Money Mindset.

The BIGGEST Money Block Unblocked

The Biggest Money Block Unblocked

Wanna know what one of the largest biggest MONEY BLOCKS that most of us actually have?

And it isn’t really about the money, yet it hinders our souls in so many ways?

Lately, I’ve been re-given this massive lesson to learn.

It’s this.

That I’m great (awesome actually) and worthy with or without money.

I’m awesome regardless of the size of my bank account.

And this is a HUGE lesson I’ve been given to learn.

The biggest money block is actually a complete SOUL BLOCK for most of us.

We use money to make us feel less and put money on the pedestal.

I sure as heck know I’m not the only one who has every struggled with being worthy of being on this planet.

So many of us, (probably all of us living in first world countries) have been told to get a good job, make lots of money, da, da, da…..

Recipe for DISASTER!

And somewhere down the road we believed that’s what we needed to be a person worthy of taking up space in this world.

Many of us feel most of the time like the love we are worth and respect given to us is based on:

  • our net worth
  • our income
  • the debt we don’t carry
  • the money in our wallets or bank account
  • the credit extended to us
  • the size of our business
  • the newness of our home, cars, RV, diamond rings
  • the beauty treatments we prescribe to
  • the status of our job title

We know deep down it’s not, but somewhere along the way we were so convinced that if we had no money we were losers.

That if we didn’t make any money we sucked.

That if we didn’t show up to family reunions as the multi-millionaires we best not show up at all.

I don’t feel like this often, but really getting deep DEEP down into it, I really realize that so much of my SELF WORTH is connected to how much money I am capable of making.

Which in reality controls so many of the decisions I make, but even more so the thoughts about myself in my head.

Money will be the greatest mirror you ever hold up to yourself. 

Okay – you can quote me on that – maybe make it a Lisa Elle quote! 😉

Everything about living, dying and all that’s in between is about how we go through this earthly experience and money being the greatest reflection on how we manage (or think we manage) the external world we navigate.

2 phrases that I never want to hear mentioned again around me:

‘Living Paycheck to Paycheck’


‘I’m bad at managing money’

Please don’t say those things around me for the love of God…. why?

Because, if you are doing money right, you are technically living paycheck to paycheck, and by that I mean you have ALLOCATED all your money to be used for your life and higher purpose. (You are doing it even if you aren’t doing it consciously, because money can never be wasted remember!)

Money MUST be going someplace, so technically, it is being spent, even if it is spent on your future (such as savings, investing, real estate, business, etc.) So ya…. you are all living pay check to paycheck.

EVERYONE on the planet is.

Nothing is guaranteed. NOTHING.

So stop saying that’s a bad thing.

You will live paycheck to paycheck till you die.

That’s how she goes.

So stop beating yourself over the head for that!

Next, (oooooh Lisa has her preacher pants on now!).

Stop saying you are ‘bad at managing money’.

Say what you are really bad at or just say the truth.

“I don’t invest yet.”

“I don’t save right now.”

It’s okay. It’s okay to be in the ‘NOT YET’ camp.

You will be there if you want to be.

If you choose not to be, that’s okay too!

The truth is this –



You have to spend all your money. It has to have a place to go even if its in the bank.

Do you get it yet?

As far as any of this money business goes, no one ever said you have to do ANYTHING, this is your life – take back control and make your decisions and choices from the place that serves your purpose here – NOT your Partners, Kids, Parents, Bosses, Friends, ETC…

This is actually about YOU.


It has to be.

Because if you still haven’t got the memo that you need to be the best you before you can serve others, then I will send you the memo directly to your inbox for no extra charge. 🙂

You have to BE THE LIGHT by lighting yourself up first to bring up the moths to your flame. #thatshowitworks

Don’t have it all assbackwards.

Most people do.

The whole “let-me-shrink-be-small-not-create-waves-not-rock-the-boat-and-let-me-make-you-more-important-than-me” thing NEVER works!

Has your soul not figured that out yet?

Time to rise up?

Be strong.

Be brave.

Follow what you believe.

I’d say it is.

This is for me.

I write for me.

I write to speak from my soul to the part of me that doesn’t listen – that still doesn’t get it – the part that shrinks still.

Stop living your life all scurvy-turvy-swervy (also known as: scattered, no clarity, directionless, blocked, victim).

Make the decision that FEED your soul.

Stop telling yourself the LIES about you that don’t serve you (yes, they are all lies that you suck at managing money and that you are not worthy of being on this planet and being loved for you) and start living FREE>

The biggest money obstacle you will face is uncoupling your self worth from money.

Let money be the money.

Let you be you.

You are not your money.

You are worth more than all the money on the planet can ever be worth.

Get it?

Got it?


Live YOUR Legacy!



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