Financial Tailwinds

Financial Tailwinds by Lisa Elle

We know luck favours the prepared, and sometimes the unprepared – because by definition, luck is chance.

This is no doubt a topic that comes up when it comes to wealth and your money.

When luck does strike, the difference between the prepared and unprepared is that the prepared are ready to handle the surge of money coming their way.

The unprepared (and let’s say, the unprepared mindset) will typically squander wealth in no time at all.

Regardless of your level of preparedness, we do know that some people get lucky financially.

These are financial tailwinds.

Let me take you back to some high school math and chat a bit about the bell curve.

The bell curve in statistics shows that most data collected will fall within a normal distribution (think Mean, Mode & Median) and most centered around average.

The tailwinds as I’m calling them (or the tails of the data point) are extreme outliers.

Extreme losses or extreme wins are the tails of the bell curve and truly rare.

The extreme wins in investing or money or business or lottery, are the financial tailwinds I’m referring to.

The truth is ‘Hiting-It-BIG’ is a financial outlier.

Sadly, many of us won’t see that in our lives.

But before you lose all hope and want to punch lady luck in the ovaries, know this:

Just because you don’t HIT IT BIG, doesn’t mean you can’t MAKE IT BIG!

There is so much in your control that you can do to create the exact life of your dreams and have what feels like a financial luck!

One of the first steps you need to take to MAKE IT BIG is to create a solid wealth map and create some serious financial clarity around your goals and what exactly it is you want to create.

This is still the first step and so over looked and also done incorrectly!

(Yes, some of ya’ll have been goal setting and stealing OPD {other people’s dreams} and not doing the hard work yourself, which is hard work and requires lots of introspection to actually decide what you want out of life and be super okay with your dreams not being as big as your neighbours, but I will save this topic for another week!)

Here’s the other things you need to have in place to MAKE IT BIG!

  • A Financial Roadmap
  • Up-To-Date Wills and Estate Documents
  • A Solid Risk Management Plan (To cover death, disability, divorce, disease, ) and – all my D’s)
  • A Consistent Savings & Investment Plan
  • A Plan for Debt
  • A Plan for Business and Future Business Succession

All these things NEED to be in place for you to have a solid foundation…

These give you mental clarity and peace to allow for life to happen and unfold –

And don’t underestimate that slow and steady will still yield you financial luck!

I operate on a best case and worst case scenario in my head all the time.

I do it for my clients as well. I’m sure you may think the same way.

Best case is this, you have solid financial footing and financial clarity when a financial windfall does come your way.

Worst case, if you have a solid financial plan in place, and taking steps toward that, you will be better than fine.

Either way, I believe you create your financial luck.

Creating financial tailwinds in your life is another way you…

Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa

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