When Things Go Wrong

When Things Go Wrong

What happens with things go bad?

There are things in your life that will go horribly wrong.

When you are sitting in the muck of it all, I know offering solace to saying things like, ‘this is for my highest good’ is NOT helpful.

I know this, you know this.

You have to sit in your grief, your loss, your heart-break, the fact that things didn’t go as expected.

I write this actually about investments.

I have had hundreds of clients come to me over the years to tell me about their heart-break.

Okay, so yes, I’ve handled many divorces and financial break-ups, but this is not the heart-break I’m talking about.

It’s when your investment goes sour.

So many people have taken on BIG RISKS in their past, investments that didn’t work out.

This happens.

I can speak to this.


This has happened to me too.

28-year-old me.

Half-a-million dollar investment.


And ya, it’s taken me YEARS of processing and working through it.

And I’m still working through it because I’m still paying for it every month, for at least the next handful of years.

It is heart-breaking to lose large sums of money to any investment that goes south.

The truth is this.

You do have to get to a place where you deeply do hold the belief that this is all happening for my highest good.

And then make resolve that you are going to take these lemons and utilize them to make you bigger and better.

When it comes to investing, heck, when it comes to anything in life, if you aren’t experiencing heart-break at somepoint then you aren’t trying hard enough.

I say kudos to the dreamers who put everything on the line to go after their dreams.

Don’t look down on those people because luck plays a big part of this.

Half will make it.

Half won’t make it.

I don’t even know at the end of the day which camp I’ll be in, and truly, does it matter?

Isn’t it worth trying for something big and amazing then just playing life small?

I’m not saying playing small is a bad thing. It’s good to be cautious. That’s what I teach my clients.

However, there is a time and place when you need to go ALL IN energetically, mentally, financially, phsyically.

That is the moment when you committ that the universe has your back.


That’s the mantra.

You go for it.

You don’t look back, and above all you don’t hold onto how the ending looks.

You release the outcome.

You have no choice in the outcome.

You become stronger through this process.

You do it all over again.

Sometimes you will have a win. Many times you won’t.

Enjoy the process.

Grieve when you lose and celebrate the wins.

You have to firmly adopt the belief that everything happening to you is for your highest good, and it will be so.

You will always win when you can find the beauty in your disasters and when things go wrong in your life.

That’s how you…

Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa

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