The Lucky Money Formula

The Lucky Money Formula by Lisa Elle, CFP

The secret about money is that it is only ever partially about luck.

Same with the lottery.

I mean, you have to be playing the lottery to win.

You definitely don’t win if you aren’t even buying the tickets.

That’s how it is with multiplying your wealth as well.

You need to be in the game and recognize it’s just that.

All people who pay taxes are in the game of money, whether they know it or not.

The problem is most people are just standing around on the court waiting for the ball to be passed to them instead of actively creating a plan, strategy and taking action toward a plan to get the ball passed to them and then making that winning shot.

You won’t get a shot at being lucky with your money when you haven’t even…

  • realized you have a money game afoot… (like Sherlock Holmes)
  • decided to learn the rules of how money works
  • actually put some blood, sweat, tears and actual money into the money game
  • created a plan, a system or strategy to work toward what you want (which is what lucky is!)



I truly have created and brought forth into my reality a lifestyle that I adore, a business that I love, and a great family.

All those things take work, planning, strategy before the luck ever kicks in.

Sure, I have other goals I am working on now (up-leveling )… you don’t just die and rollover when you reach the next level, but I do see what I’ve created and the choices and decisions I’ve made to bring them forth, exactly as I have planned in a path that is working for me for right now.

Same with your money.

You must, absolutely must create a plan and strategy around your money for when the money ‘comes in’.

Because money will come in and if you aren’t ready for it YOU WILL squander it.

Now, I always say money can’t be wasted.

And it can’t.

Because you will learn valuable lessons from all the times you squandered money or spent money in an unaligned fashion.

Money is still not wasted in those situations, it’s just taking you a longer time to learn your lesson and get clear on what you actually want money for.

But here is where the LUCK is.

Here is where the LUCK O’THE IRISH be with you…. (Yes, Happy St. Patrick’s Day!)

You absolutely must get clear on what it is you want to be lucky with!

If you won a million little rubber bouncy balls (like the ones I find all over my house and want to scream because they just end up in the corners and the kids just abandon them) you would not consider yourself lucky. (Maybe if you could sell them for like $100 or $1000)

If you won a million bags of garbage, you would probably not feel lucky and feel like you have now literally have a million pounds of garbage to deal with.

If you won a million rolls of toilet paper, you may feel lucky! (Circa March 2020)

But if you won a million dollars and you didn’t have a plan for it, you may feel stress and overwhelm, or regret if you blow it all in one day, unless you have a plan, strategy and a way to back your truest of desires.

Are you clear on what you want to be lucky in?

Are you clear on what you would do with your luck when one day the little creepy leprechaun comes tapping your shoulder (or more like pulling on your pant leg as he is very tiny)?

Most people hope and pray for this.

For the day their money will come in.

For the day their ship will come in.

It’s a fantasy. Only because it never really happens like that.

And for the people who’ve already aligned with that next level, then it’s no biggie. (And yes, gratitude is key!)

It’s really almost an expected luck when you have planned for it.

But to everyone else you are LUCKY.

That’s how people are going to view you when you have a plan and you have taken specific actions toward that plan.

You will be lucky.

The others won’t be lucky only because they didn’t take those first initial steps required in the luck formula.

Create A Plan, Strategy, or System + Desire Toward A Specific Goal/Dream + Aligned Actions = LUCK

It’s that simple.

The rest of the luck is smoke and mirrors.

Lasting LUCK happens when you make it happen.

So make it happen


Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa