Money Mindset.

Freaking Out About Money

Freaking Out About Money

How much time are you spending on freaking out about money?


How many crappy DIY projects, self-done shoddy basement renos, duct tape appliance repairs, online coupon shopping for a pair of designer shoes, pork n’ beans can comparison ad nauseam only to see where you can save a few pennies?

Maybe your money freakouts don’t manifest themselves in ways of coupon cutting, but perhaps the opposite, in ways of shopping sprees, buying useless shit you will never use, or eating your way out of your financial meltdown. (BAHAHAHAH – like I’ve never eaten my way out of a financial crisis.)

Or maybe worse, you go for a massage and let your inside voice dictate to you all the bills you need to pay through the entire massage, leaving you more knotted than when you first went in.

You could just be past all of this freaking out about money cause you’ve done it on repeat for so many years, that you actually have made freaking out about money just part of your regular day and just actually expect that no clients are going to call you and that no money is coming in today. Zombie Apocolypse. That’s what you hope deep down happens today. **Insert Quick Hail Mary**

I’ve done all of the above. If you have too, then we are a special breed of humans who can paradoxically go on a shopping spree while freaking out about money.

What I’ve learned, in a painfully slow way, over the last few years, is that mindset is everything. And even beyond that, it’s tying your positive thoughts to powerful happy positive emotions and holding them in a high frequency (aka. guarding your positive thoughts, moods, joyful outlook on life) so you attract more to your life of what you want. (I’m still working on my homing beacon!)

Here’s the deal with freaking out about money. No matter which way you freak out about money, loud and proud, tantrum style, or quietly so no one knows, this is what you are attracting to yourself at a HIGH frequency – MORE MONEY CRAPOLA. Yes, I speak the truth and you know it deep down!

It really doesn’t matter how you freak out about money, if you wear pyjamas and have it with green eggs and ham, or if you wear your freak out on a mountain, or on a camel, or on a train, plane or automobile, or worry about money in socks or barefoot, or while clipping your toenails. THIS is what has you stuck right now in your money life.

So stop freaking out. Stop being a freak about money altogether.

Begin with believing that you are on your way to whatever it is you want more of in your life. Call it in.

Plus, once you stop wasting all your time freaking out about money, you could actually go and make some……



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