Breaking The Money Spell

Breaking The Money Spell by Lisa Elle

Is there a spell on you right now that is keeping you from calling in the money you want to be earning in your business or life?

You know if you are under this spell if money is stuck and not able to flow freely to you no matter what you do!


I know this all too well.

I’ve been there.

Pushing. Forcing. Wrestling with the hustle –

Only to have it get you more stuck and deeper down the vicious circle.

I was watching a cheesy rom-com last night about this love spell that was put on these 4 men and they fell in love with the first thing they saw from cows to women.

Super cheese, I know.

However, there is some great business wisdom in this.

What are you doing in your business that has you under a spell?

The money spell is this: Something you are doing just for the sake of doing it.

For the longest time, I might even guess it was social media marketing for me – that was until my FB account was totally hacked and disappeared.

Trust me, that broke the social media marketing spell for me (and now we are completely re-doing the entire marketing strategy to work for me and my team!)

But the spell you may be under in your business or your life may be something so slight as a time waster or minor energy vampire slowly sucking your energy.

Like one of those energy audits you can do on your home, or buy one of those testers to see which electronic device is sucking all your energy and increasing your power bill – it’s a slow drip drip drip of leaking energy.

WHICH COSTS YOU BIG TIME! (Just look at your last power bill!)

And hence the money spell you are under and you barely even know it!

But the money spell you may be under is not just for money leaks, it could also be a spell that has blocked you from the receiving and being in flow with the unlimited abundance that is meant to be flowing to you.

You are pushing to hard, being too desperate for it.

That’s why it’s not flowing freely.

When you are under the spell of hustle, needing to prove you have to work hard to earn money and believing that money requires hard work to show up in your life – you are absolutely under a money spell.

It’s time to break that spell.

Maybe a kiss will do it?! I’m not one to put a box around what needs to be done to break a spell as powerful as the money spell.

Truth be told, it is easy.

It’s as easy as dropping into the abundant free flowing money energy that is all around you – but hey, I get that that can be challenging when you have real world things pecking at you (like emails, texts, call, people to get back to or children!) and that’s pulling you away from the magical vortex of abundance and back into the hustle spell which leads to forcing money.

Forcing money to flow to you will never work.


This is where so much of the corporate world has it wrong in their messaging.

Money was and always is something you control with your energy.

Money will push you away the same way you pushed away the desperate guy in high school who always wanted to date you and was relentless.

Desperation will never make you a millionaire.

It’s time to break that money spell!

When you are free to live, play, dance in the world without financial worry, stress, anxiety and overwhelm then you can attract money easily to you.

That, my dear love, is how you…

Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa

PS. If you want to break the money spell that has been cast upon you and your home-based business, then you need to book in a call with me at!