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How To Stand In Your Power

How To Stand In Your Power

Recently I was robbed!

I can’t lie.

They stole my JOY!

To be fair, I kinda let it hang out there for the taking.

As much as it was stolen, it probably ran from me.

And if I’m being honest, I probably just let it go – but blaming seems to somehow feel better in the interim.

Blaming actually feels justified.

It sometimes feels good to POUR out our responsibility onto someone else, anyone else, even blame the poor innocent guy walking down the street.

We like to cling to the fact that life happens to us. That we can’t do anything about it.

We want life to sometimes happen to us because when we happen to life, it gets scary.

That’s when we have to step out of our safe zone and enter into the fear zone.

Clearly it’s safer staying in the known part of life versus venturing out into the unknown part.

We stopped happening to it.

So here’s what I did to get it back:

I decided to happen to life.

I decided that life was mine for the taking.

I decided life was best done on my terms and that THAT is A-O-K!

I woke up in the middle of the night with this:

“You’re going to have to get over what other people did or didn’t do for you – it’s all about what you did or didn’t do for yourself. The real power lies there.”    – Lisa Elle

Yup, you can quote me on that.

OMG Squirrel, seriously, a cute squirrel is running about my feet as I’m writing this at the beach by the lake this morning. I’m not sidetracked ever!

AND this goes right into what I’m actually writing about today on how to get your power back.

To get you power back is actually easy.

First, you have to decide that you matter.

BOOM!  I don’t know about you, but it feels like EVERYONE on the planet has come before me lately, mostly family, then friends, but somewhere this summer I’ve lost myself, my routine, my 3-6 hours of alone time I need everyday to process and be happy.

There is no one to blame but me.

I get caught up in all the activities & festivities and forget about me.

STOP BEING SIDETRACKED and hence, putting everything else first!

When that happens, I’m usually not my happy optimistic self and my life suffers, as do the people around me.

So, best to remember to put me #1.

(And for the people that think that’s bad, get OVER it!)

Second, you have to stop blaming everyone and everything, including you.

This means take responsibility for where you are right now.


Third, get some clarity on your big vision.

How do you do that?



Create some plans.

Plan out your calendar.

Set a goal.

Always ask if what you are doing serves your BIG VISION.

The truth is this: You’ll always find the answers when you tune in.

My deal for today?

I’m taking back my power and for me personally that means getting clear on what I want.

Not waiting for someone else to make me an offer, for someone else to step in and save the day.

I’m going to have my own back.

I’m going to be my own hero in this story.

In my story.


That FEELS better!

My JOY is back!

Live Your Legacy!



P.S. Shout out to MaryAnne M. who brought me my joy this morning – coffee at the beach while writing this blog! I’m blessed to have met you and your generous soul!

P.P.S. I hope you stand in your power this week. If you want help in uncovering what that looks like for you, PM me or email me at <3



How To Find Yourself

Find Yourself

How do you find yourself?

The old cliché.

‘Finding Yourself’

Go to Tibet and sit with monks or find yourself a Shaman or Yagya?

Maybe watch Eat, Pray, Love a million times while gorging on ice cream?

Lock yourself in a cabin in the woods alone…

or complete a 10-day Vipassana?

Maybe you are one of the lucky ones and you aren’t lost?

I found myself recently.

On a toilet.

From trying the Eat, Pray, Love and giant tub of ice cream thing.

It doesn’t work.

From one soul to another – finding yourself is easy once you know what your looking for.

Me? Well, let’s say I’ve traveled many places, read many books, hired many teachers and laid with the singing bowls.

Finding yourself can be costly.

I mean, in a good way. After all, who doesn’t want to visit the monasteries of Italy?

Filling yourself with distractions is usually not the way to do it.

It’s actually much easier than that.

So, ya, I found myself.

It wasn’t a hallelujah moment when the sky departed and GOD himself came down and whispered in my ear.

The problem is that most of us are still waiting for that bolt of lightning, the clouds to part, the call from beyond, or a ghost to visit us in the middle of the night with an instruction manual, or even a pirate map would be good at this point.

We are all so desperately waiting for something to tap us on that shoulder and say “come forth my child and do this…”

It doesn’t work like that.

Maybe for a select few of really intuitive people who’ve honed their skills, but for the rest of us – there will be no bolt of lightning when it comes to finding ourselves, our true path, our calling.

Finding myself was UNEVENTFUL at best!

Sorry, not sorry, to disappoint.

The truth is you will need to pick up your magic wand and ANOINT & APPOINT yourself.

You still haven’t done that.

And that is why you are still STUCK in the “finding myself” phase – and will be forever and ever AMEN.

That is NOT the place you want to be STUCK.

Okay, it is fun for the first year when you are backpacking across Europe.

However, from one seeker to another – it gets old after a while, and you end up wishing you just comitted in the first place.

When you don’t find yourself, it eventually goes from FUN to BUM.

Yes, it becomes a bummer to flip-flop through your life. (See chapter 2 of my book: Strut)

YOU become a bummer to be around.

YOU have no direction and people who are directionless are B-O-R-I-N-G!

YOU end up attracting more BUMS around you.

However, there is a way to overcome all of this.

There is a way to FIND YOURSELF.

And of course, I want you to find yourself, so hence I’m sharing the STEPS to FINDING YOURSELF!

Here’s HOW I found myself and YOU can too!

STEP1: Assert your “I”


Follow me for a minute here.

When you use the word “I” you invoke the “WILL” or your innermost part of you, your spirit and ego and all the stuff you can’t see.

Using the word “I” is the most power of words. The word “I” is always used in setting an intention.

“I am going to exercise.”

“I need to get groceries.”

“I want to watch TV.”

You can’t NOT use “I” without setting an intention.

Even if the intention is trivial, like going to the bathroom, you still, in some way, shape, or form, set that intention.


Almost every time!

When you assert the “I” statements, you draw up from your internal “WILL” you actually end up “establishing a close connection between the Individual Will (your own personal desires) and the Universal Will (that of the universe or God, whatever you believe)” according to my ol’ pal William Walker Atkinson in his 1901 works on Thought Vibration. (Another great read from the past!)

The problem with many of us is that other than asserting ourselves for great purposes we don’t aim very high and claim what is rightfully ours.

We aim for comfort, not for the magnificent. 

Finding yourself requires one simple thing and that is asserting your “I” in a powerful way.

Create the statements of what you want to bring forth into your reality.

When you don’t know what you want to create or bring forth in your life you are scattered, directionless, and chaotic energy.

When you set the clear intentions of ‘I will’ or ‘I am’ you instantly create some order in your life, a path to follow.

You have found yourself when you have direction, and when you have direction, you have found meaning for your life.

Assert your “I”.

Then take it a step further and….

STEP 2: Claim Self-Mastery of Your Lower Self


Again, my good friend, William Walker Atkinson writes this.

AND it hit me on the head.


This is where I flail about.

This is where I get stuck.

I imagine most of us do.

We haven’t mastered ourselves.

We haven’t mastered the “animal” part of us that just wants to eat, drink, and have sex all day long.

“All things are good when we learn to master them – but no thing is good when it masters us.” – William W. Atkinson

How are we to do amazing things when we are “slaves to the lower parts of our mental being”?

We are slave to our moods, passions, appetites, unworthy thoughts, negative thoughts – to name a few.

I ask myself then, “So, how do we master the parts of us that end up running the show?”

Ask good questions, get good answers.

To this, I have but one answer so far…

Give yourself some marching orders.

Your “rebellious” self is running the show.

Create a new show.

Get a new script.

Create new thoughts.

Get a new cast.

Take your rightful place as QUEEN (or KING) of the gong show you are calling your life right now.

Again, I speak to myself here. But, you know that you are called by the Divine to be the Queen/King of your life, so why are you letting the lower planes, lower vibrations, lower self take hold of you?

All I know is this, that all the people I admire, look up to, & who inspire me are the people who have mastered the lower levels of themselves.

They eat with restrain, exercise, do the work, have all the money and relationships and pretty much HAVE IT ALL!

And they have self-mastery in ALL areas. Not just one or two areas.

So, I encourage you to find yourself, where you are today, right here, right now.

Don’t wait!

Because today you….

Live Your Legacy!




PS. Ready to find yourself? It’s your time to make the impossible possible.

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Why Growth Matters

Why Growth Matters

I think we get success and happiness confused many times.

We’ve somehow received the message that success and happiness go hand-in-hand – that you can’t have one without the other.

I’m guilty of this.

So many times I think my happiness is based on my success or past accomplishments.

I think my self-worth many times is based on the stuff I did or didn’t do.

Which, by the way, has proven itself as a horrible place to live and ends up manifesting in your life as a mire of depression and disease.

Been there, done that, got the T-shirt – BUT I still really haven’t got the message.

There are big differences between success and happiness.

The thing about success is that you can have huge successes and be miserable.

Success doesn’t guarantee happiness.

Many countless people in history, who successfully impacted and changed the world or had all the money in the world still lived a miserable existence. Howard Hughes comes to mind.

Happiness, on the other hand, does not require success.

You can be happy just by choice.

No success needed. No money needed.

We all know that once you reach a goal there sometimes comes a success-hangover. An ending. Sometimes sadness or depression.

In fact, it’s such a real thing to not want to start the whole process again that we actually have fear of accomplishing our big goals.

Because we won’t know what to do after we have reached our goal.

It’s new territory.

We don’t know what danger lies once we reach the top of the mountain.

So what do we do?

I’ll tell you what I do in spades.

I self-sabotage all my goals.

You have to understand this – I really do live my dream life.

I’m also a super happy person and laugh easily.

I sleep like a baby (maybe more like a teenager!)

I love all aspects of my life right now.


I’m super healthy – no medications, no issues, etc.

So, why would I self-sabotage?

I think partly because I can’t see past the goal.

I think things like this:

–> Does life end when you reach your big goals? Seriously, do you just roll-over and die or worse RETIRE?

–> Or, do I have to go out and start a new goal once I accomplish the old goal and go through all this “growth crap” again? Yuck.

–> Add in a little superstition, such as, ‘my life can’t really go from this good to that AMAZING without the rest of my life falling to complete sh*t’.

–> Then there is the simple fact that I’ve spend my adult life creating these neural pathways that pretty much have deeply ingrained in me the “struggle” or the “striving” which has become now super comfortable to me – which are some beliefs that I’ve been deeply working on reprogramming!

–> Self-Talk which ends up sounding like ‘it’s hard to (fill in the blank) make money, lose weight, eat healthy, have kids, find a partner, etc’.

So the struggle stays real my friends, but only because I keep it real in my mind.

We insistently keep choosing the struggle.

It’s like we beat ourselves daily.

And then there comes the point, the big question.


Why go after big goals?

Why go after success if you are happy already?

AND there it is…

My million dollar question.

Why go after BIG GOALS if you are happy already?

What can accomplishing a big goal do for your happiness factor if you already are super happy with your life?

I’ve researched this, asked this and studied this and have come up with this answer.

Life is meant to move forward.

Life is meant to increase.

Your soul is going through this human experience to experience growth.

Growth – as in – that is the ultimate goal.

And if growth is the ultimate goal or purpose of life, then how do we measure growth?

In measuring growth, who or what do we have to compare ourselves to?

And there is only one answer.


Only the past you.

The you yesterday.

That’s your only real benchmark.

The rest of the people, the rest of your external experiences are here to help you grow.

All the people in your path, the people that trigger you, the people that love you, the people that hate you, the people that inspire you –

That is the only purpose they serve.

Your experiences SERVE UP growth.

Think about this:

The only purpose your thoughts serve is for growth, for increase.

And growth is happening with or without you on board.

The ship has left the harbour.

You basically have no choice in the matter.

So fight me on this all you want.

I think where the gold lies in life is to be in a place where you gratefully accept this and take on the challenge – this game of life- with all the fervor and splendor of a small child – full of wonder.

To be able to take on your past self and intentionally create a new beautiful, amazing, powerful you, a little better everyday.

1% at a time.

Grow in the direction your soul is calling you to grow.

Set the intentions and follow through.

Learn to have your own back.

Create your own personal success definition and choose happiness in that.

Which really means…

Live YOUR Legacy.




PS. If you want to get your life on track, organized and make sure you’ve covered all your bases financially – OR if you want to GROW your wealth – then you need to book and appointment with me and WEALTH SPA™! Go to!





Really Powerful Questions Answered

Really Powerful Questions Answered

I want to answer some REALLY powerful questions for you. These are questions I ask myself often.

I got the downloads for these this week. Some answers I already knew, just needed to learn them again (and again!)


–> How do you go from bad or good to GREAT in your life today, instantly?

Answer: Be still, be thankful for every little thing in your reality, the things you are looking at right now. Say “Thank You” for them. Saying thank you will always elevate your vibration & feelings no matter how hard life feels right now. When you are in a state of gratefulness YOU CANNOT BE IN ANY OTHER STATE (ie. grouchy, mad, pissed, angry, frustrated…) so do whatever you need to to get to that place of gratefulness – this will make today GREAT.


–> Does LOVE and BEING in LOVE matter?

I went to my family reunion this week. My great-grandma and great-grandpa had the most amazing love story. It really was a Cinderella story. She was orphaned, and he was sent to date the “evil step-sisters”, but saw great-grandma and fell in love with her instantly on New Year’s Eve no less. They were married 4 weeks later on January 29, 1918.

Their love has grown into 215 people 100 years later.

How cool is that?

Don’t EVER think that your LOVE story isn’t important. All of you & the love you give is important in the making of your story. The legacy you leave behind is going to affect the next generations. Even if you feel like a small orphan who doesn’t have any money, or any family – you can still impact hundreds of people with your life, your light and love.



–> Is debt bad?

Answer: I’ve wrestled with this for a long time, especially as someone who is a financial planner and someone who was indoctrinated to “HATE DEBT”. But I don’t. I’m probably the only planner who actually looks at debt from an energy standpoint rather than from just a negative number on a piece of paper.

And after meeting with literally thousands of people in my career, I have come to learn this:

All ideas require capital. All ideas.

So, if you plan on living life to the full it will require capital of some form.

Most of the time this capital comes in the form of money.

And most of the time requires the lending of money from investors (aka other humans who also have a dream), be it a bank loan or raising funds from the stock market.

The world is run on the sharing, moving and flow of capital.

There are two kinds of people in the world.

The people who stretch themselves and the people who don’t.

Growth doesn’t happen if you don’t stretch yourself. Sometimes, that means taking on debt to see a dream realized, such as buying a home or business.

On the flip side, the people who refuse to carry any debt whatsoever I wonder if they are hiding from their dreams, if they are too scared or stuck in a mindset where they fear not having enough.

I’ve seen it, so I know that as much as not having debt is one less stress to worry about, those people many times are still worried about cash flow or some other money issue.

But more importantly, I hope they aren’t hiding their ideas from the world and dying with their dreams still inside their heart.

Because let’s face it, as humanity, we rise and fall with ideas, but mostly we rise. We are all left holding the bag at the end of the day, so investing in ideas that propel humanity forward is the best we can all do in this lifetime.

So no, I don’t think debt is bad. It’s courageous for those who have the balls to raise millions of dollars to see a dream, an idea come into reality, and for the rest who just racked up credit card debt on their last vacation, it’s maybe a lesson – but either way, it’s not bad unless you make it bad.

Here’s another question you can answer for yourself: Are you playing your life small and safe? What’s the payoff?


–> What’s the purpose of life?

Answer: Joy. Living in deep-soaked-in-your-bones-joy regardless of circumstance.


xx L



The Most Important Thing To Remember

The Most Important Thing to Remember

Obviously, if you haven’t figured out that the only way to do your life is to do your life they way you want to and let ALL the opinions about you and how you choose to live fly out the window.

By the way, you have to do that to step fully into your purpose!

You have to NOT GIVE TWO HOOTS what people think if you are going to step into your power, step into your purpose!!

When you don’t care what others say about you or think about you, and you come to a place in your life where you’ve learned never to actually even care what other people think of you, family, friends, business or otherwise – this is when you really get your power back!

All of this not caring in a loving way of course, because you get to be love – that’s on you. Being LOVE first.

The trick here is that the “haters”, like in my fav Taylor Swift song ‘Shake It Off’, is usually not from the random public, it’s usually the people closest to us. Not that they hate us – it’s just we spend so much time with our family, friends, partners, co-workers, etc. – that they tend to be the ones biggest in our heads and their opinions of us end up ruling!

Here’s another observation I’ve made about people and I will take it to my grave or until I feel this belief no longer serves me.

I call it First Impression Anchoring.

I made that up. But it sounds official, so we’ll stick with it.

It means, however or whenever you met someone (that first point of contact) is anchored in their head and remains throughout your relationship – no matter how long!

Makes sense if you think about it.

Mom & Dad think of me a cute little girl (although, I’m blessed to have supportive parents, they still will always see me as their little girl and I will see my girls like that too!)

My friends from grade school & my teenage years still see ‘that’ Lisa.  Crazy no doubt.

Fast forward to now when I meet people they see & meet a totally different Lisa. Confident? Who knows?

I like these new people I meet today because they see me more in alignment with who I actually am today and not the old Lisa from the past. (And I’m attracting at a different level, a different vibration than when I was 6. Obviously….)

(I really believe there are people in my life that still see me like a 10-year-old and my goals/dreams as “Oh that’s cute! She wants to help millions of people! What a pipe dream!” {Sidenote: I don’t even know what a pipe dream is or why anyone would want to dream about pipes!} Not that I end up staying around these people very long – it doesn’t serve my purpose and I don’t need that in my head!)

I do believe people can grow together and see you how you really are now, even if you’ve known them your whole life.

Besides all this mumbo-jumbo – by far the BEST people I choose to keep in my life are people who see me for who I am going to BE and know that even though today I’m not where I want to be, they know, support and LOVE me for where I am headed! Those are the people to keep in your company. Period.

The reason I really love my “THEORY” of First Impression Anchoring is because it reminds me that EVERYONE will see me differently.

And that I will have million different opinions from a million different people about me.


The only opinion that EVER matters are the opinions you have about yourself!

So here is my opinion of myself.

You are welcome to disagree, but don’t email me or call me about it. I really won’t respond to you. Neither will my assistant. 🙂

This is what I journal on, affirm, repeat in my head on an ongoing mantra all day long. These are my #innermost thoughts and what really goes on in my head all day:


I am LOVE.

I shine. I help. I am here to bring LOVE to the people in my space.

I am the FUNNIEST person I know.

I am light and laughter.

I bring JOY to myself and it radiates out of me and rubs off on other people.

I literally change lives. I am helping millions of women in Canada and around the world.

I am a best selling author (naturally, I’m actually close…)

I am beautiful – outside and even more so on the inside.

I am healthy. My body is here to serve my souls purpose.

I am a runner. I live to run FREE and FLY like a bird.

I am making a difference.

I speak powerful, important, funny, entertaining, life transforming words.

I am the queen of GIVING first and receiving – in flow.

I am bad, good and everything in between and I love to grow.

I keep my word with myself and have integrity with myself.

I do my best to keep my word with others, and forgive myself when I don’t.

I treat my family, employees, clients, friends AMAZING.

I want to be friends with me.

I LOVE spending time alone with myself, because I love LOVE myself.

I am my favorite person to hang with (which is good because I spend a LOT of time with me!)

I BRING the energy.

I BRING it with my whole heart.

I BRING LOVE with my whole heart.

So let’s just call it what it is: I’m awesome!


I sure hope your opinion of yourself is Rockin’ Awesome!

If your inner dialogue is awesome, you can’t not be an awesome person!

If your inner dialogue is sh*t, then well…. you will basically manifest a lot of poop in your life.

(FYI, my opinion hasn’t always been awesome of myself. Many times, even now, I get down and so hard on myself, and depression sets in, along with Netflix, and I invite Benedict Cumberbatch, Ben AND Jerry over…. Jerry doesn’t like Benedict so it’s a little awkward in my bed sometimes….)

You have to have some awesome words floating around in your brain if you plan on creating, sharing, giving, living LIFE to the FULL!

If you plan on living and playing a small game, then keep thinking you suck. That’s about as far as you will get.

Connect to your deeper purpose and you will be able to find those words to propel you to your future you, which actually is HERE right now. SO step into that and BE the new you from this moment on.

This is your choice. Like choosing chocolate or vanilla.

The new you that doesn’t let the opinions of others dictate your steps, your path, your plans to help make this world rock on its axis.

Because you are here to do that.

Are you doing it?

God doesn’t create mistakes.

SO maybe it’s time….

Live YOUR Legacy!

xx L


PS. This is what really has me in a stir this morning! Did you know that only 0.1% of women in Canada made over $250,000 in 2015 according to Stats Canada! 56,020 women made over $250,000. I also recently heard that only 5 women in Alberta made over $1,000,000 last year. FIVE!

1.7% of Canadians were women who made over $100,000 in 2015.

0.5% of Canadians were women who made over $150,000 in 2015.

I’m going to change this!

Wealth Spa is the start of this. I want millions of dollar to flow through women and into the hands of all the things we want to change in the world and make better.

Are you with me?

You need to be!

Join me now! You’ll be glad you did!




8 Steps to Being The Best Lover Ever

8 Steps to Being The Best Lover Ever

How to be the best lover ever?

You’re wanting the end result, right?

Love, Passion, Fireworks?

So, how are you going to get there?

How you do LOVE is how you do life. (No truer words have been spoken…)

Okay, let me take this a step back for a minute before I talk about the “how-to” steps of being a good lover because this applies to your whole life.

It started way back.

With a seed.

(And to reference, not the seed you are thinking about, the other seed. The seed of your dreams – PEOPLE! Get your head out of the gutter. This is a G-rated blog – okay, maybe PG-13.)

You wanted something.

You still want something.

So, what do you do? What do you do when you want to receive a harvest in your life?

You need to plant seeds.


The problem with your seeds and the harvest you are lacking?

  • You aren’t really sure what you want your end result to be (roses are great, but you also like carrots. Squirrel!)
  • You believe you don’t really deserve a harvest
  • You believe that receiving is flat out evil
  • You haven’t even bought the seeds nor asked for them
  • You haven’t planted your seeds
  • You planted one seed and expected acres of crops
  • You are impatient so you ripped up the seeds
  • You aren’t asking in faith (serious lack of belief)
  • You’re so skeptical and negative, your soil wants to run and hide from you!

Okay, now take this and apply it to your life.

Your Money.

Your Health.

Your Business.

Your Love Life.

So you want to be the best lover around?

Come on.

Do I have to teach you everything?! 😉

The only way to make good loving is to already know, think, be, act like a good lover.

Once you are BEing the best love you can be, only then will you act from the place of being the best lover and produce a result of being the best lover – duh?!

If you OBVIOUSLY (maybe to some, not obvious!?!) show up and lie down in bed and expect your partner to do all the work – it ain’t going to end the way you want it to.

Not to mention, the energy that you bring to anything is the results you are going to get!

So let’s get clear on how to BE the best at whatever you want to be the best at (lover or otherwise):


(Hopefully you know this every time you jump into bed! 🙂 )


Stuff doesn’t just fall in your lap. You have to start planting the seed by asking for it. Most people don’t take the simple step and ask for what they want (& don’t forget to say please!)


If you just kinda, sorta, maybe want it – you aren’t going all in! You need to go all in! #nohalfassing


You want to be a leader – act like it. NOW.

You want to be a cook – start cooking. NOW.

You want to star in a show – start shooting. NOW.

You want to be the best lover – start…… you know….  (Note: playing Thunder by Imagine Dragons does NOT make for good lovin’… just my tip for the day!)


Self-worth, self-confidence and deserving what you desire rear their ugly heads again.


The only voice God respects is FAITH. BOOM! #micdrop

Desperation, Manipulation, Fear, Tears, Your Fancy Education – THEY DON’T WORK ON GOD!

Faith is also the only pleasure God gets from you – so have faith it’s headed your way.  <– HUGE statements (And if you don’t believe in God, your higher power, source, universe, etc.)


This is, honestly, what kills most things…. love and otherwise… learn to be patient. The best things in life are worth waiting for!!


It’s a magical art… But You MUST GIVE first. You must plant first, then you will receive. Consistently.

“The seed that leaves your hand really never leaves your life – it simply leaves your hand and goes into YOUR own future where it MULTIPLIES.” – Dr. M. Murdock

Okay, you are getting what I’m putting down. The giving and receiving must be mutual and in flow and balance. If you only give, and don’t know how to receive this will cause you problems! As for giving, always give your first fruits…..  (OKAY, I just snorted my coffee through my nose laughing…..)


I know this is like – duh – the most obvious thing, but I have been planting a F-TON of seeds and not expecting a harvest in my own life.

Isn’t that the most screwed up thing?!

Obviously, I still don’t believe I deserve it on some level.



AND that explains why I can’t break into my next level on EVERYTHING IN LIFE…..

So, here we are…

In this mess.

Well, I am, and if I am, and we are all connected on some level, I know you are also in the same gardening mess I am in.

We have our gardens and fields trashed around as if a tornado just blew through.

So today, whether you plan on being a FANTASTIC LOVER, crushing your work goals, making more money than you ever dreamed, changing the world for the better, raising the best kids you know how to, or creating the best body you ev-a had….

Go All In WITH YOUR SEEDING and BRING THAT ENERGY TO THE TABLE (or bed) in all that you do!

Live YOUR Legacy.

xx L



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The Secret Key To Having It All

The Secret Key to Having It All

My question to you: What if you believed you were already complete?

I mean REALLY believed it to the last cell in your baby toe?

What if everything you were after, health, wealth, love, were already here?

What if you learned one of the greatest secrets to allowing you to have it all?

I’m a constant seeker of figuring out the “how”.

Desperate for knowledge.

Read every book.

Listened to every speaker I can get my hands on.

Meditated on this.

Prayed on that.

No doubt, you have too.

We all want variations of health, wealth and love.

It’s our innate desire.

So, my question to you as you are on your quest: What if you believed you were really complete?

What if I told you that it’s actually not about “how” to get love, wealth & health?

What if I told you the secret to everything you ever wanted is not actually “out there”?

What if I told you that the secret to everything you ever wanted is already here and you don’t need to go looking for it?

What if I told you that you seriously have everything “inside” of you to be able to “have it all” on your terms?


What if I took it one step further and told you that everything, EVERYTHING,you desire is actually aligned with the Divine & your divine purpose?

You want to know what one of the biggest limiting beliefs is around wealth, health, & love is?

“I don’t deserve this.”

Lack of Self-Worth.


Don’t worry.

I can only write about this because I’m the Queen of Self-Doubt and I still struggle with self-worth more often than I’d like to admit.

I’ve spent years YEARS trying to figure out the right formula for it all. The “how”.

I’m nowhere near perfect, and part of the joy of life is learning that you have to keep tapping into, tuning into yourself, and not feel selfish about your desires, or feel bad for having desires that aren’t maybe as noble as starting a school in Africa, or feeding millions of children.

The guilt and shame won’t help your efforts any.

I remember when I was a kid how GUILTY I felt at church when I had ZERO desire to ever be a full-time missionary! NO seriously.

And I even felt guilt when I told my grandparents that I didn’t want to be a pastor, (and HELL no, I even thought about being a pastor’s wife after bible college and that was NEVER going to fly with me….) and I sure didn’t want to be a poor missionary (I know not all missionaries are poor, but as a child, all I saw was mud huts and missionaries eating bugs – and of course I tried eating the fried bugs! They weren’t bad.)

My point here is, no matter how you were raised, no matter which church, or grandparents, or parents, or community group, I’m sure we’ve all felt guilty for not doing something, or not wanting to “follow the way” that others have set out for us.

With good reason. We have our own journey to experience.

Our problem when it comes to health, wealth & the love we desire is actually pretty simple.

We keep turning to the outside world for everything.

  • Advice on our hair.
  • Advice on our car.
  • Advice on our diet.
  • Advice on our colon.
  • Advice on our relationships.
  • Advice on how we should spend our money.
  • Advice on what school is the best.
  • Advice on what profession is best.
  • Advice, Advice, Advice…..

And it’s subtle. SUBTLE.

You get the advice from Facebook, TV, Friends, Family, Walking down the street – basically advice from your “monkey brain” that won’t shut up ever!

And it’s not bad or good advice – it’s just your gathering of information.

The problem with all this information is that it takes time to sort.

Like Laundry.

And if most of us can barely sort laundry, how are we supposed to process a world of information thrown at us?

This is were it becomes even more critical to go within.

To quiet the monkey brain, and listen to the heart, the soul.

The answers are always within.

The answers to your health, wealth & love are all inside you waiting.

This is about tapping into what you have been given as your birthright.

A soul that is connected to the infinite.

The problem is that we’ve stopped asking for help.

Why do we need help from our internal guidance system when we have Google?

The good life, the comfortable, leaves many of us spiritually castrated.

And if you think I’m trying to be funny. I’m not. It actually makes my heart sad when people give up.

We’ve lost our drive.

Our dreams have been crushed.

Life has got us down.

Things didn’t go as planned.

The should’ve, would’ve, could’ves’ have got the best of us.

And we are left empty.

Here’s something I want to say, and some will understand this, and it will trigger the rest.

It’s our responsibility to go deep.

To find that dream.

To follow that dream.

To re-sell ourselves on that dream everyday.

It’s not anyone else’s job – yet we make it everyone else’s problem.

I’m telling you that all the health you want, the wealth you want, and that dream relationship you want is actually already here inside you, you just have to tap in, get clear, and BE that first.

BE love first.

BE health first.

BE wealth first.

WTF is she talking about?

It’s hard, but not hard. And, yes, I mean that.

It involves expectations, but not holding on to them too tightly.

It involves setting intentions, but not being devastated when they don’t materialize.

The trick is in the BEing and the BElieving and your BEliefs.

BE first means that you are already embodying all that you want – KNOWING it’s here, KNOWING it’s not out there.


You create it first inside you – then the outside world follows suit.

Think of when you were first in “love”.

That’s literally a feeling you created inside of you.

You created that whole experience.

And wasn’t it the best feeling in the whole world?

Same with health. Same with wealth.

The inside has to be RIGHT before the outside can manifest itself.

To BE LOVE first in all your relationships will manifest a LIFE OF LOVE.

To BE WEALTHY first inside will manifest real money throughout your life.

To BE HEALTHY first in thought and mind and soul will eventually manifest it’s self out.

and if you want LAUGHTER, BE the funniest person you know (even if it’s not true, I think I’m the funniest person I know, and hence, I have so much laughter and lightness most of the time in my life! I actually sit here and laugh at my own jokes – alone – at like 5am!)

This is how it works. It’s law.

It has to. This is how this whole GIG is set up.



AND THAT’S BECA– USE YOU ALREADY HAVE EVERYTHING – you just forgot that it was inside of you.

And it is waiting for you….


Waiting for your soul.

Wanting to — USE YOU to CHANNEL LOVE, HEALTH, & WEALTH  into this world and pour out that blessing to all those around you.

Your soul is waiting & wanting you…..

to come home to YOU.

Live YOUR Legacy!

xx L


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How to Plug Your Energy Leaks

How to Kill Your Energy Vampires

Have you ever sprouted a leak?

I’m very sure I’ve sprouted many.

From tears to my rubber dingy and everything in between.

I feel some days I’m the queen of leaks.

I probably have leaky gut syndrome – don’t know what that is, mind you – but I saw a Facebook ad for it, and I assume Facebook knows me better than my own GP. I mean, seriously, all those algorithms and spying must be good for something.

Leaks everywhere!

It’s amazing how we even function as human beings most days!

And then there’s the worst kind of leak….

The ENERGY leak.

The ENERGY drains.

The ENERGY vampires.

They come at you all day long, SUCKING THE LIFE OUT OF YOU!

Leaving you tired, exhausted, mind-numbed, grouchy, and the worst feeling – when you lose integrity with yourself.

Like all vampires, they need to be killed off, or they end up turning your life into a Twilight sequel, and as we all know, you never want to be the sequel to anything… (true story, just ask Ghostbusters Part 3… oh, you didn’t know there was a Part 3?! lol)

Time to sharpen your stake!

But, slow down there Tonto…. before we go kill the vampires, or hire the hottest plumber we can find to plug some of these leaks, we must first figure out where they are coming from.

For me, I’ve been identifying my energy leaks and ridding myself of them as fast as I can (meaning delegating most of them) and some of them, I can’t delegate away, I have to do them myself – so I’ve learned how I best handle them.

If you still don’t know (or can’t instantly identify) the energy leaks in your life, let me help you out with some things I find are energy leaks for myself…

  • a job/boss/company/clients that sucks the life out of you
  • not opening your snail mail and letting it pile up
  • not dealing with emails
  • not responding to voicemails
  • not paying your bills on time
  • certain people/relationships
  • bad food (aka. sugary/carby heaven…)
  • alcohol
  • drugs
  • certain airlines (YUP!)
  • certain hotel chains (YUP!)
  • old stanky underwear (we all have them! FOR GOD’S SAKE – THROW AWAY ALREADY!)
  • cleaning toilets
  • filing
  • watching the news
  • movies/tv that doesn’t uplift me
  • even, certain music drains my energy (and then lots that gives me energy)

I could obviously go on about everything I don’t like… and it’s true – if you don’t like it – it’s not going to give you energy, it will always take your energy away.

And this is a problem.


We need to either get rid of or re-frame our energy vampires.

One way I deal with all the YUCKY stuff of life, is that I tackle it immediately – first thing! (after I’ve dealt with myself first of course – read Chapter 1 of my book, STRUT!)

I rarely procrastinate on the messy stuff. Hard calls, having tough conversations, delivering negative news. I know I need to deal with that stuff right away, otherwise, I know I just let that stuff FESTER for days, and it’s not good for myself or the rest of the world.

Being the best you is the BEST gift you can give the world.

And you can’t do that if you are negative, and grouchy and feeling not-so-top-shelf.

Here’s the other thing that kills vampires…. SUNSHINE!

So, when I say SHINE and be YOU, I’m saying it not just because we (the rest of the world) need to see you shine, you need to SHINE to kill your own vampires too!


What the heck does killing our energy vampires have to do with MONEY?



OMG… you missed my preaching the last 140+ weeks didn’t you?!


And when your energy is being leaked, drained – so is your bank account!!

It goes hand in hand.

Your energy drain is actually costing you EVERYTHING!

Your dreams.

Your goals.

Your next vacation.

Your soul.

Your body.

Your relationships.

Your everything you ever wanted to get out of this life!

And I don’t know anyone that’s willing to pay that price…

You are too important.

Too beautiful a soul.

You have too much love to give.

You have too much to share with the world.

And when you keep allowing these energy leaks – you are left with nothing.

Nothing to give.

Nothing to share.


If you can find one or two energy leaks this week and pass them off to someone else (who loves to do them!) or flat out quash them – and then do that every day a little – where would you be in one month from now? One year from now?

Start plugging the holes.

Start killing the things in life you don’t want to do.

Change your belief that “life has to be hard” or “I have to do such and such” – when that’s BS. No one is making you do anything.

Embrace new beliefs such as, “Life keeps getting better and better!” “Everything I do is FUN & EASY!”

Because when you stay in FLOW, ALIGNMENT, LIVE IN YOUR PURPOSE – magically energy vampires fall away into the night…


Life keeps getting better and better.

Live Your Legacy.

xx L


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The Best Investment Ever

The Best Investment Ever

I’m going to give you an “insiders” tip today on the the best investment you can ever make with your time & money.

There is only one.

There can only EVER be one.

And that is, investing in Y-O-U.

And investing in YOU in a BIG way.

What does that mean?

It means that your desire, that thing deep down that keeps nudging you, needs to come out to shine.

It’s taken me years to really understand this.

We were taught to go to school, college, university, and then, yes, be a life long learner (obviously something I take to heart more than the average bear if you ever had the misfortune of having to decipher some of the letters behind my name!) and as if that’s what it really means to invest in yourself, but that’s not what it really means.

Then, of course, there’s the investing in your skin, hair, make-up, clothes, handbags, Louboutin’s & Manolo’s, (oh, and showering helps!) and again, yes, as that is a huge investment and important, but again, it’s not really what I’m talking about.

You also have your body, exercise, physical health, food & diet – also super important, but again not really where I’m going with this.

There’s an investment more important than all of the “stuff” we do in our day to day lives. No doubt one of the most overlooked and undervalued parts of us, and with no help from the majority of society, except of course for Thoracic Surgeons.

It’s your heart.

Following Your Heart.

The Life Source.

And the only reason that may sound cheesy or totally lame to you is because we are taught that it’s a fairy dream to follow your heart, and only hard work and persistence will get us to where we are going – but that will never get you going to where you want to go if you don’t have some heart in it.

The thing is that YOUR LIFE will never work if you aren’t following your heart.



Your life will never work if you aren’t listening to your heart.

Your investments, your relationships, your education, your look, your style, your money, your home, your body, your mind will PUSH AGAINST you if you aren’t first following your heart.

Putting your heart first is not a good or bad thing. It’s life giving. It’s where abundance, peace, happiness, health come from and anything else you desire comes from.

And here’s what the good book has to say about that…

The heart is to be guarded because it is the source of life.

or said another way,

“Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life.”

or said another way again,

ABOVE all else, guard your heart – because EVERYTHING you do FLOWS from it!

Said three different ways, all from the same book – 3 different versions of it (Prov.4:23)… best selling book of all time. #neednotsaymore

Your Heart?!

I get why true wisdom lies with the heart, because it is more powerful, and overrides the brain every time. We feel with our hearts, we think with our minds. Hearts are rarely rational, but they will lead you to your dream life every time! (And what more is life than your reality, your dream anyways?!)

I also don’t think this text means to guard your heart from things like “LOVE” or the pain love can cause (’cause if you haven’t figured it out yet, all relationships end at some point and there’s going to be some pain – but so worth it!)

I think it means guard your heart once you follow it.

There are always going to be people quick to judge, slow to listen.

Truly supportive people will usually be harder to find, so guard your heart from the words, relationships, negativity that can hinder your mind-game, pull you out of alignment with your true purpose. Meaning, you may have to ignore certain voices you hear. (What’s true for someone else isn’t necessarily true for you.)

On the topic of money: Do what you love, follow your heart, the money will follow. I mean, assuming you are actually treating what you love as a business and taking appropriate actions toward it. 😉


How do you follow your heart?

It sounds wishy-washy-woo-woo, but you CAN’T LIVE YOUR PURPOSE DRIVEN/DREAM LIFE WITHOUT IT!

  • Sit in quiet meditation.
  • Things will come to your throughout your day when you least expect them.
  • You will get nudges.
  • Pray.
  • Write.
  • Stretch.
  • Run.
  • Drive around.
  • Listen to Your Favorite Music.
  • Tune into YOU.

Your heart will speak to you. Your heart wants to connect with you. It’s your soul. It wants to use you as a channel, a conduit to the life around you.

I believe our biggest problem is that humans in general terms don’t sit in stillness and listen to the silent rhythm of life stirring inside us.

If you aren’t meditating or spending quiet time listening, maybe it’s time to invest the time in you, your heart, your mind, your soul, your body.

You can’t go wrong following your heart, because if you believe that everything works together for your highest good, then the good, bad, & ugly that may follow from following your heart, is meant to be perfection.

As it all is always.




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Why You Aren’t Manifesting Your Big Dreams

Why You Aren't Manifesting Your Big Dreams

I decided life was good.

It was good. It IS good.

And when you get to the place where you have a majority of all your needs met, life is good for most of us.

I was listening or reading, and I can’t even remember where from (because I seem to be reading like 5 books and listening to 2 – so it’s a mumble jumble mess in my brain sometimes! 🙂 ) when I was asked this question:

“Okay, now that you’ve traveled the world 5-star (of course), own 12 dream houses around the world, own 31 fancy cars (one for each day of the month with coordinated designer outfits and shoes – obs), now what?”

In other words, once you have all the money you could possibly ever want, then what? Then what is going to drive you? What is going to inspire you to wake up everyday?

(Another reason I dislike the word retirement because it conjures up visions of me knitting in a rocking chair and complaining at the 5 o’clock news, hitting my fist onto my TV tray or shaking it at the TV…and that depresses me to point where I don’t even care about retirement #truthspoken)

And, yes, I don’t have a car for everyday of the month (but I do have shoes for 6 months of the year if that counts!), but I have great imagination and visualization skills, and I get to this depressing point every time I do any of these stupid manifesting exercises where you have to visualize what you want out of life. (I’ve done this one lots and come out more miserable than before going in half the time!)

I say ‘stupid’ lovingly – but to me, a person who honestly isn’t motivated by money (although loves it!) it’s hard to care about manifesting a ton of sh*t that I’m not really interested in (aka. 12 houses/31 cars when that just seems like a ton of work to boot!) – (On a side note, I’m about 99% sure that I had royalty in a past life – LOL, so none of this over-the-top stuff really excites me at all. I’m a pretty happy camper, even in a tent – as long as there’s coffee and wifi….oh… and a 5-star tent…)

Actually, I know lots of people where money isn’t the true motivator. And when money isn’t your actual deep motivator, you have to go deeper.



This always goes back to living out your WHY.

What is it I want to do?

What is it I’m here to do?

What is it I LOVE to do?

What do I want to do even if I have all the money in the world?


Depression always sets in when you don’t know your why or are not living out the full self-expression of your soul.

It’s probably as simple and as difficult as that.

Finding your why and living in it fully is the best way to get out of a slump and put some pep into your step.

Sometimes easier said than done.

This I know.

And I’m a pretty self-expressed person (ask my girlfriends!) and yet I sometimes get stuck manifesting the BIG DREAMS!

This is why I get stuck – and maybe you too…..

The reason you aren’t manifesting your BIG DREAMS is probably one of two reasons:

  • you don’t really want what you want badly enough and/or
  • you don’t have enough clarity/emotion/feeling/excitement around your vision to carry it out

So I sit here, in my fancy dining room this morning, in my comfy life and think what’s the point?!

What’s the point of messing up my comfort zone?

What’s the point when LIFE IS GOOD, BUT NOT GREAT?

Is this all there is?

YES! This is all there is (at this moment) because this is all you’ve created thus far.

This place you are reading this – LOOK AROUND – you created it.

Your soul knows you are a powerful creator and you can create more.

But I think this is what happens to most of us… we hit the “COMFY LIFE ZONE”.

Once you hit “COMFY LIFE ZONE” (which I would say is most of middle America and hence why Netflix does so well) it takes a lot to step out of that and go PLAY A BIGGER GAME than the one you are currently playing.

And I do know this:

My WHY has to be bigger than my comfy life.

I will say and most people who know me (and if you’ve been following me for the last 145 weeks or so….) you probably know that I do know my why, and I do.

But there are days when I’m happy to take the back seat and let “COMFY LIFE” be the driver. Those are usually fun days.

Brain goes off.

Scandal goes on.

Chocolate goes in.

(Or I do the Olivia Pope diet of Red Wine & Popcorn…)

The problem for me (and when I say me, I mean you are probably going to resonate with this too, ’cause we all the same deep down) –

I haven’t, continually (continually being the key word), reached harmony between me, myself and my WHY.

This is important for anything you want in your life, my loves…. listen up…

You have to create the feelings within yourself first before they can show up in your reality, in your outside world.

Only if harmony is within will you find it outside of you.

Everything you want has to come from you first –


God planted it in you. There’s nothing to find ‘OUT THERE’!

It’s all ‘IN HERE’!


  • to your brilliance within
  • to your power within
  • to your flow within
  • to your dreams within
  • to your happiness within
  • to your world within

Once you really get this, and really understand the power of this – you will be able to fully step into whatever reality you choose for yourself.

And if that isn’t the cat’s meow, then I’m at a loss for words…



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