Money Mindset.

Spending ALL Your Money

Spending All Your Money

Let’s call a spade a Kate Spade.

Saving and investing and paying down debt kinda sounds like a lot of work, boring and…..


So, I’m changing it – because I can. Why the howdy-ho not?

From now on we only spend money.

Trust me this is going to be way more FUN because we get to spend ALL of our money! It’ll be like going on a SHOPPING SPREE in NEW YORK at Henri Bendel! (Trust me it’s FUN!)

So, instead of feeling weighed down by your money decisions I want you to think about how you get to spend your money.

You get to spend it on 3 things:

Past You (debt), Present You (current expenses), and Future You (investments, insurance, business).

Put all your purchases now into one of those 3 buckets.

Where are you spending most of your money?


Decide if you like where you are spending your money.

If you do, great.

If not, change it.

And if you want to make sure you have a great future, maybe start spending more money on the future you!



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