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You remember.

When your school teacher said to not write in the margins on your loose-leaf. Leave room for changes.

Really she meant, leave room for the mistakes or the beloved red-pen.

The space between. The boundary. The border. The allowance. The extra. The leeway.

Margin, in investment world terms, is an account created to cover the risk of loss, so sometimes it comes with a negative connotation.

Although, margin is really a saving grace. It can provide the space needed to take advantage of trades that can really boost your portfolio, although, it can do the opposite if not used correctly – like anything in life.

Profit margin in business is a good thing. You need to have that.

How much margin do you have in your life?

How much margin have you created to keep that space in your life for the ups, the downs, and to take advantage of all the wonderful abundance headed your way?

My margin has gone UP and DOWN and many times and in many areas of my life.

Taking time to purposefully create margin in your life will give you space to breathe, create, open your soul & mind to great opportunities that come your way.

And one more thing, sometimes margin gets created by saying “NO”, by creating a perimeter around yourself and choosing yourself first.

Sometimes margin gets created by adding things to your life, like money, or help, or through delegation.

And here’s the crazy CRAZIEST thing that still baffles me every time I create margin in my life – I make room for even more!

It’s like creating margin begets more margin, more space, more room – for everything!

I receive more abundance of time, money, soulmate friends & clients and HAPPY flows into my life.

What do you need to declutter, remove, take away, or add to create margin in your life?




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