock from Ontario became the oldest person to run a marathon in under 3 hours
  • At 100, Frank Schearer was water skiing! (Dad, there’s hope for you wake surfing!)

Hope that the best is yet to come. 

Hope for a better tomorrow.

What happens when hope fades? Dreams fade?

What do we do when our hope fades?

This is a crazy important question.

Because without hope we sure can’t have faith.

Faith requires confidence for what we hope will happen.

When you are without faith and hope, how much do you think you will love life, yourself, anyone else?


Probably won’t be spring out of bed in the morning.

You are now living a miserable existence without hope.

Living without hope makes all the fruits of the spirit practically impossible!

Think about that!

I know I hope for patience!

We hope for the kindness, goodness, faithfulness –

the love, joy, peace – 

gentleness & self-control in our lives and from others.

So, back to what do we do when our hope fades?

Start with Gratitude. 

Start with one simple thing you are grateful for. 

It could be the fact you are breathing. 

It could be that you have a log to sit on.

Sometimes we are so doubtful that things will look up that we forget what’s right in front of us. 

It’s about making the micro-teeny-tiny shifts, planting the teeny-tiny seeds that will turn into full-blown hope.

Gratitude and Thanksgiving have to come first. 

But then, this.

Plugging your hope in.


The thing is this. 

Most of us have our hope tied up in our situations, circumstantially.

This is the wrong place to anchor your hope. The wrong place to plug it in.

It’s like large fries or drunk sex, good for a minute.

Putting your hope in your job, your family, other people, things or society  – will ALWAYS leave you frustrated. 

That wasn’t how this HOPE thing was designed.

Hoping on the fairy-godmother things, as I alluded to earlier, will leave you, flee from you – those things, including all the people around you will forsake you.

It’s a guarantee. 

It’s not a bad thing, it’s just how the system was designed. 

You see we were never designed to place our hope outside of ourselves. 

It was always designed to be a you and God thing or you connected to that all purposeful, all knowing, all powerful source you intuitively know is there – whatever you coin it.

The place where hope was originally conceived.

The place where hope never fades, and never dies.

Hope is the great calling in our lives: 

to be plugged in to our never ending source of hope.

Love and service become fruitless without hope that they will bear fruit. (Although, I will say love can exist without hope, but isn’t it the hope that love will be received? As for serving and helping, why would one do such activities without the hope that a difference is being made? Chances are you wouldn’t. You wouldn’t love or serve without hope.)

Hope is the basis for all business.

The basis for all financial trading.

The basis for progress.

The basis for all products & services.

But it can’t originate from those items. 

It’s tricked so many of us, like a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Lack of hope is the reason for so much suffering in our lives.

The magic of igniting another to find their hope is in fact hope all unto its own.

To add to the great Alexander Pope who first coined “Hope Springs Eternal”:

Hope Springs Eternal Internal. 

Find your hope.

Finding your hope makes you a natural spreader of hope.

Nothing else required. 

It just kinda oozes out of you.

Live Your Legacy.

xx Lisa


How to Break Survival

How To Break Survival

Here’s another way to look at it.



The World.

And by that I really mean….


It can be broken into 2 categories.

Survival and LIFE.

Survival is not yet having developed the faith that you are going to be taken care of – that all your basic needs (& beyond) will be met.

LIFE, on the other hand, is that beautiful space you get to live in once you know that all your basic needs (food, clothing, shelter, water, etc.) have been met, and have been met with abundance.

Keep in mind these are both mindsets.

MOST of the world, regardless of how much money they actually have (TRUE STORY), live in survival.

People live with fear each day that they do not know they will have enough to eat, a warm, safe place to sleep.

Or that all that they’ve worked for will be taken away from them, leaving them without food, clothing, and shelter – not to mention, they are scared about:

  • losing jobs
  • losing lovers
  • losing people to death
  • losing their house
  • losing their health
  • losing their clients
  • losing, losing, losing


The few that have laid to rest this entire conundrum of what shall we eat, wear or where shall we sleep – those that look beyond, get to discover FREE & CLEAR, DEEP, UNRESTRICTED JOY.

All can experience joy – but joy laden with worry undertones isn’t exactly what joy was meant to be – that’s called a nervous laugh.

Wasn’t it someone wise that once said (and I paraphrase), “You are spending your life worrying about what to eat or drink or what you should wear.” and then goes on to say, “O, you of little faith….”

Ummmm, ROCKED it.

Literally, Jesus drove that message home.

It’s all about faith – faith being all about mindset – all about belief.

It’s not about staying in the mindset of WORRY.

We haven’t cultivated our mindset for LIFE because we are so stuck in the mindset of survival.

This is where MOST people are.

I’ve been there.


Anxiety – ALL THE TIME.

Depression – I’m sure it’s walking around with a T-shirt on that has my name on it!

We’ve ALL been there.

This isn’t something unique to only a few (although, I’m sure some would like to think that.)

This is part of our human experience.





That once you find your freedom – LIFE begins.

LIFE happens.

Freedom from survival can only happen within you.

Freedom from survival is not something you will find out in the world.

Not all the trips, travels, money, private jets, lovers, friends, food, clothing or yoga trips on the PLANET will bring you freedom.

You essentially free yourself.

You tune in.

You connect to the highest source.

Peace floods your thoughts.

Survival is not an option anymore.

Enough is enough.

You’ve had enough living in the crumby-cracked apartment survival has you pinned in.

You are ready to break free from your own prison.

The crazy thing is the key was in front of you all the time.

You didn’t think it was available for you.

But it’s always been available.

A tacit agreement between you and your soul.

Waiting for you to take the key of the jail you put yourself in and unlock it.

The key takes you from survival to LIFE.

What does LIFE have to offer you?

Deep Peace.

Deep Knowing.

Deep Love.

Deep Joy.

So, you’re thinking this post is about how to go from SURVIVAL to LIFE.

But it’s not.

It’s actually a reminder for those who keep wavering between survival mode and LIFE mode – for those who KNOW.

It’s like once you’ve tasted the milk, honey, chocolate or wine, you never want to go back.

Once you’ve tasted the good LIFE, you really do never want to go back.

But we do.

I do.

We fall back.

Old patterns.

Wanting to sabotage anything good that we deserve and yet, so deeply feel we do not.

What’s keeping us in a pattern flailing between survival and LIFE is our energy choices.

We are still choosing to come down to the masses, instead of lift them up.

We are still not choosing to stand in our power and stand up for what it is our soul is meant to do.

We are still not listening to the deepest parts of our souls, screaming at us to do, to LIVE the LIFE we are called to.

And it’s easy not to hear, I mean with all the things – the driving kids around, the noise from our devices, our bosses calling, society practically yelling at us to BE a certain way or act a certain way – no wonder life is not worth living so much of the time.

We’ve crushed our own dreams, our own desires.

Yes, I know it. I say it from experience.

Regena Thomashauer says it like this, especially for us women, “Repressed radiance turns into anger. Because we don’t have an external outlet where we can express it, we turn that anger towards ourselves – where it settles in as depression and sadness.”

Word, Regena!

We are practically being yelled at for not complying with the rest of the world, as we keep resisting the calling for our lives.

Who wants to live a life where they feel they are yelled at? Unheard? Dismissed?

Yet, we do this to ourselves.

Of course we have the highest rates of depression on this planet.


The work that God himself placed you here on the earth to do.

The work you’re not doing for whatever reason you’ve created in your head.

The ‘you-are-not-good-enough’ story in some shape or form.

But you get what I’m saying.

Your soul is nodding yes right now.

You know where your chaotic energy, your depression, your anxiety, etc. is coming from.

It’s because you are simply denying yourself the desires of your soul.

You keep denying the soul’s work.

It’s dangerous to do so – but I don’t have to tell you that.

You like living dangerously.

You know one day you’ll figure it out and be the hero of your story.

Meanwhile, you also know too well that this – not living your soul’s purpose – is actually what’s causing ALL the grief in your life right now.

From the bad skin, to the illness, to the fighting, to no money in your bank account.

There’s something you need to let go of.

There’s something you keep resisting that keeps persisting.

There’s something you need to build faith around.

There’s something calling you to LIFE but you keep choosing survival.

Don’t make this harder than it really is.

Because it’s not hard.

It’s just a choice.

A choice to…..

Live Your Legacy.

xx Lisa



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Find Your Worth

Find Your Worth

In less than a few weeks, I’m leaving one of the companies I’ve worked with for over 15 years. 

Even though it’s 100% the right decision for me at this point in my life, I still feel like it’s a divorce. I still wonder how I will go on without this relationship in my life. I now have to identify with something new, something different. 


I didn’t realize that I have wrapped up a lot of my identity in who I work for or what I do for a living.  

So much of my worth as a person, my value.

And it gets worse….

I’ve also identified myself and my value with things like my resume, my skills, and if we are being BRUTALLY honest, things like my health, looks, financial stuff, relationships, where I live – ALL GOOD, BAD, or UGLY… doesn’t matter….

DOESN’T matter because – 

We all do it and it’s how we relate to the world, how we find our pecking order, our tribes, our places in this world.

And so I realize that is not going to change and that’s okay because we will never be able to fight the laws of attraction anyways.

Like will always attract like. 

This is where I have got stuck in the past. 

How do I separate myself from my accomplishments, the worldly things, the tribes I associate with (Motherhood, Work, Family, etc.)?

How do I just BE and then while BEING be okay with all that I am presently?

Be okay with the fact that I’m good enough?

That I’m worthy enough?

That I’m valuable enough?

I mean sure we sing songs in Sunday School about the fact that we are unique little unicorns, valuable, blah, blah… great for a 5-year-old.

Different for us older folk who’ve been around a little longer and realize we have to work for a living and work for all the stuff we think we want – not to mention that we are trying to survive and just make it day-to-day.

But how does one actually live like they are worthy of TRUE ABUNDANCE? In all the things, all the areas – the health, wealth & love? 

How do you FIND YOUR WORTH in a broken world?

And then comes the real questions that you are really asking here:  

“Who am I to be worthy of this? Who am I to be worthy of doing this great thing that my heart desires?”

And the answer always whispers from the deepest parts of your soul as it always will when you tune in and listen for it:

“Who are you not to? 

You were made for a moment such as this! For a decision, for a relationship, for a job, for a family, for a love, for a house, for a healthy body, for a purpose, for abundance such as this!”

And whisper grows louder and louder until one day it shouts at you and makes you practically pee your pants while you are walking down the aisle at the grocery store.

Oh ya… that small voice we’ve so kindly pushed aside for so long that just yelled at us – in a loving way of course…

You now can’t deny it. It’s there. It’s real. It’s not going away.

God really dislikes playing second fiddle in your life. Your universe that created you really REALLY dislikes you not LISTENING to the true desires of your heart.

The problem, and I say problem because it’s so hard to wrap your head around this one, is that I can’t do anything to become more valuable than I already am. 

We were born perfect and made perfect and born worthy and born valuable and let’s face it, there’s nothing – 


we can do to screw that up. 

Kinda takes all the fun out of life, doesn’t it?

But what am I supposed to strive for? What GOAL am I supposed to work for? Why am I supposed to make millions of dollars and why am I supposed to eat healthy? And why for God’s sake then do I have to get off the couch and turn off Netflix?

What if the secret to this whole thing was that there really was nothing to strive for? 

What if there was:

  • no course you need to take
  • no fancy school you need to graduate from
  • no amount of money you need to make
  • no high-paid job you need to get
  • no hot sexy relationship you had to be in
  • no big family you had to have
  • no hot car you need to drive
  • no fancy clothes, shoes or makeup you need to own
  • no special house you need to live in
  • no elaborate titles you need behind your name
  • no elite famous friends you need to have

What if you actually didn’t need any of that stuff?

What if you actually stopped looking for approval, validation and security outside yourself?

What if you could live in a space, the now, the present where you actually had all the stuff you were seeking?

What if the secret to it all never lied with the world outside of us?

What if all we had to do was listen to our higher self?

What if we stopped listening to the world, all the world – which includes:

partners, kids, parents, brothers, sisters, grandparents, bosses, co-workers, friends that mean well, some chick posting her blog on social media 😉  – 

What if we only listened within, what if we only took direction from our higher self, God, the universe, whatever you call it?

I think it’s like this:

You can do whatever you want in this life. No one is going to force you to follow your destiny, follow your desires. No one is going to force you to step into your destiny and get off the couch.

I also don’t think you have to honour God, your higher self or the universe in anyway shape or form. That’s 100% your choice. Just a decision you get to make. It’s not right or wrong.

However, I do think that there is this BIG MAGIC that happens when you do HONOUR that voice inside you, your God voice and hunker down on those desires.

I think that’s where you get to live in the magic, the adventure, to open up your world to all life has in store for you. 

I don’t think you get to live in that PROMISED LAND until you do honour that small whisper and those deep desires of your soul.

I also think that’s what it means to (and I do use a biblical reference here) “follow God’s will” for your life.

Which, I mean, let’s get real, could be the FUNNEST ADVENTURE of your life.

I’ll be the first to say I’m just a messenger, that my words, my message is just here to spark something that was already within you, for something to be revealed to you…

Your revelation.

Your life.

Remember you and God form a majority in this universe.

You can vote however you want to vote.

Where we fall, where I fall, is always this:

When I look outside of myself for the recognition, the value, worldly perfection, for MY worth. 

It’s not out there.

It never was. 

It never will be.

Do you get it yet?

True Abundance can NEVER be outside of your head, outside of your mind or outside of your soul. Neither is your worth.

Your abundance is not held with another person. No one holds that magic key. 

Your worth is not held with another person. No one holds that magic key.

It’s not with your boss, your company, your job, the lottery, a rich uncle or that sexy Latin lover.

Your abundance sure as HECK is not sitting in the opinions of others. 

(Other people always have their own prejudices, dysfunctions, hurts, fears, insecurities – which is their sh*t – not yours! It’s actually amazing we even listen to anyone anyways! 😉 )

So, craziest thing happens when you don’t need the peanut gallery in your life anymore, when you follow your own soul and find your worth within….

You get to…


xx Lisa


You Were Made For More

You Were Made For More

You were made for MORE.

You will never get to where you want to be if you keep playing at the same level that you created your current reality at –

Whatever you wish that to be.

You keep creating at the same level – you keep doing things the ‘old school’ way…

Serious Q:

Do you think for 2 seconds that your current way of doing things is going to get you to that next level?

You are an energy match for exactly where you are RIGHT now.

Look around.

All the good things in your life,

the love, the happiness, the deep joy –


All the crap.

That unhealthy relationship you have with work, your kids, your body, your relationships.

Your bad attitude toward certain people.

The friend or ex that pissed you off.

Your kids doing ‘stuff’ you don’t approve of.

Your boss being a total dingbat.

The guy that cut you off in traffic.

Wake up time!

That’s all on you.

You keep expecting. You keep expecting the world to live by the instruction manual that you wrote for them.

Do you realize how crazy that is?

Do you know how frustrating and maddening it is to live in a world that doesn’t do what you want them to do?

No seriously.

Better questions:

Do you honestly still expect the world to bend to you and all the people in it?

I see this ALL the time.

People expecting others, governments, children, partners, businesses, lovers to act in a certain way – particularly the way that they so desire.

Deep down we want everyone to act the way we want: Stepford Wives. Robots.

When are we going to throw away the manuals we’ve created for others?

When are we going let go of the expectations we have on others?

Do you realize this is what is HOLDING YOU BACK from MORE?

Let’s talk about how to create that miracle, that new life, that new level you want to go to, shall we?

You will never be able to shift into the magical life you deserve without taking full responsibility for what you created right now.

The good, the bad & the ugly.

What have you invited into your life so far?

Do you like it?

Do you want to keep it?

So here’s where we get to play!

That ‘thing’ –

That ‘next level thing’ –

That ‘dream’ you are after –

You have to shift into it first.

You have to play the role, you have to BE it now.

I’ve written about this many times.

So many people have this all wrong.

They DO, HAVE, and then BE or BECOME.

This may work for getting a degree: do the school work, have the degree and then you get to become a graduate or the doctor or the teacher. But that’s about where the masculine DO HAVE BE model really begins and ends.

For the rest of what you want to manifest, the GREAT THINGS you want to manifest – the MIRACLES – they have to come from someplace DEEPER, someplace HIGHER.

In reality for you to get to the next level and become and energetic match for the things, the miracles, you want in your life and the life you want you MUST:

BE, DO and then HAVE.

You first BECOME who it is you want to be in the world by internally stepping into the person you want to be.

You first shift your energy and you do that by living the way you see yourself in the future.

Then you DO the work and take the actions after.

Sidenote: The actions you do are far more inspired when you are already ‘acting’ the part of the person you are planning on showing the world!

Then you HAVE.

(This actually is how you finish a university degree – if you didn’t see yourself as a graduate first my guess is you never finished university – you have to see yourself as what you want to BE, but you have to do that now, not in 4 years time.)

Eventually, your reality catches up with your desires and all that you have been manifesting.

You get to physically see the results of what you were – but it’s no biggie, because you have BEEN (BE) that way for a while now, your reality is finally just energetically catching up to the you who you always knew you were.

Do you get what I’m putting down here?

This quantum physics stuff is mind blowing but not for everyone.

I get that.

You always get the message when your heart is ready to receive it.

And then it’s revealed to you like a lightning bolt and you don’t know how you ever lived before you learned what a miracle really is.

It’s like messing up what we’ve been taught for so long.

It’s like throwing away man’s rule book and playing by God’s.

God has anointed and appointed you LONG BEFORE you will ever see it.

Do you know how FREEING it is to LIVE in a world with no expectations?

Do you know how spectacular life is when you learn you were made for more and ALLOWED TO HAVE MORE?!?!

It’s amazing!

It’s like being in love!

It’s like every Christmas, Thanksgiving and Easter all in one!

It shifts your perception on reality.

It connects you the greatest deepest JOY you will ever find.

I pray that for you my friends. I do.

It’s my deepest wish.

It’s my deepest yearning.

It’s my deepest gift I could ever share with you, to which you already know.

You already know this.

You know deep down all of the truth.

Your soul, your heart, your deepest parts know this.

That you were made for more.

That you are more.

That you are more than what your present reality looks like.

That you are more than your past.

That you are more than this moment.

So find that JOY and stay connected to it, do whatever it takes to stay there.

You were made for more.


Live Your Legacy.

xx Lisa


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What’s Your Pleasure?

What's Your Pleasure Blog

There’s a fine line between Pleasure and Procrastination.

I want you to be able to see this for yourself so you can see when you are stuck in a holding pattern avoiding your life.

We all love pleasure.

It definitely comes out in many different ways for all of us.

Another way to define pleasure, besides the “fun” stuff is self-care.

What gives you pleasure?

Pleasure is this amazing thing that turns you on, lights up your soul, makes you feel good.

OH, and for me that is not anything to do with make-up, hair, clothes…

I seriously try to outsource that stuff best I can!

I also gave up decorating – like – for anything.

It’s funny how stuff that used to fill me FULL of pleasure 10 or 20 years ago has TOTALLY shifted.


If cooking, baking, doing your hair, entertaining used to fill you up and doesn’t – let it go.

Don’t do it.

So my first point, if you haven’t figured it out yet for yourself, is DON’T DO THE THINGS YOU DON’T WANT TO DO.


Because when you don’t do the things you don’t want to do, that leaves space in your life for you to do the things that really fill you up.

Plus, that leaves space for someone who WANTS to do the things you don’t want to do!

Yes, you know this – BUT…..

Are you living it?

I know I am.

I came home yesterday, and surprise to me, my Christmas tree and stockings were hung.  BOOM! (Thank you Beth!)

I also am against hair and make-up and finally trying out some options to make sure that I don’t have to do them!

I’ve also put together like 5 work outfits that I rotate through so I don’t have to waste time thinking about what to wear – although I do like to look nice, I don’t like to waste all my decision making power before I leave the house in the morning.

I also rarely cook, don’t bake, rarely do laundry or clean.

None of the above is what I’m called to do. It’s someone else’s calling – from the hair & make-up to the decorating to the cooking & baking.


I try to make most of my decisions ahead of time.

Hey, this is what all super successful people do – they don’t waste time in indecision!

Okay, so have you ever felt like you have “overindulged” in pleasure? Self-care?

Seeking pleasure for the sake of seeking pleasure will NEVER last and usually ends up being completely self-destructive.

RECEIVING PLEASURE from the work you do, the art you do, the creative inspired GOD work you do (tuning in, tapping into GOD) WILL give you a never ending stream of pleasure, why? BECAUSE YOU ARE CONNECTED TO YOUR SOURCE POWER, the all-powerful, all-knowing and the all-loving!

I’m going to go out on a limb and tell you a little secret-not-so-secret!

The only time you will feel you overindulgent in anything is when you are NOT

  • living your life’s purpose
  • putting your art/work you were meant to do out in the world
  • messaging the message you were put here on earth to say
  • following your gut/instincts
  • slacking off with your soul (you know!)

It’s like this gnawing feeling.

Like you have more to give.

Like you know you should be doing the thing you were put here to do!

So, what’s stopping you?

Why are you not doing it?

What do you do instead of doing the work/messaging/art/business that you were here to do?

You buffer.

You buffer like the rainbow-pin-wheel-of-death on a Mac.

You choose CONSUMING pleasure over pain X 1000. (Pain being namely the fact that you aren’t in your CREATIVE pleasure!)

You go get your nails done when you know you should be writing your book.

You search for recipes, hours of Pinterest, you wash your car, clean your house – heck you’d even choose to do laundry over actually bringing your art into the world.

You may even RETURN emails over doing your soul’s work. OMG – THE HORROR!!!

I’m not saying any of that is bad – obviously all necessary – but it’s not going to heal you the way doing what you came her to do will.

But I sure don’t have to tell you this.

You know this.

It’s a feeling, a calling from deep within that just won’t shut up.

And yet, you cast it aside.

You ignore.

You hit snooze.

Sooner or later, you get sick.

Physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually sick.

Because you haven’t done what you are supposed to do.

Because you were called to something that you have now denied.

You have betrayed yourself.

And make no mistake my friends – – –


You can never betray anyone on the planet as badly as you betray your SELF, your soul’s calling.

There is nothing worse.

It will haunt you and manifest in all the rotten ways.

I have felt this, experienced it – to the point of full on depression.

You know what helped me?

Spitting my message out – even in it’s raw unpolished form.

Doing the work I was meant to do.

Creating something.

Spending more time in creating than consuming.  <—- I write about this in my book, STRUT!

Seriously, my loves, if you are looking for that FEEL good CURE to ALL THE THINGS –


all the things in your life that are SUCKING and not working for you right now….

you’ve got to be CREATING.

It’s going to be tuning in, digging deep and coming back out with something you put into the world.

It could be to host & plan an event, make a craft, baking, soup, a video, write, draw, film, volunteer, create a portfolio, connect…. it could be anything you are called to do at this time.

You know what that is.

Listen for it.

Tune in.






The fog will lift.

You will change your point of attraction.

Things will slowly look up.

Here’s a secret I’ve learned and I’ll share it with you.

There is no such thing as TOO MUCH PLEASURE or TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE if you stand in your creative power.

If you are constantly tapping into your creative soul you will be be able to live in this spectacular place of joy.

You learn how to TURN YOURSELF ON.

(Yes, turning yourself on in ALL ways possible… 😉 )

Like that light that shines so bright… it’s like the feeling of being in LOVE, but almost better!

Don’t believe me?

Try it!

You get to create your life right?

So why not make it GOOD?

Why not make it so FREAKIN’ FANTASTIC you can hardly stand it?

Why not create your life so it TOTALLY turns you on in EVERY WHICH WAY POSSIBLE?!?!

Why not find the space that totally fills you up with pleasure, the thing you can’t wait to do, the thing you can’t wait to share with others and tell all the people about.

Find that.

Do that.

And I promise that is when you…..

Live Your Legacy.

xx Lisa


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True Abundance

True Abundance Blog

It’s simple.

It’s not necessarily easy.


Being able to move from one place to another.

There must be healing.

There must be a rebirth of desire.

Then there must be the words, the language – the ultimate in creation of what is to be –

and in that sense what is already here and available to us in this moment.





The knowing that all of the Universe is in support – God is in support of every last desire your heart has.

The desires that were born from the Divine.

It still amazes me.

Mostly, because it’s me who still doesn’t see that my desires for abundance is actually already here for us, waiting patiently –

softly nudging us –

to RECEIVE what is rightly ours, every man, woman & child’s birthright – life lived to the full.

So here we are.

So here I am.

With you.

Sitting in this mess.

Make no mistake.

We are all here – because we are all connected.

Something most of the world conveniently forgets, hence why we have labels.

We wouldn’t have labels if everyone could see how connected we really are, and how the pain would subside when we see ourselves in every living thing, how hurting one hurts the whole.

Here’s the part I know so many are still stuck on.

We haven’t figured out how to tell ourselves a new story.

We are stuck in the past.

We are playing our past story – good or bad – on a story loop.

How things should have been, the crap you had to deal with, the loss, the pain, the horror –

Or maybe it was the good’ ol times, the joy, the perfect life you once had –

It is still playing like it’s a new release, front and center, months, even years after it should have been replaced.

It’s such an old story, old movie, that no one even comes to the theater to help you relive it anymore –

sure you may drag in some new attendees every once in a while, but soon enough too they leave,

probably because they are so busy trying to attract people to listen & watch their old story board

or maybe they just get exhausted of watching your movie.

Maybe you are finally starting to get exhausted of your own story you are telling yourself –

The one on how your family is supposed to be like, your relationship is supposed to be like, your body is supposed to be like –

The way your bank account is supposed to be like.

The supposed-to’s are a story of some past programming that needs to be re-told –


BLOCKBUSTER HAS LEFT THE BUILDING… maybe you didn’t get the memo…

The beautiful thing about this life – the secret – if you will…

Is that at any moment in time everything you desire is available to you.

You can shift your perception of ANYTHING.

You can attract anything you desire to your life.

You can transform your mind instantly.

You can FEEL whatever you want to feel in an instant –

but that choice is up to you.

You can disappear the past in an instant.

Why are you holding on to it so tight?

Was it better back then?

Was it worse back then?

Better question: does it really matter if it was better or worse back then?

You are living like it really does matter.

You can’t do anything about it anyways.

So, why do you let your mind always go there?

I mean, ALWAYS go there?

What you have right here and right now is PRESENT.

The present of being able to transform/shift your feelings and thoughts to the desire of your heart.

You are allowed to do this.

But you are not – and I’m going to guess it’s because somewhere, somehow, someone in your past denied you.

They denied you when you got a chance to be the fullest-expression of yourself.

They denied you when you got a chance to dance with life.

They denied you love, wealth, health, family, friends.

They denied.

But then, again, no one can actually deny anyone of anything.

AHHH, bingo.

You denied yourself.

And my loves, the worst form of betrayal is self-betrayal.

We’ve all done it to ourselves, and that is the hardest to swallow.

We are the ones who allowed ourselves to become disconnected from our true desires.

We berated ourselves, put ourselves down.

It’s so much easier to blame others than to take back what is really something we did to ourselves.

Isn’t it crazy – we are supposed to be all “evolved” and “smart” –

Our phones are smart, so doesn’t that mean we are smarter?

But we sit and bash, say mean things, criticize, hurt ourselves – on repeat.


Actually, it really doesn’t matter why – as I alluded to in a blog a few weeks ago –

but what does matter now is – what can we do to shift into the place we are called to?

What can we do to heal?

And knowing that when we heal, we end up healing others.

Isn’t that amazing?

When we heal ourselves, we end up inspiring another to heal, to take that step out of the darkness and into the light?

So, it’s like a win-win-win for you, others and the world.

And I don’t know if there is a better way to….

Live Your Legacy.

xx Lisa



PS. So, I have a proposition for you, my love.

I want you to join me in shifting to this place where the desires of your heart meet true abundance.

We do that through healing. We do that through talking. We do that through sharing. We do that through connecting. We do that through prayer and meditation.

Do you know that everything you ever desired is on the other side of that shift – that transformation on repeat?

We are going to HEAL your money story. This is the FREEDOM you’ve been seeking. BOLD CLAIM? Yes, damn right, you’ve got the support of the entire universe at your back and with God anything is possible.

Are you up for it?


30-Days of Soul Shifting Guidance.

30-Days to RECEIVING all that life has to offer you.

It may be messy. It may be painful. It might not be pretty and wrapped up with a pink bow – but, my dear sister, it is going to be AMAZING to shift your life into #trueabundance !

This is available for you.

If you are ready to receive this, join me here —>

Did I mention it was FREE?!


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6 Reasons You Need To Buy Life Insurance

6 Reasons You Need To Buy Life Insurance

Here are 6 reasons I always share with clients why they need to buy life insurance.

Did you know that life insurance pays out tax-free to your beneficiaries usually within 30-60 days upon claim? Did I mention tax-free money to your estate?

1. To Pay Final Expenses

In my opinion, everyone needs to have a small permanent life insurance policy to cover off final expenses.  These expenses can run from $5,000 to $25,000 or more. Besides burial or cremation costs, there are also final tax returns and legal obligations or probate or tax owing that are required to close your estate. Here’s the thing, don’t be a burden to your family or friends – consider having a small paid up whole life or universal life or Term100 that will pay out tax free to your chosen beneficiaries to help ease the immediate burden of final expenses.

2. To Cover Children’s Expenses

If you have children under age 18, I firmly believe it is your responsibility to help provide for those children if you were to pass away prematurely. This is something I’m very passionate about because it’s so inexpensive for people of child-rearing ages to afford a decent sized life insurance policy of even $500,000 to $1,000,000 at minimum. Everyone knows a million dollars doesn’t go far these days, not to mention if you want to help contribute to your child’s secondary education costs, then you will really need to take a good hard look at getting the proper amount of life insurance.

3. To Replace Your Partner’s Income

If you depend on your partners income to run your lifestyle and housing costs, then this is a no brainer, obviously if you didn’t have insurance and your partner passes away you may be forced to radically change your lifestyle. The question becomes, is this something you are willing to do during the hardest days of your life? Any amount of life insurance will help ease this burden so you aren’t forced into making rash decisions at inopportune times.

4. To Pay Off Debts

Like I said about the insurance for your children, I also will say that it is your responsibility to cover your debts in the event of your passing. You were the one who made the decision to take on the debt in the first place, don’t you think that you should also not leave that debt to your loved ones to deal with your messes? Time to ADULT now and make sure you have proper coverage to handle all your debts, from mortgage to credit cards to car loans to business agreements.

5. To Cover Business Expenses

Buying life insurance to cover Key Employees or to fund a buy/sell agreement or just to cover outstanding debts in the business, it is so important to look at life insurance for your business. Make sure to talk to a CFP to make sure all the angles of your business are covered.

6. To Pay Off Estate Taxes

Although Canada doesn’t have estate taxes per se, they do have probate fees and final taxes on deemed dispositions of assets on the date of your death. This can be a massive blow to your estate. For example, a million dollars in RRSPs would be worth $600,000 or less after all the taxes are paid on your final tax return. That’s a huge win for the government and a huge loss for your family. This is where permanent insurance is important, such as whole life or universal life or Term100. Probate fees are minimal in some provinces, but in other provinces can be very costly.


Okay, now ask yourself if you have enough or you have enough on your partner.

Let me ask you this, in your darkest of days – losing your best friend, lover, partner – do you want to be financially stressed on top of your loss? OR, on that note, if he’s a schmuck who owes you money and never pays up on time, wouldn’t it be better to have a policy in place to make sure you get what is contractually yours in the case he dies and leaves you high and dry raising kids… just more food for thought… cause you will curse his name for getting off scot-free one last time! 🙂

Either way, I’m happy to get you a quote or put you in touch with someone in your jurisdiction who can help you get some proper risk management and life insurance in place! Don’t wait… I will write another blog on the people who came to me and said they wished they had put some life insurance in place before their partner passed unexpectedly.

Grim, I know. Real Life – Yes, unfortunately.

Bottom Line: You’re still gonna need money, honey.

xx Lisa