Your Unfinished Financial To-Do List

Your Unfinished Financial To-Do List

I don’t think you have to technically do anything to manifest what you want.

I do believe anything is possible.


However, sometimes manifesting the impossible requires that you grow up and adult.

What do I mean by that?!

I mean, you may have to clear out the blockages that are in your life first before you can open up the channel to receiving what it is that you wish to receive.

Like getting your conscious clear.

Again, what do I mean by that…

You may not be living your life according to your values and beliefs.

In the realm of money or financial stuff, the financial stuff that you haven’t completed, yet know you ‘should’ get done, are probably blocking something from flowing to you.

This could be that TO-DO List that you’ve been carrying around for literally decades!!

Things you haven’t completed yet like:

  • Will & Estate Planning documents you’ve been meaning to get ‘around to’
  • Creating a debt repayment plan (set it and forget it!)
  • Start an Investment Account
  • Make sure you and your family are all covered for life insurance, critical illness, etc.
  • File years of tax returns (this is more common than you think!)
  • Pay your taxes or not cheat on your taxes…even by $1
  • Getting an extended health care plan because you haven’t been to the dentist in years (and then book the dentist!)

Okay, so I’m not going down the rabbit hole of governments misusing our tax dollars, however, taxes are a BIG money block for so many people.

Many people I know hold the mindset that they don’t want to earn money because they will have to pay more in tax.

If you are part of that mindset, then I will guarantee you will never make the desired income you wish to make. You will never earn any dream amount of money with that mindset.

Even if you dislike taxes, like a normal person, you can still release and allow yourself to be happy paying taxes while reminding yourself of all the good things you are doing, like paying for your teachers, nurses and firefighters or at least to drive on smooth paved roads with functioning traffic lights.

If it’s on your To-Do List, then chances are you value it.

Do you hear what I’m saying?!

The financial things we know we ought to do and aren’t doing is causing us financial harm by stopping the flow of money to us and stopping us from really manifesting our true financial desires!

I’m going to say it again….


I’m talking about truly taking responsibility for that To-Do List which is important to you and getting ‘er done.

You are no longer needing your parents approval.

And yes, it will cost money to get those things done.

However, once you do that, trust me, you will clear the blockages and allow more money into your life because now you are living in clear alignment with your goals.

So, figure out what the pesky financial things you’ve been meaning to get done and get them done.

Pull out your phone and make appointments.

Email me and my team if you need help with any of this, but just DO IT!

That’s it!

Deep down, most of us love and respect money and want more of it.

Honour that!

You are lying to yourself if you don’t honour that, and the problem is, you and your subconscious know that you are lying… even if not a soul on the planet knows you are lying or cheating, you are only cheating & blocking yourself.

Many times, I work with clients and you can instantly see the shift in their faces and spirit when we’ve helped them complete their financial to-do list that’s been hanging over their heads for years.

Space has been created to now bring in something new.

And don’t forget this little gem of truth:

How you do the small things in life is how you do the big things.

So, be honest with your $1 or pennies.

Only because karma has its way.

You are only blocking yourself from the riches.

You need to have a clear conscious to build and manifest real wealth.

Now, sure, millions of people have built wealth doing bad things.

This we do know for sure.

However, I wouldn’t worry about your neighbour or the bad guys of the world.

They will have their own karma to deal with.

Keeping your energy free from the clutter of others energetic junk should be your only goal – plus it will lead you to more health, wealth & love in your life.

And after all, this is all about you.

You are here to grow.

To expand.

To step into your true abundance.

You are here to…

Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa

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