Start at 1

Start At 1 Blog

Everything starts at one.

It becomes two.

Then four.

Then one day…

a million

a billion.

But everything starts at one.

My dear friend and one of the most inspirational women in my life held a run for charity this past weekend.

It was supposed to be warm, but it was cold.

Hundreds/Thousands were supposed to be there, but they weren’t.

She told me it was her dream.

As we ran the last leg of the race, she told me we will remind each other of this race when our companies are worth millions upon billions.

That we were the ones that showed up – even when no one was around, no one was watching.

She will keep going. She will hold more races, grow her amazing company – ultimately she’s a force that cannot be reckoned with.

She has a dream, a vision.

So do I.

They both started with one.

Everything in life you are wanting will compound if you hold your vision before you.

If you keep trusting.

And it’s so hard….

I mean every week, every day plugging away at what feels unfruitful at best ….

I’ve done this religiously, persistently, consistently for a few years now –

5 years of the writing thing

(this is blog #171 btw)

18 years of the financial planning thing


it’s not where I want it to be.

Some people think I’m successful.

Some people think I’m not.

But all the opinions in the world, good or bad, mean nothing compared to what I think I am.

And so many times – sooooo many times – I feel like a failure.

It’s inevitable.

All it takes is one little gremlin thought.

One tiny cute Mogwai thought disguising itself as something positive, but really it shows it’s colors after midnight.

30 seconds later you are well on your to your own personal hell-in-a-handbasket.

That’s how quickly our brains take over and downward spiral.

That’s how quickly anxiety and depression and all the not-helpful feelings can rush over you.

That’s all it takes for you to give up, quit, throw in the towel.

But you somehow find the way to get back to a good-feeling.

You do what you need to do.

You get to 171.

171 is not significant by the way.

Neither was 67, 23, or 143.

They are the art, the work, the consistency, the showing-up.

There is one number that I would say was the most important one of all my blogs.

It’s probably the worst one.

It’s probably the shortest, smallest, out-of-date, out-of-style.

It’s probably riddled with mistakes and errors.

But it’s still the most important one.

It’s 1.

It’s ONE.

It’s always number one.

The first one.

The first one that showed the world, the universe, that you are taking this seriously enough to take the first step.

You show up for number 1.

#1 wouldn’t be there without you.

Your first chapter. Your first canvas. Your first film. Your first race. Your first trade. Your first dollar earned. Your first step.

The first dollar in your account.

It’s the most important because that’s where you start.

You get to start at 1.

Then you build.

Then you put your head down, do the work and build the MF thing you came here to build.

And you keep going – even when no one is cheering you on.


One needs to happen before there can be a two.

I was contemplating my blog last week on finishing.

You will never finish unless you have a clear vision before you of what you are here to finish.

That’s why most people never finish. That’s why they give up.

They don’t have faith that there’s a finish line. They don’t have faith to keep going.

My friend said that to me as we were running the last k.

She said, “Don’t worry, the finish line is behind those trees, even though you can’t see it.”

I took her word on faith.

The damn finish line better have been behind those trees because I couldn’t see it.

I chose to keep running.

I had faith that the finish line is actually somewhere. Faith in things that you can’t see but trust and believe are there (hence the definition of faith…)

You don’t need to physically see the finish line, but you do need to see it in your head. You need to feel that feeling of finishing the race.

I feel like this is part 2 of what I talked about last week.

Finishing feels so good.

So does starting!

It’s usually the in-between that’s hard.

Don’t forget. Every Billion Dollar Bank Account Started with a $1. – Lisa Elle

What are you here to start and finish?

Do you know?

If you don’t – keep working on getting clarity around that vision. (PS. That’s the hardest work ever!)

And then go out, do it and you will create the most wonderful feeling of being proud of yourself.

Never underestimate the feeling of being proud of yourself.

People sometimes ask me how I do all that I do.

It’s because I use the feeling of being proud of myself to move me forward.

It feels so good to feel that way.

I want to do things I’m proud of.

So do something you are proud of.

When you do something you are proud of, that’s when you…..

Live Your Legacy.

xx Lisa


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