Become Unavailable

Become Unavailable

Become unavailable for the things that don’t serve you.

Becoming unavailable is a step beyond setting boundaries with the external world or other people.

Becoming unavailable is 100% an “inner move” and will require a total energy shift for something to radically transform in an area of your life.

It has nothing to do with anyone else.

And you don’t have to go announcing what you’re becoming ‘unavailable’ for to the world, but you can if you want.

If you become unavailable for something then it will automatically change how you show up in the world – hence the no need to have to go announce it – it will really start to shine through you.

Okay, so what are we becoming unavailable for?

Write it out.

What are you sick and tired of in your life?

What are you unavailable for?

Journal on all the things that aren’t serving you such as:

  • ratty furniture
  • always being late for everything
  • not holding integrity with your schedule and what you said you were going to do
  • missing workouts
  • eating crap
  • putting up with a jerk boss
  • not having any money to do the things you want to do
  • not having a certain level of income
  • making “BABY MONEY”
  • not having a certain amount of money in your bank at all times
  • not having the right clients
  • drinking too much
  • smoking too much
  • not having any time available for yourself or self-care
  • skipping daily prayer, meditations, journaling
  • unhealthy relationships
  • people who you allow to walk all over you

Becoming unavailable for something is the best way to transform your life into the life that you want to live, the life you desire on the deepest of levels.

Me personally, I’m becoming unavailable for a few things.

Sometimes it takes me a while to identify things, but one thing is non-paid speaking engagements or engagements where you can’t sell from the stage.

This is not sitting in good alignment or use of time for our vision and mission as a company.

I decided, and then let my team know that we are no longer available for this.

We also raised some of our rates on certain services.

It’s funny how fast people take you more serious when you raise your rates and how you easily attract your ideal client!

I’m currently unavailable for eating bread and refined sugars by the boat load.

I’m also unavailable to not have at least 3 months of expenses in my business account at all times.

You will have little things and big things that you will have to become unavailable for.

Some things may come easy to you and some not.

But know this…

How you treat the little things is also important because it’s setting you up for practice on how you treat the BIG things when they pop up into your life.

If you can’t seem to keep $5 in your bank account, how will you keep a million?

Become unavailable for the things that don’t serve you and then that created space allows you to be available for the things that do elevate you to the next level and ultimately your desired life!

This is how you fully step into your birthright of living and abundant life.

It’s funny how becoming unavailable for things really allows you to live a more abundant life and setting boundaries actually sets you free.



Set boundaries.

Become unavailable for things that don’t serve you.

This is how you….

Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa

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The Victim of Money

Victim of Money

Imagine this.

You are not owed any money right now.

You are not owed money right now from:

  • your employer
  • your company
  • a new job
  • your past employer
  • your clients
  • the government
  • your investment portfolio
  • the stock market
  • your renters
  • your real estate
  • your parents
  • your grandparents
  • your kids
  • your bff, neighbour or friends
  • your charity
  • your partner
  • your spouse
  • your ex-spouse
  • your church
  • your inheritance
  • God

You are not owed anything right now.

This is what is happening all over (and no doubt has since Adam & Eve!):

Entitlement is running wild right now.

You are not owed any of it.

You truly are not owed money right now from a single person.

Entitlement is the opposite of gratitude.

Do you feel it? Do you see it?

When everything in life can be held with open hands, it can come and go like air.

That’s when I say money (and trust me I’m still learning this!) is as easy as breathing.

The problem is most of us are cutting off our currency of money – which really is cutting off our currency of LOVE and gratitude by our demand for money, our “right” to the money we are owed.

What if you lived in a space where you are never owed a damn thing?

What if you lived your life like everything you do comes from a place of deep joy?

But you are owed, right? or how will you pay that bill, how will you eat food, how will you surivive?

You are owed your Old Age Security and Pension Plan, non?

You are owed to get paid every 2 weeks from your boss, non?

What would your life be like if you lived in the space that everytime you received money you were so overjoyed and thrilled?

What would it be like to kill the fear around money?

What would it be like to stop the constant worry about where the next money is coming from?

Do you get that demanding to get paid for something, for anything, is really you living your life as the victim of money?

Do you get that you’ve been holding on to your victim story about money for way too long?

Do you get, on a deep soul level, that NO ONE OWES you a damn thing?

Do you see how when you live in your victim story around money it actually CUTS OFF THE thing you want most at that time, money?!?!

I’ve personally been working on this for so long without even realizing my own money victim story.

Mine is more from an entreprenurial space where I hold my victim story about money. Other areas I’m better in.

Collecting rent from rental properties I finally got over in the last years.

I’ve noticed over the years so many areas where this story has crept into my life.

I got paid $300 from a client last year and I was elated.

The thing about this $300 that was different than a lot of the other money I’ve been paid is that this $300 I never expected to see.

And the gratitude around it I had was enormous. I was so happy.

I could literally see a shift, feel a shift.

I’ve been working on this shift since I learned about it and started writing on it years ago. (Yes, I’m a slow learner! Many just get this!)

Money will flee from you when you are desperate for it.

Money will not be able to flow through you when you cut off the current because your fists are wrapped so tightly around it.

Money wants to run from you when you are acting from a place and energy of being “owed”.

You don’t deserve money – no one on the planet deserves anything really, it’s a heart matter of realizing all that life has to offer us is a gift, from the breath we breath to the birds we hear singing to the food we eat to the money we allow to circulate.

Maybe it’s time to do your job for a paycheque of joy or get out and get a job that gives you a paycheque of joy.

If you are miserable, money is probably just as miserable around you and will go find the joy seekers and land comfortably in their hands!

Money wants nothing to do with your victim story!

And yet, you have to hold this deep belief and know the universe wants to bless you with abundance!

So you will have to let your money go…..

You will have to hold it with open hands.

You will have to learn the lessons you are here to learn about money.

We all have them in various forms, but they are for the most part all along the same theme.

More gratitude.

More joy.

More open hands.

Be open on the giving and receiving.

More trusting in God, that the universe has your back and your next meal and a bank account with whatever amount of money your heart desires waiting for you once you learn to change the narrative in your head from that of being owed to that of serving the world around you.

Beautiful, do yourself a favor and stop your victim story about money and




and money will flow freely to you and happily dance with you through out life.

That’s how you….

Live Your Legacy.

xx Lisa

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10 Reasons To Fall In Love With YOUR Financial Plan

10 Reasons To Fall In Love With Your Financial Plan

I want to give you many reasons to love your money and really love where you are headed with it – mostly because there’s never been a better time to get excited about life!

Opportunity is everywhere! (I totally know for most it really doesn’t feel like that right now….but opportunity is always available!)

The problem is that most people can’t fall in love with their financial plan because they don’t have one.

Maybe it’s time to consider working with Wealth Spa™ to help you fall in love with your money!

Here are 10 Reasons WHY you need to have a financial plan and fall **IN LOVE** with it:

  1. You no longer have to stress about past taxes or upcoming tax bills.
  2. You know exactly what you need to do to fund your dreams!
  3. You no longer have to worry about the financial fallout from coming down with an illness or injury or any form of disability which will pull you away from working.
  4. You spend money guilt free and LOVE spending money!
  5. You know exactly where all your money is going if you suddenly pass away and you know without a shadow of a doubt that your family is taken care of financially.
  6. You are prepared for all sorts of emergencies, including unexpected financial ones without throwing you off track.
  7. You are excited to see your money & investments growing and your overall plan headed in the right direction, even when there are market bumps in the road.
  8. You can see your year over year growth of your net worth.
  9. You know the date you will be debt free and you are excited to see your debt strategically reduce each month.
  10. You are at peace with money, never desperate and increasing it. You are more generous and confident with your money than you have ever been.

This is how you…

Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa

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Time Sensitive Suckers

Time Sensitive Suckers

This is what’s been happening to me lately.

And you don’t really know it’s happening – until it’s too late.

It creeps up on you until you realize another day has gone by and YOU haven’t really LIVED your purpose.

Now, it can show up as people pleasing, but in reality it’s really something much more serious than that.

I got the EDs.

(OKAY – TOTAL SIDE NOTE: PAM, also known as the best assistant in the world, died laughing when I asked her to proof this blog this morning and asked why I was writing a blog on ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION as she briefly saw the acronym ED – this blog is not on THAT! And I’ve never snorted-laughed so loud! AND for the record when I wrote this, THAT did not cross my mind at ALL – now…. it will be all you think about! You’re welcome.)

Little tiny elf thieves, called EDs, have taken your time and eaten your day-planner (or whatever device you use for your schedule!)

It’s that serious.

These little buggers are everywhere.

Messing up your schedule, adding things to your to-do list and basically sucking the energy right out of you with little tiny blood sucking straws – not much different than a mosquito!

You don’t really notice the scars they leave anyways cause they blend in with your stretchmarks or enter through leg hair or grey hair! LOL EMOJI!

But they really do exist and there’s a reason they aren’t cute – although I imagine if one were to ever catch an actual time sucking little elf thief they would actually find they are quite cute and let’s face it, as women, we would keep them as pets, feed them and they would grow crazy big – basically until they sucked the entire life right out of us!

The reason they aren’t cute to keep around in your life is that they really suck the drive, energy, purpose, passion right out of you!

The EDs show up in your life like….

  • Making you tir’ED’
  • Less passion’ED’
  • Living life less purpos’ED’
  • Dramatically less excit’ED’
  • Fatigu’ED’
  • Exhaust’ED’
  • Knacker’ED’
  • Wack’ED’
  • Bush’ED”
  • Severely drain’ED’
  • Totally debilitat’ED’

If you have any of those symptoms, you have EDs.

They mess with your head in such a bad way, tricking you that cleaning your kitchen is more important than doing your purpose work.

EDs are sneaky little bastards that somehow make you prioritize ridiculousness over what you are actually here to do.

Need to help your child with school work and spend one quailty hour with them? Nope, still cleaning the kitchen from the mess the kids made at breakfast.


Need to be doing marketing for your business but instead watch 3 hours of netflix?


Have 10 client calls to make, but decide to go shopping online instead?


Supposed to be doing X but end up doing Y?


Your day just got away from you and you blame the emails, texting, and time wasted on social?


You see how serious these EDs are!


Never really reported on and I really feel like I’m doing my service work just to tell you that you need to get these filthy little things out of your life – once and for all.

Don’t worry, not all is despair.

I have a cure!

I’ve discovered ‘the cure’ many moons ago, however, like you, I get sucked back into a life full of EDs so quickly and without warning!

Here’s the cure:

Be intentional with your time. Write it out. Schedule it out.

What gets planned usually gets accomplished.

What gets scheduled gets done.

Don’t allow others to infringe on your plans – also known as SETTING & KEEPING BOUNDARIES!

I wrote this to kick myself in the butt and get back on track with my time management.

Time is MONEY so, you know…..time to get your time back!

This is how you break free from EDs forever!

This is how you live your life on point.

Don’t be that person who cowers in the face of an ED. (Unless it’s an ACTUAL ED! see my note above! LOL)

Be the person who is armed with ED spray and kills them off.

This is how you…

Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa

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You Inc.

You Inc.

Do you understand that you are your greatest asset?

How are you treating that ASSet?

Do you realize you are the CEO of YOU INC.?

How would you rate how you are doing as CEO?

Tough questions if you really get right down to it.

If you want to rate how good of a job you are doing as CEO, take a look around.

Is your life exactly as you want it?

Are you surrounded by people YOU love to spend time with? Beautiful physical surroundings? Health? Wealth? All the main check boxes checked?

Are you at the 90% Point?

What is the 90% Point?

I know you are asking cause I just made it up a second ago, but it plays out like this….. (yes, you can coin me on the 90% Point thing as it just became a thing!)

You should be in a place where your life is 90% exactly what you want it to be.

Meaning that you have designed it almost to perfection or 90% of the way there.

Keeping a 10% space to keep growing.

(If we were all at 100%, we’d never get out of bed! LOL but that’s okay too!)

Growth and stretching into our big dreams and goals is important, so that’s why you should really never be 100% of the the way there.

The 90% Point is a good life.

GREAT LIFE, actually.

90% Point means that when you look around you right now as you read this you life is almost exactly the way you imagined it.

For most people, however, I’m sure they aren’t at 90%. I’m sure most people are sitting at the 40-60% mark with a lot of areas in their life.

And this has nothing to do with GRATITUDE.

Let’s leave gratitude and thanksgiving out of this conversations for the sake of the point I’m trying to make at this moment.

One can be grateful for their life 100% even if they are not at all where they want to be, even if they are in the depths of despair.

I’ve been there, done that and know I was grateful through those times.

Gratitude is something which should not have anything to do with our circumstances as it is a state of mind, and mostly should not be indicative of our external world.

And perhaps no different than what I’m referring to about being CEO of YOU INC. but for this purpose today, you get to forget the gratitude portion and really strip down to the assessment of your life as it sits right now.

Are you loving what you’ve created?

Are you in the 90% Point zone for the life that you are living today?

Are you being honest with yourself?

Or did you “cave” at some point and settle for a life that wasn’t exactly what you had hoped?

Here’s my big YOU INC. CEO SECRET that I will share with you.

It’s on certainty.

The number one reason that you have not achieved what you wanted is because you did not get certain on what you actually wanted.

You didn’t let your heart go free and wild and dream the biggest of dreams.

You probably pushed them down and put other things before the dreams.

And many times, that does lead to resentment.

Even if it doesn’t lead to resentment, it sure doesn’t lead to living your dream life.

Maybe you blame your partner, maybe you blame your parents, kids, or the fact you never got the business loan or student loan to further your dreams.

And you will never be able to get to the 90% Point in your life if you play the blame game.

The point here, my loves, is that when you become CEO and really step into that role of your life, and do all things with 100% confidence and certainty that they will happen – – – – –

they will happen!

This is how you get to the 90% Point.

You create with certainty.

Do you think CEOs waiver, flip-flop, and allow others to tell them where to go?

Or do you think they pave the path and forge the trail to create and bring the dreams to reality?

You obviously know the answer.

Certainty is how you need to start running the company of YOU INC.

Oh, and one last thing.

You stepping into all your desires and dreams is actually something BIGGER THAN YOU!



This is actually something bigger than you.

Never forget that you do nothing for others when you shrink and shrivel up.

You were meant to light the way for others; show others how it’s done.

You were meant to fulfill all the visions, missions, financial targets and goals of YOU INC. so others can see how it’s done and that it is in fact a possibility for themselves.

Did you know you actually take away from the world when you don’t step into your role as CEO?

It should almost be criminal, but somehow society has almost praised and revered the meek and humble human.

FYI – You don’t inspire others when you aren’t fully stepping into your power.

I think it’s because we are too afraid and uncertain of the power we actually have here.

POWER is SCARY! No doubt about it.

It’s like holding a real life lightsaber.


You do have huge responsibility that comes along with the power and stepping into your dreams, but that shouldn’t discourage you.

There’s a time and place for humility, but it’s not when you need to take the reigns as CEO of YOU INC. and show the world that you mean business.

It’s time to be certain.

It’s time for you to live your life at the 90% Point now and keep aim at the 100% life.

It’s time to…

Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa


You Were Born For The ‘AND’

You were born for the AND

I’m seriously getting my dream baby grand piano delivered tomorrow. 

Talk about a dream I’ve had for so many many years. Probably since I played my first baby grand piano at church for hundreds of people when I was in grade 4.

So, the last house didn’t have the space. I get this house (my dream house!) 10 years ago, and then talk myself out of it exactly like this:

– kids will trash it

– we don’t have the money right now

– maybe we should pay off that credit card first

– my husband won’t approve and it will just be another disagreement over buying stuff (ha! Like you know what I mean!!!!)

All the things that basically didn’t even allow me to entertain my deepest desires.  

I adore playing piano. I adore singing with my piano. I will never do it for anyone and it’s one of my absolute happy places!

On the topic of your hearts biggest dreams and desires – you have to know that even for buying a silly piano I got push back from 5 people closest to me.

Even my kids…

“Mommy, where are we going to build our forts when your piano takes up the whole living room?”

Ummmm seriously?!????

My parents who don’t even live in the same province, first words were, “Why would you want one of those things and where are you going to put it?”

So ya…. zero initial ZUPPORT! (But they have all come to understand my idea now after I’ve had to persistently persuade my people to help support my dream. Yes, that is business advice! Keep enrolling your team in the dream!)

On that note, this is a real thing and probably a real thing from stopping so many women from actually following their dreams and desires – – –

the peanut gallery in your life is probably VERY MUCH ALIVE and happy to be throwing peanuts at all your dreams (unless you live alone!)

And I’m sorry we get so much push back from all different sources – but embrace it and learn to work with it. It’s not going away!  

Go after your dreams anyways. 

Like a BULL in a CHINA store. (My mom used to call me that as a teenager! It stuck!)

You will get pushback on your dreams.  

You will. 

Your dreams will rarely coincide with the dreams of people closest to you!

And totally not resonate with them at all! 

So, my dear… this just means you have to make your dreams and desires a priority and just push through the pushback will all the confidence and ‘don’t-give-a-shit-ness’ in the world. 

Make your dreams come true.  

So #1, there’s push back from the people you love.

Then there’s #2 –

Pushback from the universe.  

Oh, you know there is a little!  Yes, the universe wants you to have all your desires… but it’s going to be asking you if you are serious the whole way through! It’s going to test you.  

If you give up, it was never meant for you.  

If you don’t, it’s waiting there for you, created for you in your future reality.  

And finally there’s the THIRD kind of pushback:

#3 – There’s pushback from yourself, your thoughts.

And this is the worst kind.  

This was actually the hardest pushback (although, I like to blame my family) but really it was all me. 

Me thinking I didn’t deserve my dream. 

Me thinking it’s good for someone else but self-abnegation rears it’s ugly head.  

Self-abnegation is to deny yourself. To abase yourself.

To basically say you aren’t worthy of anything.

To negate yourself.

It’s good for everyone else’s dreams to come true, but I don’t deserve that.

If I were to tell you my life is darn near perfect right now it is. Healthy, Moola, Business growing, bills paid, even my crapola rental properties are doing good (miracle!!!) and my skin is clear, losing weight… blah… all the check marks good!

Did I tell you I had a FULL PAGE ARTICLE written about me in Investment Executive this month?! Ya… life is exciting! Great even!

Self-abnegation can also rear it’s ugly head when you don’t want others to think your life is easy, you are too beautiful, too successful, too smart, too funny, too super awesome at your job and showing up all the other team members, too fit, to rich…. these are all huge reasons to keep a foot in the struggle door.

We are so designed to fit in and why should our lives be awesome when everyone else is struggling in some area?!?!

The answer to that is this: shining your light will help draw more people to their light.

On the topic of money…

Yes, dreams of all shapes and sizes usually cost money or require some assistance by money.

And since when did we have to place buying an alternator and oil changes over our dreams?

Can you have both?

Can you have the car repair and the new piano?

Can you have the practical and the dream?

My other dream was new furniture. My kids have officially trashed my 10-year old furniture I bought when I moved into this house.

It’s done. It’s KAPUT! Stuffing flying out of the arm chair.

So can’t you have both the dream business and the new kitchen chairs?!

I’m here to tell you that you can.

You can always ASK.

Most of us aren’t even ASKING FOR MORE!




But I can’t do the work for you.

This is a soul problem where you’ve been cut off from allowing the good – from allowing God – to flow into your life.

Only you can make that change.

I can tell you to go and allow the good things in, but if your soul is fighting you on it, it won’t be allowed in! You cut off your current of energy.

When did we get to the place where we have been forced to bargain with life instead of asking from life what we want from it. 

Life is bigger than all our requests and asks.

Get the new car! 

Get the support you need!

Get the new bra that makes your boobs feel incredible. (Sadly, I don’t actually have this get… has anyone tried Knix bras?!  Asking for a friend… lol)

It’s not about being ‘stupid’ with your money.  (PS.  You can’t actually be stupid with your money. I’ve written posts about that many times – there’s no such thing. All transactions are serving our higher good – even if that means there is a lesson in there for next time!)

Besides. No one said going after your dreams and deepest desires would be easy. I do pray for you it is… but we all know that if it was easy everyone would have a baby grand piano and be a skinny billionaire! Bahahahahaha! But you know what I mean. 

I do hope that despite the fact that there’s going to be pushback on all the things… you go for them anyways.  

And if there’s no pushback – awesome! Bonus!

I mean let’s be honest…..


You get ‘this’ AND ‘this’.

Not ‘this’ or ‘that’!

The only time you get stuck with ‘this’ or ‘that’ is when you choose it.

The only time you get ‘this’ AND ‘this’ is when you choose it.

SO why are you choosing small.

Why are you stuck in ‘little think‘?

Where is your ‘BIG THINK’?

That’s what abundance is.

You get to have it all.

You get to go for the BIG life you always dreamed of.

You get to honour the desires put on your heart.

That is why you are here.

That is your BIG lesson to learn.

That’s how you…..

Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa


Your Second Act

Your Second Act


It’s striking me right now.

When you feel you have nothing to give, (I know you are feelin’ this with me, especially when it relates to homeschooling!) and then you reach in and seem to tap into a hidden abundance of energy that was waiting to be tapped into, giving you the energy to give it one more shot.

Ya, I don’t have that right now.

And I don’t even have energy to write LOL, because I have no energy to do the LOL because that would actually require energy to laugh out loud and right now I can barely snicker out loud.

I wrote a LOT yesterday and I woke up to write my weekly blog and I’ve been sitting here with a blank page for the last hour.

This rarely happens, but yes, like all things in life there are times of lull’s and blah’s when you feel like you have nothing.

BUT you catch yourself, after your moment of pity (& chocolate) and realize, that you have a GREAT SECOND ACT coming.

It’s better than the first.

It’s more refined, it’s more polished, it’s going to be a whole lot more fun!

You found your flow.

You found your muse.

You found what fuels your art…. besides coffee.

For you, my dear artist, in all that you do, from parenting to carefully composing an email to your amazing insta-story to a well crafted culinary delight to the body of work you are putting out into the world….

You have an amazing second ACT that you are coming into.

The first act was practice.

I mean, seriously, who ever gets it right on the first try.

First act lessons learned – absolutely.

But, the second act.

That’s when the story gets more juicy.

The first act was to set up your story – to give it an obstacle to overcome.

You declared bankruptcy or piled up massive bills following your dream.

You weren’t in the best health.

You got divorced and dated a bunch of dorks.

Who cares?

It makes for an EPIC story.

It makes you a better character in your story.

It makes you a stronger character.

The kind of character that people are drawn to.

The more you go BIG and mess up – the better it is.

I don’t know why I’m even writing that, but seriously, we all know it is.

I’m far more attracted to people who did big epic things and fell flat on their faces than people who take careful calculated risks.

Plus, we can relate to real people.

I did a “Facebook Live” today in my group. I felt out of flow. But really, who cares.

I know this – even when I feel like I’m falling flat on my face, I know someone out there is relating to me and realizing in my vulnerability to be FULLY in my humanness (aka. SUCKING IT BIG TIME), it allows them to be fully “them” in all of their humanness!

I need to note that the “second act” is always the act (or season of your life) after you have major shifts.

(This RIGHT NOW could very well be the season shift for so many. #thankscovidandkillerhornets)

And here’s the other thing I need to remind you of…..

You don’t get just one second act – you get many.

You get all the second acts you want.

Which is good news!

Some of us may need many second acts, second try’s before we get to our desired goal.

For me, right now, my second act is starting (again!) – okay it’s really like act 1,837 and I’m feeling super unprepared.

But, like most heroes and heroines in our journeys, I do have faith that it will all work out.

I’ve had some pretty deep conversations this week with many of my people, and the theme was this:

Heading into the second act.

That’s how I defined it, but for them, they probably don’t see it because at the end of the first act – we all know that’s when the situation is dire, the plot has thickened and we now have a problem to solve and that’s how many of my conversations went this week.

It’s when everything feels like it’s at its worst.

Life’s hard right now, money’s hard, relationships, parenting, school, bosses, business, not being allowed into a BAR and zoom drinking – is all hard right now.

And fear is at it’s highest level for some.

But here’s what we have to remember about fear.

Fear always has a payoff. 

Usually it’s to play a small game or stay in victim mode because that’s the comfortable fear payoff. 

You weren’t born for either of those! 

Living your dreams full out means fear has to take that back seat.

Taking the back seat means that the fear will still be present, but it no longer gets to take the wheel and leave you in a constant state of inaction and worry.

Fear will still have conversations with you and try to back seat drive (remember Liz Gilbert and Big Magic?) but you are taking action regardless and living out loud. 

That is what the second act is all about.

This is your time!

This is your time to be the hero/heroine of your own story.

You do not need to wait for the government to dictate the ending of this story.

You do not need to wait for the blessing of any other person, society, organization to tell you what and how you need to operate.

You get to step out in faith.

You get to step onto the stage.

You get to crush your second act and get a standing ovation.

You’re the main character after all, stop acting like the supporting actress!

Act 2: Lights, Camera, Action…

What now?

Step out onto the stage and….

Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa

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Creating Your Financial Fortress

Let’s start with what is a financial fortress?

I turned to the Googles to define fortress.

A fortress by definition is a person or thing not susceptible to outside influence or disturbances.

Oh and there are always going to be disturbances.

Things will come up in your life – especially the 4 D’s.

Death, Divorce, Disability, and Drugs (and I’m talking health care costs, however recreational drugs and addictions can also wreak havoc in our financial lives too!)

So, we need to make sure we have a fortress built.

A fortress to help protect us and a fortress surrounding us in times of need – like when you are invaded by ROBLOX or FORTNITE! (Hey, it can happen – I feel my house has been invaded already!)

And what is that fortress?

I’m not talking product today (although there are financial, investments & insurances that can help you), but I am talking about creating your #financialdreamteam !

Having a solid financial team surrounding you will help you become financially resilient and bounce back after you suffer a financial set back.

Think about a big fortune 500 company.

They have a board of director, they have accounting departments, marketing, legal – the works.

You need to start treating your financial life – if you want to create true and lasting wealth – as YOU INC.

Meaning, you need to be the CEO of this.

What does a financial fortress look like?

It starts with you in the middle.

Then around you is your financial dream team.

You’re the CEO meaning you get to make all the final decisions just like the big boss does and that means they all rest with you (and so does the responsibility!) however you can seek outside council from your department heads, just like a Fortune 500 would.

Your next line of defense should be your COO – and that for the most part should be your CFP your certified financial planner.


Because as CFPs we are trained to look at all the areas – we are trained in Estate, Tax, Analyzing Market Data, Investments, Insurance and did I mention Tax again?!?!

CFPs are a great resource for you to help you reach your financial goals! That’s what a good CFP will do for you. Plus specialized in business planning for your corporation, etc.

Here are some of the people your financial dream team should include:

  • Accountant (Bookkeeping & Taxes)
  • Lawyer (For Estate Planning)
  • Lender / Mortgage Broker
  • Banking / Banker for regular accounts – although this becoming a thing of the past and most are in call centers now or a visit to the teller
  • Real Estate Agent for real estate transactions
  • General Insurance Agent for E&O, Liability, Home & Auto & “STUFF” insurance
  • Personal Insurance Agent for Risk Management like Life insurance, Critical Illness, Disability Insurance, Group Insurance (and for many people that person is also your CFP, just the way the industry has evolved, it can be a separate agent or your personal financial planner.)

You need to create this team. Fill in names.

Make the LIST!

Have these services ready to rock’n’roll when you need them and also build relationships with them!

Why? Because things come up in life and you don’t usually get time to VET your team.

Meaning, you need a quickie transaction or need to quickly file taxes but you want someone that you really trust and knows you and your values.

Don’t rush – take time to vet your team, get referrals of trusted advisors of friends and families.

Make sure you like to work with them! Personality is a huge thing and so is communication. Do you like their service? Did they even return your call or message?

Ask them for their rates and policies. Keep their contact info organized somewhere – share that will your executor, close family, etc.

There are a million reasons to make sure you have a team like this in place but most of all because it will actually end up saving you money (even if you are paying top dollar for these services!) because they know your story and you already trust them and know they will do their best work for you.

Relationships are key.

Like the old adage says: It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.

And being in association with the right people will take you place, at least financially.

Oh, don’t forget, this is a great piece of the puzzle you need in place to…..

Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa

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Unblocking The Current of Money

Unblocking The Currency of Money

Money is currency.

Money is energy.

Money is a current of energy that HAS TO HAVE APLACE TO FLOW.

Money requires a destination.

Money is always in flow and always want to flow to places it can be used – for good or bad. (Money does not discriminate!! Ask Tony Soprano – he always had stacks of cash lying around…)

But you.


You who is worried or crying non-stop or complaining non-stop about money – it is YOU whom has stopped the flow of money in your own life.

It always is you.

If you have no flow or a tight flow right now (like someone is pinching your garden hose and the water is trickling in) that is because there is a block that ONLY YOU can go and open up.

I wish I could do it for you.

Seriously, that would be an awesome magic power.

But we all know that with MONEY BLOCKS the buck always stops here.

Right at your feet.

Okay, so we know that electric current works best when it can find an outlet (like light!) and we know we are best too when we can be turned on and allow money to work through us. (The same way God works through us. And never forget that money is just a tool that God uses to help you do the work you were put on the planet to do!)



(oh, this may sound easy, but it actually involves doing the work!)

  1. Admit you have a money block. It’s like probably the first step for anything – admit you are the problem and that opens up yourself to allow for the miracle to happen. Something amazing happens when we remove the veil of PRIDE from our lives.
  2. Stop blaming. You have to stop blaming your partner, the government, COVID-19, the news. You seriously are 100% responsible for where you are right now. OUCH! Ya, that is one we are all going to have to live with and it hurts the ego. What can you do differently next time?
  3. Ask for help. Ask God, pray, mediate, say mantras – constantly. Constantly you will need to reprogram the non-abundant programming you’ve been running in your brain for the last 40 years!
  4. Follow the nudges, follow the prompts, be really good at tuning into YOU. Your highest self always knows whats best for you, don’t go looking for the outside world to be telling you what you know you need to do. (This is where I suspect most blocks happen because we are still trying to please the people in our lives when we don’t have to.) Don’t stifle your dreams. Don’t put God in a box. Don’t Think Small. Allow for all the crazy ideas and wild dreams to play out in your mind. There are always hidden gems coming to you in the form of ideas. Money comes to us in ideas executed. Call that person, email that person, ask that question, follow that lead.

I need to say this to those of you who are unemployed right now or people who are stressed out over money.

There is money to be made – always.

We are so blessed to be living in a time when we can work online!

What can you do to help someone with a business that is thriving right now – and trust me, MANY BUSINESSES are THRIVING in this and super busy.

There is always work to do, it may not come in the same form as a career with a full benefits package, but there is still money that WANTS to flow to you – in fact, it is BEGGING to flow to you because that is your birthright!

Don’t think for one second that money is “HARD” to earn because that will make it so.

Don’t think for one second that there is a “SHORTAGE” of money because that will make it so.

Don’t think for one second that “NO ONE IS BUYING” or that there is a lack of clients available because that will make it so.

Don’t think that “MONEY ISN’T MEANT FOR ME” because that will make it so.

Money is meant for you.

Money can flow to you easily.

Money is not in short supply – even now. (Actually, that’s going to maybe be part of the problem, because there is so much money flooding our economy right now!)

You have to not let the LIES in.

If you believe the above statements as truth, that is what you will manifest in your life – that is what will unfold for you.

It just is what it is.

The law of attraction.

You won’t be able to change your life until you change your thoughts.

I wish there was a magic wand to wave, but we all know that our mindset has to change first.

People given LOTS of money are usually broke in the first few minutes – POOF.

Obviously, they didn’t have the right mindset for abundance. They didn’t take time to curate it and grow their thinking.

It’s all in the thinking.

It’s how you….

Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa

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Creating A Financial Base

Creating A Financial Base

I feel many of my clients miss the simple things in planning and try to complicate it without needing to do so.

It’s a very masculine energy.

You can always spot masculine systems a mile away for how they so like to make things so much harder than they have to be. (Keep in mind, I’m referring to energy, not men.)

Here’s some feminine energy for you and your financial planning, meaning this is simple, you write it down, you decide you are going to do it, you commit and in queen-like fashion, it is so.

It’s meant to be easy, don’t complicate it and make it harder than it is.

#1. Create an Emergency Fund

  • Decide how much you want in cash on hand, decide how much you want in your HISA (High Interest Savings Account – look for an account offering about 2% right now) I would personally not have this money invested anywhere – the goal is to keep it as liquid as possible.
  • I recommend at least 3 months, but 6 months expenses to be sure
  • You figure out your monthly expenses by writing them down on paper or using a cash flow spreadsheet which includes the item and the amount (simple) and adding up the total monthly expenses then multiply by 3 or 6 months or whatever amount of months of savings you want to have stashed away for an “emergency” (yes, a time like this when you may find yourself forced not to work.)
  • Figure out how quickly you can build that base through saving or move money around or just mentally note to yourself that ‘this’ pot of money is now allocated to my emergency fund or sell something you own on Kijiji that’s collecting dust to create that base of money for you. There’s a million ways to make money even when you can’t “work”.
  • Set in your mind the GOAL of “X” and do not waver from the amount you have set.
  • Note: Line of Credits and Credit Cards DO NOT COUNT as emergency funds. Cash is always KING. Roll up those quarters like my Oma used to! (Banks can take away credit, it just happened to a business client of mine! Don’t kid yourself, it’s not your money.)


Besides the obvious, aka. needing the cash when you are out of work for whatever reason, the bigger reason is that creating your FINANCIAL BASE is the biggest peace of mind you can create for yourself (well, that and having a proper insurance portfolio in place).

This financial base needs to be in place first before you can grow the rest of your financial tree and branch out into other ways to grow your money.

If you really want to not stress about money, put together this pile of money as your base. It will give you 3 to 6 months to breath and think through the next steps if you were ever to be in a position to not work.

This is known as RISK MANAGEMENT.

It’s like finding all the places your boat could leak from and plugging the holes.

Stay financially afloat longer, don’t sink financially and all the other blah blah financial analogies I can draw from this floating boat example.

You are the captain after all.

Have you done a proper risk management review? (Oh, you haven’t – call me!)

Creating a simple plan and implementing it and following through (that’s key!) is how you….

Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa

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