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Money Mindset.

Money Mindset.

The BIGGEST Money Block Unblocked

The Biggest Money Block Unblocked

Wanna know what one of the largest biggest MONEY BLOCKS that most of us actually have?

And it isn’t really about the money, yet it hinders our souls in so many ways?

Lately, I’ve been re-given this massive lesson to learn.

It’s this.

That I’m great (awesome actually) and worthy with or without money.

I’m awesome regardless of the size of my bank account.

And this is a HUGE lesson I’ve been given to learn.

The biggest money block is actually a complete SOUL BLOCK for most of us.

We use money to make us feel less and put money on the pedestal.

I sure as heck know I’m not the only one who has every struggled with being worthy of being on this planet.

So many of us, (probably all of us living in first world countries) have been told to get a good job, make lots of money, da, da, da…..

Recipe for DISASTER!

And somewhere down the road we believed that’s what we needed to be a person worthy of taking up space in this world.

Many of us feel most of the time like the love we are worth and respect given to us is based on:

  • our net worth
  • our income
  • the debt we don’t carry
  • the money in our wallets or bank account
  • the credit extended to us
  • the size of our business
  • the newness of our home, cars, RV, diamond rings
  • the beauty treatments we prescribe to
  • the status of our job title

We know deep down it’s not, but somewhere along the way we were so convinced that if we had no money we were losers.

That if we didn’t make any money we sucked.

That if we didn’t show up to family reunions as the multi-millionaires we best not show up at all.

I don’t feel like this often, but really getting deep DEEP down into it, I really realize that so much of my SELF WORTH is connected to how much money I am capable of making.

Which in reality controls so many of the decisions I make, but even more so the thoughts about myself in my head.

Money will be the greatest mirror you ever hold up to yourself. 

Okay – you can quote me on that – maybe make it a Lisa Elle quote! 😉

Everything about living, dying and all that’s in between is about how we go through this earthly experience and money being the greatest reflection on how we manage (or think we manage) the external world we navigate.

2 phrases that I never want to hear mentioned again around me:

‘Living Paycheck to Paycheck’


‘I’m bad at managing money’

Please don’t say those things around me for the love of God…. why?

Because, if you are doing money right, you are technically living paycheck to paycheck, and by that I mean you have ALLOCATED all your money to be used for your life and higher purpose. (You are doing it even if you aren’t doing it consciously, because money can never be wasted remember!)

Money MUST be going someplace, so technically, it is being spent, even if it is spent on your future (such as savings, investing, real estate, business, etc.) So ya…. you are all living pay check to paycheck.

EVERYONE on the planet is.

Nothing is guaranteed. NOTHING.

So stop saying that’s a bad thing.

You will live paycheck to paycheck till you die.

That’s how she goes.

So stop beating yourself over the head for that!

Next, (oooooh Lisa has her preacher pants on now!).

Stop saying you are ‘bad at managing money’.

Say what you are really bad at or just say the truth.

“I don’t invest yet.”

“I don’t save right now.”

It’s okay. It’s okay to be in the ‘NOT YET’ camp.

You will be there if you want to be.

If you choose not to be, that’s okay too!

The truth is this –



You have to spend all your money. It has to have a place to go even if its in the bank.

Do you get it yet?

As far as any of this money business goes, no one ever said you have to do ANYTHING, this is your life – take back control and make your decisions and choices from the place that serves your purpose here – NOT your Partners, Kids, Parents, Bosses, Friends, ETC…

This is actually about YOU.


It has to be.

Because if you still haven’t got the memo that you need to be the best you before you can serve others, then I will send you the memo directly to your inbox for no extra charge. 🙂

You have to BE THE LIGHT by lighting yourself up first to bring up the moths to your flame. #thatshowitworks

Don’t have it all assbackwards.

Most people do.

The whole “let-me-shrink-be-small-not-create-waves-not-rock-the-boat-and-let-me-make-you-more-important-than-me” thing NEVER works!

Has your soul not figured that out yet?

Time to rise up?

Be strong.

Be brave.

Follow what you believe.

I’d say it is.

This is for me.

I write for me.

I write to speak from my soul to the part of me that doesn’t listen – that still doesn’t get it – the part that shrinks still.

Stop living your life all scurvy-turvy-swervy (also known as: scattered, no clarity, directionless, blocked, victim).

Make the decision that FEED your soul.

Stop telling yourself the LIES about you that don’t serve you (yes, they are all lies that you suck at managing money and that you are not worthy of being on this planet and being loved for you) and start living FREE>

The biggest money obstacle you will face is uncoupling your self worth from money.

Let money be the money.

Let you be you.

You are not your money.

You are worth more than all the money on the planet can ever be worth.

Get it?

Got it?


Live YOUR Legacy!



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Money Mindset.

Creating Margin

Creating Margin Blog


You remember.

When your school teacher said to not write in the margins on your loose-leaf. Leave room for changes.

Really she meant, leave room for the mistakes or the beloved red-pen.

The space between. The boundary. The border. The allowance. The extra. The leeway.

Margin, in investment world terms, is an account created to cover the risk of loss, so sometimes it comes with a negative connotation.

Although, margin is really a saving grace. It can provide the space needed to take advantage of trades that can really boost your portfolio, although, it can do the opposite if not used correctly – like anything in life.

Profit margin in business is a good thing. You need to have that.

How much margin do you have in your life?

How much margin have you created to keep that space in your life for the ups, the downs, and to take advantage of all the wonderful abundance headed your way?

My margin has gone UP and DOWN and many times and in many areas of my life.

Taking time to purposefully create margin in your life will give you space to breathe, create, open your soul & mind to great opportunities that come your way.

And one more thing, sometimes margin gets created by saying “NO”, by creating a perimeter around yourself and choosing yourself first.

Sometimes margin gets created by adding things to your life, like money, or help, or through delegation.

And here’s the crazy CRAZIEST thing that still baffles me every time I create margin in my life – I make room for even more!

It’s like creating margin begets more margin, more space, more room – for everything!

I receive more abundance of time, money, soulmate friends & clients and HAPPY flows into my life.

What do you need to declutter, remove, take away, or add to create margin in your life?




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Money Mindset.

The Magic of Multiplying Multiples

Multiple Streams of Income.

And no, I don’t mean diversifying income streams between ex-husbands, current husband, and boyfriends. (Tricky, but do-able.)

There is Magic in Multiplying Multiple Streams of Income!

There’s a tongue twister for you.

If one were to want to twists tounges, tongue twisters would actually not be my first choice.

But today it is – and mostly because I really REALLY want you to consider this for your own life.

It’s silly because everyone has actually heard of this, and few – very few actually practice it in reality. I would say most of us still have one, maybe 2 or 3 TOPS for streams of income.

Many books have been printed on the subject, and most of us have read them, or at the very least grasped the concept of why this would be of benefit to us.

So, why haven’t you taken the time to DELIBERATELY create for yourself multiple streams of income?

I have ZERO problem telling you that I could very well be the Queen of this topic and I didn’t even realize it until I sat done one day and I counted how many streams of income I have and it totally shocked me!


I have 25 different sources of income that pay me randomly, monthly or yearly from the 5 different areas (see below). I had no idea that I’ve been building this since I was 20-years old subconsciously until I really wrote it all out.

This isn’t bragging at ALL because some of those streams only pay me $5.00 per month (another one pays me $25.79 quarterly), and a majority of them make me a few hundred, and only a couple bring me in thousands per month, so I’m not going to sit here saying it’s easy to do this or pretend I make thousands/millions from each of them.

Point In Fact: It’s taken me 17-years to build up these multiple streams of income and the really good ones I’ve just started in the last 3 or 4 years which are still baby streams of income soon to grow up.

17 YEARS!!!!

Here’s what I really want to encourage you in today.

Developing and planning out all your possible streams of income that are available to you in your life.

They are probably going to come in 5 basic areas, and then you can have many in each category:

  • Job (where you trade time for money)
  • Commissions
  • Royalties
  • Investments (multiple husbands and boyfriends would fall into this category)
  • Properties

Within those categories, there are literally unlimited amounts of sources that can provide you with money each month or each year.

So why diversify your income?

The same reason you diversify your portfolio, your ASSets.

To mitigate risk. Reduce the chance that you will have all your ASSets totally exposed.

AAAAANNNNNDDDD…… Let me be VERY VERY clear on a couple other things in relation to this first:

ONE) When you do create multiple streams of income make sure that you love them and they aren’t pulling at you from all directions. I’ve made this mistake many times before! They have to match your energy. Don’t be pulled in too many directions.

“The Man (aka. GORGEOUS HOT BABE) that chases two rabbits catches neither.” – slightly modified Chinese Proverb

If you hate getting calls about broken toilets in the middle of the night, then please don’t buy rental properties if it’s not something you truly enjoy! Everything you do has to be in alignment with you and ONLY you. Don’t get sucked into other people’s ideas for you – they usually suck. In other words, be selfish & true to what you want your life to look like.

TWO) A note on control (I love control, if you haven’t guessed it!): Things, such as commissions, selling products for companies where you don’t own, control or make the actual product (from skin care to insurance to investments to pipelines) or you have to be “licensed” or even think of condominium/strata boards where a special assessment could be lurking at any given moment (been there, done that!) – THESE THINGS – you don’t control, be aware of that. At any minute you could be at the mercy of a company that doesn’t put you first, technology advances and puts you out of a job, or the company folds and leaves you in the dust after the years you put in with them. These things leave you exposed and financially naked!

The only way to make sure your income is truly in your hands is to create streams of income that are more so in your control versus not.  Trust me my loves, this has been a huge wake-up call for me over the past 10-years. Things like writing and self-publishing books, selling a course or workshop, even buying a house, over say a condo controlled by a condo/strata board, provides you with more control as far as the income stream goes.

I’m not saying any of this is bad at all – I make my living as a licensed insurance & investment advisor with more than 10 overseers of those licenses, so I’m very aware of the fact none of that is really my own business. Same goes for small businesses – does all your company’s income come from one or 2 contracts or sources? Do ya get what I’m putting down here?

I mean, let’s be real. The whole reason to create multiple streams of income is that we really don’t have control over anything (as much as I like to control EVERYTHING), so what we are really doing is diversifying our risk so not all our income is on one basket.  (And after the crappy week I had, I’m so thankful I had multiple streams of income created in my life, cause let’s face it… life never ever goes as planned!)

Gosh, I could talk all day about this topic!

How many different, creative, unique, crazy, ways can you create income?

On that note, there is one responsibility you have. Seriously.

I believe it is our responsibility to make a mind-blowing amount of money.

It’s available to all of us AND easier than ever before.

And, I will never say it’s easy, it takes years to do – but it will be worth it!

So my loves, this is my bottom line today:

Go out and multiply!



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Money Mindset.

Surrendering Money

Surrendering Money Blog

This is the problem when you sit down to write your blog at 4:30 am and you need a second cup of coffee because it’s now 5:26 am and you still haven’t made any sense on the page – at all….surrendering….

It’s probably because I had a horrible dream last night and woke up in a cold sweat (I actually don’t know what that is, but it sounds dramatic – my sweat is usually warm, I’m no doctor, but I’m guessing it’s around 37°C)

It was a dark and horrible dream, and I was walking barefoot on a gross disgusting floor – this being somewhat humorous as I happen to have over 170 pairs of shoes and wrote the book on shoes…. literally.

You’ve walked barefoot before right?

My last notable barefoot walk was a 2km trek through Old Montreal at 1 am cause my feet hurt from my heels and I had to somehow make it back to my hotel, so yes, I walked barefoot through most of Old Montreal.

So, of course, I googled the dream meaning for walking barefoot, and have come to the conclusion that it means that I am exposed, can’t hide, and whatever my next steps will be will have to be bold, where I have to surrender the outcome, like if I step on a bed of feathers, or step on thorns or glass, no matter where the step land me, I will need to surrender to it.

I think walking barefoot has to be the ultimate symbol for surrendering to what may cross your path.

Why surrender?

I’m going to be more real with you than ever before (if that’s possible)…

If you haven’t surrendered your life you will never be free. You will never be able to experience true abundance and freedom and joy without surrender. 


Because when you are holding on tight, feeling you need to be in control of everything in your life, like your relationship, your calendar, your bank account, your retirement, your job, your employees, your car, your kids, control over how others act and how the world is functioning – YOU WILL NEVER BE FREE to experience every great thing that is on the other side of that force.

Oh, and also on the subject of money, surrendering to the energy that is money, and being able to hold your money in open hands will actually allow more of it in that holding on with closed hands.

Picture this.

Open your hands. Palms up. Infront of you.

That is how you allow money to flow in and out of your life. If you have closed hands, and are scared the money will leave you, then money also won’t be able to make it into your tight fist.

When you are surrendering to money, you need to surrender the growing, the keeping, the saving, the investing, the taxing, the making of money. All of it!

Surrendering allows abundance into your life.

Surrendering is the ultimate act of freedom.

Surrendering allows God to work His magic, cause let’s face it – your magic sucks without God at your back.

Surrendering is Power. 

Answer yourself these questions:

Are you free?

I mean, seriously, do you feel FREE right now?

  • Do you feel FREE to create the exact life that you desire in every area of your life?
  • What are you holding on to so tightly that you are choking it to death?
  • Is it a job?
  • Is it a mountain of bills that you can’t seem to get out from?
  • Is it growing your business?
  • Is it a relationship that has you feeling trapped?
  • Is it your body holding you hostage from really living your life?
  • Is it technology? (There’s a good & scary one!)
  • Are you using all the talents, gifts and abilities that you have been blessed with to the full?

I’m not saying get rid of anything. Seriously, as that may be the advice of many others, but me, NO. Not today anyway….

I’m saying SURRENDER it.

And it may TOTALLY feel uncomfortable!

I’m saying to go about your day-to-day stuff and every time a negative thought creeps in about the “situation” you are dealing with then just say under your breath that you release it.


Releasing is the biggest and hardest part of surrendering.

It’s letting go of the outcome and trust that EVERYTHING works out for you perfectly as it should.

And you know what?


You just need to take a few deep breaths and release the negative stored energy.

Things will NOT always go to plan, but they do go perfectly. You may not be able to see that just yet, but don’t lose faith, because what is around the corner next is going to BLOW YOUR MIND.

Want to know what surrendering give you:

  • Mind-Blowing Experiences
  • Mind-Blowing Family Time
  • Mind-Blowing Trips
  • Mind-Blowing Abundance
  • Mind-Blowing Fun
  • Mind-Blowing Friendships
  • Mind-Blowing Marriage/Partnership
  • Mind-Blowing Romance
  • Mind-Blowing Business
  • Mind-Blowing Clients
  • Mind-Blowing Art & Music
  • Mind-Blowing Creativity
  • Mind-Blowing Flow
  • Mind-Blowing Gifts
  • Mind-Blowing Bank Account
  • Mind-Blowing Sex (Cause it’s true and someone needs to point that out!)
  • Mind-Blowing Connections
  • Mind-Blowing Life

See what happens when you release and surrender?

You make room and allow for the AMAZINGNESS of LIFE to come pouring in!


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Money Mindset.

Serious Wealth

Serious Money Blog

How do you create serious wealth?

Most people were raised to believe that:

Time + Effort = Money

However, I don’t believe that’s how wealth is created. One of my coaches put it this way:

Value + Results = Money

What value are you creating for the money you are receiving?

What results are you creating for your clients/customers for the money you are receiving?

I think most of us want to create wealth by “punching the clock” and having the best attitude, best foot forward and you know, some elbow grease effort.

While the above is important, and well, everyone knows that those things will probably ensure you get & keep a job, they may not go far to help you create wealth if wealth your goal is.

Earl Nightingale still says it best,

Our rewards in life will always be in exact proportion to our contribution, our service.

In other words, the money you make will always be in direct proportion to the value and results you create for others. Think about it. Or in terms of your J-O-B, your pay will always equal the level of difficulty they will have in replacing you. Yes, harsh truth, but truth nonetheless. If you are vital to your organization/company, then they will probably have to fork it out to keep you, vice versa, if you have a job that can be replaced by a student, chances are your pay won’t rise much above what they can replace you with.

If you aren’t interested in getting wealthy, then that’s totally fine and totally your right to choose that during this human experience, however, I would challenge you today, right here, right now that it’s your responsibility and deep desire to build wealth beyond your wildest dreams.

We, the humans, were created to increase, expand, grow & contribute. This is part of our DNA and our need to survive, and evolve, plus compared to all other species, we got blessed with a conscious mind.

If you have done the self-growth part (and maybe you’ve beaten self-help to death!) and recognize that inside of you, then your next job is to contribute, build value and create results for others. Personal growth is wonderful and needed, but not at the expense of contribution.

When you contribute, build value and create results for others, your wealth will expand. This is law. This is the law of attraction.

What value & results are you creating for others today?




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Money Mindset.

Playing to Win

Playing to Win

This week I had a serious EPIPHANY and I’m telling you it’s transforming my life and blowing my mind at the same time.

And yet, it’s so simple, and something probably every guy who’s ever watched sports has known for years, and yet, here I am, literally hearing and understanding this for the first time. (Yes, I’m aware I’m sometimes a few grapes short of a Cab Sav…)

It’s this:

Playing Not to Lose VS. Playing to Win

I’ve been playing not to lose my WHOLE LIFE!




Yes, I am. I am sitting in disbelief. Shaking my head – banging my head like – DUH?! Serious Lis, where have you been the last 3.8 decades?

So to be clear, this all comes courtesy of Jen Sincero, whose book, You are a Badass, is now a must-read for anyone I meet! (Hint: Read her books!)

I have always taken the calculated safe way in life AND I mean in ALL PARTS of my life this RINGS TRUE!

Are you maybe playing not to lose, versus playing to win? BIG DIFFERENCE!

Playing not to lose with money looks like this:

  • safe job or staying with job/career/business because it’s become the safe “normal” and you know what to expect
  • 2-4 weeks paid vacation
  • saving and investing in safe ways
  • living within your means because the fear of going “ALL IN” in life is too scary
  • taking courses you really don’t want to take, but know you “SHOULD”
  • making sure your resume is chock-full of fabulous degrees, designations, extracurricular activities so you will outshine anyone in a down job market, if in fact, you need to find a job (sound like someone you know? Ahem…)
  • making sure you got Grade 10 Piano, just in case all the above don’t pan out, at least you can teach piano for $50 an hour rendering you hopefully not homeless…..

I mean don’t get me wrong.  Playing not to lose is fine. It’s definitely a way of life, and to be honest, probably most people’s way of life.

Here’s the thing: Do you really want to spend your days playing not to lose?

I will tell you that playing not to lose is my norm. However, I occasionally dip my toe into the pool of playing to win and when I do….

  • my whole heart lights up
  • which lights up my face
  • which lights up virtually every person who crosses my path
  • which means I step out into fully being me and take chances
  • which sometimes doesn’t pan out
  • which makes me frustrated and I end up drowning in Ben & Jerry’s & Beer
  • which sometimes makes me shy back into playing not to lose (something I’m good at!)

Damn! How did I spiral back here so fast?? Stuck in playing not to lose.

Beautiful, I want you to play to win in life. Whatever that looks like for you.

For me, it means doing some scary-crazy-ass-shit! Like, stepping into the person I’ve been fighting so hard not to step into because it could possibly disrupt my perfect life I’ve created for myself.

AAAAnd that’s okay. I’m terrified. I’m terrified to go BIG with my message. I’m still stuck on baby steps, okay – if I’m truthful, I’m a freakin’ good crawler, and as you know, we need to crawl before we walk…..

But what are the options?

There will come a time when you are finally done with playing not to lose, and if playing to win means to lose it all, you’ll do it.

That’s when you jump.

That’s when you ruffle feathers.

That’s when you get half of your email list to unsubscribe, or piss off people you love (not intentionally).

On that note, you are probably doing something right if you are pissing people off every day, triggering them, making them uncomfortable, and just standing in your certainty! This means you are living a life with purpose. You can’t live a life with purpose and show up without turning someone off.


The person with the most certainty wins. All the time.  (You can re-tweet that!)

And then, here is when the magic comes to play with you. The right people show up in your life, the right people listen to your message, buy your products, dream clients, dream employees, dream team starts showing up because you are being real with you and playing to win.

This is when you get to leave your mark on the world.

So, are you going ’round this earth tip-toeing? Playing not to lose?

Or are you playing to win, leaving some serious stiletto marks on the field?




Money Mindset.

Freaking Out About Money

Freaking Out About Money

How much time are you spending on freaking out about money?


How many crappy DIY projects, self-done shoddy basement renos, duct tape appliance repairs, online coupon shopping for a pair of designer shoes, pork n’ beans can comparison ad nauseam only to see where you can save a few pennies?

Maybe your money freakouts don’t manifest themselves in ways of coupon cutting, but perhaps the opposite, in ways of shopping sprees, buying useless shit you will never use, or eating your way out of your financial meltdown. (BAHAHAHAH – like I’ve never eaten my way out of a financial crisis.)

Or maybe worse, you go for a massage and let your inside voice dictate to you all the bills you need to pay through the entire massage, leaving you more knotted than when you first went in.

You could just be past all of this freaking out about money cause you’ve done it on repeat for so many years, that you actually have made freaking out about money just part of your regular day and just actually expect that no clients are going to call you and that no money is coming in today. Zombie Apocolypse. That’s what you hope deep down happens today. **Insert Quick Hail Mary**

I’ve done all of the above. If you have too, then we are a special breed of humans who can paradoxically go on a shopping spree while freaking out about money.

What I’ve learned, in a painfully slow way, over the last few years, is that mindset is everything. And even beyond that, it’s tying your positive thoughts to powerful happy positive emotions and holding them in a high frequency (aka. guarding your positive thoughts, moods, joyful outlook on life) so you attract more to your life of what you want. (I’m still working on my homing beacon!)

Here’s the deal with freaking out about money. No matter which way you freak out about money, loud and proud, tantrum style, or quietly so no one knows, this is what you are attracting to yourself at a HIGH frequency – MORE MONEY CRAPOLA. Yes, I speak the truth and you know it deep down!

It really doesn’t matter how you freak out about money, if you wear pyjamas and have it with green eggs and ham, or if you wear your freak out on a mountain, or on a camel, or on a train, plane or automobile, or worry about money in socks or barefoot, or while clipping your toenails. THIS is what has you stuck right now in your money life.

So stop freaking out. Stop being a freak about money altogether.

Begin with believing that you are on your way to whatever it is you want more of in your life. Call it in.

Plus, once you stop wasting all your time freaking out about money, you could actually go and make some……



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Million Ways to Wealth

Million Ways to Wealth

I want to let you in on a little secret. There is no magic formula for wealth.

And here we are, no matter what our net worth or bank account is screaming at us, we are always looking outside of us to complete this magic formula for ourselves.

And the secret to this whole schmozzle?

The secret is that your acre of diamonds is within you.

It was never “out there”.

It is always in here.

In you.

Stop looking for it out there with that guy or that company or that lottery ticket.

Money is attracted to us from the desires we have, and I hate to say it – for good or evil. (Evil bad people can make millions too, like drug kingpins and Dr. Evil. Another reason why we need you to make your millions, so you can be part of the solution!)

Money does not discriminate.

Money doesn’t care what color your skin is, or what university you went or didn’t go to, or how rich your parents are or anything. It really doesn’t care if you are a man or a woman or who you like to have sex with. You may care about all those things. Money doesn’t.

Money is just energy attracted to you, by your thoughts. Yes, that old book again….Think & Grow Rich.

But we know, your thoughts create your feelings, which create your actions, which create your results.

Circumstance is just that. Circumstance.

Hold steady your thoughts.

Make sure they are what you want. I mean, sure you can re-order your dinner at the multiverse, but the same thing happens when you send your order back a million times, they could spit in your food or you could end up with a PB-jelly sandwich topped with garlic, cilantro, and curry.

Be certain. (for longer than a minute…. )

Just try it. Be certain with one desire. Make it your burning desire. One chief aim.

What do you want out of life? All of it is there for you. Righhht……

I’ve been figuring this scheisse out for myself. Always. Right? It’s what we do as humans – sit and think and reflect and figure out how to make this experience work for us.

I just can’t decide what I want right now. Seriously. I have so many ideas, goals, things happening and I’m at this buffet of 5-star food with overload – or so it seems in my jumbled head.

“Clarity, why hast thou forsaken me?”

I ask flippantly. As if she’d answer me while I’m checking my phone for texts for play dates, coordinating egg delivery (yes, I get fresh farm eggs delivered weekly – best thing ever!), replying to clients concerns & wishes, stretching in awkward positions while trying to light my incense, candle, drink my tea, coordinate my playlist so I can sit and type for…. or crap, ya, forgot to pay that bill, and the dryer just broke, and how did ice and glue get all over the floor?!?! Did I mention I’m trying to help transform the financial landscape in Canada?


Not so much.

Need to spend more time with her.

What’s my one burning desire?

Some days, it’s just to get to bed. No, not sex. Actual sleep.

How do people have one chief aim like Napoleon Hill says? One burning desire?

I’m the chief of many aims and many desires. (Aren’t we all?!) Which is partly why I’m a walking paradox.

I zig when others zag. Maybe that’s why I’m so driven. The ladder to success is never crowded at the top – maybe I don’t like crowds. Hmmm….

So what’s my bottom line…

There are a million ways to wealth. Billions. Ad infinitum.

Isn’t that great news?! Great news that we don’t have to follow some stupid formula. Great news that we don’t have to build wealth like our grandma or dad or neighbour or Bill Gates or co-worker did! Sure, we can learn, sneak-a-peek, and model what others did, but at the end of the day we take what we want and leave the rest.

Find your way to wealth. It’s not going to be easy, but it will be worth it for you, your family, your community, your world.




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Money Mindset.

Spending ALL Your Money

Spending All Your Money

Let’s call a spade a Kate Spade.

Saving and investing and paying down debt kinda sounds like a lot of work, boring and…..


So, I’m changing it – because I can. Why the howdy-ho not?

From now on we only spend money.

Trust me this is going to be way more FUN because we get to spend ALL of our money! It’ll be like going on a SHOPPING SPREE in NEW YORK at Henri Bendel! (Trust me it’s FUN!)

So, instead of feeling weighed down by your money decisions I want you to think about how you get to spend your money.

You get to spend it on 3 things:

Past You (debt), Present You (current expenses), and Future You (investments, insurance, business).

Put all your purchases now into one of those 3 buckets.

Where are you spending most of your money?


Decide if you like where you are spending your money.

If you do, great.

If not, change it.

And if you want to make sure you have a great future, maybe start spending more money on the future you!



P.S. If you are serious about having some money fun, getting organized and SPENDING your money on your past, present, and future self, then you need to make sure you are signed up at to make sure you hear about all the great things we’ve got going on to help you step into your financial BLISS! —>

Money Mindset.

Happy Money

Happy Money

How are you feeling right now about your money situation?

What is your one-word answer to that question?

Take a split second and answer that.

Whatever that word is that popped into your head – that is what you are attracting to your life.

If you answered:

Crappy –> You will get more crap.

If you answered:

Happy –> You will get more happy. 

Money is just energy. That’s it.

I’ve talked about LOTS on my blog over the past years.


Do the 180 if you have to.

Change your point of attraction by changing your thoughts.

Isn’t life great?!

You got to buy clean drinking water today!

What a wonderful thing my friends! (Thanks to my Brooke for that!)

I sign off on my emails to my tribe as HAPPY MONEY!

Because in my world, and if you are part of my world and want to be part of my world – it is only…..




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