My Book!


So it happened yesterday! I saw & held my book in my hand for the first time. (If you missed the facebook video, click here! Although, I’m sure everyone saw it!)

16 Years ago this dream was planted in my head when an old-short-fat-bald man with a small Hitler-like-mustache stood in front of the room and with all the conviction in the world said that “everyone has a great book inside of them.” It was there that the idea was born to write a book. I was 21.

2 years prior to that, at age 19, I never would have wanted to write a book. Not on my radar at all during my teens. I had to beg my English professor at Mount Royal to give me a passing grade and vowed to her that I would never write again, and told her I just needed to get out of this class because (it sucked! lol) it was mandatory to take English 101 for all degrees. I hope when I write I make complete sentences full of those adjectives and verby things. I also hated the business communications class I had to take on how to formalize a business letter, but I’m a good at faking stuff like that.


Now, I know why I absolutely dreaded English all those years, even back in High School.

It’s so simple.

It’s because I wasn’t engaged. I wasn’t excited about the topic. Nothing was resonating with me.

A business letter rarely resonates with someone. It’s too formal. It doesn’t hit the heart, and it’s just there to sell you something. (Hmmm…  total AHA moment as I’m writing this… Pam, if you are reading this, which you are because I practically force you to read all my blogs, let’s stop our letter campaign and do something else instead! {Pam’s my amazing right-hand, if you didn’t know! She keeps me on the ball!})

Let’s be real for a moment; business letters are so 1960’s!

Here’s the other thing. You can’t sell something you don’t believe in!

You can’t write something to someone unless you believe it, unless it comes from the heart! Otherwise, your personal bull-shit detector goes off internally and you procrastinate because you really don’t want to write that letter, write that book if it’s not coming from a place of authenticity or a place of inspiration.

This is why I didn’t pass English, not because I can’t write, but because at the time I didn’t want to spend my time and energy writing about something that didn’t stir me deep inside and bring me to life.

Years went by. I figured out in 2010 that I didn’t know what I believed in. I had listened to everyone’s theories and every peanut gallery in my life and didn’t really stand for anything myself. I was a people-pleaser extraordinaire! (You can read that blog here. That was a good post on how to fly!)

I finally said enough is enough. I’m a smart girl, grew up, took responsibility for everything, and decided to share my message, no matter how many people disagreed with my view or my ideas.

Then I wrote this book. I totally believe in what I wrote, and sure there are probably a million things I’d change (it’s never perfect!), but overall, my message still stands.

And I realized that even the people that disagree with me (by the way that’s everyone in the world that has different opinions than me!) are still inspired by the fact I wrote a book. I’ve had wonderful old men come up to me and with all the love in the world congratulate me on writing a book, and saying that they wish they did. I tell them that they still have time and that everyone should write a book.

I love that I inspired another human being to find their voice and spark their possibility in the world.

The old men are not my target market at all, because my book is for women for starters, but to have these moments to share and inspire another soul you cross paths with in this world is worth it all! And no one even cares if my book is total shit or not. (It’s not by the way, MY BOOK FREAKIN’ ROCKS!)

So that’s my story for today.

Here I am. Finally meeting my book for the first time and sending it out into the world with massive amounts of LOVE and praying it reaches the shining women in the world that it needs to reach to take one step or one strut closer to a better world. That’s what it’s all about.

Keep writing. Keep on going trekking through the daily shit. Keep inspiring others to be their best. Keep serving with your heart. Keep loving on all the people in your life. And it will be one HELL OF A GOOD LIFE!!

PS!!  You can totally buy my book now!!  YAY!!


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Shoes & Taxes: The Cold Hard Truth


Here is a short something for you to ponder today:

Investments and Taxes and Shoes

If I give you $1 and it doubles every year for 20 years (meaning you make 100% return on it every year):

In a Tax-Free Account You would have


If you were taxed 50.67% on the growth (an average marginal tax bracket in Canada) you would have



This is why you need:

  • An awesome Certified Financial Planner to help you navigate the tax world
  • An awesome CPA or accountant to work with your advisor on financial strategies
  • A great pair of shoes (I just threw that in, because it’s just truth!)

BOTTOM LINE: All the talk in the investment world right now is about fees and returns, which don’t hold a candle to the real issue, which should be making sure that tax planning comes first, because nothing will KILL YOUR INCOME, ASSETS, NETWORTH, BUSINESS & ESTATE more than taxes.

The cold hard truth is this: When considering your investments, income, assets, business, and estate, are you buying JUSTIN T. (note: NOT Timberlake) new designer shoes when really you deserve a pair for yourself?

Start Planning. Start a conversation with your fav CFP, one that understands that shoes are as important as taxes!


The Chip On My Boob


When I eat chips, they land in a nice resting place. My boobs.

I don’t have any chips on my shoulder (literally or physically – besides, who even came up with that expression?!) But today, I have a chip on my boob.

What is a ‘chip on my boob’ you might ask, besides having an intimate night with a bag of Lays?

Great question.

A ‘chip on my boob’ is a gentle message of love for someone, just like a fallen chip finding a nice, soft landing place, and you bringing it back to fulfill its ultimate purpose in life. (I’m totally coining that – right here, right now. 🙂 )

My message today is a gentle message of love for someone, maybe it’s you. Maybe it’s me who needs to get this.

Honestly, I was divinely struck yesterday while driving to write this. Simple as that.

Dear Friend,

I got a simple message I was told to share with you today.

You are a not a number.

You are not your Social Insurance Number.

You are not your age.

You are not your parent’s net worth or your children’s net worth.

You are not the money (big or small) in your bank account right now.

You are not the money you make at your job.

You are not the failure of successes of your business.

You are not your financial status; past, present or future.

You are not your address.

You are not the amount of debt you owe.

You are not the car you drive.

You are not your net worth – BIG or SMALL!

You have ONLY one REAL title in this world. The only real title that you were born with and you will leave with and that title comes with more GRACE than you will ever comprehend, know or need.

YOU ARE A CHILD OF GOD. You have the entire power, knowledge, strength of the universe at your back to do the incredible things in this world that you were called to do.

Money is just a tool. Stop using it as a measuring stick for your life!

You can’t measure your worth. If you think you can, then you will go through life thoroughly miserable.


So be kind to yourself. Don’t compare yourself to anyone, because it will stop your light from shining.

Don’t stay ‘stuck’. Have your pity party, and move on. Who gives a damn about your past f*ck ups! So don’t measure yourself by that.

And, my love, forgive yourself! FORGIVE YOURSELF.

You’re not forgiving yourself. You know everyone around you and even God has forgiven you, but you need to forgive yourself for whatever it is that is keeping that light dim, from bitterness, and things that didn’t go as planned or go your way. Release yourself from all the “shoulds” in your life.

You are too DAMN hard on yourself.

I know. I’m the same as you. We come from the same source, and virtually most of us are programmed the same way.

I want you to live in raw wonder, in a place where anything is possible. I want you to see the smile on other’s faces when you shine your greatness & love on them, and stir inside of them the belief that anything is possible. I want you to NOT be harboured when things don’t go your way, and release yourself into the vast ocean of abundance that comes when you’ve stopped comparing yourself to this world.

Never seek your favour from the world, it will let you down miserably! Every. Single. Time.

LOOK DEEP INTO SOMEONE’S EYES today, even if they are your own, and know you are called to greatness however YOU define it.

Stop comparing yourself to a number, whatever number listed above that is holding you back, is my prayer for you. Over and over, and over again, because you know that is sure as hell ain’t about the numbers.

With Love,







P.S. Thank you to my shopping club who pointed out the literal chip on my boob at our last party, hence where the title came – those are my peeps! And to all you girls who get chips on your boobs – Love you girls!


Are You Treating Your Investments Like a One-Night Stand?

One Night Stand

Could you possibly be treating your investments and the advice around them like a one-night stand?

Do you even know the first name of your financial advisor? Do you even have a “financial advisor”? Bonus points if you have their contact information programmed into your phone.

THIS IS A GENTLE SMACK DOWN from Moi for everyone who doesn’t know their advisor’s first name, or have their advisor programmed into their phone!

Funny (not-funny) as it may seem, many people aren’t on a first-name basis with their financial advisor, let alone having a long-standing relationship with them.

When I survey random people in my world about who their financial advisor is, most people spurt out the name of the financial institution that holds all their hard earned dollars, and find it difficult to come up with an actual name of a real live person. They would be even more hard pressed to get a direct number to call them, as most calls are routed through a call centre anyways these days.

I don’t condemn the employees at the big banks for one second. The corporate financial system has created a culture in which no one stays around long enough in one position at a majority of these companies. It’s a move-up or move-on out mentality. Let’s be real for a moment, we are all taking care of number one first, so naturally, I would want to keep my job as well.

You are the client and from your perspective you may find repeating yourself over and over again, meeting after meeting. You slowly begin to omit pertinent and important information over time because you know next year, you will be meeting with yet another advisor (that’s assuming your portfolio is big enough to even warrant a face-to-face appointment to begin with!)

Please tell me how an advisor can really make an impact on a client’s financial life when every time the client walks into the same office they are meeting with a different advisor?

As an observer of the effect technology has on financial transaction-based businesses leaves me wondering where the quality of financial advice is coming from these days and I know this is affecting the middle-class population all over the world. Corporate ladder climbing at large financial institutions leaves an undesirable effect on the bulk of the population, which still gets most of its financial advice from the corner bank.

What’s missing?



Ok, to be fair, I can’t put all the blame on big corporate banking culture, I do know all relationships are a two-way street (yes, even marriage…so I’ve heard), and even I have clients that don’t return my calls.

The reason why being on a fist name basis and developing a long-term relationship with your financial advisor is so important is because the quality of advice suffers when there is no relationship. Proper follow up goes right out the window when your account gets thrown around from advisor to advisor, and I’m not even going to touch on the proprietary investments or possible canned advice that some of these institutions actually hand out like old-hard-candy – the kind your grandma kept in her purse with tissue stuck to it.

Also, keep in mind when you are working with an independent advisor on a first name basis, as a client, you are their boss. Independent advisors typically don’t have a manager they need to suck up to, quotas they need to meet and/or they don’t have the sole purpose in life of trying to please shareholders.

Here’s the other thing. The client (that’s you) deserves to get quality advice that looks at your whole financial picture and not just the ‘transaction special of the day’. This requires the investment of time and if you find an advisor that is willing to work with you and go the distance, then your portfolio will reap the benefits of that relationship.

Oh, and by the way, no matter where your money is, whether at the corner bank lost in the black hole or with an awesome advisor, you are paying for it. You are paying for your financial transactions or investments you hold any which way you cut it, so wouldn’t it be worth your time to find an advisor that you can build a relationship with?

Important big picture advice on tax planning, estate planning, retirement planning, education planning and other products and services that the traditional banking channel does not offer is the biggest reason why you need an advisor who has your best interests at heart.

How does an advisor get to the point where he/she can recommend what is in your best interest? By getting to know you and building a relationship with you, right?! Okay, so I hate having to state the obvious, but yet, it’s obviously not obvious enough.

Quick financial fixes are like a one-night stand. Sure, they are good for today, but you’ll be paying for it down the road.

BOTTOM LINE:  Question for you: What does not knowing your financial advisor’s first name do to your prosperity over the long run?



The Face of Fear

The Face of Fear

This face. This girl. This woman. This is the face of fear.

You don’t believe me right?

I look confident. I may even look like I have it all together. But I have a dark crazy passenger (not Dexter style – thankfully!)

I have been driving around with this mean crazy chick sitting in the back seat of my car.

She comes and goes sometimes. Once, she even took me for a ride. But that was years ago. I’ve learned my lesson – you never let that crazy B anywhere near the steering wheel of your car, especially if you want it back in one piece.

You’ve driven with her too.

Her name is: FEAR. I call her Aunt F. (She’s that obnoxious aunt you just can’t get rid of that boisterously comments on EVERYTHING you’ve ever done, are doing or plan to do!)

I got this analogy from Big Magic (best book ever!) by Elizabeth Gilbert – if you haven’t read it, read it.

Aunt F has been riding around with me and yesterday she even jumped over the seat and tried to take control of the car while I was driving. She’s bat sh*t crazy!

Let me tell you why Aunt F has made her appearance.

I have 2 major fears in my life right now.

Fear #1

I’m having my first surgery EVER next week. (OK – to be totally truthful, I did once have a mishap while cooking dinner with chicken and knife, which resulted in a minor hand surgery of a bunch of stitches.)

To be honest, I’m totally scared of being “put under” and afraid I’m not going to wake up from the anesthesia. Plus, I’m having an organ removed. Well, kinda. I’m having 2 cysts on my ovaries removed and an ovary removed, which is fine – I don’t need it anymore anyways (been there, done that, & still paying for them!)

Here’s the thing. I totally pride myself on my health. I take no medications. I’m super healthy for the most part. This is the unknown for me. Yes, logic says that I will be okay. But things like what if the paperwork gets messed up and they take out the wrong organ? These are the kinds of things going through my head.

Total Fear.

Fear #2

My book is coming out in a few weeks. I’ve been working towards this for years. And yes, there are moments of extreme excitement, but then Aunt F comes flying in and wrecks my party.

I’m having a book launch, which I am now likening to a wedding. My wedding. It’s all my family, friends, but worse. It will include the media and my business mentors and peers. Terrifying.

Then here’s the kicker. There’s a good chance these people may read my book!

That’s even more terrifying. Here’s why:

I think when you write you are putting yourself out there, even if you write fiction. You are allowing another human being into your mind, your deep thoughts, your convictions, your world. And that’s intimate. It can feel more intimate than SEX! Bearing your soul, connecting with another on a soul level is the most intimate of things, and my book is that. After all, it’s me. I’m putting myself out there in a big way for the world to see (if they so desire for $15.99!)

So now you know I’m a big scaredy cat. I’m scared. I’m terrified. 

However, I’ve learned never to let FEAR take over the wheel.

I take her for a ride with me every time. I drag her a$$ around with me. That’s how I know I’m on the right track, that I’m headed in the right direction.

If what I’m doing is VANILLA and BORING then I’m not doing my job right. I’m coasting.

Because I have a purpose, and passion that surrounds that purpose, I refuse to coast.

Tell Aunt F to take a back seat. She’s here for life.

Just do what I do to any loud obnoxious back-seat passengers – I shut them up with a drive-thru happy meal and a kids toy. That should keep her quiet for a few minutes so you can drive and get to your destination in one piece.

Your backseat passengers should never have a say in where your car is going. So don’t let her tell you where to go or worse, let her stop your car!



*Bullshit is Aunt F.  It’s the fear. It’s the voice in your head that says you aren’t worthy, you aren’t good enough, you suck, you can’t do this, you will never be able to do that.

THIS is what I do.


Set the goal.

One foot in front of the other.

Arrive at destination.


So I raise my coffee this morning to Aunt F: here’s to rocking out my surgery next week, super fast recovery, and the best book launch ever! CHEERS!




Prescriptions for Money Headaches



Here are a couple prescriptions to take away your money headaches forever.


Patient: Self-Employed or Anyone Commission Sales

RX: Two-Twenty Two’s

Frequency: Everyday

Refills: Unlimited

Directions: Set 2 appointments. Make 2 presentations. Follow Up with 2 clients. Continue daily for best results.

Results: Sure to cure any financial or sales headache!

Side Effects: Inconsistent use of 2-22’s will result in continued financial headache.



Patient: Young Adult

RX: Investodine Fifthromax

Frequency: Everyday

Refills: Unlimited

Directions: Set aside $5 a day into a savings account. Invest in a diversified portfolio as needed.

Results: Done consistently over 40 years @ 8% interest will result in approx. $500,000 of invested savings.

Side Effects: If drug is taken to Vegas, spent on emergency shopping spree’s, shoes, or new cars, desired result will not occur.



Patient: Women Aged 45-65

RX: Amillicillin Fukitodon

Frequency: Take Only Once

Refills: None

Directions: To be used only if you have tried and failed at all other money making options. Marry for Money. Lots of Money. Do not take into consideration personality, looks or religion, and confirm all financial statements before nuptials.

Results: You will never have to worry about money again.

Side Effects: You may not have true love, but you’ll be able to soak up those tears in a Hermes scarf and Chanel tissue. 😉







Giving and receiving. Seems simple right?!

Do you feel like you’re a fabulous giver? You could give the shirt off your back (as long as you were wearing your good bra that day), you always sign up for volunteering and you are ready to help any charity that comes along. Then you are a graceful giver.

Have you given much thought to how you receive? Are you a graceful receiver, or does the act of receiving strike a funny chord deep-down with you and make you feel kinda unworthy or uncomfortable inside?

Receiving of gifts, compliments and money are 3 areas that women struggle with.

Recently, I was given a compliment by 2 women I really admire and respect. They had given me a compliment on my gift as a speaker, and how I was great in front of the camera. THIS MADE ME CRAZY! I hate myself in video. Still photography – no problem – they can touch that crap up! But video: sees all, hears all, and NO MAGIC TOUCHUPS (well, there’s no iPhone app for that yet!). I gave an awkward laugh, and turned around immediately, walked physically away from these women, and changed the subject completely. They both stopped me and made me come back and acknowledge the compliment. Seriously, they called me out on my receiving crap! I’m so grateful they did! I felt completely unworthy of that compliment at the time.

I also feel unworthy when people compliment my writing. I feel I have no special gift in this area, and probably because I got a D in College English (and struggled in English all through elementary and high school!) and begged the professor to pass me so I could get on with life, vowing I would never write. She agreed and so did I. It seemed like a fair deal. I feel because I never took a writing class that I’m not worthy of being called a writer. Now, I know that’s bull – but it’s also taken a good few years to grow into those shoes! I’m finally starting to receive compliments on my writing.

When I compliment other women on their gifts and strengths, I now notice them shy away – be it through body language or words – too many times to count. Why is it so hard for us as women to really acknowledge our strengths and gifts when they are pointed out to us?

Our Canadian roots have trained us to be GIVERS! Look around, do you think it’s a fluke we live in a such a wonderful country? We give. We help. We share. We’ve been taught, and we’ve been taught well from our ancestors. We have this whole giving thing down pat for the most part (yes, I know we can always give more, but giving isn’t a foreign concept to most of us!)

Receiving is part of the giving/receiving equation. As far equations go, it is required both sides of the equal sign are, well, equal. 

The natural laws of the universe, and the Bible for that matter, do say that you reap what you sow. The compliments you give you will get in return. Maybe not right away, but you will. The loving gifts you sow you do reap at different points in time. Law of attraction isn’t just for material things. All things fit into the ebb and flow of giving and receiving.

What you put out into the universe does come back to you like a boomerang.

Why are we as women such martyrs when it comes to receiving? Why do we always have to be the givers?

I know it feels good to give.

I know it is good to give.

I know you are a pro-giver.

I’m not saying don’t give.

Here’s the thing – when you don’t receive or you don’t know how to receive gifts well: You take the joy away from the giver!

Have you ever given a physical gift and then had someone reject it for whatever reason? Doesn’t that feel crappy? You feel like a failure in so many ways!

Same goes with compliments and money. Receive it!

When you receive you are giving the gift of JOY to the giver!

I know I have a HARD time receiving money. FYI – This is not good for business – like it took a brain surgeon to figure that out! I want to do everything for FREE! SO RIDICULOUS, right! Deep down I do want to help everyone, and that’s good, however, I also know, I can help more people once I can nail down this whole receiving thing! 😉

Massive MONEY BLOCK for me. Maybe you know what I mean. You always want to make sure you’re the giver, not the taker. That you are giving more value than you are receiving back. That people will speak of you as such an amazing giver, and not as some business or person that “ripped” you off. (There comes my old friend “people-pleaser” again – I thought he went on a permanent vacation in Tahiti….guess not….) I would HATE to be a person that only takes or that people think is greedy or that “ripped” someone off! However, I take it to the extreme. It’s okay to still make money and not “rip” people off, or get money in exchange for the value you are providing.  (That last sentence is for all my fellow women entrepreneurs – cause I know I ain’t alone on this one!)

Where do you struggle with receiving? Do you feel unworthy to receive over and above your basic necessities of life? Do you feel you have to work hard and earn everything yourself? Is receiving of gifts, money or compliments hard for you?

You are WORTHY OF ABUNDANCE! I’m speaking that into your life my friend! Say it again, say it out loud, shout it out:


BOTTOM LINE: Next time you receive, say “Thank-you, I receive that.” and pause a moment to really let that gift or compliment sink in. Remember that by receiving you give the gift of JOY to the giver of your gift!


For the Passion Seekers


I was privileged and honoured to attend my parents 40th Wedding Anniversary Celebration on the weekend. Congrats Mom & Dad!

As I’m sure my mom would tell you, passion goes many more times than it comes in a 40-year marriage.

It seems nowadays everyone is so worried & consumed with finding their passion, or losing their passion for something. I really think our society has passion fear.

I think that fear can be overcome by purpose.

Here’s the truth about passion.

It’s not a 24-7 feeling. Maybe when you are first in love, start a new project, or the first day of school.

But then……

It fades.

I don’t care who you are. Where you’re from. How many jumping jacks you can do in a row. You will inevitably lose your passion for your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, your kids, your job, your money, your house, your car, and even your favorite houndstooth handbag with matching shoes! (GASP!)

I’d rather have purpose.

With purpose, passion can float into and out of your life freely. However, I don’t think it works the other way around. I’m not sure you can really have passion without purpose. I think purpose is the catalyst, platform or stage that passion requires to come in, do its dance and then exit stage left.

“Purpose is the platform that passion requires before it can showcase its dance to the world.” ~ Lisa Elle (You can quote that – I just made it up!)

Passion needs to know it has a stage to dance on.  It needs your purpose stage to showcase its awesomeness, because, let’s face it – passion is super awesome and contagious! Purpose can be dry and boring and all that “save the world” stuff that can get overwhelming at times.

Passion floats along dancing with other emotions as well. I would say passion is an emotion (like happiness or sadness), and like other emotions very much dependent on our circumstances, thoughts and feelings.

Here’s the thing about purpose.

When you have purpose, a mission, a vision, something bigger than yourself, tenacity will show up. You will be determined, persistent, and persevering in your actions. (PS. This is kinda the boring stuff I was talking about. Being consistent, persistent, and persevering is NOT exciting stuff!)

When you have purpose, you have something so much bigger going on in your life that you begin to throw emotion aside, put on your big girl panties, because you know work needs to get done.

When you have purpose, although resistance shows up in her mysterious forms wanting your attention, you don’t give it to her, because you know the work is great and needs to be done.

I woke up at 4:54 today. I want to be in bed. I went to pour cream in my coffee and it was rotten. If you know me, this makes me a miserable cranky person. I want to quit this day already 30 minutes into it! I feel my inner monologue this morning needs a bitch slap! (Maybe a bit harsh, but I’m telling you I’m down right Negative Nelly!)

So, I have no PASSION at the moment for this crap. Today, I already know I have 3 client fires to put out. I have a mound of emails I can’t wait to return. I have payroll to do and back-to-school stuff to figure out. I am in the final week of publishing my book and fine-tooth-comb edits. And blah, blah…..  You get my point. Life is happening. I have no passion for it at the moment.

However, I do have a purpose.

This purpose reminds me that what I’m doing matters in the world. Launching my book, my online course and Wealth Spa™  (yes, I trademarked Wealth Spa™!) in the next few months gets me excited and full of passion, but when the going gets hard, the passion dissipates faster than the inside icing of an Oreo. This purpose reminds me that I have people who depend on me, a message within me and a great responsibility to that message to share with the world.

With purpose, you can have a successful marriage if you are both aligned in that purpose. You can have a company that weathers the ups and downs of any market. Purpose as a parent means you can stand another day in the trenches. Purpose in your relationships, your community, in what you bring to the world. Purpose with your money and being a steward over the things you are blessed with. Purpose does all of this and more.

Purpose is our lifeline.

With purpose, you create a space and in that space hold what is bigger than yourself out there. You create something that others want to stand by and champion and cheer on. With purpose, I believe you create your passion.

So, if you aren’t “feeling” passionate about anything at the moment it’s okay! I repeat. It’s okay to feel you have no passion for something. Focus on your purpose in those moments.

When I think about my purpose a feeling of pride breaks out and I sing and dance and I want to share my overflow with the world. Passion is the freakin’-lick-all-the-icing-off JOY of life.

BOTTOM LINE: Passion will come when you have your purpose in life clearly defined. Passion needs purpose. Purpose doesn’t need passion. Purpose can get along just fine without passion, but passion is the icing of life! Find your purpose and your passion will ooze right out of you!