Time To Ditch The Macro View Of Your Money!

When it comes to your money there are two overarching themes: macro & micro.

Macro money, as I will call it, takes a look at the overall themes of money out in the world as you see it.

Micro money takes a look at your own personal financial situation.

Macro money views will naturally manifest themselves in your ‘micro’ money situation.

What does this mean, and why is this important?

How you see the world and how you view, process and internalize information on what is happening out in the world, on subjects such as the economy, inflation, currency exchange, fiscal and monetary policy, and news in general is shaping your thoughts on what is happening in the world.

Those thoughts will dictate your behaviour towards money.

Thoughts create feelings and feelings/emotions run WILD when it comes to our money leading us to make financial decisions based on fear, anxiety, and greed.

We use our limbic brain (monkey mind), and don’t make decisions from our pre-frontal cortex where the rational conscious thinking can occur and we end up doing dumb things with our money.

So, what can we do to create and build wealth having to deal with both what is going on out in the world (macro view) and what is happening with your money personally (micro view)?

I’m going to tell you something that will go contrary to what any economist or portfolio manager will tell you.

DITCH the MACRO view of the world!

Stop listening to the news and the world around you, at least in the beginning when you are getting your financial feet on the ground! (Once you’ve ‘made it big’ you can go back to listening to the macro news.)

If you are a home-based business owner or small business entrepreneur, then you really need to hear this:


Please never forget that!

That means your money is 100% in your control to create.

And now you are totally in disagreement with me, but hear me out.

I’ve shared with you my list of things you can control and you can’t control. (Read that here!)

The thing when it comes to our money, our income, and achieving goals – that is always in our control.

Yes, things won’t go your way 100% of the time, and yes, you WILL have money ups and downs, but your belief in what you are creating will absolutely make it rain for you!

And it won’t happen overnight, but it will happen for you.

The magic happens here:

1. Turn off the outside noise.

There is so much noise! Get off your social, your news, the distractions. Those not only are harmful to your thoughts much of the time as they absolutely can pull you from a higher vibration down to a lower vibration in a matter of seconds, but the other thing is that they can be a colossal waste of your precious time. Time you could be spending setting up appointments, talking with prospects, clients, creating content or doing some good in the world.

Be a creator. Make sure your creator to consumer ratio is at least 4:1 if you are serious about creating some serious moola in your business or life!

2. Get clear.

I have beaten this horse to death.

But you still don’t really know what you want. If I held a gun to your head right now, would you be able to clearly tell me what it is you are building without flip flopping and changing your mind in two seconds? You need that kind of clarity to really bring in what you are doing. That kind of clarity also helps you say ‘NO’ easier to things that are not aligned with your energy or your goals. The more you can say ‘NO’ the better off you will be. Seems so counter-intuitive, but try it.

3. Be All In On You

This is where you begin to take aligned action and go for it. What is aligned action? It’s actions that all match and sync up to the goals you are trying to bring about into your reality. It’s gotta be you and you. You’ve got to have your own back more than anything else in the world. This is the micro’est’ of all, because it’s quiet, it’s just you – and yet, it’s the seed that will change the world.

Never underestimate the power of the micro.

After all, a micro-organism did just change the world these last 2 years….

Can you actually get to a place where truly none of the outside noise in your life matters. Truly.

That’s the zero point.

That’s the point where all possibility lies.

That’s the point of creation.

Your MONEY, your wealth is held there in that vibration.

It’s waiting to be unlocked by you.

You do this by creating Value + Results for others in the world, and then you will get what you want.

But to help others and create massive value with massive impact, you need to be all in, clear about what it is you want and free from distractions.

Seriously, has watching the news ever solved any problems? Has hanging out on social media made anyone wealthy?

Social media strategy and content creation is MUCH different than just hanging out and commenting on posts.

You get what I’m laying down for you.

Get serious about YOU.

Get serious about YOUR GOALS.

Get serious about YOUR MONEY.

This is the MICRO view of money on your own personal level.

It’s time to stop pretending and pussy footing around your big goals.

You are worthy of making them happen.

You are worthy of being a Wealthy Woman!

You are worthy to right here, right now….

Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa

PS. If you really want to focus in on your MICRO money to be able to create some BIG serious wealthy, then you will want to check out and book a call with me and my team so we can show you how we can help you get clear around your money!