Why More Self-Care Equals More Money In Your Business!

How does self-care affect your wealth?

If you are wondering why your life or business seem to be stuck in a broke ground-hog-day-perpetual story and can’t seem to get out of all the money stuff that is happening to you, the key might be because of your lack of self-care.

Self-care = Money

‘What?!’, you say.

Yes, the love that you are or aren’t giving yourself is a direct reflection on what is happening in your financial world.

And the crazy ending to this story is that the more self-love and self-care you give yourself, the wealthier (& healthier!) you will be!

Many times in my life I’ve been stuck financially, desperately trying to grow my business and make a buck.

Funny or not-so-funny, when I look back on those times I also see self-loathing or periods of self-frustration and lack of self-forgiveness.

Also, lack of self-care.

And yes, that could mean in reality I didn’t get a hair cut for 6-8 months or didn’t work out and would sit in a nice hot bath of self-pity or frustration for months on end and then ofcourse, making sure everyone around me was doing good or taking care of themselves.

But what I requested of my friends or kids, I was not doing myself.

Listen up!

Anytime we do something from a place of not honouring ourselves as much as another human, or putting ourselves below another, we are not honouring the bodies, the mind, the heart that we were given in this life to be stewards of.

And this is KEY to the money struggles you’ve been having in your business or life!

You will not attract money if you are not in your highest vibration.

And how do you get to your highest vibration?

You feel good.

You feel good about yourself.

You take care of yourself.

You love yourself.

You do all the things that make YOU HAPPY.

You do NOT do the things that only make others happy.

You hold strong boundaries and learn to say “No” in a loving manner.

Law of Attraction 101: Like attracts like.

And if you are in LOVE with yourself naturally others will LOVE you too because LOVE is the strongest of attractions!

This also works for sales.

Do you really believe in and LOVE what you are selling?

It will show through – everytime.

People are drawn to LOVE.

When you are denying your highest self love or care or rest or play, you will naturally be cutting off the flow of money to you.

What do you need?

Physically? Mentally? Emotionally?

Here are some of my go-to pick me ups!

  • Buying nice new tea towels, candles or for-the-love-of-God – buy yourself some new panties!
  • Getting my hair or eye-lashes done weekly or as much as needed!
  • Massages!
  • Running and Walking Alone!
  • Time with my Life Coach, Fitness Coach, Craniosacral!
  • Music or Playing Piano – being creative!
  • Writing!
  • Driving fast & driving to an old back-country dirt road to watch the sunset 🙂
  • Hiring a TON of help…(I haven’t done real laundry in 9 years or vacuum… and I love cleaning!)

Here’s the deal. I don’t do things I don’t want to do AND I don’t do things that don’t light me up AND I don’t do things I know I can do but aren’t the best use of my talents or time.

TRUTH BOMB: I haven’t done real laundry in 9+ years or vacuum. I also don’t make my bed! (THE HORROR!)

Yet, I totally value a SPOTLESS house 24/7 and I come home to a beautifully made bed everyday!

That’s called SELF-LOVE.

Why? Because I’m the Queen of Delegation and I know that if it doesn’t light me up or someone can do a better job of it or if I know I’m happier because of it, I OUTSOURCE it.

Self-Love means that YOU are responsible for your HIGH VIBE above all things.

You are responsible to make yourself happy.

(Now, also note: I’m not suggesting faking it or not processing all emotion fully. There is a time to feel and process sadness and anger.)

We’ve all heard happiness is an inside job – but what does that actually bring to your life?!


That is the secret on how to attract everything you ever wanted!

I remember a few weeks ago having a massage while essentially on a small mini-vacay and thinking for a brief second how lucky and spoiled I am because I had someone cleaning my house, I had people doing admin and managing my office while I was treating myself to a massage.

That brief thought that I was spoiled was tossed out so fast.

It was a USELESS thought to hold.

Because I created that moment on purpose and with good reason! I’ve worked so hard on my money mindset to get it to a place where I can be this free and I’ve also worked smart to get to this place where I am aware of what needs to happen in my life to keep me in a state of manifesting things at a rapid pace which all comes from your high vibration.

If you think someone is spoiled or lucky – you need to do a money mindset check on yourself and see where the trigger is coming from.

Is this true for you?

Once you realize that you create all that is around you, that is the moment when you will be free to create something new and better than before.

One more time…

Self-Care = Money (and in abundance!)

Spending time working on what makes you happy, what makes you resonate on a higher level and you will unblock the riches that you so rightly deserve.

That is how you….

Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa

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