Kicking Your Money Blocks To The Curb

Kicking Your Money Blocks To The Curb

Here are 2 more money blocks I just kicked to the curb.


Although I’ve been defiantly breaking through this over the last 6 years and I realized that I am way too hard on myself when I’m not doing everything up to my perfect standards when it comes to running my business, and that totally throws me. (I’m not a perfectionist when it comes to many areas of my life – FYI – just my business {oh, and my car, kitchen counters, closets, yikes!} – mostly cause I’ve been beaten with a compliance stick for the last 18-years and I swear this is where it comes from, that and I’m a first born.)

HEAR ME OUT: My perfectionism is holding me back because you can’t hold the belief that you want to make MILLIONS while serving the god of perfectionism – cause nothing is perfect and ain’t gonna be.

You will never get paid more than you think you are worth, and if I keep holding out that everything must be “perfect”  (and in my case, mostly paperwork!) – which I will inevitably fail at EVERY TIME and hence, make it mean, I’m not good enough, and my business isn’t at that perfect place where it can break through to the next level or the my business isn’t in a place where I deserve to make the money I know I’m worth until I let go of the need to be perfect.

You’ll never make more money than what you are making now because it’s not safe to and your subconscious thoughts on your business are anchored in at not being good enough or not ready enough – yet, will override the breaking through to the next level every time – whatever that is for you.


If you have that money block, break that one down if you are serious about helping more people. (PS. This same block goes for relationships & health!)


I’ve been working on this one for years as well, consciously! And even then, as with all our stuff, there is another layer – like the onion, always more to peel back and look into.

When I do my talks, I always say that if you are unable to even receive a compliment you are probably going to have a hard time receiving any amount of money.

Here’s another level to receiving that I just realized has been holding me back.

The need to be independent, not being a burden to others, not being needy!

The independent woman vibe – ya, this is what I’m talking about. {Cue: Destiny’s Child}

It’s not bad to be independent and not really need anyone or anything, however, it does interfere with you receiving money and lots of it!

HEAR ME OUT: You can’t hold both the independent woman vibe and allow your community, clients, family, etc. to support you. These beliefs cancel each other out – and hence why you aren’t receiving the money the way you desire!

Most of us have really prided ourselves on being independent and to many of us, that belief is HARD-WIRED into our brains and is stronger than the need to receive on ALL levels (money, love, health) and great as that is, take a good look if that’s something that’s holding you back.

What are the judgments you have on other people who are fully supported by others financially (even government assistance, spoiled-rich kids, etc.)? What are your judgments on other who are fully supported with their health, body or in their love life by others?

And there it is.

{Mic Drop}

The block on receiving.

Allowing others to help you or support you does not mean that you are weak.

Plus, you become a joy robber if you take away someone else’s joy of giving to you!

You can’t hold both an independent, do-it-ALL-yourself vibe while expecting to receive the abundance you are called to receive.

We receive through asking.

You can accomplish all your goals by asking, and that won’t diminish your independent creative spirit AT ALL!

If you have that money block, do the inner work to break down that block, start allowing people to help you and learn how to receive that abundance.

On the note of money blocks, or any area in your life you feel stagnant or blocked, remember that if there is duplicity in your energy or mind you will not be able to step into what you desire, you will not be able to attract it.

No matter where you are in your life right now you have an energy minimum (the lowest amount of money or standard of living you will not go below – no matter what, cash flow minimums, debt minimums, income minimums, etc. ) and an energy maximum (the most amount of money you are allowed to have before it feels unsafe or uncomfortable for you to have more money than that).

Everyone has a range.

Everyone has a new level they can go to.

Staying in this range is fine.

It’s always your choice.

However, you need to be aware of it and if you so desire to go out and break through the energy maximum you’ve created for yourself, you’re gonna have to do the work to get there.

End of story.

There’s a reason you created your safe bubble of your minimum and maximum in the first place.

If you want to get to the next level in your life, love, health, money – you will need to shift your range.

Create new standards of minimum for yourself.

Expand exponentially to a new maximum and allow yourself to receive the desires of your heart.

Don’t forget you are supported by God in ALL of this, in ALL of your being.

When you have the universe at your back, anything can happen, anything is possible.

When you break through these beliefs and money blocks you open yourself up to…

Live Your Legacy.

xx Lisa



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