Bringing Dreams Into Reality

Bringing Dreams Into Reality

Some crazy random dreams & facts about me (I mean this stuff isn’t even in my book!):

  • I wrote and recorded a rap song. It was hilarious. It flowed out of me in 1 hour and recorded it in another hour. I still pee my pants how funny that is. I want to write, play and record a record one day.
  • I decided long ago to be Jane Bond – so I got my boat license, PADI Open Water Scuba, and my P&A firearms licence – just so I could one day drive a boat in Prague, and break into the castle by scuba diving through the moat, and shoot the guys at the gate, only to take off my wetsuit and be wearing a fabulous gown (& Louboutins of course) to go steal the crown jewels and take over MI6…. you know, stuff like that….
  • I have eaten a live goldfish (murdered the poor bastard) and would do it again (I think I mentioned this in a past blog and was unfollowed by Ducks Unlimited & Oceana that same day 😉 )
  • I’m the only person in the world with a GRAD dress that is still hot 20-years later, with dreams of wearing it again… probably in Jane Bond
  • I’m building a multi-million dollar company from scratch

Why do I share this?

Because we all have dreams. The problem with our dreams is that they stay pie-in-the-sky-high and the fluffy dream clouds never make it into our living breathing experience.

I just literally had a friend request on facebook from a beautiful girl who said she was “chasing her dreams”, and all I want to write her is this:

Don’t chase your dreams because they will run away from you like when you chased that cute boy. Own your dream with confidence, work towards them and shine your beautiful self in the world, and you will have your wildest dreams flock to you like men do to beautiful women. Nobody wants to be chased, neither do your dreams or money for that matter. 🙂

The other thing I find is so many people, amazing people with HUGE potential inside of them, just waiting around for opportunities to fall in their laps, for their dream job, dream relationship, dreams just stuck in the clouds.

If you are still waiting around for something or someone to come by and appoint and anoint you with your dreams, think again. Same goes if you want to be CEO, same goes if you want to be your own boss or a dancer, or the best comedian, speaker, designer, artists or anything in this world.

You need to be the one to own your dreams.

How do you bring your dreams into reality?

Easy. Take your magic wand, and pronounce yourself CEO or leader in your industry or whatever it is you want and desire. There. Doesn’t that feel better?

You MUST be the first to appoint and anoint yourself with your dreams. You need to be the one to give yourself a raise, to make more money, to allow and to receive that into your life. No one else can do it for you. You must be the one with the most clarity.

Because the person with the most clarity wins! EVERY TIME!

Do you get what I’m putting down?

Once you SAY you are who you want to be, then you begin to act like it, and it will inevitably attract all that you desire.

Want to know the reason why you aren’t able to bring your amazing beautiful dreams into your experience?

Two Reasons:

ONE – you ain’t dreaming big enough! Your dreams stay small and in return keep you small, and you deep down hate it. You hate playing at an “achievable” level. It’s because your little spidey senses go off and tell you – you can’t do that! Tell your pea sized amygdala brain to STFU!

TWO – you aren’t making those dreams top priority or you don’t want them bad enough. Hear me out – I get this – life gets in the way. But sometimes, you have to push life outta the way and not use that as a crutch. You know in your gut when you are….

THREE – (yes, a bonus reason) BECAUSE you haven’t spend quality alone time with yourself to discover CLARITY around what you want to get out of life. Seriously, this is the reason most people succumb to an ordinary – normal – boring life. They are scared to face themselves, to go deep within, to actually decide, choose, with clarity what they want from this human experience they are living.

Let’s be clear. The ladder of success isn’t crowded at the top, and it never will be, because people are too afraid to even dream big half of the time.

So if you find yourself not dreaming big enough, don’t have clarity around your dreams, or you aren’t making your wildest dreams a top priority, I beg you to take for yourself some time to dream and get some clarity on how you want your final days traveling around the sun to look like.

Anyone who thinks dreaming crazy big dreams is stupid can go start their own colony of grouchy unhappy people (and I already know there are those nay-sayers out there just itching to stomp all over your dreams) – DON’T LET THEM IN! Guard your dreams! Do what it takes to not let anyone get you down or get into your head!

As for the rest of us who know that anything is possible, who know it to their core that whatever they can imagine they can achieve, that their desires were placed on their hearts as maps to their dreams, anyone who is willing to lay it all down on black and spin the wheel, and for anyone who really wants to give this life their best shot, ego aside, and really create something amazing, then cheers to you. (And it’s no shock that we are friends – naturally!)

Those who dream big and go out and claim it – those people leave a better world behind.

What dreams are you calling in today?



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Embarrassing Money

Embarrassing Money

Some serious embarrassing shizza has gone down in my life.

Like the time I walked out of the bathroom in 10th-grade with a “sanitary napkin” stuck to my jeans….

Or the time when the police caught me with a giant spotlight kissing my first boyfriend while trespassing on private property…

Or the time I modeled in the 12th-grade fashion show a white dress with black undergarments… ughhh….

Or the time I had just given birth 48-hours prior to my Opa’s funeral and proceeded to give an awkward “Bridget Jones” speech to tell everyone how much I loved my Opa in very VERY bad broken Germanenglishish  (it’s a language!)  which included words like “epidural” and “pickles” (which are words that should probably not make it into ANY end-of-life celebration!) to 200 of our family and friends which my family STILL laughs about… and they aren’t laughing with me…. OH VEY!

Ya, okay, you get the picture…

Embarrassment comes in many forms. One that we talk about lots is failure. That’s probably the worse one of all.

Nothing GREAT ever occurred from something safe and secure.

You have to be able to risk it all, put your heart out on the line, put your money where your mouth is and sometimes you






Commit. Even if you fail, you may as well go down in a glory-poop-bomb-flame-basket after giving it your best. I mean really, do you think you can survive a poop-bomb-flame-basket? I think so.

Remember everything happens for your highest good – NO – let me change that…

Everything happens for your highest GREATNESS!

I’ve said this before, and if I were to ever get a tattoo it would probably be this.

The opposite of Good is not Bad. The opposite of Good is GREAT!

If you are stuck in a “good” life then you got all caught up in your comfort zone, but don’t worry I know you are in good company with your friend Fear and Fear’s Cat, Scaredy.

Here’s the tough love: you need to ditch your good ol’ friend Fear and hook up with some good new vibes.

And I will challenge you, here, right now, that living a GOOD life is embarrassing.

  • It’s embarrassing that you aren’t using your abilities to their fullest potential.
  • It’s embarrassing that you aren’t putting it all out there.
  • It’s embarrassing that you haven’t taken that step out.
  • It’s embarrassing that you aren’t even trying.
  • It’s embarrassing that you aren’t even allowing yourself to dream big!

You know how I know? Because I am you. I was once there (and maybe still am) and daily have to deal with this. I get it.

Isn’t it amazing when you see someone stepping out and going all in on their dreams – it’s UNBELIEVABLY FREAKIN’ MIND BLOWING AMAZING and when you sit there and hear someone else totally going after their dreams doesn’t it just inspire you to the core of who you are and put a pep into your step and make you want to go out and CRUSH IT????

Hear me here. Yes, I’m pretty much yelling this from the mountaintop. (And come to think of it, I’m actually writing this from a mountaintop in Kananaskis!)

You have to get past your own bullsh*t and find that thing that is bigger than you.

Do you want to know what the investment industry really is all about? What the big secret about money really is?

What every last trade, stock, currency exchange, mutual fund, bond, GIC, private equity, real estate deal is really all about? What every transaction since the beginning of time is really all about?

It’s so simple, yet, we never talk about it, because it must be TABOO for us to actually go to this deep emotional vulnerable level….

Are you ready for this?

Every time we invest in ANYTHING we are giving money to fund someone else’s dream while they are funding ours. 


That’s value, service, serving, exchange – that’s everything we do as humans on a daily basis. Modus Operandi. Standard Operating System for us humans! This is what we are created for: Love & Serving!

So, what happens when you are holding on tight, not investing, not spending, closed-mindedness, stuck in a mindset that there isn’t enough or that you don’t have enough? You actually STOP funding your dreams and the dreams of others (and how horrible would it be to crush someone’s dreams!)  It actually full out stops the flow of energy, and as previously discussed in all of my 117 past blog posts – MONEY IS ENERGY!

The embarrassing thing is not trying. Not living full out with your money and with your life.

Stop thinking about having too much money or too little money as embarrassing.

Stop thinking that there isn’t enough.

Stop embarrassing your money!

Start investing.

In You.

In Others.



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Financial Purgatory

Financial Purgatory Blog
In between financial hell and financial heaven, you will find financial purgatory.
I would have to say that this is where a majority of us live, financially speaking – somewhere in between heaven and hell. Somewhere, where you are living out the average, ordinary and normal, which of course is fine if you want to live an ‘ordinary-normal-average’ life.
But don’t you believe somewhere deep down you are destined for more? Called to bigger & better?
If you are wondering what financial purgatory looks like, let me enlighten you:
—> It’s like having the first 5 lottery ticket numbers and waiting on the 6th but then the lotto machine crashes. Ya. That’s what it’s like.
—> Or knowing you make good money….. (In Canada it takes $191,000 a year to be in the top 1% of income earners and only $137,000 to be in the top 5% of earners! {Stats Canada as of 2013}), only to not know where it goes each month and have barely anything to show for it.
—> To be getting your Grandma’s inheritance but having it all taken away by lawyers fees cause of crazy family members that just can’t be grateful for what they are getting and decide to put up a big stink, delaying your moola.
—> Receiving a statement from CRA or VISA but barely able to open it to see what the actual damage is, and then finding out you don’t owe as much as you initially thought you did.
—> To live in between knowing you deserve riches and abundance and know they are on their way to you and to only have $4.95 sitting in your chequing account, which at least offers you one last latte before payday.
Like I said.
Financial Purgatory.
A holding pattern. Nothing amazing, nothing horrible, just that same-same drawn-out waiting period of what feels like nothingness. Almost your own personal hell, but not quite.
I’ve spent many o’days visiting financial purgatory, and I’ve finally left the purgatory train station, because you just get to that point in life when either choosing financial heaven (or falling flat on your face) is better than staying in financial purgatory.
As a philosopher once said,
“You are in your own heaven or hell because you created it.”
Isn’t that the truth.
What unruly wild thoughts do you have on repeat looping through your head? Could there be one in there about money, or that you aren’t worthy or good enough to make the money you desire to make?
And honey, you know it. You know you’ve created this financial purgatory you are living in.
You create your own reality. Your thoughts created it.
Many thoughts. Over and over on repeat!
So, this week I’ve been busy creating and calling in the abundance and reality and life experiences I want to have. I was basically taking every book I ever read that was written prior to 1964 and putting it to the test. (ie. Think and Grow Rich, Science of Getting Rich, The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity, The Magic of Believing, The Bible – to name a few….) And turning them into my own financial heaven. Manifesting. Which, for you non-woo-woo people, means to bring to reality – to call in, to bring into your earthly human experience.
And let me tell you, it sure is crazy fun to let yourself dream big and wild dreams that seem so far-fetched, but then have that inkling, that deep knowing, that what you want, and desire, is totally attainable for you!
I set a Manifesting goal for myself last week and totally hit it! It was unreasonable! And then, boom it happened.
When I told Pam (my right hand and Executive VIP at Ellements) about it Manifesting, she just said, “Oh Lisa, God is barely flexing his muscles!”
Don’t you just love that?!?!?!?
“God is barely flexing his muscles.”
How amazing is that!
To think I’m just scratching the surface of God’s goodness and abundance waiting for me, and for you and for everyone! How freakin’ cool is that!
Three things that have to happen when you manifest money if you are serious about this… (which has turned into a list of 5 things…)
  1. Total certainty that money (or whatever you desire) is possible (even if you don’t know how the money will come to you).
  2. Releasing of the ‘How’ the money will come to you. It can come in a bazillion different ways, don’t get all caught up on the ‘how’, just believe it will come. (I mean seriously, do you really care how the money is coming to you – aside from crazy criminal activity of course?)
  3. Keep taking aligned action in the direction of your desires, dreams, and goals. If you are doing something you don’t want to be doing on a deep level, then you will have a hard time Manifesting your dreams because that is like 2 magnets repelling each other and trying to force something that really isn’t aligned with your purpose.
  4. Faith. This goes back to certainty without knowing the ‘How’.
  5. Keep believing/affirming and writing down & speaking out-loud your desires to keep them front of mind. Why? Because we become what we think about all the time.
Want to get out of financial purgatory? Then follow the above steps and break free from crappy purgatory and join me in some serious financial bliss. Set some wild big goals that you believe are possible but maybe you don’t know how to get them.
Give it a try.
Your thoughts create are the only thing creating your current Financial Heaven or your Financial Hell. It’s that simple.
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Money Mindset.

Serious Wealth

Serious Money Blog

How do you create serious wealth?

Most people were raised to believe that:

Time + Effort = Money

However, I don’t believe that’s how wealth is created. One of my coaches put it this way:

Value + Results = Money

What value are you creating for the money you are receiving?

What results are you creating for your clients/customers for the money you are receiving?

I think most of us want to create wealth by “punching the clock” and having the best attitude, best foot forward and you know, some elbow grease effort.

While the above is important, and well, everyone knows that those things will probably ensure you get & keep a job, they may not go far to help you create wealth if wealth your goal is.

Earl Nightingale still says it best,

Our rewards in life will always be in exact proportion to our contribution, our service.

In other words, the money you make will always be in direct proportion to the value and results you create for others. Think about it. Or in terms of your J-O-B, your pay will always equal the level of difficulty they will have in replacing you. Yes, harsh truth, but truth nonetheless. If you are vital to your organization/company, then they will probably have to fork it out to keep you, vice versa, if you have a job that can be replaced by a student, chances are your pay won’t rise much above what they can replace you with.

If you aren’t interested in getting wealthy, then that’s totally fine and totally your right to choose that during this human experience, however, I would challenge you today, right here, right now that it’s your responsibility and deep desire to build wealth beyond your wildest dreams.

We, the humans, were created to increase, expand, grow & contribute. This is part of our DNA and our need to survive, and evolve, plus compared to all other species, we got blessed with a conscious mind.

If you have done the self-growth part (and maybe you’ve beaten self-help to death!) and recognize that inside of you, then your next job is to contribute, build value and create results for others. Personal growth is wonderful and needed, but not at the expense of contribution.

When you contribute, build value and create results for others, your wealth will expand. This is law. This is the law of attraction.

What value & results are you creating for others today?




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Money Mindset.

Playing to Win

Playing to Win

This week I had a serious EPIPHANY and I’m telling you it’s transforming my life and blowing my mind at the same time.

And yet, it’s so simple, and something probably every guy who’s ever watched sports has known for years, and yet, here I am, literally hearing and understanding this for the first time. (Yes, I’m aware I’m sometimes a few grapes short of a Cab Sav…)

It’s this:

Playing Not to Lose VS. Playing to Win

I’ve been playing not to lose my WHOLE LIFE!




Yes, I am. I am sitting in disbelief. Shaking my head – banging my head like – DUH?! Serious Lis, where have you been the last 3.8 decades?

So to be clear, this all comes courtesy of Jen Sincero, whose book, You are a Badass, is now a must-read for anyone I meet! (Hint: Read her books!)

I have always taken the calculated safe way in life AND I mean in ALL PARTS of my life this RINGS TRUE!

Are you maybe playing not to lose, versus playing to win? BIG DIFFERENCE!

Playing not to lose with money looks like this:

  • safe job or staying with job/career/business because it’s become the safe “normal” and you know what to expect
  • 2-4 weeks paid vacation
  • saving and investing in safe ways
  • living within your means because the fear of going “ALL IN” in life is too scary
  • taking courses you really don’t want to take, but know you “SHOULD”
  • making sure your resume is chock-full of fabulous degrees, designations, extracurricular activities so you will outshine anyone in a down job market, if in fact, you need to find a job (sound like someone you know? Ahem…)
  • making sure you got Grade 10 Piano, just in case all the above don’t pan out, at least you can teach piano for $50 an hour rendering you hopefully not homeless…..

I mean don’t get me wrong.  Playing not to lose is fine. It’s definitely a way of life, and to be honest, probably most people’s way of life.

Here’s the thing: Do you really want to spend your days playing not to lose?

I will tell you that playing not to lose is my norm. However, I occasionally dip my toe into the pool of playing to win and when I do….

  • my whole heart lights up
  • which lights up my face
  • which lights up virtually every person who crosses my path
  • which means I step out into fully being me and take chances
  • which sometimes doesn’t pan out
  • which makes me frustrated and I end up drowning in Ben & Jerry’s & Beer
  • which sometimes makes me shy back into playing not to lose (something I’m good at!)

Damn! How did I spiral back here so fast?? Stuck in playing not to lose.

Beautiful, I want you to play to win in life. Whatever that looks like for you.

For me, it means doing some scary-crazy-ass-shit! Like, stepping into the person I’ve been fighting so hard not to step into because it could possibly disrupt my perfect life I’ve created for myself.

AAAAnd that’s okay. I’m terrified. I’m terrified to go BIG with my message. I’m still stuck on baby steps, okay – if I’m truthful, I’m a freakin’ good crawler, and as you know, we need to crawl before we walk…..

But what are the options?

There will come a time when you are finally done with playing not to lose, and if playing to win means to lose it all, you’ll do it.

That’s when you jump.

That’s when you ruffle feathers.

That’s when you get half of your email list to unsubscribe, or piss off people you love (not intentionally).

On that note, you are probably doing something right if you are pissing people off every day, triggering them, making them uncomfortable, and just standing in your certainty! This means you are living a life with purpose. You can’t live a life with purpose and show up without turning someone off.


The person with the most certainty wins. All the time.  (You can re-tweet that!)

And then, here is when the magic comes to play with you. The right people show up in your life, the right people listen to your message, buy your products, dream clients, dream employees, dream team starts showing up because you are being real with you and playing to win.

This is when you get to leave your mark on the world.

So, are you going ’round this earth tip-toeing? Playing not to lose?

Or are you playing to win, leaving some serious stiletto marks on the field?




Money Mindset.

Freaking Out About Money

Freaking Out About Money

How much time are you spending on freaking out about money?


How many crappy DIY projects, self-done shoddy basement renos, duct tape appliance repairs, online coupon shopping for a pair of designer shoes, pork n’ beans can comparison ad nauseam only to see where you can save a few pennies?

Maybe your money freakouts don’t manifest themselves in ways of coupon cutting, but perhaps the opposite, in ways of shopping sprees, buying useless shit you will never use, or eating your way out of your financial meltdown. (BAHAHAHAH – like I’ve never eaten my way out of a financial crisis.)

Or maybe worse, you go for a massage and let your inside voice dictate to you all the bills you need to pay through the entire massage, leaving you more knotted than when you first went in.

You could just be past all of this freaking out about money cause you’ve done it on repeat for so many years, that you actually have made freaking out about money just part of your regular day and just actually expect that no clients are going to call you and that no money is coming in today. Zombie Apocolypse. That’s what you hope deep down happens today. **Insert Quick Hail Mary**

I’ve done all of the above. If you have too, then we are a special breed of humans who can paradoxically go on a shopping spree while freaking out about money.

What I’ve learned, in a painfully slow way, over the last few years, is that mindset is everything. And even beyond that, it’s tying your positive thoughts to powerful happy positive emotions and holding them in a high frequency (aka. guarding your positive thoughts, moods, joyful outlook on life) so you attract more to your life of what you want. (I’m still working on my homing beacon!)

Here’s the deal with freaking out about money. No matter which way you freak out about money, loud and proud, tantrum style, or quietly so no one knows, this is what you are attracting to yourself at a HIGH frequency – MORE MONEY CRAPOLA. Yes, I speak the truth and you know it deep down!

It really doesn’t matter how you freak out about money, if you wear pyjamas and have it with green eggs and ham, or if you wear your freak out on a mountain, or on a camel, or on a train, plane or automobile, or worry about money in socks or barefoot, or while clipping your toenails. THIS is what has you stuck right now in your money life.

So stop freaking out. Stop being a freak about money altogether.

Begin with believing that you are on your way to whatever it is you want more of in your life. Call it in.

Plus, once you stop wasting all your time freaking out about money, you could actually go and make some……



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Do you really want to change the world? Make a difference?

I sure do.

I’ve pondered this up, down and sideways.

How does one do it?

And the answer I could come up with is one word:


Which I’m sure could come off as being/looking/acting/appearing “selfish” however, there is a positive & negative selfishness:

  • One where you are out only for yourself. One where one one else matters.
  • Then, there is the selfishness, where you selfishly take time for self-growth, self-care, self-love, self-forgiveness, self-management to be a better person for the world, your family and for yourself. It’s a win-win-win.

I’m totally all about being the second kind of selfish (obvi). Being the second is never truly selfish, it’s just taking the time you need to be a better person so you can do your job in this world, better. I revel in those moments as a natural introvert.

I was reading Danielle LaPorte’s new book, White Hot Truth, on gurus and famous people who changed the world. (And BOOM I was glued to the page in my research efforts on how to change the world…)

Every single person on the planet has major flaws and the beauty in so many ways is our imperfection, however, for some reason, these absolutely shocked me! I know I always put people of power on a pedestal, only because we as people expect more from our gurus, religious leaders, and politicians (okay, maybe not politicians!) It’s crazy. Really, it is crazy, because they are just people like us… and maybe even worse than the average human….

Are you ready for this? This actually blew my mind. I must really live in a bubble. Thought provoking? YES!! (Courtesy of Google & Danielle’s Book)

  • Martin Luther King Jr. probably had many extramarital affairs.
  • Gandhi had to prove his chastity by often sleeping next to naked girls, giving detailed sexual instructions, including his bizarre sexual practices, and setting up ashrams and sex experiments with girls and boys, even his grandniece.
  • Socrates was short, fat, ugly, smelly old man. Never bathing. Would you take life advice from a short, fat, ugly, smelly old man?
  • Mother Teresa had some serious shady care going on in her care, from reusing needles to washing soiled clothes and cooking utensils in the same water and rarely, if never, gave an account or transparency for the millions of dollars given to her or the charities she ran.
  • Abraham Lincoln was racist and so was Winston Churchill – like…vocal and bad about it.
  • George Washington scammed millions of dollars (in today’s dollars) through Congress as sitting president.
  • Even the POPE himself (Pope Pius IX) kidnapped a Jewish child to raise as Catholic. (Kidnapping? Seriously? Say like 10,000 Hail Mary’s for that and go to jail….. Poor Edgardo….)
  • Einstein was a philanderer and married his cousin Elsa, after cheating on & divorcing his first wife. (Can you imagine that? I’m leaving you for my cousin?!)

And yet, these people celebrated in history as heroes and made a significant impact on our world.

Doesn’t that give you hope? That in all our failing there’s still a chance for us, somewhat normal people, who don’t steal millions, kidnap children, disinfect our houses and take showers, to make a significant difference in our world?

Reflecting on another self-trait: self-forgiveness. When you love so much and want to make a difference, you’re gonna inevitably mess this shizza up, make mistakes (which just mean you are trying) and will need HUGE amounts of self-love and positive self-talk. (I know self-forgiveness has been a long, hard struggle in the past for me – but I’m seriously over it now… for a few hours at least….)

Here’s what I want you to take away from this:

The pressure to be perfect has to be released. You can be a walking disaster and still make a difference. Proof is in the pudding… we all sinners…da-da-da…

Here’s the other thing I want you to take away from this:

You need to foster your self. Foster the self-love, self-forgiveness, self-care, self-growth.

Put self-time ahead of some of the other ‘pressing’ things in your day. Create and follow self-practices that will allow you to achieve the desires that were put in your heart (also known as goals, dreams, aspirations, etc.).

If you can get down some or all of the ‘self’ stuff (the care, love, forgiveness, growth, etc.), then you have self-management in the bag and you can go on to change the world.

You can’t change the world from a place of self-loathing, self-hatred, self-exhaustion, or self-regression.

You can, however, make a difference with love and a vision, even with some serious mistakes on the way.

For me, that means waking up at 4:19am to write this. For me, for you, because it’s my self-love and because I have a message to share, and I did my purpose work….

And it is done now, so I can go shower and disinfect my house, and make sure my kids get to school on-time today….




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Money Mindset.

Million Ways to Wealth

Million Ways to Wealth

I want to let you in on a little secret. There is no magic formula for wealth.

And here we are, no matter what our net worth or bank account is screaming at us, we are always looking outside of us to complete this magic formula for ourselves.

And the secret to this whole schmozzle?

The secret is that your acre of diamonds is within you.

It was never “out there”.

It is always in here.

In you.

Stop looking for it out there with that guy or that company or that lottery ticket.

Money is attracted to us from the desires we have, and I hate to say it – for good or evil. (Evil bad people can make millions too, like drug kingpins and Dr. Evil. Another reason why we need you to make your millions, so you can be part of the solution!)

Money does not discriminate.

Money doesn’t care what color your skin is, or what university you went or didn’t go to, or how rich your parents are or anything. It really doesn’t care if you are a man or a woman or who you like to have sex with. You may care about all those things. Money doesn’t.

Money is just energy attracted to you, by your thoughts. Yes, that old book again….Think & Grow Rich.

But we know, your thoughts create your feelings, which create your actions, which create your results.

Circumstance is just that. Circumstance.

Hold steady your thoughts.

Make sure they are what you want. I mean, sure you can re-order your dinner at the multiverse, but the same thing happens when you send your order back a million times, they could spit in your food or you could end up with a PB-jelly sandwich topped with garlic, cilantro, and curry.

Be certain. (for longer than a minute…. )

Just try it. Be certain with one desire. Make it your burning desire. One chief aim.

What do you want out of life? All of it is there for you. Righhht……

I’ve been figuring this scheisse out for myself. Always. Right? It’s what we do as humans – sit and think and reflect and figure out how to make this experience work for us.

I just can’t decide what I want right now. Seriously. I have so many ideas, goals, things happening and I’m at this buffet of 5-star food with overload – or so it seems in my jumbled head.

“Clarity, why hast thou forsaken me?”

I ask flippantly. As if she’d answer me while I’m checking my phone for texts for play dates, coordinating egg delivery (yes, I get fresh farm eggs delivered weekly – best thing ever!), replying to clients concerns & wishes, stretching in awkward positions while trying to light my incense, candle, drink my tea, coordinate my playlist so I can sit and type for…. or crap, ya, forgot to pay that bill, and the dryer just broke, and how did ice and glue get all over the floor?!?! Did I mention I’m trying to help transform the financial landscape in Canada?


Not so much.

Need to spend more time with her.

What’s my one burning desire?

Some days, it’s just to get to bed. No, not sex. Actual sleep.

How do people have one chief aim like Napoleon Hill says? One burning desire?

I’m the chief of many aims and many desires. (Aren’t we all?!) Which is partly why I’m a walking paradox.

I zig when others zag. Maybe that’s why I’m so driven. The ladder to success is never crowded at the top – maybe I don’t like crowds. Hmmm….

So what’s my bottom line…

There are a million ways to wealth. Billions. Ad infinitum.

Isn’t that great news?! Great news that we don’t have to follow some stupid formula. Great news that we don’t have to build wealth like our grandma or dad or neighbour or Bill Gates or co-worker did! Sure, we can learn, sneak-a-peek, and model what others did, but at the end of the day we take what we want and leave the rest.

Find your way to wealth. It’s not going to be easy, but it will be worth it for you, your family, your community, your world.




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Money Mindset.

Spending ALL Your Money

Spending All Your Money

Let’s call a spade a Kate Spade.

Saving and investing and paying down debt kinda sounds like a lot of work, boring and…..


So, I’m changing it – because I can. Why the howdy-ho not?

From now on we only spend money.

Trust me this is going to be way more FUN because we get to spend ALL of our money! It’ll be like going on a SHOPPING SPREE in NEW YORK at Henri Bendel! (Trust me it’s FUN!)

So, instead of feeling weighed down by your money decisions I want you to think about how you get to spend your money.

You get to spend it on 3 things:

Past You (debt), Present You (current expenses), and Future You (investments, insurance, business).

Put all your purchases now into one of those 3 buckets.

Where are you spending most of your money?


Decide if you like where you are spending your money.

If you do, great.

If not, change it.

And if you want to make sure you have a great future, maybe start spending more money on the future you!



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Money Mindset.

Happy Money

Happy Money

How are you feeling right now about your money situation?

What is your one-word answer to that question?

Take a split second and answer that.

Whatever that word is that popped into your head – that is what you are attracting to your life.

If you answered:

Crappy –> You will get more crap.

If you answered:

Happy –> You will get more happy. 

Money is just energy. That’s it.

I’ve talked about LOTS on my blog over the past years.


Do the 180 if you have to.

Change your point of attraction by changing your thoughts.

Isn’t life great?!

You got to buy clean drinking water today!

What a wonderful thing my friends! (Thanks to my Brooke for that!)

I sign off on my emails to my tribe as HAPPY MONEY!

Because in my world, and if you are part of my world and want to be part of my world – it is only…..




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