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Beliefs are really just thoughts you think over and over again.

Now let’s talk truth.

Everyone seems to think there is one truth.

Maybe there is – and maybe there isn’t – universally speaking…

But I can tell you this.

The person who BELIEVES her truth the strongest – right down to her core – will create just that.

Truth is subjective to what you believe.

At the end of the day – you need to know that there isn’t one truth…


The only truth you need to know is the truth that you believe –

Better yet…

The only beliefs you need to hold are the truths that are going to serve you in this life.

You’ve been going along all this time with some crazy belief that to be a “good person” you need to be a martyr.

Sacrifice. Sacrifice. Sacrifice.

To make money you need to work hard.

That it’s ALL an uphill battle.

None of this is true AND all of this is true if you believe it to be so.

Doesn’t that just blow your mind.

Because here is the only truth on this topic —>

Listen up!!

you can think something is easy – and it will be so

you can think something is hard – and it will be so

What you think is what will be, and what will be will be your truth.

I think this is what so many people don’t get. They still really believe there is only one truth.

The truth of the matter is this:

Person A believes life is easy & fun.

Person B believes life is hard.

They are both right.

The beautiful thing about our world is that you can be right and they can be right.

It still shocks me at how many people think there is only one truth.

If truth is from your beliefs and beliefs are just the thoughts floating around your head, things you’ve been told every day since you were a baby, do you honestly think that your truth is better than another’s truth?

Here’s the kicker.

In life – you have to analyze your beliefs.

You have to!

You have to make sure you choose the beliefs that serves you.

(Not your partner’s beliefs, parent’s beliefs, social media guru’s beliefs, salesy salesman’s beliefs, boss’s beliefs, bff’s beliefs, etc.)

I have many beliefs I’m in the process of shedding.

My list goes something like this:

  • I have to work hard in order to make money
  • My business is so hard
  • Everyone has more luck than I do
  • Social Media is too busy, I’ll never be seen
  • My marketing strategy will never work
  • I seem to never have time for anything

Do you hold some of those beliefs?

Are they working for ya?

I do actually have an abundance of time – that’s a belief I changed a while ago and it really did allow me to create all that I do in any given week – and even give me a day of rest!

But I used to believe I had no time, and that belief did not serve me.

I used to say things like “I’m so busy.”

It kept me late for everything, never finishing projects, never being able to do what I want..

I switched that belief to Einstein time.

(It’s a real thing….I’ll let you google it.)

So, I hold out that I have time in abundance, and I seriously create that in my life!

Everything fits in – in perfect time.

Crazy huh!

When our beliefs become our truths they are so strong that we manifest them into reality.

So, if you really realize how powerful the beliefs you hold are, why don’t you choose the beliefs that will rock your world:

  • work is fun
  • work is easy
  • making money is fun
  • making money is easy
  • I attract new clients with ease
  • I love meeting new soulmate clients
  • saving/investing money is easy & fun
  • etc.

The trick here, as with all law of attraction, is that you do really need to believe this stuff – to the point where there can be no other way.

To the point where you are not available for there to be any other way.

Decide and commit.

This is the only way.

There is no other way.

You can’t be shaken in your beliefs.

If you are, they are not your truths….yet.

Your job is to get to the place where you can’t be shaken.

Where you would stake your life on your beliefs.

Where you know without a shadow of a doubt that this holds true for you.

And then it will manifest for you.

But not until then.

Oh loves, do you get this?

You get to choose all the sweetest things life has to offer.

It doesn’t have to be hard.

It shouldn’t be.

Life is hard enough without our beliefs to get in the way and make life harder for us.

Life should be sweet.

You get to choose new sweet beliefs.

And when you choose new beliefs that’s when you…..

Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa


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