How To Stop Your Money Leaks

Here’s the thing.

For most of us, we do actually make and earn ‘enough’ money.

The problem is that we are not focused in our spending.

We mindlessly spend much of the time.

Now, spending is TOTALLY okay. It’s not the spending that is ever the issue!

It’s the mindfulness of it and tuning into the energy of the spend that you are making.

The biggest way to stop your money leaks is to get really clear on what it is you are trying to create.

And for the record, I don’t want you to think you are leaking money when in actual fact you are leaking ENERGY!

Remember, money is just energy – it’s your energy. It’s what you are putting out and attracting in the world.

And if you are stuck in the feeling of always ‘being broke’ or ‘not able to get ahead’ then I would suggest you start by looking at your mindset and really start to scrutinize the thoughts you are having in regards to your money.

Money brings up all sorts of crazy and irrational emotions and fears within us. It also brings up great dreams and possibilities when we ‘feel’ we have an abundance of money available to us.

Leaking money is just a mindset and when we mindfully spend that is when we get to truly create wealth from a place of power and alignment.

xx Lisa

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Good Things Happen Now!

As the quote always went, “Good thing happen to those who wait.”

But I will have to disagree.

I would change the belief to ‘good thingss happen right now’. After all, if we sit waiting we will be waiting a long time. Last I checked this present moment was all we had….

Perhaps worthwhile things are worth building and waiting for. Creating something worthwhile takes time and consistency. Two ingredients that I would say create a little magic in your life.

But the good. The good stuff. That is right now!

This is quantum physics. We are powerful creators and all we have is now and pulling ourselves into the beautiful life we are creating and creating that higher vibration.

Also, remember that ALL we have is the present.

Anytime we are future thinking or past thinking we are doing that from the place of this moment right here and now.

So the past is essentially fake news and so is the present!

The only time the GOOD can happen is in the present.

The only time anything can happen is in the present – technically – because our brains are constantly trying to trick us to live in the past or future which totally negates what we can create in the here and now.

So yes, we need to challenge all the old sayings and phrases that have been so deeply programmed into our psyche.

Challenge your beliefs. Challenge what those who came before you said things that maybe don’t make sense to us in our current timeline.

Find the origin story of the beliefs you hold and question why you hold them.

Perhaps the origin story of one of your core beliefs comes from a mama sitting on a grunge boat with babes in arms, immigrating to a new country, terrified of what was to come next and yet with all her brave strength calms her children with, “Good things come to those who are patient.”

It was a prayer. A wish. She didn’t know. She was standing tall selling the dream to her children.

And of no fault of anyone, a new phase has been programmed into small children who carry these phrases upon their hearts and minds and take them on as new beliefs.

Words have power to form and this is where generational programming begins and carries on to future generations.

So there was some context to the phrase, and it doesn’t make it right or wrong, but rather a belief that now shapes the decisions and lives of the people that heard these words and took them to heart.


Always be thinking in context.

We do know that we are here in the best time in history to be able to create whatever life we want. Truly. It’s all available to us. More than any other time in history we have all the ingredients we need to manifest our realities at the fastest rate.

That’s what makes this time very special!

That’s what makes me say, “Good things happen now!”

And they are here now, create them and believe them.

Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa

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Time To Ditch The Macro View Of Your Money!

When it comes to your money there are two overarching themes: macro & micro.

Macro money, as I will call it, takes a look at the overall themes of money out in the world as you see it.

Micro money takes a look at your own personal financial situation.

Macro money views will naturally manifest themselves in your ‘micro’ money situation.

What does this mean, and why is this important?

How you see the world and how you view, process and internalize information on what is happening out in the world, on subjects such as the economy, inflation, currency exchange, fiscal and monetary policy, and news in general is shaping your thoughts on what is happening in the world.

Those thoughts will dictate your behaviour towards money.

Thoughts create feelings and feelings/emotions run WILD when it comes to our money leading us to make financial decisions based on fear, anxiety, and greed.

We use our limbic brain (monkey mind), and don’t make decisions from our pre-frontal cortex where the rational conscious thinking can occur and we end up doing dumb things with our money.

So, what can we do to create and build wealth having to deal with both what is going on out in the world (macro view) and what is happening with your money personally (micro view)?

I’m going to tell you something that will go contrary to what any economist or portfolio manager will tell you.

DITCH the MACRO view of the world!

Stop listening to the news and the world around you, at least in the beginning when you are getting your financial feet on the ground! (Once you’ve ‘made it big’ you can go back to listening to the macro news.)

If you are a home-based business owner or small business entrepreneur, then you really need to hear this:


Please never forget that!

That means your money is 100% in your control to create.

And now you are totally in disagreement with me, but hear me out.

I’ve shared with you my list of things you can control and you can’t control. (Read that here!)

The thing when it comes to our money, our income, and achieving goals – that is always in our control.

Yes, things won’t go your way 100% of the time, and yes, you WILL have money ups and downs, but your belief in what you are creating will absolutely make it rain for you!

And it won’t happen overnight, but it will happen for you.

The magic happens here:

1. Turn off the outside noise.

There is so much noise! Get off your social, your news, the distractions. Those not only are harmful to your thoughts much of the time as they absolutely can pull you from a higher vibration down to a lower vibration in a matter of seconds, but the other thing is that they can be a colossal waste of your precious time. Time you could be spending setting up appointments, talking with prospects, clients, creating content or doing some good in the world.

Be a creator. Make sure your creator to consumer ratio is at least 4:1 if you are serious about creating some serious moola in your business or life!

2. Get clear.

I have beaten this horse to death.

But you still don’t really know what you want. If I held a gun to your head right now, would you be able to clearly tell me what it is you are building without flip flopping and changing your mind in two seconds? You need that kind of clarity to really bring in what you are doing. That kind of clarity also helps you say ‘NO’ easier to things that are not aligned with your energy or your goals. The more you can say ‘NO’ the better off you will be. Seems so counter-intuitive, but try it.

3. Be All In On You

This is where you begin to take aligned action and go for it. What is aligned action? It’s actions that all match and sync up to the goals you are trying to bring about into your reality. It’s gotta be you and you. You’ve got to have your own back more than anything else in the world. This is the micro’est’ of all, because it’s quiet, it’s just you – and yet, it’s the seed that will change the world.

Never underestimate the power of the micro.

After all, a micro-organism did just change the world these last 2 years….

Can you actually get to a place where truly none of the outside noise in your life matters. Truly.

That’s the zero point.

That’s the point where all possibility lies.

That’s the point of creation.

Your MONEY, your wealth is held there in that vibration.

It’s waiting to be unlocked by you.

You do this by creating Value + Results for others in the world, and then you will get what you want.

But to help others and create massive value with massive impact, you need to be all in, clear about what it is you want and free from distractions.

Seriously, has watching the news ever solved any problems? Has hanging out on social media made anyone wealthy?

Social media strategy and content creation is MUCH different than just hanging out and commenting on posts.

You get what I’m laying down for you.

Get serious about YOU.

Get serious about YOUR GOALS.

Get serious about YOUR MONEY.

This is the MICRO view of money on your own personal level.

It’s time to stop pretending and pussy footing around your big goals.

You are worthy of making them happen.

You are worthy of being a Wealthy Woman!

You are worthy to right here, right now….

Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa

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Start Now!

Hundreds of women have told me over the years that they weren’t ready to meet with their money.

This is a thing.

You may be cringing inside just hearing this.

Are you ready to face your money?

I want you to know this if you feel you aren’t ready to face your money –

The moment when you feel you aren’t ready to tackle your money situation head on is exactly when you need to tackle your money situation head on.

You need to start before you are ready, because the secret to success is this:

You are really never ready for it anyways.

I liken this to going to the doctor.

And, I’ve done this, so I do speak from experience.

I like to go to the doctor when I’m extremely healthy.

I refuse to go when I’m sick.

Makes a lot of sense, doesn’t it?!

I like to walk out of my doctors office with a clean bill of health AND no lectures on reducing my cholesterol or the need to lose weight, etc, so to ensure that, I make sure I’m 100% before I go for my annual check-ups.

Why is this a thing?

It’s because we don’t want to face reality, face our mortality, face ‘real-life’, face the fact that there could really be something wrong and then we will have to go through the painful experience of having to ‘do-the-work’ and fix or problems.

Same with our money!

Sometimes, when it comes to our money we just need to choose a starting point and go from there.

Don’t forget that everything has a starting point, everything started simply or at one before it ever became 2.

Then two becomes four.

Then one day…

a thousand

a hundred thousand

a million

a billion.

But everything starts at one.


And for many of us, starting new projects always feels so good, so does crossing the finish line.

It’s usually the in-between that’s hard.

Don’t forget. Every Billion Dollar Bank Account Started with a $1. – Lisa Elle

What are you here to start and finish?

Do you know?

If you don’t – keep working on getting clarity around that vision. (PS. That’s the hardest work ever!)

And then go out, do it and you will create the most wonderful feeling of being proud of yourself.

Never underestimate the feeling of being proud of yourself.

Starting and finishing are great ways to create the feeling of being proud of yourself.

Do something today to get you started on the next level of your money!

Starting and starting now is how you are going to…..

Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa

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Financial Tailwinds

Financial Tailwinds by Lisa Elle

We know luck favours the prepared, and sometimes the unprepared – because by definition, luck is chance.

This is no doubt a topic that comes up when it comes to wealth and your money.

When luck does strike, the difference between the prepared and unprepared is that the prepared are ready to handle the surge of money coming their way.

The unprepared (and let’s say, the unprepared mindset) will typically squander wealth in no time at all.

Regardless of your level of preparedness, we do know that some people get lucky financially.

These are financial tailwinds.

Let me take you back to some high school math and chat a bit about the bell curve.

The bell curve in statistics shows that most data collected will fall within a normal distribution (think Mean, Mode & Median) and most centered around average.

The tailwinds as I’m calling them (or the tails of the data point) are extreme outliers.

Extreme losses or extreme wins are the tails of the bell curve and truly rare.

The extreme wins in investing or money or business or lottery, are the financial tailwinds I’m referring to.

The truth is ‘Hiting-It-BIG’ is a financial outlier.

Sadly, many of us won’t see that in our lives.

But before you lose all hope and want to punch lady luck in the ovaries, know this:

Just because you don’t HIT IT BIG, doesn’t mean you can’t MAKE IT BIG!

There is so much in your control that you can do to create the exact life of your dreams and have what feels like a financial luck!

One of the first steps you need to take to MAKE IT BIG is to create a solid wealth map and create some serious financial clarity around your goals and what exactly it is you want to create.

This is still the first step and so over looked and also done incorrectly!

(Yes, some of ya’ll have been goal setting and stealing OPD {other people’s dreams} and not doing the hard work yourself, which is hard work and requires lots of introspection to actually decide what you want out of life and be super okay with your dreams not being as big as your neighbours, but I will save this topic for another week!)

Here’s the other things you need to have in place to MAKE IT BIG!

  • A Financial Roadmap
  • Up-To-Date Wills and Estate Documents
  • A Solid Risk Management Plan (To cover death, disability, divorce, disease, ) and – all my D’s)
  • A Consistent Savings & Investment Plan
  • A Plan for Debt
  • A Plan for Business and Future Business Succession

All these things NEED to be in place for you to have a solid foundation…

These give you mental clarity and peace to allow for life to happen and unfold –

And don’t underestimate that slow and steady will still yield you financial luck!

I operate on a best case and worst case scenario in my head all the time.

I do it for my clients as well. I’m sure you may think the same way.

Best case is this, you have solid financial footing and financial clarity when a financial windfall does come your way.

Worst case, if you have a solid financial plan in place, and taking steps toward that, you will be better than fine.

Either way, I believe you create your financial luck.

Creating financial tailwinds in your life is another way you…

Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa

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From Good to Great

Into the Unknown.

From Good to Great – this is the big idea.

When life is bad, it’s easy to choose good or better. You have to make that jump. You have to. Mostly because bad is not pleasant and uncomfortable, and we love us a little comfort and goodness. And that is good!

But this missive is not about those in a bad situation wanting to create a better life for themselves.

This is truly a different type of plight.

This is a sneaky type of life situation that a majority of us will find ourselves in during one season of life or another.

The one that will rob you of a life WELL lived.

It’s the good life.

The key word here being ‘good’, and not GREAT.

And I am going to be an encourager, a cheerleader for the GREATNESS within you that is stuck in good right now and doesn’t have the courage to go after the GREAT.

I see so many dead souls living good lives.

I feel this is the mark of middle America.

The trap.

We are scared to really step out to of our comfort zones and pivot toward great.

There are more consequences in your life when you go from good to great than when you go from bad to good!

I’m going to repeat this for emphasis!

There are many more perceived losses when you decide and choose to go from good to great than when you go from a bad life to a good life.

When things are bad, anything sounds better, so pivoting your direction to head towards a good life is a simple choice, and backed by heuristic thinking that has anchored and positioned the ‘bad’ in your head like a permanent tattoo that its front of mind. There’s a fear there that reminds you how bad the bad was and you will move heaven and earth to not go back ‘there’ again.

Good, on the other hand, is sneaky.

Good is happy.

Good is easy street.

Good is deceptive to all facets of your thinking processes.

It’s safe, it’s comfortable, and it’s powerful.

Good is antithetical to great.

So, how are we getting stuck in the good life?

We get stuck in good when we stop dreaming bigger and better ideas and plans for our lives.

We get stuck when we don’t listen to our hearts and we are turning off the desires placed upon us by design.

We are turning off our connection and co-creation with the divine and our higher self when we turn our back on imagining the bigger dream and not just dreaming it, but actually allowing for desire to grab hold.

If we do not go to our imaginations to dream we will get more of what we’ve always got.

Glennon Doyle

Everything starts in the dream phase. Everything must be imagined before it can be brought forward to life.

First of all, figure out if stepping into GREAT is worthwhile for you. There are real consequences to leave behind the life of good.

You may be leaving behind a good paying job to start your own business. You may be leaving behind a solid friendship or relationship that was good, to go into the unknown in your searching for great. You may be leaving behind a city or community or home that was comfortable in hopes that a new great adventure awaits for you.

And all of this, naturally, is related to your money! Are you creating cash flow, assets, financial returns at the level of greatness, or are you just settling for mediocre?

Have you hired great coaches, financial planners, accountants, mentors, consulted top resources and books? Are you taking on enough risk or just stuck in playing it safe?

All of this will directly impact your finances. And, yes, your finances may take a little of a hit while you are going from good to great. It’s okay.

These are real fears and scary to step out into the unknown.

Secondly, know that you may have to take a few steps back to go forward.

Truly, you may not have to take a few steps back but for so many businesses and relationships and even money situations, yeah, you may have to go backwards a little before you can leap forward. (And this is the biggest reason we don’t leave good to go for great!)

It’s the trapeze artist who wants to jump to the other rung but can’t.

Yes, you might fall.

Or you might actually get what you want, you may reach out and grab greatness.

And yes, you WILL have to risk it all to go for great.

Greatness requires that you cut all ties with good.

Going for great is not for the faint of heart.

If you do go for ‘great’, I know you will be proud of yourself for doing this.

The feeling of being proud of yourself is a worthwhile feeling – when you know without a shadow of a doubt that you’ve got your back. You don’t have to put any of those expectations on another person. (Which will in return help your relationships to other humans blossom – trust me!)

Step into your GREAT!

Step into the unknowns and you will be fulfilling your legacy today.


In the present.

There is no future for your legacy. Legacy is always built in the present.

And that’s why I always say…

Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa


Acting ‘AS IF’

Ladies, listen up!

I want you to know this.

You get to have your cake and eat it too.

You get to choose the belief that life gets better and better in all the areas.

You get to bring your dream life to reality today.

You get to choose to act ‘as is’ and fully embody what it is you want to create in this life.

I literally live my dream life full of all the wonderful things and full of support. All because I chose it and made it happen – it took time, but it’s been a journey well worth it. I never really did believe that I couldn’t have it ALL! I always just knew that I would have it ALL and that life just keeps getting better every day.

Are there things I’m still working on? YES! But they will keep adding to the beautiful life I’ve already created for myself.

If there is something you want, act as though it’s yours!

And that means:

💫 How does it feel to have the thing you want? {Feel that feeling now!}
💫 How would you be acting right now if you had the thing? What would you be doing? {Do that now, Act that way now!}
💫 How would you be thinking if you had the thing? {Think that way now! Fill your thoughts with gratitude for the thing your heart desires!}

This is the money secret. This is the body secret. This is the love secret. This is the business secret. This is the secret to changing your point of attraction.

Act ‘AS IF’.

You make your plans. You absolutely don’t hold any expectations. You release.

Expectations are the KILLER of you stepping into your dream life. Whatever that looks like for you.

This is hard to do by the way. Every time I have expectations on money, business, humans and expecting them to act a certain way – that’s when you get let down.

You never get let down when you hold no expectations.

And what does that do for you? It keeps your point of attraction oscillating at the right frequency to bring in what you desire.

No timeline. Time is an expectation.

You must release the timeline.

You have to play. You have to keep things light and fun. 👈 (This I’m bad at but getting better!)

That’s how it’s done baby!

That’s how you..

Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa

PS. You also get to choose to be sexy AF and make no apologies about it. 😉

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Get Over Financial Worry

Get over worry and fast.

This is key when it comes to our relationship with money – and yes, don’t kid yourself, money is a prominent relationship in your life!

Let’s start with this.

Worry is a sin.

What is a sin technically?! 

In simple terms, it’s something that is not good for you.

It goes against your perfect divine nature to be in harmony with the universe.

Worry pulls you from that.

Pulls you away from your best self.

And then you start that vicious downward spiral.

And once it starts, it begins to slowly carry over from one area of your life into others.

Hence why it’s so important to constantly be guiding yourself back into perfect harmony with yourself.

You can’t even be one degree out of alignment; ask any pilot or captain where you end up when you are one degree off course!

We know we shouldn’t waste time worrying. 

What a waste of our most precious resource. Time.

Yet here I am in so much worry this morning.

It’s creeped in. Business. Family. Even had a bizarre dream that I had some mutating skin disease and turned into a lizard. Weird.

Worry does creep in, even to the best of us.

Worry is an illusion that you have actual control over an outcome.

And that somehow your time spent in worrying over an outcome will make it better.

So, how do we get over worry, especially financial worries?

This is what I do.

2 things.

  1. Face it. Is there anything you can do on your end to clear it out of your energy field. Any action steps, conversations, emails, doing something – like acting on a request of another – so that you can stay in your integrity and when you put your head on the pillow at night, you can say you did you best. And that is the best thing you can do for yourself. Don’t erode the integrity you have with yourself. That is the worst feeling. Do everything in your power to always have your back! That is the one relationship you must be loyal to above all others. That’s when you are in harmony with you, your higher self and essentially your universe!! That’s the connection you have to make.
  1. Hand it over. It’s not your problem any more after you’ve dealt with it.  It doesn’t serve you. It doesn’t serve the world. It doesn’t make the world a better place to sit and focus on the worry. Let it go. breath. Walk. Scream. Call a friend. Talk it through. Aaaaaaaaand release.
  1. Ask yourself, “Where is the opportunity in this?” You may not see it right away but with all the problems you are facing, is there a glimmer of hope or questions you can ask your self to see if you can find the opportunity in your worrying.

When we rid our lives of worry, especially financial worries, we create space for more joy to fill our lives and when we have more joy, we create better a better world and a beautiful ripple effect that flows out.

This is important.

Mostly, because you are here for a purpose, and worry need not be a part of what you are creating.

This is how you…

Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa

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Creating The Upward Spiral

Upward Spiral

We all know about the downward spiral, but how do we create the upward spiral in our lives?

I’m not going to sugar coat that life is no bed of roses half the time, and there are many times we linger in the waiting room of life?

I usually find myself in a waiting room here and there. Right now, there are 2 big things I’m waiting on and they are fully out of my control. I’m sure you can identify an area of your life where you wait for answers.

This is a big part as to why the downward spiral begins.

We lose sight of the blessings in our life and slip from the place of gratitude to a space where we are focused solely on what we don’t have.

When we get thrown into the waiting room of life, what we don’t have is answers and us peeps really don’t like that – it’s uncomfortable to the max!

We don’t have answers on a diagnosis, housing, job status, money coming in, the health status of loved ones or a relationship status.

Waiting rooms are real and painful places to have to visit.

And to add insult to injury, the point of the waiting room may not ever become evident in our lifetime.

You may actually never get closure, answers, reasons for bad things that happened, explanations about why this happened. 

We may never know. We may never get to the real reasons why things didn’t work out.

The truth is that some things work out and somethings don’t.

Holding the belief that everything that is happening is happening for your highest good to draw you closer to your authentic real aligned self where you get to live a life in full expression of what your soul is here to express is key in creating the upward spiral in your life.

It’s that mind shift, the thinking, the thoughts that will eventually shift you from downward to upward.

You have to remember life is not happening to you. You are happening to it.

Again, and for emphasis… (really let this become a deep core belief and it will serve you greatly!)

You are happening to life, not the other way around.

You are not a victim of your circumstances.


This is so hard – so hard – to remind ourselves of when we have been beat down by life and it feels the floor is coming out from under us.

You may be in what feels like a downward spiral, but when we catch that within us, we can reverse it.

The sooner we reverse the downward spiral the better.

And how do we do that?

We do that by asking.

Ask for help.

Speak up to YOU about what you desire. (Personally, I wouldn’t go around sharing your deepest desires with very many people unless you can find a safe person who will 100% have your back! Otherwise, people have a natural tendency to nay-say your dreams and keep you small. There is so much psychology behind this, mostly due to the fact that we are tribal by nature and for safety’s sake {& other people’s fear of losing you} you shouldn’t break-free from the norms of society.)

Don’t hide and tuck away your plans in the basement of your heart – truly pulling those dreams into a place where you can clearly state what it is you want with confidence – this is the moment you will reverse the downward spiral and create upward momentum.

Complaining about your circumstances will not get you to that place.

Neither will making fun of other people, judging others.

Being on your phone and watching TV 24/7 doesn’t help much either. 

I’m not saying any of these is bad but you really have to question what this does for you!

The questions to always ask yourself is this: How is this serving me?

If it is serving you, then it is serving the world!

If it is not serving you, then it is taking away from the light of the world.

We are all connected, and your good vibes and energy have a massive impact as they resonate out into the world.

And because the only thing in your control, truly, is your mind and choices of how you want to feel, then that is your main job to make sure you are spreading some good vibrations.

If you really want to master the art of creating and sustaining the upward spiral in your life, become familiar with integrity.

Integrity is not just being a ‘good person’ or following a moral code. I don’t use that as a definition at all.

Integrity is doing what you say you are going to do and not wavering, and when you don’t do what you say you are going to do, then being forthcoming and owning your mistakes.

It’s being in integrity with your word to yourself which starts as baby steps.

Baby teeny tiny steps in making promises to yourself, keeping the promise to yourself, and then making another one and keeping it with yourself.

Getting so good in keeping your word to yourself that you absolutely don’t have to deal in low level emotional vibrations of shame and guilt.

That’s how you love yourself.

That’s how you trust yourself.

That’s how you build a solid relationship with yourself.

Some times for so many of us, it’s easier to keep our integrity with a perfect stranger more than it is with ourselves. We have disregarded ourselves is such a way that everyone else is more important. {This used to be so true for me and I know it’s still true for so many of us!}

All of this will help you shift into the upward spiral and this is the goal, so you can spend more time in a beautiful freeing, joyful, happy energy and share that with your neighbours, regardless of the circumstances you find yourself in.

Same goes for your money.

You need to reclaim your financial independence and start creating the upward spiral with your money. Savings integrity, spending integrity, integrity with your business and financial goals.

Don’t forget…

You are a wealthy woman.

It’s time to reclaim that and when you do, you…

Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa

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What does your HEART have to do with your MONEY?

There is always one thing you will end up having to answer to in your life.

One thing that will demand your full attention at some point.

  • You will get ill if you don’t answer it.
  • You will gain weight if you ignore it. (Yup!)
  • You will feel financially burdened if you push it aside.
  • You will struggle in all areas of your life if you decline its call.

Your heart. ♥️

That is what you must listen to. Its call is strong and powerful. Its echo vibes through your entire core and energy field.

Set your heart free to wildly beat and watch your dreams unfold before your eyes.

You will attract to you all that your heart desires.

But you must FREE it first. (And that is scary because that means putting yourself out there vulnerably!!!)

This is one recollection of that ✨MAGIC✨ that happened for me when I ventured out to NYC on my own, 2013 and set my heart free to be as wild as it could be.

👉I got to dance and sing in Times Square alone. There were no people in Times Square… it was a rare and precious moment. I had a Blackberry and selfies weren’t a feature on phone yet so you had to flip your phone around and hope for the best!
👉I got to have my Holly Golightly Breakfast at Tiffany’s and cross off the one thing on my bucket list.
👉 I met a lovely soul from Bangladesh on the Bow Bridge in Central Park and we exchanged moments of heart felt songs that changed our lives. (I shared with him ‘Emmanuel’ by Chris Botti and he shared with me a Gershwin Song. Truly, loving humans are all around if you are open for them and wanting to connect with you💛)
👉I got to stay in one of the original hotels in NYC and my first night there I crawled out of my hotel room up onto the shady fire escape and screamed at the top of my lungs, “HELLO NEW YORK!”

Subsequent trips to New York after this also included me launching my company over 6 years ago from a Midtown diner and singing Karaoke Nancy Sinatra in Times Square amongst many other shenanigans and stories I’m sure I will tell you over a coffee one day…. or in my next book. 😉

The universe will dance with you when you ask it to dance. {This is also a choice, a decision, a request which must originate from your soul.}

So what does money have to do with this?

Honey, don’t grind and struggle your way to making money.

It actually wasn’t meant to be hard. {Hard is only a mindset!}

Adopt the mantra that money flows easily to you.

Follow your heart and what turns you on – the same way a lover would!

Love and Money are truly of the same vibe for attracting it!

Be clear in what you want, WANT what you want, go after it and have zero restrictions on the outcome.

Life will surprise you, the same way love does.

Money will easily flow to you to allow you to play out the deepest desires of your heart.

There is a lot of trusting here. Trusting in yourself and the universe.

There is a lot of letting go here.

There is a lot of listening and taking divine aligned action when called to do the work.

Do the work.

But here’s the thing about your heart♥️ –

It was never meant to be ignored.
It was meant to be FREE to LOVE & LIVE WILDLY! 💫

Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa

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