Find The Miracle

Find The Miracle Blog

The people.

My people.

Your people.

Our people are hurting.

Everyone I meet.

Friends, Family, People I just meet are hurting.

It’s raw. It’s real.

I see it. You see it.

WE experience it as humanity.


We will always experience it as humanity.

And it won’t go away, but I don’t ever think that was the goal of the human experience.

We experience it because we are all connected.

The problem?

Everyone is looking to everyone else to be their savior.

Everyone is always looking for the way out.

The cure, the medication, the continuous happy, the new relationship, the money to fix the problem, the be-all-end-all-solutions, the creation of new jobs, the economy, heck… even the stock market…

Waiting on the world.

We’ve become, in many cases, the people waiting for the world to change, to bend to us, for the other people to get it, for the people who did us wrong to get it….

The truth is –

It’s actually not other people’s job to:

  • change the world
  • give you a job
  • show up in a “certain defined” way
  • bend to you
  • tell you the next step
  • fix you
  • “get it”
  • to like you
  • to love you


The above list.

It’s YOUR job.

It’s YOUR job to BE first. (BE as in Being… for clarity)

It’s YOUR job to show up, to create, to BE LOVE.

It’s YOUR responsibility.

It’s YOUR responsibility to FIND THE MIRACLE.

And guess what!

The miracle always starts with you!

Your shift in perception.

Your new way of looking at things.

Your spirit of hope.

Your shining light.

Something we, as humans, have to protect.

Don’t you get it yet?



Miracles are not ‘outside’ of you.

Miracles are not for other people.

Miracles are for you.


I guarantee you will find it.


Ask & Receive.

It’s a promise made to you.

A DIVINE promise made to you.

Miracles don’t always show up as grand gestures.

Many times miracles show up as small whispers, a small shift in perception, a tweak, a pebble dropped in the creek.

I believe many people are scared to ask for miracles.

I believe so many of us think that when something good happens to us that surely something bad will follow.

We have created all these silly beliefs around miracles and almost anything good that will happen to us – superstitious anyone?!

Many people think they do not deserve miracles to show up in their life.

That they aren’t good enough or don’t deserve the FULL blessings of the Divine on their life.

On that note, can I tell you secret?

Okay, maybe not so secret, but when you figure this out for yourself – nothing can really touch you or stop you from really staying connected to your purpose, your desires, your divine calling.

That you create EVERY PART of your life.

It’s you.

It’s when you realize you have the power within to create the life of your dreams, all your desires – that everything you ever dreamed could come true.


So, good news and bad news.

Bad news is that you’ll have to stop blaming everyone for your bad day, your bad mood, your crappy life:

the ex, the jerky-boss, the client that left you, the guy who cut you off in traffic, your whiny children, other people’s whiny children 🙂

Ya, when your excuses go out the window – what are you left with?

Just you my love.

And here’s the GOOD NEWS!

The miracles are within you and flow through you out into the world!

You get to take your power back.

You get to get out of your crappy financial rut.

You get to get your HEALTHY body back.

You get to create the relationships of your dreams (this includes peaceful happy relationships with your ex).

You get to BE love and compassion for your children and other people’s children.

You get to find love & compassion for the people, including your boss, who didn’t treat you very good – the people who chewed you up and spit you out.

You get to create the job of your dreams, and travel the world, explore, invent and make a difference.


As you are.


(I don’t know how else to shake you up than to grab you on the shoulders and tell you that! You are the ducking miracle my love!))



The Divine doesn’t make mistakes.

None of your past was a mistake.

Stand in the belief that it is all for your highest good, and TRUST that.

Find peace in that.

Find even the teeny tiniest place within you where ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE.

Because there you will…

Live YOUR Legacy.

My Love, Lisa



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It’s Not Your Job To Save The World

It's Not Your Job To Save The World

What to give when you feel you’ve given it all?

What to do when you feel you’ve done it all?

What to say when you feel you’ve said it all?


There’s always more to share, always more to give.

When you are connected to source –

When you are plugged in –

When you are LIT on FIRE –


You bring the energy to your work, your family, your business, your art, your body, your LIFE!

When you are are down, depressed, feeling like you don’t want to leave your bed – that’s when you need to dig deep and get connected to your why, and then take the smallest action.

The funny thing is this – you will rarely ever know the how, the what, the where, the when, the who –


The WHY is your responsibility.

That is the only thing you really need to know!

The rest comes through action and with this blind faith (faith in and of itself is blind anyways – so I guess it’s just faith!)

And a deep knowing that it’s not your job to save the world!
It’s your job to be YOU!

Want to know what the greatest feeling in the world is (next to LOVE, obvi) is when you keep your word to yourself!


When you crush the goals, the schedule you set out to do, your to-do list:

-that’s when you get all powered up

-that’s when you get to take your power back and

-that’s when you get to re-build trust with yourself!

Guess what happened along the way in life when you continually let yourself down, over and over again, and hence, like any relationship, you began not to trust yourself.

You continually are saying you are going to do one thing and end up doing another.

Salad vs. Nutella?!?!

Look at where you are right now….

That problem you are facing, that irritation in your life, that person you don’t really like or gel with, the situation you find toxic – it’s all there because you didn’t have your own back, you didn’t keep your word to yourself and you somewhere along the way stopped trusting yourself.

This is when that yucky word we hate NEEDS to come back into focus.


Taking RESPONSIBILITY for the situations we are in.

But…..You succumbed!

You gave in!

You thought that saving their feelings was more important than your own!

You don’t own the fact that you created every thing that is happening to you in your life.

You still think that you came here to save the world!

Guess what?!?!?

Saving the world is NOT your job!

Your JOB is to basically save yourself from the world.

Follow me here… it’s really one’s own personal journey and their own job to ‘do the work’.

You know you can’t really save anyone.

You can lead. You can show. You can set an example. You can be a light.

You can lead the horse to water, but never make him drink.

So why are you still trying so DARN HARD to save the world?

Why are you still giving up your power to a world that you can’t change?

Why haven’t you decided to be the lighthouse and draw the ships to you?

When I’ve written over 500,000 words in the last few years (that’s not that much by the way…do the math…) and what I’m always scared of is that I feel like I’m going to repeat myself, or that it’s all been done before, or that I’m going to run out of things to say (funny – for anyone that knows me!) and here’s the deal with your art, with your souls work…..


So how do you get connected?

AND how do you really get to make a difference in the world, maybe even be a light in this world?

Good question!

My personal opinion is to tune in, ask and receive.

Ask for the idea.

Ask for the dream.

Ask for the money.




When did you stop asking?

Because whatever it is you are lacking right now, do you think it’s because at some point you stopped asking, you stopped believing?


I know I did.


Well, here’s the God’s honest truth – DON’T QUIT.

Don’t quit right before the magic happens!

Because your VEIN OF GOLD is like one inch away from you discovering it.

Stay the course.

Be consistent.

Be persistent.

Be you.


Don’t worry about the rest of the world.

You’ll get to your desired goal when you focus on your desired outcome.

You get to take the world off your shoulders now.


Doesn’t that feel better?!

You now get to SAVE yourself and really create the life you want!

That’s the promise that was made to you, so you can….

Live YOUR Legacy!



Follow Your Own Advice

Follow Your Own Advice Blog

I’m so over it!

The advice.

All the advice.

Don’t tell me what to do unless you want to be standing behind the buck when it decides to kick up its feet!

And it’s not your usual suspects – like

It’s really the well meaning people of your life.

When can ANYONE on the planet really know whats good for you?

It’s always, as it always has been, up to you to actually learn to tune into your higher self – your intuition – and follow it.

The problem I believe is 2 fold:

One) That we have no time to tune in and actually hear ourselves think


B) That when we do get the nudges of intuition from our higher self we don’t TRUST them

The first problemo UNO, is probably where 90% of people actually fall into.

I’m too busy.

Lamest excuse ever.

I will say that it really isn’t that most people are busy, most people could make time – have the time.

I think it’s way bigger than that.

I would say most people don’t want to look in the mirror.

The fear of facing themselves is too great, so they sit with Candy Crush or watch the news – ANYTHING to not actually have to look inside and actually admit what’s going on in their world.

They are like this 24/7.

Creating some noise in their head so they don’t actually have to quiet down and think for a few minutes a day (which is really all it would take to tune in!)

The hardest thing you will ever have to do is unveil your true self to your true self and then deal with the fall out:

forgiveness, knowing you are worthy, loving yourself.

Most people don’t.

NEVER be “most people”.

It’s a rotten way to be.

Then comes B.

You do actually begin to tune in, pray, meditate, QUIET your mind, body & soul to ALLOW whatever messages need to come through you and then…..


You get the download!

The GREAT idea!




But what if…..

I can’t…..

MONKEY MIND goes nuts.

Brain totally talks you out of your *brilliant* truth – which you actually know is your truth, the next step you are to take – but don’t!

You go into the biggest resistance of your life.

Faking that all is okay, meanwhile you are just placating your soul with Netflix, 1990’s Meg Ryan movies because if you could just go back there, life could be, would be different……..

Then for what you KNEW was your truth, the answer you were seeking is now a few weeks behind you.

You made it so damn hard on yourself for what?

Fear – being scared to actually step out and have your back on whatever it was that you were so desperately looking for.

Your soul handed you the keys to the kingdom of WHATEVER YOUR dreams were and you basically threw them right back at her.

Oh boy….

And you wonder why we are in the place that we are?

The place where society doesn’t seem to trust anyone?

It’s no wonder, considering we can’t even trust ourselves – we don’t even have our own back….

I made a huge decision last week.

BUT… I knew ONE YEAR AGO to make this decision, and didn’t.

I was always wanting everyone and their dog’s opinion.

I got it.

Every opinion I ever wanted.

I got them all.

The “Yes”, the “No” and everything in between.

The problem when you go looking for advice and OPO (other people’s opinions) is that you will get HIGH on OPO!

But which HUMAN do you trust more with their opinion?

I mean after all, they ALL make a strong case for whatever it is that you are deciding.


This is where the real damage is done my friends.

  • In the place of in-action.
  • In the place of lull.
  • In the place of waiting on others.
  • In the place of pause.
  • In the place of procrastination.

Don’t be in that place. I’ve seen some people stay there forever!

One day….

one day is today….

One Day Is Today….


Have your own back means to really put yourself first!

Tune in and just bite the bullet and go for what it is that your higher self is leading you too!

Don’t look back.

This is NOT their journey – it’s yours.

Walk your walk.

Talk your talk.

Do YOU because only you do you best!

Follow your own advice

and don’t forget to….

Live Your Legacy!



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How To Deal With Being Triggered (All The Time)

How To Deal With Being Triggered All The Time

The beautiful bikini wearing girl with sun hat on her yacht in the South of France.


The girl who lost 20 lbs in one month, without going for a run.


Those yoga positions I can’t do.


25-year-olds making $1,000,000 a year from You Tube Ads.


Women who have a more successful business than moi.


Anyone on any trip anywhere or anyone who can fit into a size 8 (or less).

Just flat out TRIGGERED!

It’s happening.

It’s happening all the time.

Social Media, News, Gossip, Work, Social Events…are making you angry, frustrated, mad, sad, depressed.

There’s an entire whole host of negative emotions that can just “not feel good”.

You can barely do anything these days without getting triggered about something.

One second you are on top of the world, then BOOM – you are in a heap on the ground.

This is life – yes, but even more so now with things splashed in our faces 24/7….

100 years ago, you probably only got triggered when the weekly print newspaper came out! (OMG – look at her Fascinator! She sewed that dress by hand… )

You get my point.

I’m guessing it’s worse in 2018 than any other time in history.

I’m going to walk you through exactly what I do every time something triggers me.

It’s a practice.

I won’t lie. It took work to get to this place.


It’s life changing gold!

Step 1: You have to recognize what it is that is triggering you.

All the gossip you hear is usually something that has someone else triggered.

All the gossip you speak – that’s usually nothing more than what’s triggering you.

What are you ranting about lately? That’s usually a good indication.

You sometimes have to dig deep to find out why, but it usually relates to one of these 3 ares:

Love, Money, Health

Step 2: You have to find a way to take (consistent) action on what you want for your life.

If it’s a relationship you want, then go date.

If it’s money you want, then go make some sales, pick up the phone, network, get a job, etc.

If it’s health/body you want, go for a walk, eat better, or hire a coach, find a better doctor, try alternative treatments, etc.


That’s all you can do.

And I’m going to take it one step further (one step more than my FB Live the other day)….

and let’s be clear here’s where the magic happens….

Step 3: Be GRATEFUL for the Trigger

Be thankful to the person who triggered you.

Send them a note, PM, DM, carrier pigeon and say “You inspired me today.”

The thing is this – without “them” living your dream life it’s impossible for you to have known what’s possible!

The fact that they went out and did what you want to do or created what you want to create or have what you want to have is YOUR BIGGEST BLESSING – because without them, if they didn’t exist, you wouldn’t know it was possible for you.

They showed up, and in true Law of Attraction form, you saw whatever it was that you needed to see.

It’s funny what you DIDN’T notice.

If you are happy with your relationship you didn’t see the happy couple.

If you are happy with your body size you didn’t see her bikini wearing body.

If you are happy with your bank account you didn’t see her yacht.

Do you get what I’m putting down here?

There’s a million things passing by your beautiful eyes every day.

Many of them WON’T trigger you.

And you are attracted to the things that trigger the BEEP out of you!

Your eyes MAGICALLY zero in on all the STUFF you want.

And guess what!

This is how it will always work.

This is how you are programmed.

For increase, to expand, to grow, to stretch, to BE ABUNDANT in all areas.

You will be dealing with triggers until you are in the nursing home and some hot babe in their 70’s is stealing your 80+-nursing-home boyfriend from you.

Knowing that TRIGGERS are going to be around you till the day you check out, you have to find a way to use them to your advantage.

Blessing another person with a note of thanks or a word of gratitude is always the BEST solution.

The other thing I do when I’m scrolling on FB or Insta, I will say a blessing to that person – so I may not actually contact them directly.

I will utter under my breath – “God, bless them!” or “Thank you for showing this to me, thank you for showing me it’s possible!”

PLUS – here’s what happens when you are doing your best in the area that’s triggering you & you are grateful – you actually stop creating negative emotions within and begin to focus on the fact that you are on your way to allowing/receiving in that area of your life.

Or in other words – you are changing your point of attraction – sending out a different signal which will SHIFT you to what it is that you DO want for your life.

You may not realize it now, but you are ONE step closer to having everything you desire, but you can’t stay trapped in negative emotion – so shift as FAST as you can out of the trigger or what ever negative emotion you are carrying around with you – so you can get to what you are really after….

feeling good.


a good feeling.

No matter how you say it – that’s what this whole thing (aka. LIFE) is really about….

All the time we spend chasing the money, love, health is only for one thing – to FEEL GOOD.

So, use the internal GPS you’ve been blessed with.

The negative emotion, the trigger, it’s sooo USEFUL in helping guide you to what you really want to create in you life.

So this begs the question to you my beautiful,

What do you want to create?

Because the life you create, is how you…

Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa


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How To Get Real Clear On What You Want

How To Get Real Clear On What You Want

The reason you feel stuck in your life right now is NOT because you actually are.

It’s because you are feeling uninspired – you are either stuck in boredom or the opposite, anxiety.

You aren’t living in the FLOW ZONE. (This is kinda the optimal goal!)

I would even go as far to say that your anxiety about life right now – the worry, stress and overwhelm or the boredom (if you are on that end of the spectrum) is mostly caused by not having enough clarity for what you want, and not being in flow.

Flow being defined as a state of mind when your consciousness is harmoniously ordered, according to Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi.

Or in my words: being in that place where you are present focused, in the zone, creating, making a difference where your whole world just seems to clicks with ease.

So, how do we really REALLY get clear on what we want to get to a flow state?

Ask questions.

“Why does my life suck?” Is NOT a good question to ask yourself!

You’ll get bad answers and continue down your vicious circle into the realms of despair.

Been there, got the t-shirt.

The trick here is to ask GOOD questions to gain clarity.

“How can I make my life better?”

“What do I need right now to be the best version of myself?”

Ask BETTER questions, get better answers.

Better Answers = Better Clarity

And like I’ve always said, the person with the most clarity wins.

It’s true.

The reason you are struggling in ANY area of your life right now is because of a lack of clarity.

Self-Reflection reveals that to me in SPADES!

I see exactly where I need some SERIOUS clarity in certain areas and keep waffling.

Like, exactly what are my physical body goals?

What exactly are my money goals for the year, month, day?

I’m very sure I’m a walking contradiction, especially when it comes to my goals.

This year I have probably like 10 different financial goals!

How do I know that? Well, I make my goals my passwords, and then realize that every one of my devices is a different number – GEEZ.

This doesn’t bode well for manifesting!

Let me tell you – I’m like a firework – off in all different directions! (And not like a good Katy Perry Firework!)

The same goes for my health, physical goals…. even my hobby goals or fun goals seem to be a disaster.

And then it comes back to this – NOT having your own back in certain areas of your life!

You want to know why you have anxiety, stress, worry, and all the crap in your life?

Easy to answer:

  • Because you didn’t have your own back.
  • Because you think life happens to you.
  • Because you still have to be right about everything.
  • Because you haven’t really learned to LET IT GO (see last week’s blog!)
  • Because you didn’t follow through with your word to yourself.

And then it happens.

You feel like a completely sh*tty person for letting yourself down once again.

You know – deep down – that you created this mess your in.

Look at the body, the bank account, the relationships, the CRAP you’ve settled for.

Why are you settling?

Bad question.

We know why.

It’s the easy way out.

Better question.

What do you want to create in these few (very few) precious days you have left?

or another way of looking at it….

What’s it going to take to get you from where you are stuck and unclear right now to where you are living your best life?

Hand to paper.

Finger to keys.

Map it. Write it. Goal it. Intention it.

Paint it so clear in your mind that there is no turning back.

That what you want (having it all – in all areas of your life) is possible!

And baby, it’s possible.

It will happen for you.

Keep going with GREAT clarity.

and don’t forget…

Live Your Legacy!

xx L



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Let It Go!

Let It Go

The message is this: LET IT GO!

Because the OTHER shoe is dropping my friend, whether you like it or not!

(Hint: There’s always going to be a shoe dropping as you go through life.)

Shoes I take VERY seriously.

But the rest of life?

I don’t take that seriously. I mean, like most things in my life, I’m past the seriousness of most of it!

If you choose to take life seriously, that’s your choice. You won’t get out alive!


I CHOOSE FUN, laughter and responsibility and above all LIGHTNESS!

That’s my choice.

When you choose your life on purpose, the shoes can drop all around you and usually end up finding that you are OKAY.

I used to be the queen of holding on.

I still have over 500 (maybe 1000 sq. feet!) of STUFF in my basement in boxes.

I’m that person who literally SAVED everything.

Baby outfits (MINE! LOL!!), Cards from ALL my birthdays!, Yearbooks, All my Text Books (this is now a fire hazard!), plus – at one point I sewed, I did crafts, then not to mention my boxes labeled ‘Valentines’, ‘Thanksgiving’, ‘Halloween’, ‘Christmas’, ‘St. Patrick’s Day’ – YES, I even have boxes of decor for all the holidays – including ‘Oktoberfest’! (Don’t get me started on BOOKS!)

So as a life-long-hoarder, I’m still working on letting go. (Side note: My Opa had a farm full of junk – like old houses and cars – so I swear it’s hereditary!)

I love my little treasures.

(Side note: they are all labeled and organized and hiding in the basement – junk dare not show up in my actual living space! But yes, I do hold on to a LOT of stuff!)

Stuff is one thing to let go of, but getting over the rest of life – the stuff you can’t control – is another.

Letting go of the outcome.

Letting go of all the outcomes.

I know I have work to do on this.

I’m doing the work.

I’m taking responsibility.

And I’m having fun with it.

Holding life like a feather.


Maybe it’s time to let some things go.

I’ve actually made a list.

I have a LOT of things I’m going to let go!

And the things that I’m ready to let go of WILL create space for some new and exciting opportunities to come in.

Maybe its time to let go of:

  • relationships that don’t serve you
  • businesses that aren’t working
  • negative thought patterns
  • beliefs holding you back
  • perfection
  • perfection
  • being the perfect mom (ha! ha! I let go of that 2 weeks in 10 years ago!)
  • yelling
  • yelling at kids (my fav summer activity – YIKES!)
  • extra pounds?!?  Ya, those can go too!

Remember that your cup doesn’t need to be FULL!

A cup that is filled to the brim is so full that even one more drop of liquid will make it overflow.

Q for you.

Is your cup full of sludgy guck? (ie. stuff that doesn’t serve you where you are right now? stuff that doesn’t lift you up?)

Who really wants to live with their cup THAT full and full of STUFF that ain’t good?

That’s like drinking 5 cent draught beer! (Ughhh, I did that in college!)

I mean, why can’t you have a few sips of the good stuff and refill as needed?

I’m just saying that sometimes letting go of all the excess to make room for a few very specific things is the way to go.

It’s more classy.

Like champagne.

Be champagne.

Don’t be draught.

I could probably make T-Shirts out of these sayings.

But I won’t.

I’ll spare you.

However, don’t you think there’s something so calming and peaceful when you sit around people who aren’t scattered or all over the place.

People who aren’t full.

Calm, cool, collected – with room for more.

The space to create.

Also, when your energy is scattered, you better believe you won’t be attracting anything good into your life!

The money, the relationship, the body, that purse….. all the things that you want will flow easier to you when you are calm and centered – not flailing around with your arms flapping like a duck and squawking all over the place…. you get what I mean.

I’ve been there.

I’ve literally felt like a crazy person out of control.

Don’t even get me started on what that does to your anxiety level or how your skin reacts (zits, pimples – HELLO!)

Here’s a great thought to fill your cup with:

You and God together form a MAJORITY.

Think about that for a minute.

Isn’t that huge?!?!

If you and God together form a majority,

  • Why are you still minoring in the minors?
  • Why are you still living like the pauper?
  • Why are you still allowing the crap you don’t want into your life?
  • Why are you still filling your cup with cheap draught beer or bad wine?
  • Why aren’t you letting it go?

Could what you are holding on so tightly to be something that’s holding you back from reaching the next level, living your best life?

Are you holding onto an outcome?

Are you giving your goals a chance to breath?

What a world it would be, for you my dear, if you let the people be people, the songs be songs, the no be the no, the yes be the yes and not let it mean anything about you?

For you my dear, what if you just took the world as it was: perfect imperfection.

What if you just took a deep breath and breathed it all in?






and you will….

Live Your Legacy!

xx L


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How To Stand In Your Power

How To Stand In Your Power

Recently I was robbed!

I can’t lie.

They stole my JOY!

To be fair, I kinda let it hang out there for the taking.

As much as it was stolen, it probably ran from me.

And if I’m being honest, I probably just let it go – but blaming seems to somehow feel better in the interim.

Blaming actually feels justified.

It sometimes feels good to POUR out our responsibility onto someone else, anyone else, even blame the poor innocent guy walking down the street.

We like to cling to the fact that life happens to us. That we can’t do anything about it.

We want life to sometimes happen to us because when we happen to life, it gets scary.

That’s when we have to step out of our safe zone and enter into the fear zone.

Clearly it’s safer staying in the known part of life versus venturing out into the unknown part.

We stopped happening to it.

So here’s what I did to get it back:

I decided to happen to life.

I decided that life was mine for the taking.

I decided life was best done on my terms and that THAT is A-O-K!

I woke up in the middle of the night with this:

“You’re going to have to get over what other people did or didn’t do for you – it’s all about what you did or didn’t do for yourself. The real power lies there.”    – Lisa Elle

Yup, you can quote me on that.

OMG Squirrel, seriously, a cute squirrel is running about my feet as I’m writing this at the beach by the lake this morning. I’m not sidetracked ever!

AND this goes right into what I’m actually writing about today on how to get your power back.

To get you power back is actually easy.

First, you have to decide that you matter.

BOOM!  I don’t know about you, but it feels like EVERYONE on the planet has come before me lately, mostly family, then friends, but somewhere this summer I’ve lost myself, my routine, my 3-6 hours of alone time I need everyday to process and be happy.

There is no one to blame but me.

I get caught up in all the activities & festivities and forget about me.

STOP BEING SIDETRACKED and hence, putting everything else first!

When that happens, I’m usually not my happy optimistic self and my life suffers, as do the people around me.

So, best to remember to put me #1.

(And for the people that think that’s bad, get OVER it!)

Second, you have to stop blaming everyone and everything, including you.

This means take responsibility for where you are right now.


Third, get some clarity on your big vision.

How do you do that?



Create some plans.

Plan out your calendar.

Set a goal.

Always ask if what you are doing serves your BIG VISION.

The truth is this: You’ll always find the answers when you tune in.

My deal for today?

I’m taking back my power and for me personally that means getting clear on what I want.

Not waiting for someone else to make me an offer, for someone else to step in and save the day.

I’m going to have my own back.

I’m going to be my own hero in this story.

In my story.


That FEELS better!

My JOY is back!

Live Your Legacy!



P.S. Shout out to MaryAnne M. who brought me my joy this morning – coffee at the beach while writing this blog! I’m blessed to have met you and your generous soul!

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For The Leaders Who Want To Change The World

For The Leaders Who Want To Change The World

This is a message for the CREATIVES & LEADERS only.

People are going to tell you what to do – ALL DAY LONG.

You can’t stop this.

Recently, I’ve been told, sometimes by well-meaning friends, family members and other times by acquaintances and even then sometimes by strangers, on:

  • how I should run my business
  • how I should write
  • how I should look
  • how I should do my hair
  • how I should get new clients
  • how I should market
  • what I should or shouldn’t say

People literally DM or PM me on various social platforms, just wanting to share their opinions about my content! People I’ve never met email me and tell me what I should or shouldn’t say! I even had an 80-year-old lady phone me (who lives in another country) tell me I’m on holidays too much! WHAT?!?!?!

(CUE: Kacey Musgraves song “Follow Your Arrow” or “Cup of Tea“)

You can probably relate if you are consistently throwing yourself out there with your art – in whatever form.

So, this is a message for you – my soul clients, my soul sisters, the creatives, the leaders, the people who seriously what to make a change in this world….


or at least in your brain, your thoughts.

Do you honestly think a true LEADER takes every opinion thrown at him/her?

No, he/she has a few – very few – selected TRUSTED advisers.

He/She tunes out the crowd, the nay-sayers, the “well-wishers”, the “good intentions”!

Think of any leader you know – do you think they go around asking for the opinions of everyone around them?

NO! They take a stand for what they believe in, and what they are doing, and GO FOR IT!

Here’s the thing, if I want to make change happen, I can’t be someone who takes an opinion just to make one person happy.

It keeps ME small.

It keeps me from creating and putting my work out into the world.

It keeps me stuck in people pleaser mode.

That’s what happens when you take OPO (other peoples opinions).

It becomes a drug.

You need to ask everyone what they think about your content, your business, your hair, your logo.

You need the approval of others to even function – its kinda like Facebook likes or Insta love hearts.

Guess what?

I usually ask about 2 people – who I trust and mentor with – about my content, and only about 1% of the time.

This may actually shock you – but I publish my content around 6am on a Tuesday morning and NO ONE proof reads it (I know you are horrified right now – GET THE GRAMMAR POLICE – oh, and those people always seem to PM me too!), no one reads it, no one gives me their opinions on how it sucks or how it’s good – because I REALLY DON’T CARE, in a nice way.  (Also, no one seems to be awake when I’m writing at 4:30am!)

Do you get it yet?

There’s a reason its called art.

It flows from you.

The song, the script, the writing, the sculpture, the meal, the invention, the software, the content you create.

If it’s any good – it will have come “through you”.

And when it comes through you “in spirit” then it’s PERFECT.

No need to challenge the FLOW.

No need to question everything that flows from you.

That’s like questioning GOD and saying His work isn’t good enough!

Are you really going to challenge that?

The other thing, is that the people who have the guts to actually comment about my writing or content, in general terms, haven’t even picked up a pen or done a consistent job with the clicking of the keys.

Isn’t that always the case?

It’s like the people who give parenting advice and don’t have kids.

Don’t get me started.

But this isn’t about THOSE PEOPLE – because, let’s face it –


This is about you.

This is about me.

This is about the 1% of us humans who so badly have a message, art, MASSIVE amounts of LOVE they want to share with this world.

The second you begin to question yourself, your intentions, your goals – you get swayed, you get pulled away from your art!

You go from a place of strength to a place of weakness, only because you have allowed your intentions to be thwarted.

Your rope of integrity with yourself became frayed.

And don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying be a jerk – I am however saying you need to be DILIGENT in tuning the crowd out – and guess what?!

99.99% of the people are the crowd.

Get specific on a few trusted advisers that you would literally follow off a bridge, and let the rest of the voices go.

In fact, can I tell you a secret.

I used to be FULL of OPINIONS and probably even speak them! I can honestly say, as a person who was scared to publish a book a few years ago and write my truth every week, I no longer find the need to comment on stuff, unless asked – and even then, I’m not an expert on you – nor will I ever be, so who am I to tell you how to run your business, dress, do your hair, decorate your home, or live your life??

I try to stay quiet.

On purpose.

I don’t feel I have much to add in the way of those things anymore.

They’ve become noise to me. They’ve become gossip.

I just want to get down to business and serve my people with my art.

There’s no point hashing it out, there’s no point dwelling on stuff you can’t change.

(Tell that to anyone who watches the news!)

It’s wasting my time.

I don’t take lightly to wasting my time and doing things out of alignment for me (such as watching the news!)

That’s wasting my MOST precious commodity – time.

So, yes, once again – I commit to my art above all.

Draw the line in the sand – knowing many people will comment, many people may not like me – AND THAT’S OKAY!

At the end of the day, you don’t have to answer to them.

And so I create a quote you can quote me on:

Don’t be like dust and settle for the opinions of others. – Lisa Elle

Figure out who you have to answer to within, and then with all your might, strength and power – go forward, a leader in your art.

And today, that means….

Live Your Legacy!



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How To Find Yourself

Find Yourself

How do you find yourself?

The old cliché.

‘Finding Yourself’

Go to Tibet and sit with monks or find yourself a Shaman or Yagya?

Maybe watch Eat, Pray, Love a million times while gorging on ice cream?

Lock yourself in a cabin in the woods alone…

or complete a 10-day Vipassana?

Maybe you are one of the lucky ones and you aren’t lost?

I found myself recently.

On a toilet.

From trying the Eat, Pray, Love and giant tub of ice cream thing.

It doesn’t work.

From one soul to another – finding yourself is easy once you know what your looking for.

Me? Well, let’s say I’ve traveled many places, read many books, hired many teachers and laid with the singing bowls.

Finding yourself can be costly.

I mean, in a good way. After all, who doesn’t want to visit the monasteries of Italy?

Filling yourself with distractions is usually not the way to do it.

It’s actually much easier than that.

So, ya, I found myself.

It wasn’t a hallelujah moment when the sky departed and GOD himself came down and whispered in my ear.

The problem is that most of us are still waiting for that bolt of lightning, the clouds to part, the call from beyond, or a ghost to visit us in the middle of the night with an instruction manual, or even a pirate map would be good at this point.

We are all so desperately waiting for something to tap us on that shoulder and say “come forth my child and do this…”

It doesn’t work like that.

Maybe for a select few of really intuitive people who’ve honed their skills, but for the rest of us – there will be no bolt of lightning when it comes to finding ourselves, our true path, our calling.

Finding myself was UNEVENTFUL at best!

Sorry, not sorry, to disappoint.

The truth is you will need to pick up your magic wand and ANOINT & APPOINT yourself.

You still haven’t done that.

And that is why you are still STUCK in the “finding myself” phase – and will be forever and ever AMEN.

That is NOT the place you want to be STUCK.

Okay, it is fun for the first year when you are backpacking across Europe.

However, from one seeker to another – it gets old after a while, and you end up wishing you just comitted in the first place.

When you don’t find yourself, it eventually goes from FUN to BUM.

Yes, it becomes a bummer to flip-flop through your life. (See chapter 2 of my book: Strut)

YOU become a bummer to be around.

YOU have no direction and people who are directionless are B-O-R-I-N-G!

YOU end up attracting more BUMS around you.

However, there is a way to overcome all of this.

There is a way to FIND YOURSELF.

And of course, I want you to find yourself, so hence I’m sharing the STEPS to FINDING YOURSELF!

Here’s HOW I found myself and YOU can too!

STEP1: Assert your “I”


Follow me for a minute here.

When you use the word “I” you invoke the “WILL” or your innermost part of you, your spirit and ego and all the stuff you can’t see.

Using the word “I” is the most power of words. The word “I” is always used in setting an intention.

“I am going to exercise.”

“I need to get groceries.”

“I want to watch TV.”

You can’t NOT use “I” without setting an intention.

Even if the intention is trivial, like going to the bathroom, you still, in some way, shape, or form, set that intention.


Almost every time!

When you assert the “I” statements, you draw up from your internal “WILL” you actually end up “establishing a close connection between the Individual Will (your own personal desires) and the Universal Will (that of the universe or God, whatever you believe)” according to my ol’ pal William Walker Atkinson in his 1901 works on Thought Vibration. (Another great read from the past!)

The problem with many of us is that other than asserting ourselves for great purposes we don’t aim very high and claim what is rightfully ours.

We aim for comfort, not for the magnificent. 

Finding yourself requires one simple thing and that is asserting your “I” in a powerful way.

Create the statements of what you want to bring forth into your reality.

When you don’t know what you want to create or bring forth in your life you are scattered, directionless, and chaotic energy.

When you set the clear intentions of ‘I will’ or ‘I am’ you instantly create some order in your life, a path to follow.

You have found yourself when you have direction, and when you have direction, you have found meaning for your life.

Assert your “I”.

Then take it a step further and….

STEP 2: Claim Self-Mastery of Your Lower Self


Again, my good friend, William Walker Atkinson writes this.

AND it hit me on the head.


This is where I flail about.

This is where I get stuck.

I imagine most of us do.

We haven’t mastered ourselves.

We haven’t mastered the “animal” part of us that just wants to eat, drink, and have sex all day long.

“All things are good when we learn to master them – but no thing is good when it masters us.” – William W. Atkinson

How are we to do amazing things when we are “slaves to the lower parts of our mental being”?

We are slave to our moods, passions, appetites, unworthy thoughts, negative thoughts – to name a few.

I ask myself then, “So, how do we master the parts of us that end up running the show?”

Ask good questions, get good answers.

To this, I have but one answer so far…

Give yourself some marching orders.

Your “rebellious” self is running the show.

Create a new show.

Get a new script.

Create new thoughts.

Get a new cast.

Take your rightful place as QUEEN (or KING) of the gong show you are calling your life right now.

Again, I speak to myself here. But, you know that you are called by the Divine to be the Queen/King of your life, so why are you letting the lower planes, lower vibrations, lower self take hold of you?

All I know is this, that all the people I admire, look up to, & who inspire me are the people who have mastered the lower levels of themselves.

They eat with restrain, exercise, do the work, have all the money and relationships and pretty much HAVE IT ALL!

And they have self-mastery in ALL areas. Not just one or two areas.

So, I encourage you to find yourself, where you are today, right here, right now.

Don’t wait!

Because today you….

Live Your Legacy!




PS. Ready to find yourself? It’s your time to make the impossible possible.

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THE UGLY TRUTH: You STILL Don’t Know What You Want


Have you ever left on a trip to another country without a bra?

I managed to bring the passports, legal and medical documents for my kids – even a bathing suit.

But forgot to bring, pack or wear a brassiere.

I even packed make-up, but as it turns out you don’t bother to wear make-up when you don’t wear a bra – this is a FACT!

There I was.

3 full days of driving. Spanning 2 countries. Middle-Aged Woman. Glorified Chauffeur to my kids. Braless.

It was a disaster for me, but an absolute DREAM vacay for my boobs.

They got the freedom they so desperately seek.

I got to hide and run around with my arms crossed over my chest all weekend long.

It went down like this.

Saturday. Sunday. Monday.

Drive-Thru’s. Obviously. So no one could see me.

Tim Horton’s Medium One Cream. Braless.

Starbucks Grande Blonde Flat White. Braless.

McDonald’s Big Mac & Fries. Braless. (Don’t Judge!)

But then my problem amplified…

I had to go pee from all that coffee!

Ducking. Hiding. Plotting and planning my potty trips to and fro the bathrooms of unsightly gas stations like a covert op to make sure no one could get a glimpse of the flopage.

Sunglasses on. Hiding from the paparazzi – that I don’t have – because they may catch a glimpse of nipples down by my knees….

This was NO ‘Sexiest-Celebs-Go-Braless-In-Public-And-Become-More Sexier’ TMZ escapade.

This was in fact a ‘Hide-From-All-Humanity’ mission.

I had to do this 3 days in a row.

Serves me right for leaving at 5am for a road trip, rolling out of bed and hopping in my car without looking in a mirror, or looking down for that matter.

Calgary – Kelowna – Sandpoint – Calgary.

23 Hours of Driving.

The hippies in Sandpoint, Idaho didn’t mind.

They welcomed my new found freedom at Flower Child’s Coffee.

And the hippies get it. They get me.

Compassion in their eyes (or they could have been tears of sadness for me – one really doesn’t know!)

I could’ve moved in, sang Kumbaya, and placed a flower headband & fit right in with the mountain people who live off the grid.

After shuffling my children around the west, I have now made it back to civilization: my closet.

I showered, yes, naked – one last dance of freedom for my little friends before they got thrown back in boobie-jail.

All of this for what lesson?

I pondered that for 23-hours in my car.

Deep. Soul Searching moments without cell service deep in the crevasses of the Rocky Mountains.

And in those deep-soul-searching-braless-moments on my road trip, a bolt of light shone through the trees as Eric Church rang through my ears….

and BOOM!

I figured out what I want!

And what I NEED & WANT for the REST OF TIME.

A bra.

A nice plain black over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder.

I wish figuring out the rest of my life and what I wanted were this simple.


This is the big problem.

The BIG problem we all must find answers to.

The BIG problem facing most of us is that we still don’t really know what we want.

We think we want to win the lottery. We think that’s all we want and we go about our lives as if we’ve figured it out.

But the lottery, like so many false pleasures in our lives, are just that, BUFFERS.

Buffers that keep us from really digging deep and really finding answers to the question:

What is it I really want from my human experience?

We don’t know what we want today, tomorrow, and definitely not for the rest of our lives.

So we buffer with Big Macs & Super-Sized Fries – or your version of it.

We DO know that we are a GIANT ball of mushy dough able to transform into whatever we desire, but we keep changing our minds before the baker is finished serving up the final product.

You can’t keep asking to be a pretzel, then changing your mind and asking to be pizza dough, then deciding to be a pretzel again, but oh – look over there – the french bread is having all the fun (as the French seem to have!)


Majority of us live in indecision – a MAJOR LACK of sticking with something/anything long enough for it to “rise” to the occasion of completion. (HAHA!)

So that’s problem #1.

Not knowing what you really want.

Then there is problem #2 for those that have a slight inkling of what they want or even know full out what they want.

We dismiss the good that comes our way from knowing what we want.

We end up getting caught in the day-to-day of life DISMISSING the good that is slowly coming our way.

We brush off the compliments and the wins.

Dismissing the good you deserve or receive in your life is self-sabotage.

What are you dismissing in your life?

or better yet..

Why are we dismissing the good & great things that come into our lives?

I would venture mostly because we don’t feel worthy.

It always comes back to that doesn’t it.

There are other reasons too:

fear, shame, guilt, overwhelm, anger, anxiety

but these excuses usually boil down to:


And yes, it’s a feeling.

And yes, it’s a convenient excuse to dismiss your entire existence because you don’t feel you really deserve it.

Because the fact of the matter is that you are WORTHY.

You just don’t feel like allowing in all the ABUNDANCE & GREAT THINGS you DESIRE.

It’s a choice.

The other problem with this entire soup of problem #1 & problem #2 – namely being, not knowing what we want out of life and dismissing the good that is coming to us, is that it leaves us in more chaos.

And to make order out of the chaos we need to figure out and stick with and be worthy of WHAT WE WANT.

Head in the direction of your purpose and goal.

This will not only bring some order out of the chaos, it will also bring your life meaning.

Sending your order back and changing it every 5 seconds to something different will only leave you CONFUSED and FRUSTRATED – meaning – it actually is YOUR FAULT for feeling this chaos you’ve created in your life.

The kitchen is always happy to serve up your exact order.

The UGLY TRUTH is you still don’t know what you want.

You STILL haven’t set any specific intentions except some VAGUE UN-INSPIRING REGURGITATED GOALS.

You can’t even decide on what flavor of ice cream you want so you just end up ordering it all – and end up with a tummy ache and gas.


So, what are you ordering with clarity today?

and while you are placing that order, don’t forget to….

Live YOUR Legacy!

xx Lisa



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