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This is the problem when you sit down to write your blog at 4:30 am and you need a second cup of coffee because it’s now 5:26 am and you still haven’t made any sense on the page – at all….surrendering….

It’s probably because I had a horrible dream last night and woke up in a cold sweat (I actually don’t know what that is, but it sounds dramatic – my sweat is usually warm, I’m no doctor, but I’m guessing it’s around 37°C)

It was a dark and horrible dream, and I was walking barefoot on a gross disgusting floor – this being somewhat humorous as I happen to have over 170 pairs of shoes and wrote the book on shoes…. literally.

You’ve walked barefoot before right?

My last notable barefoot walk was a 2km trek through Old Montreal at 1 am cause my feet hurt from my heels and I had to somehow make it back to my hotel, so yes, I walked barefoot through most of Old Montreal.

So, of course, I googled the dream meaning for walking barefoot, and have come to the conclusion that it means that I am exposed, can’t hide, and whatever my next steps will be will have to be bold, where I have to surrender the outcome, like if I step on a bed of feathers, or step on thorns or glass, no matter where the step land me, I will need to surrender to it.

I think walking barefoot has to be the ultimate symbol for surrendering to what may cross your path.

Why surrender?

I’m going to be more real with you than ever before (if that’s possible)…

If you haven’t surrendered your life you will never be free. You will never be able to experience true abundance and freedom and joy without surrender. 


Because when you are holding on tight, feeling you need to be in control of everything in your life, like your relationship, your calendar, your bank account, your retirement, your job, your employees, your car, your kids, control over how others act and how the world is functioning – YOU WILL NEVER BE FREE to experience every great thing that is on the other side of that force.

Oh, and also on the subject of money, surrendering to the energy that is money, and being able to hold your money in open hands will actually allow more of it in that holding on with closed hands.

Picture this.

Open your hands. Palms up. Infront of you.

That is how you allow money to flow in and out of your life. If you have closed hands, and are scared the money will leave you, then money also won’t be able to make it into your tight fist.

When you are surrendering to money, you need to surrender the growing, the keeping, the saving, the investing, the taxing, the making of money. All of it!

Surrendering allows abundance into your life.

Surrendering is the ultimate act of freedom.

Surrendering allows God to work His magic, cause let’s face it – your magic sucks without God at your back.

Surrendering is Power. 

Answer yourself these questions:

Are you free?

I mean, seriously, do you feel FREE right now?

  • Do you feel FREE to create the exact life that you desire in every area of your life?
  • What are you holding on to so tightly that you are choking it to death?
  • Is it a job?
  • Is it a mountain of bills that you can’t seem to get out from?
  • Is it growing your business?
  • Is it a relationship that has you feeling trapped?
  • Is it your body holding you hostage from really living your life?
  • Is it technology? (There’s a good & scary one!)
  • Are you using all the talents, gifts and abilities that you have been blessed with to the full?

I’m not saying get rid of anything. Seriously, as that may be the advice of many others, but me, NO. Not today anyway….

I’m saying SURRENDER it.

And it may TOTALLY feel uncomfortable!

I’m saying to go about your day-to-day stuff and every time a negative thought creeps in about the “situation” you are dealing with then just say under your breath that you release it.


Releasing is the biggest and hardest part of surrendering.

It’s letting go of the outcome and trust that EVERYTHING works out for you perfectly as it should.

And you know what?


You just need to take a few deep breaths and release the negative stored energy.

Things will NOT always go to plan, but they do go perfectly. You may not be able to see that just yet, but don’t lose faith, because what is around the corner next is going to BLOW YOUR MIND.

Want to know what surrendering give you:

  • Mind-Blowing Experiences
  • Mind-Blowing Family Time
  • Mind-Blowing Trips
  • Mind-Blowing Abundance
  • Mind-Blowing Fun
  • Mind-Blowing Friendships
  • Mind-Blowing Marriage/Partnership
  • Mind-Blowing Romance
  • Mind-Blowing Business
  • Mind-Blowing Clients
  • Mind-Blowing Art & Music
  • Mind-Blowing Creativity
  • Mind-Blowing Flow
  • Mind-Blowing Gifts
  • Mind-Blowing Bank Account
  • Mind-Blowing Sex (Cause it’s true and someone needs to point that out!)
  • Mind-Blowing Connections
  • Mind-Blowing Life

See what happens when you release and surrender?

You make room and allow for the AMAZINGNESS of LIFE to come pouring in!


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