Finish Blog

This is what you need to remember.


The high achiever.

The big dreamer.

The goal setter.

The person who is going to change, inspire, transform, ignite – THE WORLD.

Keep your head down. (Do the work.)

Stay in your lane. (Don’t compare.)

Be your own cheerleader. (Don’t wait for applause from the rest of the world.)




Do what you have set out to do.

Go above and beyond when no one is looking.

The world only cares for a second.

You need to keep caring, keep pursuing those things which you value.

You have to dig deeper.

You have to go to the place many won’t.

The place where it may be scary.

The place where it may be lonely.

The place where people may make fun, harass, think you are off your rocker!

That’s the place where the magic happens.

And then one day, probably about 10,000 hours later, you will find you actually accomplished something many won’t even try to.

You will blow your own mind.

So, just keep running your race.

Stick with it.

It’s never crowded near the finish line.  – Lisa Elle

If you ever ran a race you will know that.

Most people give up LONG before the race even starts.

Most people don’t even START!

Don’t be that person.

Be the person who finishes.

Timing doesn’t matter! (Trust me – that from the world’s slowest runner!)

When you finish something:

  • that’s when you stand in your power
  • that’s when you make the difference in someone’s life
  • that’s when you create results
  • that’s when you blow your own damn mind


that’s when you….

Live Your Legacy.

xx Lis


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