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How do you create serious wealth?

Most people were raised to believe that:

Time + Effort = Money

However, I don’t believe that’s how wealth is created. One of my coaches put it this way:

Value + Results = Money

What value are you creating for the money you are receiving?

What results are you creating for your clients/customers for the money you are receiving?

I think most of us want to create wealth by “punching the clock” and having the best attitude, best foot forward and you know, some elbow grease effort.

While the above is important, and well, everyone knows that those things will probably ensure you get & keep a job, they may not go far to help you create wealth if wealth your goal is.

Earl Nightingale still says it best,

Our rewards in life will always be in exact proportion to our contribution, our service.

In other words, the money you make will always be in direct proportion to the value and results you create for others. Think about it. Or in terms of your J-O-B, your pay will always equal the level of difficulty they will have in replacing you. Yes, harsh truth, but truth nonetheless. If you are vital to your organization/company, then they will probably have to fork it out to keep you, vice versa, if you have a job that can be replaced by a student, chances are your pay won’t rise much above what they can replace you with.

If you aren’t interested in getting wealthy, then that’s totally fine and totally your right to choose that during this human experience, however, I would challenge you today, right here, right now that it’s your responsibility and deep desire to build wealth beyond your wildest dreams.

We, the humans, were created to increase, expand, grow & contribute. This is part of our DNA and our need to survive, and evolve, plus compared to all other species, we got blessed with a conscious mind.

If you have done the self-growth part (and maybe you’ve beaten self-help to death!) and recognize that inside of you, then your next job is to contribute, build value and create results for others. Personal growth is wonderful and needed, but not at the expense of contribution.

When you contribute, build value and create results for others, your wealth will expand. This is law. This is the law of attraction.

What value & results are you creating for others today?




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