What does your HEART have to do with your MONEY?

There is always one thing you will end up having to answer to in your life.

One thing that will demand your full attention at some point.

  • You will get ill if you don’t answer it.
  • You will gain weight if you ignore it. (Yup!)
  • You will feel financially burdened if you push it aside.
  • You will struggle in all areas of your life if you decline its call.

Your heart. ♥️

That is what you must listen to. Its call is strong and powerful. Its echo vibes through your entire core and energy field.

Set your heart free to wildly beat and watch your dreams unfold before your eyes.

You will attract to you all that your heart desires.

But you must FREE it first. (And that is scary because that means putting yourself out there vulnerably!!!)

This is one recollection of that ✨MAGIC✨ that happened for me when I ventured out to NYC on my own, 2013 and set my heart free to be as wild as it could be.

?I got to dance and sing in Times Square alone. There were no people in Times Square… it was a rare and precious moment. I had a Blackberry and selfies weren’t a feature on phone yet so you had to flip your phone around and hope for the best!
?I got to have my Holly Golightly Breakfast at Tiffany’s and cross off the one thing on my bucket list.
? I met a lovely soul from Bangladesh on the Bow Bridge in Central Park and we exchanged moments of heart felt songs that changed our lives. (I shared with him ‘Emmanuel’ by Chris Botti and he shared with me a Gershwin Song. Truly, loving humans are all around if you are open for them and wanting to connect with you?)
?I got to stay in one of the original hotels in NYC and my first night there I crawled out of my hotel room up onto the shady fire escape and screamed at the top of my lungs, “HELLO NEW YORK!”

Subsequent trips to New York after this also included me launching my company over 6 years ago from a Midtown diner and singing Karaoke Nancy Sinatra in Times Square amongst many other shenanigans and stories I’m sure I will tell you over a coffee one day…. or in my next book. ?

The universe will dance with you when you ask it to dance. {This is also a choice, a decision, a request which must originate from your soul.}

So what does money have to do with this?

Honey, don’t grind and struggle your way to making money.

It actually wasn’t meant to be hard. {Hard is only a mindset!}

Adopt the mantra that money flows easily to you.

Follow your heart and what turns you on – the same way a lover would!

Love and Money are truly of the same vibe for attracting it!

Be clear in what you want, WANT what you want, go after it and have zero restrictions on the outcome.

Life will surprise you, the same way love does.

Money will easily flow to you to allow you to play out the deepest desires of your heart.

There is a lot of trusting here. Trusting in yourself and the universe.

There is a lot of letting go here.

There is a lot of listening and taking divine aligned action when called to do the work.

Do the work.

But here’s the thing about your heart♥️ –

It was never meant to be ignored.
It was meant to be FREE to LOVE & LIVE WILDLY! ?

Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa

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