Money Mindset.

Happy Money

Happy Money

How are you feeling right now about your money situation?

What is your one-word answer to that question?

Take a split second and answer that.

Whatever that word is that popped into your head – that is what you are attracting to your life.

If you answered:

Crappy –> You will get more crap.

If you answered:

Happy –> You will get more happy. 

Money is just energy. That’s it.

I’ve talked about LOTS on my blog over the past years.


Do the 180 if you have to.

Change your point of attraction by changing your thoughts.

Isn’t life great?!

You got to buy clean drinking water today!

What a wonderful thing my friends! (Thanks to my Brooke for that!)

I sign off on my emails to my tribe as HAPPY MONEY!

Because in my world, and if you are part of my world and want to be part of my world – it is only…..




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