Stay In Your Lane

Stay In Your Lane

I’ve always colored out of the lines.

Okay, so you can probably guess that I was not born a coloring kindergarten prodigy.

Driving, for me, is the same as coloring.

I drive out of the lines, sometimes.

When no one is around, I sometimes cross the line.

Meh, let’s be honest, in life I sometimes cross the line.

Here’s what happens when you don’t stay in your lane:

You have a greater chance of getting HIT and thrown off course!

I’m sure you can already guess where I’m going with this metaphor.


or in Fred Flintstone’s time, run in your lane.

Either way.

What does that even mean?

And for gumption’s sake why does that even matter?

Staying in your own lane means to literally keep your eye on your life, no one else’s.

So much easier said than done.

We end up in other’s lanes when we:

  • worry about them (not helpful for them or for you)
  • care more about what they are doing than what we are
  • focus our precious energy on what they have that we don’t
  • try to change other people
  • try to get people to think the way we think (cause we are always right – don’t you know!)
  • gossip
  • get envious over their lifestyle, money, relationships, body, skin, shoes, etc.
  • focus on things we can’t control
  • try any form of manipulation

Staying focused and eyes on your lane means that you don’t worry about other people, or anything for that matter.

This also does not mean that you don’t care.

You can actually help more people by helping yourself.

Don’t forget that!

I preach (and I mean I preach this baby!) that you HAVE to put yourself first if you ever want to make a drop of difference in the world.

You have to get connected to your higher self in order to be a deliberate creator.

The times you do swerve into other’s lanes don’t you find that your life falls apart?

It makes sense.

You go from being focused on the things you can control (like creating your life, standing in your power) to now being focused on something or someone you have no control over (like bitching about the government – among other things people bitch about…)

What if you could have a deep trust that all things ‘happening’ around you and to you are all for your highest good?

What would happen if you really REALLY stayed in your lane?

People will come along and judge you, hurt you, mess you up, write you bad reviews, think you suck, and as you may put it – become toxic to your life.

Wanna know what’s crazy?

I dare you to hold a new belief that there are no toxic people in the world.

Follow me here for a minute.

What if….

What if you had belief that said that people are people and that the circumstances (the actions and things that occurred or are occurring) that you experienced were all for your highest good.

What if you really REALLY held that belief out?

What if you tried it on for size and what if you found out that you really liked it?

I’m going to tell you a secret that changed my life right now.

I realized in 2014 that there are no toxic people on the planet.

I realized there are no bad people on the planet.

It changed my life.


Because I learned that unlimited amounts of compassion flow from you when you choose to TRUST that everything EVERYTHING is perfect and as it should be and that EVERYTHING happening to you right now is for your highest good.


What if you truly TRUSTED and believed and have solid faith in that belief?

Where would you be?

I literally write out everyday this powerful simple statement.


It’s the first affirmation I journal, every morning! I wake up and say these words in my head to myself.

And if you are LOVE you can’t be anything BUT LOVE.

Sure, I stumble and MANY times become not love (like when I yell at my kids – which only happened once…. in the last minute! Can one yell out of love? ;0 )

BUT when you are LOVE, connected to the almighty source of where that unlimited unending source of love comes from, you can’t run out of it. There is more and more and a river of abundance that pours out of you.

(Side note: Just because I don’t believe in bad people or toxic people, doesn’t mean I’m indifferent to the horrible circumstances and actions some people choose to take, nor does it mean that I don’t believe there are consequences for your actions!)

The magical thing that happens when you let go of thinking that people in your life are toxic is that you get YOU back!

You get YOUR life back.

You get to FREE yourself from the miserable thoughts you were thinking about all these bad people in your life.

You get to show up as LOVE.

And when you start showing up in your life as LOVE, your world transforms right before your eyes.

People start showing up to you differently.

Forgiveness and understanding and compassion flow in the most miraculous way.

It’s the miracle.

The change in perception. (I talked about miracles last week, you can read that here.)

This is where you get to shine.

This is where you GET to take on the wonderful responsibility of being a LEADER and actually leading.

  • Do you think you’re gonna be a leader if you don’t know how to stay in your own lane?
  • Do you think you get to change the world when you are focused on what everybody else is doing?
  • Do you think you get to stand in your power, live a fulfilling dream life when you are so concerned about what is happening over there in the other lane?
  • Do you realize how NOT staying in your own lane only ends up hindering you?

Staying in your own lane also means you aren’t getting swept up into OPO’s (other people’s opinions), OPC’s (other people’s confusion), other people’s intent or influence.

Oh, and FYI – when it comes to building wealth & making tons of money – you can’t do that if you aren’t in your own lane. It’s practically impossible when you are focused on the stuff outside of your lane. Not to mention trying to keep up with the rest of the world.

Let them learn their lessons.

Their lessons are not for you to learn – you have your own.

Realize the POWER you have when you DELIBERATELY set out with intention to put a smile on your face, have a great compassion for the people around you who haven’t realized the magic that you already know – that you create your life, you create your lane.

Cause when you create your life you….

Live Your Legacy!

xx Lis



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