How To Find Yourself

Find Yourself

How do you find yourself?

The old cliché.

‘Finding Yourself’

Go to Tibet and sit with monks or find yourself a Shaman or Yagya?

Maybe watch Eat, Pray, Love a million times while gorging on ice cream?

Lock yourself in a cabin in the woods alone…

or complete a 10-day Vipassana?

Maybe you are one of the lucky ones and you aren’t lost?

I found myself recently.

On a toilet.

From trying the Eat, Pray, Love and giant tub of ice cream thing.

It doesn’t work.

From one soul to another – finding yourself is easy once you know what your looking for.

Me? Well, let’s say I’ve traveled many places, read many books, hired many teachers and laid with the singing bowls.

Finding yourself can be costly.

I mean, in a good way. After all, who doesn’t want to visit the monasteries of Italy?

Filling yourself with distractions is usually not the way to do it.

It’s actually much easier than that.

So, ya, I found myself.

It wasn’t a hallelujah moment when the sky departed and GOD himself came down and whispered in my ear.

The problem is that most of us are still waiting for that bolt of lightning, the clouds to part, the call from beyond, or a ghost to visit us in the middle of the night with an instruction manual, or even a pirate map would be good at this point.

We are all so desperately waiting for something to tap us on that shoulder and say “come forth my child and do this…”

It doesn’t work like that.

Maybe for a select few of really intuitive people who’ve honed their skills, but for the rest of us – there will be no bolt of lightning when it comes to finding ourselves, our true path, our calling.

Finding myself was UNEVENTFUL at best!

Sorry, not sorry, to disappoint.

The truth is you will need to pick up your magic wand and ANOINT & APPOINT yourself.

You still haven’t done that.

And that is why you are still STUCK in the “finding myself” phase – and will be forever and ever AMEN.

That is NOT the place you want to be STUCK.

Okay, it is fun for the first year when you are backpacking across Europe.

However, from one seeker to another – it gets old after a while, and you end up wishing you just comitted in the first place.

When you don’t find yourself, it eventually goes from FUN to BUM.

Yes, it becomes a bummer to flip-flop through your life. (See chapter 2 of my book: Strut)

YOU become a bummer to be around.

YOU have no direction and people who are directionless are B-O-R-I-N-G!

YOU end up attracting more BUMS around you.

However, there is a way to overcome all of this.

There is a way to FIND YOURSELF.

And of course, I want you to find yourself, so hence I’m sharing the STEPS to FINDING YOURSELF!

Here’s HOW I found myself and YOU can too!

STEP1: Assert your “I”


Follow me for a minute here.

When you use the word “I” you invoke the “WILL” or your innermost part of you, your spirit and ego and all the stuff you can’t see.

Using the word “I” is the most power of words. The word “I” is always used in setting an intention.

“I am going to exercise.”

“I need to get groceries.”

“I want to watch TV.”

You can’t NOT use “I” without setting an intention.

Even if the intention is trivial, like going to the bathroom, you still, in some way, shape, or form, set that intention.


Almost every time!

When you assert the “I” statements, you draw up from your internal “WILL” you actually end up “establishing a close connection between the Individual Will (your own personal desires) and the Universal Will (that of the universe or God, whatever you believe)” according to my ol’ pal William Walker Atkinson in his 1901 works on Thought Vibration. (Another great read from the past!)

The problem with many of us is that other than asserting ourselves for great purposes we don’t aim very high and claim what is rightfully ours.

We aim for comfort, not for the magnificent. 

Finding yourself requires one simple thing and that is asserting your “I” in a powerful way.

Create the statements of what you want to bring forth into your reality.

When you don’t know what you want to create or bring forth in your life you are scattered, directionless, and chaotic energy.

When you set the clear intentions of ‘I will’ or ‘I am’ you instantly create some order in your life, a path to follow.

You have found yourself when you have direction, and when you have direction, you have found meaning for your life.

Assert your “I”.

Then take it a step further and….

STEP 2: Claim Self-Mastery of Your Lower Self


Again, my good friend, William Walker Atkinson writes this.

AND it hit me on the head.


This is where I flail about.

This is where I get stuck.

I imagine most of us do.

We haven’t mastered ourselves.

We haven’t mastered the “animal” part of us that just wants to eat, drink, and have sex all day long.

“All things are good when we learn to master them – but no thing is good when it masters us.” – William W. Atkinson

How are we to do amazing things when we are “slaves to the lower parts of our mental being”?

We are slave to our moods, passions, appetites, unworthy thoughts, negative thoughts – to name a few.

I ask myself then, “So, how do we master the parts of us that end up running the show?”

Ask good questions, get good answers.

To this, I have but one answer so far…

Give yourself some marching orders.

Your “rebellious” self is running the show.

Create a new show.

Get a new script.

Create new thoughts.

Get a new cast.

Take your rightful place as QUEEN (or KING) of the gong show you are calling your life right now.

Again, I speak to myself here. But, you know that you are called by the Divine to be the Queen/King of your life, so why are you letting the lower planes, lower vibrations, lower self take hold of you?

All I know is this, that all the people I admire, look up to, & who inspire me are the people who have mastered the lower levels of themselves.

They eat with restrain, exercise, do the work, have all the money and relationships and pretty much HAVE IT ALL!

And they have self-mastery in ALL areas. Not just one or two areas.

So, I encourage you to find yourself, where you are today, right here, right now.

Don’t wait!

Because today you….

Live Your Legacy!




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THE UGLY TRUTH: You STILL Don’t Know What You Want


Have you ever left on a trip to another country without a bra?

I managed to bring the passports, legal and medical documents for my kids – even a bathing suit.

But forgot to bring, pack or wear a brassiere.

I even packed make-up, but as it turns out you don’t bother to wear make-up when you don’t wear a bra – this is a FACT!

There I was.

3 full days of driving. Spanning 2 countries. Middle-Aged Woman. Glorified Chauffeur to my kids. Braless.

It was a disaster for me, but an absolute DREAM vacay for my boobs.

They got the freedom they so desperately seek.

I got to hide and run around with my arms crossed over my chest all weekend long.

It went down like this.

Saturday. Sunday. Monday.

Drive-Thru’s. Obviously. So no one could see me.

Tim Horton’s Medium One Cream. Braless.

Starbucks Grande Blonde Flat White. Braless.

McDonald’s Big Mac & Fries. Braless. (Don’t Judge!)

But then my problem amplified…

I had to go pee from all that coffee!

Ducking. Hiding. Plotting and planning my potty trips to and fro the bathrooms of unsightly gas stations like a covert op to make sure no one could get a glimpse of the flopage.

Sunglasses on. Hiding from the paparazzi – that I don’t have – because they may catch a glimpse of nipples down by my knees….

This was NO ‘Sexiest-Celebs-Go-Braless-In-Public-And-Become-More Sexier’ TMZ escapade.

This was in fact a ‘Hide-From-All-Humanity’ mission.

I had to do this 3 days in a row.

Serves me right for leaving at 5am for a road trip, rolling out of bed and hopping in my car without looking in a mirror, or looking down for that matter.

Calgary – Kelowna – Sandpoint – Calgary.

23 Hours of Driving.

The hippies in Sandpoint, Idaho didn’t mind.

They welcomed my new found freedom at Flower Child’s Coffee.

And the hippies get it. They get me.

Compassion in their eyes (or they could have been tears of sadness for me – one really doesn’t know!)

I could’ve moved in, sang Kumbaya, and placed a flower headband & fit right in with the mountain people who live off the grid.

After shuffling my children around the west, I have now made it back to civilization: my closet.

I showered, yes, naked – one last dance of freedom for my little friends before they got thrown back in boobie-jail.

All of this for what lesson?

I pondered that for 23-hours in my car.

Deep. Soul Searching moments without cell service deep in the crevasses of the Rocky Mountains.

And in those deep-soul-searching-braless-moments on my road trip, a bolt of light shone through the trees as Eric Church rang through my ears….

and BOOM!

I figured out what I want!

And what I NEED & WANT for the REST OF TIME.

A bra.

A nice plain black over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder.

I wish figuring out the rest of my life and what I wanted were this simple.


This is the big problem.

The BIG problem we all must find answers to.

The BIG problem facing most of us is that we still don’t really know what we want.

We think we want to win the lottery. We think that’s all we want and we go about our lives as if we’ve figured it out.

But the lottery, like so many false pleasures in our lives, are just that, BUFFERS.

Buffers that keep us from really digging deep and really finding answers to the question:

What is it I really want from my human experience?

We don’t know what we want today, tomorrow, and definitely not for the rest of our lives.

So we buffer with Big Macs & Super-Sized Fries – or your version of it.

We DO know that we are a GIANT ball of mushy dough able to transform into whatever we desire, but we keep changing our minds before the baker is finished serving up the final product.

You can’t keep asking to be a pretzel, then changing your mind and asking to be pizza dough, then deciding to be a pretzel again, but oh – look over there – the french bread is having all the fun (as the French seem to have!)


Majority of us live in indecision – a MAJOR LACK of sticking with something/anything long enough for it to “rise” to the occasion of completion. (HAHA!)

So that’s problem #1.

Not knowing what you really want.

Then there is problem #2 for those that have a slight inkling of what they want or even know full out what they want.

We dismiss the good that comes our way from knowing what we want.

We end up getting caught in the day-to-day of life DISMISSING the good that is slowly coming our way.

We brush off the compliments and the wins.

Dismissing the good you deserve or receive in your life is self-sabotage.

What are you dismissing in your life?

or better yet..

Why are we dismissing the good & great things that come into our lives?

I would venture mostly because we don’t feel worthy.

It always comes back to that doesn’t it.

There are other reasons too:

fear, shame, guilt, overwhelm, anger, anxiety

but these excuses usually boil down to:


And yes, it’s a feeling.

And yes, it’s a convenient excuse to dismiss your entire existence because you don’t feel you really deserve it.

Because the fact of the matter is that you are WORTHY.

You just don’t feel like allowing in all the ABUNDANCE & GREAT THINGS you DESIRE.

It’s a choice.

The other problem with this entire soup of problem #1 & problem #2 – namely being, not knowing what we want out of life and dismissing the good that is coming to us, is that it leaves us in more chaos.

And to make order out of the chaos we need to figure out and stick with and be worthy of WHAT WE WANT.

Head in the direction of your purpose and goal.

This will not only bring some order out of the chaos, it will also bring your life meaning.

Sending your order back and changing it every 5 seconds to something different will only leave you CONFUSED and FRUSTRATED – meaning – it actually is YOUR FAULT for feeling this chaos you’ve created in your life.

The kitchen is always happy to serve up your exact order.

The UGLY TRUTH is you still don’t know what you want.

You STILL haven’t set any specific intentions except some VAGUE UN-INSPIRING REGURGITATED GOALS.

You can’t even decide on what flavor of ice cream you want so you just end up ordering it all – and end up with a tummy ache and gas.


So, what are you ordering with clarity today?

and while you are placing that order, don’t forget to….

Live YOUR Legacy!

xx Lisa



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Why Growth Matters

Why Growth Matters

I think we get success and happiness confused many times.

We’ve somehow received the message that success and happiness go hand-in-hand – that you can’t have one without the other.

I’m guilty of this.

So many times I think my happiness is based on my success or past accomplishments.

I think my self-worth many times is based on the stuff I did or didn’t do.

Which, by the way, has proven itself as a horrible place to live and ends up manifesting in your life as a mire of depression and disease.

Been there, done that, got the T-shirt – BUT I still really haven’t got the message.

There are big differences between success and happiness.

The thing about success is that you can have huge successes and be miserable.

Success doesn’t guarantee happiness.

Many countless people in history, who successfully impacted and changed the world or had all the money in the world still lived a miserable existence. Howard Hughes comes to mind.

Happiness, on the other hand, does not require success.

You can be happy just by choice.

No success needed. No money needed.

We all know that once you reach a goal there sometimes comes a success-hangover. An ending. Sometimes sadness or depression.

In fact, it’s such a real thing to not want to start the whole process again that we actually have fear of accomplishing our big goals.

Because we won’t know what to do after we have reached our goal.

It’s new territory.

We don’t know what danger lies once we reach the top of the mountain.

So what do we do?

I’ll tell you what I do in spades.

I self-sabotage all my goals.

You have to understand this – I really do live my dream life.

I’m also a super happy person and laugh easily.

I sleep like a baby (maybe more like a teenager!)

I love all aspects of my life right now.


I’m super healthy – no medications, no issues, etc.

So, why would I self-sabotage?

I think partly because I can’t see past the goal.

I think things like this:

–> Does life end when you reach your big goals? Seriously, do you just roll-over and die or worse RETIRE?

–> Or, do I have to go out and start a new goal once I accomplish the old goal and go through all this “growth crap” again? Yuck.

–> Add in a little superstition, such as, ‘my life can’t really go from this good to that AMAZING without the rest of my life falling to complete sh*t’.

–> Then there is the simple fact that I’ve spend my adult life creating these neural pathways that pretty much have deeply ingrained in me the “struggle” or the “striving” which has become now super comfortable to me – which are some beliefs that I’ve been deeply working on reprogramming!

–> Self-Talk which ends up sounding like ‘it’s hard to (fill in the blank) make money, lose weight, eat healthy, have kids, find a partner, etc’.

So the struggle stays real my friends, but only because I keep it real in my mind.

We insistently keep choosing the struggle.

It’s like we beat ourselves daily.

And then there comes the point, the big question.


Why go after big goals?

Why go after success if you are happy already?

AND there it is…

My million dollar question.

Why go after BIG GOALS if you are happy already?

What can accomplishing a big goal do for your happiness factor if you already are super happy with your life?

I’ve researched this, asked this and studied this and have come up with this answer.

Life is meant to move forward.

Life is meant to increase.

Your soul is going through this human experience to experience growth.

Growth – as in – that is the ultimate goal.

And if growth is the ultimate goal or purpose of life, then how do we measure growth?

In measuring growth, who or what do we have to compare ourselves to?

And there is only one answer.


Only the past you.

The you yesterday.

That’s your only real benchmark.

The rest of the people, the rest of your external experiences are here to help you grow.

All the people in your path, the people that trigger you, the people that love you, the people that hate you, the people that inspire you –

That is the only purpose they serve.

Your experiences SERVE UP growth.

Think about this:

The only purpose your thoughts serve is for growth, for increase.

And growth is happening with or without you on board.

The ship has left the harbour.

You basically have no choice in the matter.

So fight me on this all you want.

I think where the gold lies in life is to be in a place where you gratefully accept this and take on the challenge – this game of life- with all the fervor and splendor of a small child – full of wonder.

To be able to take on your past self and intentionally create a new beautiful, amazing, powerful you, a little better everyday.

1% at a time.

Grow in the direction your soul is calling you to grow.

Set the intentions and follow through.

Learn to have your own back.

Create your own personal success definition and choose happiness in that.

Which really means…

Live YOUR Legacy.




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Money Mindset.

The BIGGEST Money Block Unblocked

The Biggest Money Block Unblocked

Wanna know what one of the largest biggest MONEY BLOCKS that most of us actually have?

And it isn’t really about the money, yet it hinders our souls in so many ways?

Lately, I’ve been re-given this massive lesson to learn.

It’s this.

That I’m great (awesome actually) and worthy with or without money.

I’m awesome regardless of the size of my bank account.

And this is a HUGE lesson I’ve been given to learn.

The biggest money block is actually a complete SOUL BLOCK for most of us.

We use money to make us feel less and put money on the pedestal.

I sure as heck know I’m not the only one who has every struggled with being worthy of being on this planet.

So many of us, (probably all of us living in first world countries) have been told to get a good job, make lots of money, da, da, da…..

Recipe for DISASTER!

And somewhere down the road we believed that’s what we needed to be a person worthy of taking up space in this world.

Many of us feel most of the time like the love we are worth and respect given to us is based on:

  • our net worth
  • our income
  • the debt we don’t carry
  • the money in our wallets or bank account
  • the credit extended to us
  • the size of our business
  • the newness of our home, cars, RV, diamond rings
  • the beauty treatments we prescribe to
  • the status of our job title

We know deep down it’s not, but somewhere along the way we were so convinced that if we had no money we were losers.

That if we didn’t make any money we sucked.

That if we didn’t show up to family reunions as the multi-millionaires we best not show up at all.

I don’t feel like this often, but really getting deep DEEP down into it, I really realize that so much of my SELF WORTH is connected to how much money I am capable of making.

Which in reality controls so many of the decisions I make, but even more so the thoughts about myself in my head.

Money will be the greatest mirror you ever hold up to yourself. 

Okay – you can quote me on that – maybe make it a Lisa Elle quote! 😉

Everything about living, dying and all that’s in between is about how we go through this earthly experience and money being the greatest reflection on how we manage (or think we manage) the external world we navigate.

2 phrases that I never want to hear mentioned again around me:

‘Living Paycheck to Paycheck’


‘I’m bad at managing money’

Please don’t say those things around me for the love of God…. why?

Because, if you are doing money right, you are technically living paycheck to paycheck, and by that I mean you have ALLOCATED all your money to be used for your life and higher purpose. (You are doing it even if you aren’t doing it consciously, because money can never be wasted remember!)

Money MUST be going someplace, so technically, it is being spent, even if it is spent on your future (such as savings, investing, real estate, business, etc.) So ya…. you are all living pay check to paycheck.

EVERYONE on the planet is.

Nothing is guaranteed. NOTHING.

So stop saying that’s a bad thing.

You will live paycheck to paycheck till you die.

That’s how she goes.

So stop beating yourself over the head for that!

Next, (oooooh Lisa has her preacher pants on now!).

Stop saying you are ‘bad at managing money’.

Say what you are really bad at or just say the truth.

“I don’t invest yet.”

“I don’t save right now.”

It’s okay. It’s okay to be in the ‘NOT YET’ camp.

You will be there if you want to be.

If you choose not to be, that’s okay too!

The truth is this –



You have to spend all your money. It has to have a place to go even if its in the bank.

Do you get it yet?

As far as any of this money business goes, no one ever said you have to do ANYTHING, this is your life – take back control and make your decisions and choices from the place that serves your purpose here – NOT your Partners, Kids, Parents, Bosses, Friends, ETC…

This is actually about YOU.


It has to be.

Because if you still haven’t got the memo that you need to be the best you before you can serve others, then I will send you the memo directly to your inbox for no extra charge. 🙂

You have to BE THE LIGHT by lighting yourself up first to bring up the moths to your flame. #thatshowitworks

Don’t have it all assbackwards.

Most people do.

The whole “let-me-shrink-be-small-not-create-waves-not-rock-the-boat-and-let-me-make-you-more-important-than-me” thing NEVER works!

Has your soul not figured that out yet?

Time to rise up?

Be strong.

Be brave.

Follow what you believe.

I’d say it is.

This is for me.

I write for me.

I write to speak from my soul to the part of me that doesn’t listen – that still doesn’t get it – the part that shrinks still.

Stop living your life all scurvy-turvy-swervy (also known as: scattered, no clarity, directionless, blocked, victim).

Make the decision that FEED your soul.

Stop telling yourself the LIES about you that don’t serve you (yes, they are all lies that you suck at managing money and that you are not worthy of being on this planet and being loved for you) and start living FREE>

The biggest money obstacle you will face is uncoupling your self worth from money.

Let money be the money.

Let you be you.

You are not your money.

You are worth more than all the money on the planet can ever be worth.

Get it?

Got it?


Live YOUR Legacy!



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Really Powerful Questions Answered

Really Powerful Questions Answered

I want to answer some REALLY powerful questions for you. These are questions I ask myself often.

I got the downloads for these this week. Some answers I already knew, just needed to learn them again (and again!)


–> How do you go from bad or good to GREAT in your life today, instantly?

Answer: Be still, be thankful for every little thing in your reality, the things you are looking at right now. Say “Thank You” for them. Saying thank you will always elevate your vibration & feelings no matter how hard life feels right now. When you are in a state of gratefulness YOU CANNOT BE IN ANY OTHER STATE (ie. grouchy, mad, pissed, angry, frustrated…) so do whatever you need to to get to that place of gratefulness – this will make today GREAT.


–> Does LOVE and BEING in LOVE matter?

I went to my family reunion this week. My great-grandma and great-grandpa had the most amazing love story. It really was a Cinderella story. She was orphaned, and he was sent to date the “evil step-sisters”, but saw great-grandma and fell in love with her instantly on New Year’s Eve no less. They were married 4 weeks later on January 29, 1918.

Their love has grown into 215 people 100 years later.

How cool is that?

Don’t EVER think that your LOVE story isn’t important. All of you & the love you give is important in the making of your story. The legacy you leave behind is going to affect the next generations. Even if you feel like a small orphan who doesn’t have any money, or any family – you can still impact hundreds of people with your life, your light and love.



–> Is debt bad?

Answer: I’ve wrestled with this for a long time, especially as someone who is a financial planner and someone who was indoctrinated to “HATE DEBT”. But I don’t. I’m probably the only planner who actually looks at debt from an energy standpoint rather than from just a negative number on a piece of paper.

And after meeting with literally thousands of people in my career, I have come to learn this:

All ideas require capital. All ideas.

So, if you plan on living life to the full it will require capital of some form.

Most of the time this capital comes in the form of money.

And most of the time requires the lending of money from investors (aka other humans who also have a dream), be it a bank loan or raising funds from the stock market.

The world is run on the sharing, moving and flow of capital.

There are two kinds of people in the world.

The people who stretch themselves and the people who don’t.

Growth doesn’t happen if you don’t stretch yourself. Sometimes, that means taking on debt to see a dream realized, such as buying a home or business.

On the flip side, the people who refuse to carry any debt whatsoever I wonder if they are hiding from their dreams, if they are too scared or stuck in a mindset where they fear not having enough.

I’ve seen it, so I know that as much as not having debt is one less stress to worry about, those people many times are still worried about cash flow or some other money issue.

But more importantly, I hope they aren’t hiding their ideas from the world and dying with their dreams still inside their heart.

Because let’s face it, as humanity, we rise and fall with ideas, but mostly we rise. We are all left holding the bag at the end of the day, so investing in ideas that propel humanity forward is the best we can all do in this lifetime.

So no, I don’t think debt is bad. It’s courageous for those who have the balls to raise millions of dollars to see a dream, an idea come into reality, and for the rest who just racked up credit card debt on their last vacation, it’s maybe a lesson – but either way, it’s not bad unless you make it bad.

Here’s another question you can answer for yourself: Are you playing your life small and safe? What’s the payoff?


–> What’s the purpose of life?

Answer: Joy. Living in deep-soaked-in-your-bones-joy regardless of circumstance.


xx L



The Rainbow Sprinkle

June 23, 2015 in New York City at the Kingside, I hit publish on my business, website, a blog and a vision.


A vision so big I want to curse God most of the time.

And I do.

I’m also secretly grateful He bestowed this desire and dream on my life.

Magically or not so magically, He gave me all the tools and gifts to be able to see this ridiculously big vision into reality.

As long as I STICK WITH IT.

As much as I want to celebrate my first 3 years in business, I want to be soooooo real with you about what these first 3 years have entailed.

I can see why 90% of businesses fail in the first 5 years.

I don’t think they fail per se.

I think people just get tired of holding their dream up day in and day out, trying to get others on board with their vision, so they throw in the towel, opt for the easier road.

And I don’t blame them one bit!

It’s exhausting. It causes health problems. It causes relationship stress.

Then thoughts like, “How should I market?”, “Do I take on investors?”, “Oh crap – we just lost a client” ……..

ADD TO THAT….. “Does anyone even read my blog/book?” “Am I making a difference?” “Where the F*** DID ALL MY MONEY GO?” (Actually, I do know down to the penny where it went, but it’s still a legit rhetorical question that somehow you ask even when you know the answer.)


Every time I’m sitting beside a client who has a beautiful desk job and a steady salary of $200,000 or more, I’m immediately jealous.

The thought of a steady paycheck sounds amazing.

Like water to my thirsty soul.

Especially for a Financial Planner who LOVES stability and being able to plan!

The thought of not having to give that paycheck to Clickfunnels, go-daddy, MANY online programs/tools, publishers, my amazing assistant, office rent, printer ink, and buying my own stapler (versus stealing it from the corporate office like they do in the movies), errors and omissions insurance and various other expenses that I sometimes feel suck me dry, sounds like a dream.

I want a month off.

I want a month off from all my business expenses.

But you don’t get that as a business owner. You just don’t.

It’s kinda like parenting.

(Cause I also want a month break from all of my Kid’s expenses.)

It doesn’t end.

And pulling the plug on your business usually only happens after you’ve exhausted all other avenues.

Not that that is happening to me, however, I get it.

Some months have been COMPLETE SH*T!

Okay – wait, if I’m being honest, most months.

My brain goes there at least once a month, “Okay, if I needed to wrap everything up, how fast could I do it.”

The answer: less than 30 days.

Just quit and be a stay at home mom or better yet, get a good paying j-o-b. (The dreaded word for all self-employed business owners!)

But HERE is the thing.

YOU CAN QUIT the thing that isn’t right for you.

In fact, if that business, relationship, lifestyle isn’t working for you, then quit.

I fully support you.

HOWEVER, once you do get the CURSE of actually knowing what you are here to do on this earth, THERE IS NO QUIT.

You can’t hide from something that you’ve been called to do.

You can try, but it will come back and haunt you until you step up.

Your dreams & desires SPEAK LOUDLY to your soul that it takes more energy avoiding them than it is just accepting that this is your calling.

And, yes, it’s a curse – CAUSE YOU CAN’T RUN OR HIDE FROM IT!

Just like a ghost. It’s always there… da-da-da…. LURKING.

I’m sometimes jealous of the people who “haven’t figured it out yet”.

They get to go on Yoga Retreats and EAT, PRAY, & LOVE their way to their purpose.

The second that is over, the honeymoon of “finding yourself” ends, it’s hard work.

It’s no longer just fun & games, it’s FUN & PURPOSEFUL, but always with a purpose.

You stop getting “recess”.

Which may sound bad to most people who live for their 2-4 weeks vacation a year, BUT….

You get FULLY recharged from living your purpose!

You don’t actually need to take holidays and you actually don’t want to take holidays because that sounds boring, you’d rather be working.

I still don’t get why people like “holidays”.

Don’t get me wrong, I like changes of scenery and exploration and adventure, but an actual holiday sounds like retirement to me, and I’m not even interested in the least bit.




The world needs you right now.

It needs your special love for that geeky thing you do.

You do have everything inside you to see your dreams become a reality.

God hands it out as STANDARD OPERATING EQUIPMENT at birth.

There are no extra people on this earth.

We all have been given a gift to share with others!

I mean, I actually had a client last week who said, “You find this fun??” and I DO!

Thank GOD we are all made differently!

Thank GOD no one wants to be me!

And THANK GOD that I do want to be me.

I get to choose everyday to be me and to be happy in the life I’ve choosen.

Because, look around.

Look around the room you are in right now.


It’s all you.

Your life has been ALL you.

No point in blaming someone else. (Although, I’d like to blame the economy, government, my kids…)

If you haven’t found your purpose yet, find it.

If you have found your ‘curse’ of purpose, are you going full-throttle?

Are you doubling-down on life?

I am and it’s about killing me – but I LOVE it.

And there are NO other options.

BURN THE BOATS. There’s no turning around.

There’s no icing on this cake….yet! Every once in a while, I bite into a RAINBOW SPRINKLE.

People either support me or just get out of my way!


Live YOUR Legacy!

xx Lisa



PS. My vision is BIGGER than ever. Helping women step into their FINANCIAL POWER. It’s on! – WEALTHSPA.CA !

PPS. This is dedicated to the small tribe of amazing women who have supported me over the last three years by reading my blog, listening to my talks or podcasts (even the ones I deleted), paid for my book, read my book, became clients, followed me, joined me in my vision to help women financially. This is for you. THANK YOU for being the RAINBOW SPRINKLES in my life! xx


The Most Important Thing To Remember

The Most Important Thing to Remember

Obviously, if you haven’t figured out that the only way to do your life is to do your life they way you want to and let ALL the opinions about you and how you choose to live fly out the window.

By the way, you have to do that to step fully into your purpose!

You have to NOT GIVE TWO HOOTS what people think if you are going to step into your power, step into your purpose!!

When you don’t care what others say about you or think about you, and you come to a place in your life where you’ve learned never to actually even care what other people think of you, family, friends, business or otherwise – this is when you really get your power back!

All of this not caring in a loving way of course, because you get to be love – that’s on you. Being LOVE first.

The trick here is that the “haters”, like in my fav Taylor Swift song ‘Shake It Off’, is usually not from the random public, it’s usually the people closest to us. Not that they hate us – it’s just we spend so much time with our family, friends, partners, co-workers, etc. – that they tend to be the ones biggest in our heads and their opinions of us end up ruling!

Here’s another observation I’ve made about people and I will take it to my grave or until I feel this belief no longer serves me.

I call it First Impression Anchoring.

I made that up. But it sounds official, so we’ll stick with it.

It means, however or whenever you met someone (that first point of contact) is anchored in their head and remains throughout your relationship – no matter how long!

Makes sense if you think about it.

Mom & Dad think of me a cute little girl (although, I’m blessed to have supportive parents, they still will always see me as their little girl and I will see my girls like that too!)

My friends from grade school & my teenage years still see ‘that’ Lisa.  Crazy no doubt.

Fast forward to now when I meet people they see & meet a totally different Lisa. Confident? Who knows?

I like these new people I meet today because they see me more in alignment with who I actually am today and not the old Lisa from the past. (And I’m attracting at a different level, a different vibration than when I was 6. Obviously….)

(I really believe there are people in my life that still see me like a 10-year-old and my goals/dreams as “Oh that’s cute! She wants to help millions of people! What a pipe dream!” {Sidenote: I don’t even know what a pipe dream is or why anyone would want to dream about pipes!} Not that I end up staying around these people very long – it doesn’t serve my purpose and I don’t need that in my head!)

I do believe people can grow together and see you how you really are now, even if you’ve known them your whole life.

Besides all this mumbo-jumbo – by far the BEST people I choose to keep in my life are people who see me for who I am going to BE and know that even though today I’m not where I want to be, they know, support and LOVE me for where I am headed! Those are the people to keep in your company. Period.

The reason I really love my “THEORY” of First Impression Anchoring is because it reminds me that EVERYONE will see me differently.

And that I will have million different opinions from a million different people about me.


The only opinion that EVER matters are the opinions you have about yourself!

So here is my opinion of myself.

You are welcome to disagree, but don’t email me or call me about it. I really won’t respond to you. Neither will my assistant. 🙂

This is what I journal on, affirm, repeat in my head on an ongoing mantra all day long. These are my #innermost thoughts and what really goes on in my head all day:


I am LOVE.

I shine. I help. I am here to bring LOVE to the people in my space.

I am the FUNNIEST person I know.

I am light and laughter.

I bring JOY to myself and it radiates out of me and rubs off on other people.

I literally change lives. I am helping millions of women in Canada and around the world.

I am a best selling author (naturally, I’m actually close…)

I am beautiful – outside and even more so on the inside.

I am healthy. My body is here to serve my souls purpose.

I am a runner. I live to run FREE and FLY like a bird.

I am making a difference.

I speak powerful, important, funny, entertaining, life transforming words.

I am the queen of GIVING first and receiving – in flow.

I am bad, good and everything in between and I love to grow.

I keep my word with myself and have integrity with myself.

I do my best to keep my word with others, and forgive myself when I don’t.

I treat my family, employees, clients, friends AMAZING.

I want to be friends with me.

I LOVE spending time alone with myself, because I love LOVE myself.

I am my favorite person to hang with (which is good because I spend a LOT of time with me!)

I BRING the energy.

I BRING it with my whole heart.

I BRING LOVE with my whole heart.

So let’s just call it what it is: I’m awesome!


I sure hope your opinion of yourself is Rockin’ Awesome!

If your inner dialogue is awesome, you can’t not be an awesome person!

If your inner dialogue is sh*t, then well…. you will basically manifest a lot of poop in your life.

(FYI, my opinion hasn’t always been awesome of myself. Many times, even now, I get down and so hard on myself, and depression sets in, along with Netflix, and I invite Benedict Cumberbatch, Ben AND Jerry over…. Jerry doesn’t like Benedict so it’s a little awkward in my bed sometimes….)

You have to have some awesome words floating around in your brain if you plan on creating, sharing, giving, living LIFE to the FULL!

If you plan on living and playing a small game, then keep thinking you suck. That’s about as far as you will get.

Connect to your deeper purpose and you will be able to find those words to propel you to your future you, which actually is HERE right now. SO step into that and BE the new you from this moment on.

This is your choice. Like choosing chocolate or vanilla.

The new you that doesn’t let the opinions of others dictate your steps, your path, your plans to help make this world rock on its axis.

Because you are here to do that.

Are you doing it?

God doesn’t create mistakes.

SO maybe it’s time….

Live YOUR Legacy!

xx L


PS. This is what really has me in a stir this morning! Did you know that only 0.1% of women in Canada made over $250,000 in 2015 according to Stats Canada! 56,020 women made over $250,000. I also recently heard that only 5 women in Alberta made over $1,000,000 last year. FIVE!

1.7% of Canadians were women who made over $100,000 in 2015.

0.5% of Canadians were women who made over $150,000 in 2015.

I’m going to change this!

Wealth Spa is the start of this. I want millions of dollar to flow through women and into the hands of all the things we want to change in the world and make better.

Are you with me?

You need to be!

Join me now! You’ll be glad you did!




There Is No Such Thing As ‘Wasting Money’

There is no such thing as Wasting Money

There really is no such thing as wasting money.

I want to share something with you today from someone I follow on Instagram, Amanda Frances.

She said it perfectly, so I don’t have to. 🙂

I so want you to get this, and really understand this.

It’s such an important part of understanding the energy of money.

She writes:

“It’s fully impossible to “waste” money.

I don’t even know what that would mean.

It’s possible to not honor money.

It’s possible to spend out of integrity.

But if you are fearing wasting money, you are not getting this:

Money is a renewable resource.


It will regenerate for you, in larger portions, over and over again…..

….once you decide that this is true for you.

Money does not have a mind of its own.

It can only respond to your energy thoughts and beliefs about money.”

Isn’t that brilliant?

You can’t waste money!

Money will teach you lessons.

Money will teach you lessons over and over again until you get them and you are ready to move on from them.

Same with all the lessons in your life that you are here to learn.

The things that will happen to you around money will happen to you because of your beliefs around money.

Sit with that for a minute.

This really forces something we sometimes really hate to admit to ourselves: that we created this.

That anything money related is really your responsibility to take.

The things that have happened and are happening to you and in your life around anything money or financial related will happen to you because of the beliefs you hold about money.

Isn’t that crazy?

Crazy bad for most of us… (the people who don’t understand this principle)


Crazy GOOD because we now have the power to create new purposeful beliefs about money.

Here are some beliefs that you may want to consider holding around money:

  • Money flows easily to me
  • My income/networth is increasing daily/monthly
  • Managing money is easy
  • Every dollar I spend comes back to me tenfold

If you have a hard time really believing any of these, simply add before the new belief, “I am on my way to believing that…..”


Now you have a cornucopia of new beliefs to set your mind to!

Get rid of:

  • Money is hard to make
  • Every investment I make turns out bad
  • We just seem to waste money
  • Money disappears as fast as it comes in
  • We don’t have enough

To name a very few!

Change the beliefs you have around money, have faith in the unseen, and know money is on its way to you and will stay with you.

Live Your Abundant Life.

Live Your Legacy.



PS. Did you know that almost every week I buy fresh flowers for my office & home? It’s the best spent money ever! Creating a beautiful clean environment to work in is worth its weight in GOLD! Plus, they cheer me up when life gets hard. Maybe there is something small you can buy to brighten your day & help support your beautiful soul in the work you are doing in the world! 🙂

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8 Essential Tips For Building Wealth

8 Essential Tips for Building Wealth

I gave some Wealth Words last week to a room of 150 Beautiful Women at Women’s Conference. This is what I shared with them.

8 Essential Tips for Building Wealth

1. Asking is the key to receiving – and if asking is the key, then to build wealth we must ask.

We must not be ashamed to ask. We must not feel guilt.

Here’s another thing. If you really feel you have enough, then you will have enough.

No more, no less will be given to you.

When you say to the universe “I have enough”, the universe will pass by you to the next person with arms outstretched shouting – “I am expecting. I am expecting a supernatural wave of blessing. I am open to receive.”

It’s like being at a restaurant and a waitress asks if you need anything else, and you say you’re good – then she literally doesn’t come back until it’s time to pay the bill and CHECK OUT! The universe operates pretty much the same way as a busy restaurant.

Your receiving and giving need to be in flow.

Receiving is hard for most people, especially us women. Most of us give until it hurts and don’t know how to receive.

If you can’t take a compliment, then getting a big check is going to be VERY difficult for you (and if you get one that you didn’t “receive” energetically like an inheritance or lottery winnings then many times it easily dissipates to nothingness…)

So, learn how to RECEIVE. When you don’t receive, you are robbing someone else of their JOY of giving. You basically become a JOY ROBBER!

2. Avoid breaking focus. When you surround yourself with the wrong people you make the wrong decisions, and naturally that’s pulling you off course. Same goes for your wealth – make a plan and stick to it.

3. Procrastination is the KILLER of your wealth.  

So what you’ve been putting off – do it now!

4. What you are saying is directly linked to your wealth!

The golden rule of prosperous thinking is that you should not think or say anything concerning another’s financial affairs that you would not want to experience in your own life.

Here’s another thing about your words: Are you are sending mixed messages?

People often discount the importance of money in one breath and yet they admit they are working very hard to get it in the next. Stay consistent with your money story, your money affirmations, what you are telling yourself, your friends, your family – everyone.

Your ONLY JOB is to keep your VIBE HIGH. HOLD THAT HIGH VIBRATION OF JOY. Anytime that low energies come spinning into your reality, whether from others or from your own brain – say “NO THANK YOU” and focus back on the new positive thought.

The external reality right now is not where you are going to be in the future – so give yourself a break.

When you see that place of lack – disconnect from it.

5. Appreciate your money.

Here is where you need to adopt an attitude of gratitude.

When you begin to appreciate your money it will appreciate for you.

Stay in that place of thanksgiving, even when it’s not going your way.

Wealth can only come from gratitude.

6. Remember that money is not the THING you are really after – it’s the side show. What you are really after is the FEELING money brings. So, feel the way you want to feel FIRST and then money will come into your present reality.

WEALTH MUST COME FROM WITHIN FIRST. Meaning like attracts like (Law of Attraction 101).


7. We bring the energy to money, to our wealth.

Remember, money has no feelings. Money by itself is worthless.

We bring the energy to money.

We give it value.

But we also load other value onto it than just a form of exchange.

We load our self-esteem on to it like a million-dollar Nordstroms gift card we load our self-worth on it like a pair of Louboutins!

We make it Serious. We make it evil, bad, good – why not make it fun? Why not make it easy?

Why not hold beliefs that making money is easy and fun?

8. Wealth wants/needs/begs for someplace to go.

Your wealth and money NEEDS a place to go. It so desperately wants to fill a purpose.

Have you clearly defined where you want money to go?

I know this is a glass ceiling for me personally. My income has stagnated. But not because of any other reason than me not having the clarity and dreaming the big dreams so money has a place to go to!!!

Money hates the VOID, it goes into specific places for specific purposes. Whatever you deem those to be!

This is the reason why for so many of us, our income will always equal our expenses! BOOM!

If you really want to watch this talk – it’s on my YouTube channel – creep me there! 😉

Live YOUR Legacy

xx Lisa


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Asking Blog

What is the problem with self-sufficiency?

Don’t get me wrong. I would NEVER want to be a leach on society. However, does our pride and lack of humility stop us from asking for help? And how does this affect our wealth & receiving of money?

For most of middle class America, self-sufficiency was demanded of us.

Self-Sufficiency is the ultimate goal!

Or so I thought.

We look at “poor people” who ask for handouts as a strain on society.

Last Friday, I was having coffee downtown with a colleague, when a jobless person approached us. All I had was a toonie on me. I passed it to him.

When I thought about that transaction, I could only think that he had more guts than I ever would TO ASK for something I wanted or needed.

I, no doubt, have too much pride to ask for help! (sound familiar?!?!)

And for most of us stuck in complacency land, aka. middle-comfy-class, with our houses, portfolios and internet connections, we probably either feel

a) guilty for asking for more

b) shame in asking for more

c) fear – that in asking for more we will be struck by lightning, because we are greedy, ungrateful bastards who strut around like we own the place

Then there is my old friend, OBLIGATION.

Do you do things out of obligation? That’s THE WORST!

Do you invest, tithe, pay down debt, give stuff away – ALL with the dreaded obligation of doing so? Maybe just to get some spiritual-karma-golden-check-mark beside your name because you HAVE TO not because you WANT TO with a JOYFUL heart?

Think about all the things we do out of OBLIGATION!

Doing things out of obligation (feeling forced to do something) does not sow seeds of faith or joy.

Here’s the other thing: we’ve decided to WORK HARD as a society.

Hence the go-to-college-get-a-good-job-pass-go-collect-$200 lifestyle that we, the middle class, were taught.

We value hard work.

We value self-sufficiency.

Were there some flaws in this?

When did “asking for help” become a bad thing?

Many people “feel” bad for asking for help.

I do.

I seriously do.

and yet….


Asking requires faith.

Asking requires a blind belief that your request will be met by a power higher than yourself.

Asking requires humility.

Asking shows vulnerability.

You are in sales, right? (We all are!)

So you’ve been taught to ask for the sale. EVERY TIME.

Always Be Closing.

But have you taken the time to ask for your soul requirements?

Ask for the abundance you are CALLED to?

Ask for help in HEALTH, WEALTH, & LOVE?

Do you really think God wants you to muddle through life half-assed in all these things?

I think it’s time to change the narrative.

Not other people’s narratives.


The one between your own ears.

That is where this all stems from.

Why don’t you try on for yourself and see how it feels to ask for what your heart really desires?

  • Ask.
  • Follow Soul Promptings & Take Soul-Inspired Actions (in other words, don’t listen to the crowd, just your heart – it’s screaming at you if you listen closely!)
  • Receive.
  • Rinse & Repeat.

I think it is that simple.

I really do believe asking is tapping into humility.

Realizing that you can’t do this on your own.

I realize that a while back with Wealth Spa. When I was developing and designing this dream team financial network, I know that I can not do it alone. I need help. I need literally thousands of hands helping me with this vision.

So, I’m going to have to ask for help.

And I’m going to have to get over how uncomfortable that makes me feel! (And I know I’m not alone!)

Hold my vision steadfast, don’t let anyone deter me.


Do you have something that is bigger than yourself that you can ask for help with?

What is your ask if you can ask for anything in the entire universe?

Now ask.


Live Your Legacy

xx Lisa


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