Wisdom is from within. It is not from outside or something to attain or something even to ‘try’ for.

All the wisdom you will ever seek is already available to you when you connect to the perfect loving source.

You don’t have to be 80 or 60 or 40 to have wisdom. Wisdom is available to all.

It is not external to you or some wise words said by any prophet. Those are called revelations as they ‘reveal’ to you what your soul has already known but forgot.

Your soul is timeless and wise because it is what connects you to your unlimited perfect divine source of love, but you have to ask for that wisdom and receive it.

Wisdom is trusting that everything is happening for your highest good. EVERYTHING. The good, the bad, the ugly.

Trusting that the universe has you in the exact perfect place – that’s wisdom. Trusting.

Wisdom is putting your trust in things unseen, also called faith.

Wisdom is knowing that you are 100% responsible for your thoughts.

Never forget that your:
? create your
? drive your
? produce your

In ALL the things.

Wisdom is being able to identify your circumstances as facts without the added story your brain defaults to and then powerfully choosing the thoughts that will serve you and the world in love. {Byron Katie – “Is this true? Where would I be without that thought?”}

Wisdom is knowing you can choose the thoughts that will literally transform your life to be the life of your dreams full of peace, joy and love.

Wisdom is also knowing that you are never responsible for anyone’s feelings (this is still hard for me who wants to make sure everyone is happy and not disappoint anyone! Still. Even after a decade of working on this exact thing!)

Wisdom is also knowing that you get to hold yourself to a higher standard than those around you and you don’t have to be anyone but yourself.

Wisdom is knowing it’s not your job to make anyone else happy. That is their job. Wisdom is knowing that it’s your job to make you happy and in return you will bring more light, life and love to the world.

Wisdom is holding yourself in the highest esteem and acting in integrity with your word to yourself and then naturally having that overflow into the world.

Wisdom is knowing it all starts with you and not with your neighbour.

Wisdom is holding strong but loving boundaries that serve you.

Wisdom is knowing the more you choose love and forgiveness and a servants heart the better the world will be.

Wisdom is knowing that LOVE is a win-win-win every time. If it’s not a win-win-win, then technically it’s not out of love.

True love shifts the world.
Transforms it.

LOVE wins every time because it is perfect in all its ways… that is what wisdom knows.

Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa

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