Deservingness by Lisa Elle

Here is another money truth.

You will never rise above your level of deservingness.

You have a threshold, a glass ceiling.

We all do.

And when it comes to money, many peoples ceilings of belief and worthiness are much higher than our own.

THAT IS THE ONLY DIFFERENCE between “rich” people and “poor” people when it comes to money.

Your threshold of deservingness.

People have been conditioned to believe that they don’t deserve more or shouldn’t never want for more.

People born into great wealth were born into believing the thoughts that they deserved money, so money usually comes easy for them, even if they never work for it because they easily believe that they deserve great wealth.

Yet other people, over time keep increasing their level of deservingness on purpose. (This is the category that I fall into! AKA: Expanding Your Mindset & Beliefs!)

It is possible to do ALL things, but Y-O-U have to be the one to think them first.

But NEVER possible if you don’t believe you are worthy or deserving of the thing you dearly desire — be it love, health or money.

This is THE TRUTH.

Your inside thoughts will never manifest an outside reality if you don’t begin to believe the thoughts that align with your desires.

Trust me on this!

I’m queen of manifesting and queen of not manifesting!

Somethings I can manifest with RIDICULOUS ease. I’ve never had blocks around certain areas in my life.

(I manifested the cutest car last week and it literally drove to my house and I bought it in less than 12 hours of starting my car search. I didn’t even have to go look at cars or anything… I do this with all things shopping as well. Things just come to me! Partly because I hold a strong belief that I will not waste time on shopping, so I don’t. Things naturally just fall in my lap… literally. I also know exactly what I want, so there’s no guessing as to what I am buying, so it makes it easier to pass by all the stuff I don’t need or want.)

Money – yes, MONEY – and certain areas of it still come with incredible deeply rooted beliefs within me from childhood that are very difficult to root out and bring to reality.

The belief that you have to work hard to earn money still rears its ugly head for me from time to time, but that one is slowly making its way out of my head. (And it’s hard when you really do love working and I’m a hustler… no doubt about it… I’d rather be working than doing sooo many things.)

It’s also important to note that if you are half into believing a desire, such as wanting to make a million dollars, and then the rest of you, deep down, feels that you would be shunned or harrassed by friends or family for making that money and you might lose your status quo with your immediate relationships, and you may be losing your life as you know it by making the million dollars, your original programming will win out.

Meaning, you will never actually be able to manifest your desires because your conscious and sub-conscious are at odds and that is cognitive dissonance within you. Your stronger beliefs will always win out, and fear of loss will win out in that situation.

This is where it really does take “work” to be able to shift your thoughts and raise your level of deservingness!

And for some it can happen fast, but I would say for many of us, this is a process that will take time.

I believe things can happen and manifest instantly. Like a million dollars.

However, I know there are layers to peeling back the old beliefs to finally align with the truest desires within you and this can take days, months or years to work through.

Once those beliefs begin to come into alignment with what you want – WATCH how fast you begin to manifest and how rapidly things begin to appear in your life!

Your level of deservingness has to be increased.

You are worthy of everything you desire and you deserve everything you desire.

Can you really see that and imagine what it would be like to have everything you desire?!

That BLOWS my mind.


Right now.

And that IS the reason I get up and continue on everyday, because I know I was meant for more.

I know you were meant for more in this life, right here and right now.

You and worthy.

You deserve this.

You deserve to….

Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa