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The people.

My people.

Your people.

Our people are hurting.

Everyone I meet.

Friends, Family, People I just meet are hurting.

It’s raw. It’s real.

I see it. You see it.

WE experience it as humanity.


We will always experience it as humanity.

And it won’t go away, but I don’t ever think that was the goal of the human experience.

We experience it because we are all connected.

The problem?

Everyone is looking to everyone else to be their savior.

Everyone is always looking for the way out.

The cure, the medication, the continuous happy, the new relationship, the money to fix the problem, the be-all-end-all-solutions, the creation of new jobs, the economy, heck… even the stock market…

Waiting on the world.

We’ve become, in many cases, the people waiting for the world to change, to bend to us, for the other people to get it, for the people who did us wrong to get it….

The truth is –

It’s actually not other people’s job to:

  • change the world
  • give you a job
  • show up in a “certain defined” way
  • bend to you
  • tell you the next step
  • fix you
  • “get it”
  • to like you
  • to love you


The above list.

It’s YOUR job.

It’s YOUR job to BE first. (BE as in Being… for clarity)

It’s YOUR job to show up, to create, to BE LOVE.

It’s YOUR responsibility.

It’s YOUR responsibility to FIND THE MIRACLE.

And guess what!

The miracle always starts with you!

Your shift in perception.

Your new way of looking at things.

Your spirit of hope.

Your shining light.

Something we, as humans, have to protect.

Don’t you get it yet?



Miracles are not ‘outside’ of you.

Miracles are not for other people.

Miracles are for you.


I guarantee you will find it.


Ask & Receive.

It’s a promise made to you.

A DIVINE promise made to you.

Miracles don’t always show up as grand gestures.

Many times miracles show up as small whispers, a small shift in perception, a tweak, a pebble dropped in the creek.

I believe many people are scared to ask for miracles.

I believe so many of us think that when something good happens to us that surely something bad will follow.

We have created all these silly beliefs around miracles and almost anything good that will happen to us – superstitious anyone?!

Many people think they do not deserve miracles to show up in their life.

That they aren’t good enough or don’t deserve the FULL blessings of the Divine on their life.

On that note, can I tell you secret?

Okay, maybe not so secret, but when you figure this out for yourself – nothing can really touch you or stop you from really staying connected to your purpose, your desires, your divine calling.

That you create EVERY PART of your life.

It’s you.

It’s when you realize you have the power within to create the life of your dreams, all your desires – that everything you ever dreamed could come true.


So, good news and bad news.

Bad news is that you’ll have to stop blaming everyone for your bad day, your bad mood, your crappy life:

the ex, the jerky-boss, the client that left you, the guy who cut you off in traffic, your whiny children, other people’s whiny children 🙂

Ya, when your excuses go out the window – what are you left with?

Just you my love.

And here’s the GOOD NEWS!

The miracles are within you and flow through you out into the world!

You get to take your power back.

You get to get out of your crappy financial rut.

You get to get your HEALTHY body back.

You get to create the relationships of your dreams (this includes peaceful happy relationships with your ex).

You get to BE love and compassion for your children and other people’s children.

You get to find love & compassion for the people, including your boss, who didn’t treat you very good – the people who chewed you up and spit you out.

You get to create the job of your dreams, and travel the world, explore, invent and make a difference.


As you are.


(I don’t know how else to shake you up than to grab you on the shoulders and tell you that! You are the ducking miracle my love!))



The Divine doesn’t make mistakes.

None of your past was a mistake.

Stand in the belief that it is all for your highest good, and TRUST that.

Find peace in that.

Find even the teeny tiniest place within you where ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE.

Because there you will…

Live YOUR Legacy.

My Love, Lisa



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