This is holding you back from making money!

You may not even realize that this could be your biggest money block!

And Surprise! – I don’t even think you will see this one coming.

I’m always on a look out for what is blocking me, my energy and the hence, the flow of money in my life.

This one came as a GREAT blessing to me this week when I was FORCED off of FB not by my choosing.

Truth be told, someone hacked my FB account and DELETED ME {the nerve!} but after my initial freak out and loss of 4,000+ close friends, I realized that this was the greatest blessing – I am now able to start fresh on a platform and literally re-build from scratch something by design and on purpose.

So what was the block that I discovered that made my FB hack a total blessing?!

Not showing up authentically in the way in which I desire to show up!

I was in hiding – I mean, not really, as clearly anyone who has followed my blog knows I definitely show up authentically every week, but I was hiding a part of my marketing that I really didn’t want to ‘show up’ for.

The block, you ask?

Chronic People Pleasing.

It’s like the biggest onion you’ve ever seen because I’ve peeled back ‘people pleasing layer’ years ago to be able to even have the courage to publish my book, blog, story, business, etc.

It takes courage to have a business and you really have to let the people pleasing go at that level – LEVEL 1.0 of people pleasing release.

That is some of the onion, but new level new devil – as we know.

If you want to be free – I mean truly free – like FREEDOM 2.0 then you need to


But not LEVEL 1.0 where it’s about getting enough courage to put your ideas out into the world, this is level 2.0 where you literally have to release ALL the people and when you go through your list of people, I can see why many people don’t ever go from LEVEL 1.0 {or leave level 0 for that matter} and progress to FREEDOM LEVEL 2.0.

Because at FREEDOM LEVEL 2.0 you don’t give a shit what your:

  • partner
  • kids
  • parents
  • uncles
  • aunts
  • cousins
  • grandparents
  • neighbours next door
  • high school friends
  • ex-boyfriends
  • co-workers
  • boss
  • other parents from your kids’ school
  • the ‘cool’ moms
  • acquaintances
  • friends
  • employees
  • clients
  • church groups
  • pastor/priest/rabbi
  • yoga instructor
  • OR hot pool boy


This is absolutely holding you back from making the impact you want to make!


Because when you are stuck in people pleasing and worried about what people think of us – we are HOLDING BACK!

And when you are holding back you are stuck in inauthenticity.


Wow – that’s harsh – but think about this –

You are faking it when you are acting inauthentically and not saying/doing what you really want you end up lying about what you really want.

Holding back in your life/messaging/business = Your are lying to the world!

And worse…..

You are lying to yourself.

AND that is the worst betrayal possible.


You stop this when you act authentically and stop telling people what they want to hear and start standing tall in your ideas/creations/messaging!

You love your ideas for a reason.

Your ideas, dreams, desires, messaging, creations were put here for a REASON!

You were meant to make an impact.

And you can’t let the voices in your head or the possible thought that someone may not agree with you run your life.

You are the one holding yourself back.

Here’s the truth.

Every limitation you have holding you back is on you.

It’s only in your mind and that makes you responsible 100% for what is happening in your life.

People pleasing is holding you back from allowing the money to flow freely to you in your business.

If there is even one group of people that you are holding back from that is a kink in your energetic hose that is so desperately trying to water your money garden of money trees.

Those suckers can’t grow if their only source of nourishment is all kinked up.

Sure a trickle comes out and keeps your money tree barely producing, but you and I both know that the flood gates of abundance are waiting to push on through once those kinks are released!

Freedom 1.0 was okay.

I mean it served me personally to be able to publish a book and do a lot of amazing things thus far in my business, but FREEDOM 2.0 is going to be way better.

The people who want to stick around will.

That’s the confidence and courage that 2.0 requires is next level.

Nothing holds you back.

Money will flow freely


Freedom will REIGN!

Choose the next level you –

the next level of your business –


Freedom 2.0

That is how you…

Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa

PS. If you are ready to step into FREEDOM 2.0 and you are feeling blocked with money in your life and business, then you need to book a call with me so we can JUMPSTART YOUR WEALTH and get that kink out of your energy hose, water your money trees and get money flowing freely in your life. Go to and connect with me because I want to help you move from level 1.0 to level 2.0 in your life, business & money!