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There’s something you have blocked.

It’s most likely whatever you are struggling with right now:


It’s always one of those 3 things.

There’s something you aren’t allowing into your life right now.

When it comes to our past, the “WHY” can sometimes be helpful, but usually it doesn’t matter.

I mean, let’s face it, meaning is always only the meaning you give to it anyways, right?!

The meaning you gave to your past (good, bad or ugly) is still just meaning that you put on it.

The world seems to be so interested in the WHY & WHAT HAPPENED.

That’s the gossip of the world. Where would the nightly news be with out that?!

  • Why are you acting that way?
  • Why are you like that?
  • What happened in your past to make you like this?
  • What can we blame from your past?

Let’s be honest.

This is how the world seems to work.

We are so concerned about the past that we lose all sight of what we can create in the future.

We are so stuck in the past that we can’t forgive, heal and go out and be powerful creators of the things we so desperately want.

You can’t powerfully create your dream life when you are stuck analyzing and picking apart the past and try to find the reason why you are the way you are.

Why not just accept your past as what helped you become who you are – a beautiful light in this world!

Let your past be a circumstance that doesn’t define who you are.

Take the emotion out of the past and put it into the future you are working toward.


There is no victim-hood when you choose live in the present creating your future deliberately.

There is no power when you choose to live in this moment with your brain stuck focusing on the past.

Good, bad, or ugly past – again – doesn’t matter. There’s no power in the past.

There’s power in the now.

In taking the now and using it to benefit your future self.

What are you not allowing into your life right now?

Could it be because you are still stuck in the past? In how things should’ve been?

As you’ve heard before, there’s no point in “shoulding” all over yourself!

Take stock where you are.

No need to dwell on the past.



The past was only there to serve you in helping you decipher what you do want and what you don’t want.

Somewhere along the line we decided we need to go into our past to uncover what happened, why we act the way we do, what lead to that so we don’t do it again. There’s a whole field of study called “psychology” – fascinating and relevant, however….

I’m always surprised at how many people still haven’t clued into that if you really want to turn your life around you can’t be focused on your past. It’s not helpful.

It’s law of attraction 101.

You are staying pointed in the wrong direction when you dissect your past.

So many people are stuck there.

What’s helpful?

Creating a clear picture of your future and your core desires that were placed on your heart.

Most people can’t create because they haven’t exercised the imagination to dream big dreams for themselves.

They haven’t created the inner cheerleader that only you can create.

Remember, it’s not the world’s responsibility to cheer you on.

Sure, there will be people that come along to cheer you on, but that’s a bonus.

It’s not their job.

It’s yours.

Getting clear on your life’s goals and purpose.

Your job.

Positive self-talk.

Your job.


Your job.

Doing the work, the art, taking the chances.

Your job.

No one can do this for you.

You have to be the one who ALLOWS this life force to move through you.

If you haven’t figured out your goals, what you are building or aiming toward in your life, what you want to create – then it’s no doubt that you have blocks.

You have stopped the flow of energy by not being crystal clear in what you want.

When you begin to believe that you are able to create the life you want to live, something magical happens.

Providence moves like a mighty ocean when you commit to what you are creating.

Magic will dance you along in all your goals when you create and commit to your beautiful future.

Energy stops moving when it’s stuck focused on the past.



And it festers inside of you.

Wreaking all sorts of havoc on all parts of your life.

This is where choosing forgiveness – not just for others, but mostly for yourself is so important.

Love cures all things.

But let me remind you that it is probably YOU that you forgot to love.

It’s you who created the thoughts, feelings and perpetuated habits to get you where you are today.

That’s maybe the bad news.

But there’s hope.

There’s good news.

In fact, there is GREAT news:

You can put the past aside and ALLOW into your life every desire you ever desired for yourself.


Maybe it’s one, maybe it’s all 3.

But whatever it is, your deep knowing, your soul knows it is possible.

I mean, we have proof of people actually living on the planet that have gone before us to show us it’s possible.

It’s just waiting for you to claim it.

And claiming it is as simple as choosing to allow it.

Choosing to believe it IS happening to you and for you and with DIVINE BLESSING.

There’s magic in seeing yourself as you can be, not as you were.

You start loving yourself by showing yourself grace.

Unload PILES of grace on yourself, and ALLOW in all the abundance you deserve.

Cause that’s how you….

Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa