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Your Unfinished Financial To-Do List

Your Unfinished Financial To-Do List

I don’t think you have to technically do anything to manifest what you want.

I do believe anything is possible.


However, sometimes manifesting the impossible requires that you grow up and adult.

What do I mean by that?!

I mean, you may have to clear out the blockages that are in your life first before you can open up the channel to receiving what it is that you wish to receive.

Like getting your conscious clear.

Again, what do I mean by that…

You may not be living your life according to your values and beliefs.

In the realm of money or financial stuff, the financial stuff that you haven’t completed, yet know you ‘should’ get done, are probably blocking something from flowing to you.

This could be that TO-DO List that you’ve been carrying around for literally decades!!

Things you haven’t completed yet like:

  • Will & Estate Planning documents you’ve been meaning to get ‘around to’
  • Creating a debt repayment plan (set it and forget it!)
  • Start an Investment Account
  • Make sure you and your family are all covered for life insurance, critical illness, etc.
  • File years of tax returns (this is more common than you think!)
  • Pay your taxes or not cheat on your taxes…even by $1
  • Getting an extended health care plan because you haven’t been to the dentist in years (and then book the dentist!)

Okay, so I’m not going down the rabbit hole of governments misusing our tax dollars, however, taxes are a BIG money block for so many people.

Many people I know hold the mindset that they don’t want to earn money because they will have to pay more in tax.

If you are part of that mindset, then I will guarantee you will never make the desired income you wish to make. You will never earn any dream amount of money with that mindset.

Even if you dislike taxes, like a normal person, you can still release and allow yourself to be happy paying taxes while reminding yourself of all the good things you are doing, like paying for your teachers, nurses and firefighters or at least to drive on smooth paved roads with functioning traffic lights.

If it’s on your To-Do List, then chances are you value it.

Do you hear what I’m saying?!

The financial things we know we ought to do and aren’t doing is causing us financial harm by stopping the flow of money to us and stopping us from really manifesting our true financial desires!

I’m going to say it again….


I’m talking about truly taking responsibility for that To-Do List which is important to you and getting ‘er done.

You are no longer needing your parents approval.

And yes, it will cost money to get those things done.

However, once you do that, trust me, you will clear the blockages and allow more money into your life because now you are living in clear alignment with your goals.

So, figure out what the pesky financial things you’ve been meaning to get done and get them done.

Pull out your phone and make appointments.

Email me and my team if you need help with any of this, but just DO IT!

That’s it!

Deep down, most of us love and respect money and want more of it.

Honour that!

You are lying to yourself if you don’t honour that, and the problem is, you and your subconscious know that you are lying… even if not a soul on the planet knows you are lying or cheating, you are only cheating & blocking yourself.

Many times, I work with clients and you can instantly see the shift in their faces and spirit when we’ve helped them complete their financial to-do list that’s been hanging over their heads for years.

Space has been created to now bring in something new.

And don’t forget this little gem of truth:

How you do the small things in life is how you do the big things.

So, be honest with your $1 or pennies.

Only because karma has its way.

You are only blocking yourself from the riches.

You need to have a clear conscious to build and manifest real wealth.

Now, sure, millions of people have built wealth doing bad things.

This we do know for sure.

However, I wouldn’t worry about your neighbour or the bad guys of the world.

They will have their own karma to deal with.

Keeping your energy free from the clutter of others energetic junk should be your only goal – plus it will lead you to more health, wealth & love in your life.

And after all, this is all about you.

You are here to grow.

To expand.

To step into your true abundance.

You are here to…

Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa

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Jumpstart Your Wealth

Jumpstart Your Wealth with Lisa Elle, CFP


We all know what that means on Grey’s Anatomy.

I’m sure we all pretty much have a good idea what that means when it comes to our money.

Sometimes we need a jumpstart.

A little boost to get us going in the right direction.

What I’m finding is that everyone flatlines now and again or dips below the flatline financially….

It’s part of life.

Part of the cycle.

Regardless of where you are in your financial cycle, it’s wise to check over all your little ducats and make sure they are helping you, supporting you directed to your specific life desires.

Sometimes we need to jumpstart our wealth or if we are running along nicely, we may need to re-evaluate and bring in some fresh energy and ideas to our wealth building!

No matter where you are at, there is always the next level.

No matter where you are at, there is always room for improvement.

If you are sitting here thinking, money isn’t my jam or even what I’m focused on at the moment, then I encourage you to think again.

How are you going to do anything with out getting your financial energy in alignment.

As Rev. Beckwith said, “You can’t be the light of the world if you can’t pay your light bill.”

Mic Drop.

Because we know money is just energy, the reason for many of us is that we aren’t using our energy (& money) in aligned ways to help bring about that light in us.

It’s time to get your money aligned with your goals.

It’s time to do a deep dive and dig into those things you are putting off and move them off your To-Do List.

Do you still have hanging over your head unfiled taxes, completing your Wills, get some cash flow planning or investments in order or do you even know what you net worth is?

Most clients I sit with don’t even know their plan for when shit hits the fan! {oh, and FYI, it always does!}

None of us are escaping life alive, yet we carry on like we are.

So, we may need a jumpstart.

Time to jumpstart your wealth.

And the rest will flow.

I promise.

Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa

PS. We may have different reasons for wanting those extra dollars…but, we all want it.

Stop for a second –

Close your eyes and ask yourself –
Take a second and let that question sink in.

Would it mean:

  • Financial security during tough times? (Plenty of those to go around, #COVIDlife)
  • Saving for your children’s education?
  • Taking a much-needed vacay (beach, mountains, resorts…luxury)?
  • ​Giving to your favourite charitable cause?
  • ​Vacation Property
  • ​Owning Your Dream Business

Whatever it means for you, IT ALL COMES DOWN TO THIS:



I’m inviting you to work with me for 6-weeks to JUMPSTART YOUR WEALTH!

This powerful program has been proven to work and will help you get out of the “I can’t”, “I don’t know where to start”, or “If I haven’t yet, I never will…” mindset and start thinking that once you have the education and the one-on-one accountability you can and you will grow your money!

You are unique and you deserve this! Make this commitment to yourself and set aside this time for you, as I know all too well how difficult is to get started or how to ask the right questions when it comes to your finances. Let me help guide you!

Your individualized, personalized, customized financial money plan is out there now just waiting for you to take action!

Remember, this program has been designed exclusively for YOU! This program is about YOU, YOUR money and YOUR goals.

You spend hundreds per month on health and self-care, but the financial area of your life is totally neglected.

Your wealth is as important as your health!

This is NOT a group program!

This is 6-weeks to elevating your financial health, wealth & money mindset 1-on1 with me, Lisa Elle.

Sign up and break on though!

HERE! {}


The Lucky Money Formula

The Lucky Money Formula by Lisa Elle, CFP

The secret about money is that it is only ever partially about luck.

Same with the lottery.

I mean, you have to be playing the lottery to win.

You definitely don’t win if you aren’t even buying the tickets.

That’s how it is with multiplying your wealth as well.

You need to be in the game and recognize it’s just that.

All people who pay taxes are in the game of money, whether they know it or not.

The problem is most people are just standing around on the court waiting for the ball to be passed to them instead of actively creating a plan, strategy and taking action toward a plan to get the ball passed to them and then making that winning shot.

You won’t get a shot at being lucky with your money when you haven’t even…

  • realized you have a money game afoot… (like Sherlock Holmes)
  • decided to learn the rules of how money works
  • actually put some blood, sweat, tears and actual money into the money game
  • created a plan, a system or strategy to work toward what you want (which is what lucky is!)



I truly have created and brought forth into my reality a lifestyle that I adore, a business that I love, and a great family.

All those things take work, planning, strategy before the luck ever kicks in.

Sure, I have other goals I am working on now (up-leveling )… you don’t just die and rollover when you reach the next level, but I do see what I’ve created and the choices and decisions I’ve made to bring them forth, exactly as I have planned in a path that is working for me for right now.

Same with your money.

You must, absolutely must create a plan and strategy around your money for when the money ‘comes in’.

Because money will come in and if you aren’t ready for it YOU WILL squander it.

Now, I always say money can’t be wasted.

And it can’t.

Because you will learn valuable lessons from all the times you squandered money or spent money in an unaligned fashion.

Money is still not wasted in those situations, it’s just taking you a longer time to learn your lesson and get clear on what you actually want money for.

But here is where the LUCK is.

Here is where the LUCK O’THE IRISH be with you…. (Yes, Happy St. Patrick’s Day!)

You absolutely must get clear on what it is you want to be lucky with!

If you won a million little rubber bouncy balls (like the ones I find all over my house and want to scream because they just end up in the corners and the kids just abandon them) you would not consider yourself lucky. (Maybe if you could sell them for like $100 or $1000)

If you won a million bags of garbage, you would probably not feel lucky and feel like you have now literally have a million pounds of garbage to deal with.

If you won a million rolls of toilet paper, you may feel lucky! (Circa March 2020)

But if you won a million dollars and you didn’t have a plan for it, you may feel stress and overwhelm, or regret if you blow it all in one day, unless you have a plan, strategy and a way to back your truest of desires.

Are you clear on what you want to be lucky in?

Are you clear on what you would do with your luck when one day the little creepy leprechaun comes tapping your shoulder (or more like pulling on your pant leg as he is very tiny)?

Most people hope and pray for this.

For the day their money will come in.

For the day their ship will come in.

It’s a fantasy. Only because it never really happens like that.

And for the people who’ve already aligned with that next level, then it’s no biggie. (And yes, gratitude is key!)

It’s really almost an expected luck when you have planned for it.

But to everyone else you are LUCKY.

That’s how people are going to view you when you have a plan and you have taken specific actions toward that plan.

You will be lucky.

The others won’t be lucky only because they didn’t take those first initial steps required in the luck formula.

Create A Plan, Strategy, or System + Desire Toward A Specific Goal/Dream + Aligned Actions = LUCK

It’s that simple.

The rest of the luck is smoke and mirrors.

Lasting LUCK happens when you make it happen.

So make it happen


Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa



Expansion by Lisa Elle, CFP

If you’ve been a follower of this blog for the last 300 weeks, you will know one thing for sure – that this blog is always written from my higher self to my regular Lisa self – the person at the keyboard typing away.

It’s always a love letter to help guide me as I journey through all the things life is bringing before me.

Right now, it’s expansion.

I was re-reading the highlighted parts of The Abundance Book this morning, by John Randolf Price, and being reminded of this:

When you are sitting in a place of scarcity or lack – which let’s be honest, creeps in from time to time – that is when you are not connected to source and relying on your all sufficiency from the ALL SUFFICIENT ONE, God.

Depending too much on yourself.

That is a money block.

That is one way you may be cutting yourself off from tapping into your abundance.

I’m growing my business and expanding it right now as we speak in big ways, but it’s totally draining to say the least, and MANY times I seriously wonder, is this worth it?!

But here’s the thing.

The ONLY reason it’s so draining, and the reason your life could feel so draining, instead of life giving, is because you ARE CUT OFF FROM YOUR SOURCE and trying to do all the things yourself.

And, no this isn’t a reminder on delegation – because you can ask anyone – I’m the QUEEN of DELEGATION!!

Trust me, I delegate everything from my eyelashes to my dishes and laundry! I do not do what I feel is not the best use of my time or energy (FYI – there is a secret million dollar lesson in those words!) and I do that well and still getting better at it by the day!

But this is different.

This is more of an energy feeling that my brain has mustard up.

As we know, all the things are truly created in your consciousness.

For the most part, it has nothing to do with your reality – it’s usually all in your head anyways.

We cut off our expansion and tapping into the greatest of desires by not focusing on the ’cause’ of where what we desire is coming from. {Hint: God}

We are so focused on the effect.

We are so focused – and usually miserably so – on the effect that has not materialized in our reality or if it has, it looks nothing like what we wanted in the first place.

That’s because at some point we were severely disconnected from source or from the cause of where all things come from.

Not to mention, that this is all happening up in your noggin all the time.

And we aren’t taking responsibility for all the “less desirable stuff” or crap that is popping up in our lives.

That’s why it’s hard to expand into and bring forth what you know deep down you are here to create and bring into reality.

Can I also say, it’s super fun to see something you’ve dreamt of for so long manifest in reality?!

That’s the vibration and feeling and thoughts you need to keep tuning into again and again and again.

That is how you follow through on expansion.

Keep focused on the good!

Stay in that state of gratitude.

Sure it’s hard.

Last night was hard for me, so I just went to bed and knew it would all be better tomorrow.

Sleep! Sleep is wonderful!

Go to bed and reset.

I give so many of my problems over to my subconscious brain to solve when I’m sleeping – and it truly does!

It’s also part of how you can expand.

Ask more of your higher self!

Ask to see problems in a new light!

The universe wants nothing more than to shift your perspective.

That’s how A Course in Miracles defines of a miracle anyways: a shift of perspective!

I’ll leave you with these words from The Abundance Book and they are a smack in the face most of us need when it comes to why we are blocking the flow of money & good things to us:

“If I say ‘I can’t afford’ something, I am building a ‘can’t afford’ consciousness, and the law will bring more things and experiences into my life that I can’t afford.”

John Randolf Price

What do you keep pushing away from you instead of just allowing it?

Stay in the e x p a n s i o n mindset where anything is possible and dance in that deep knowing joy and trust me on this one….

THAT is how you….

Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa

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How To Get Rid Of Your Financial Sandcastle

I have one of the hardest jobs in selling.

Financial Planners.

Selling you on your future, and not on your present.

It’s hard because selling in most instances results in receiving a reward instantly.

You can get meals delivered in minutes.

You can get almost any good delivered to you in a matter of hours or days.

You can lose weight in a matter of months.

You can also build a whole house or building in a matter of months.

Most things you can buy, including buying stocks on the stock market will give you that good ol’ dopamine hit.

Even going to a doctor for the most part, receiving medicine to cure an ailment, or at least getting a diagnosis and starting a treatment plan is more instantaneous than financial planning.


Financial planning is a long drawn-out process.

In fact, it really never has an ending point as it continues even past the point of your death with your executor trying to still manage your money and divvy it up.

To add insult to injury, the government changes the tax rules yearly, so it’s like trying to hit a moving target even for tax planning.

And really what’s the fun in waiting 5 – 10 – 15 – 30 years for something you may not even be around for.

Plus, things like life insurance won’t even benefit you personally, and disability or critical illness insurance means your life is probably turned upside down anyways, so where’s the fun in that?

And then you draw up your will….contemplate your death again, because you’ve already contemplated it when you bought the life insurance, but this time you come up with a detailed plan about how your memorial service actual looks and make decisions on what to do with the body you’ve just spent your life in… fun times.

Oh, and your portfolio.

Sure, the stock side (or crypto) is fun… but the boring money, as I refer to it as, the slow growth pension type money that is actually invested for purpose of providing you with financial freedom at a certain age, probably like watching molasses drip….

The best time to see a financial planner is when you don’t need one {hence why the selling of financial products or services you don’t need today is a hard sell!}

Most people call me after the fact.

After the death, after the disability, after they got the letter for Canada Pension Plan.

It’s usually too late then to really create financial health.

It’s usually just triage and bandages at that point and sometimes a defibrillator attached to your bank account.

You will one day suffer from a disability, critical illness, and most definitely, you are not getting out of life alive.

Sure, you might have some coverage through your employer, but even then, you actually have no clue!

I mean, you expect your employer has taken care of you and you carry on in life on a whim and a prayer.

Your self-employed, have a big business, assets, but how does that really look when it matters? You again, have no clue.

You just think this will magically all work out.

And it might, but many times not without pre-planning.

Can I tell you a trick?

Okay, I lied.

There is no trick to all of this.

You just gotta do it!

Face it head on.

Face your mortality. (ugh, not a fun thing to have to do…)

The Estate Planning is for everyone over 18 who owns anything, even a bank account.

The Financial Freedom Planning (Retirement) is for everyone who wants to one day not have to hustle 24/7.

The Risk Management Planning is for everyone who thinks they are invincible.

Yes, you.

You who thinks that cancer isn’t going to happen to you or your family. You who thinks heart attacks and strokes aren’t going to happen to you or your family.

That’s the first place you have to start….

And yet.

Everyday, I meet and talk to people who need all of this planning.

But it’s not fun.

It’s sure as hell not SEXY.

And I can try to make this fun and sexy (and sometimes I do succeed! 😉 ) but bottom line is, you need to talk to me and have these hard conversations.

You need to talk to my colleagues in the industry.

You need to do this.


Because if you are dead serious about becoming wealthy, about making millions, about having millions on paper and the net worth and the assets, and the things that you really are here to create and to really step into your abundance…


You need to have that structure in place to build wealth.

Building wealth on no foundation and building wealth with out a financial plan, risk management plan, or asset distribution plan is FOLLY.

You are building your house upon the sand if you are working so hard on building wealth, building your business, building your nest egg and don’t have a plan in place.

You have built a financial sandcastle.

Ready to crumble at the next wave?

And you know better.

You can’t build serious huge wealth when you haven’t even taken care of the basics.

So, face your fear of death, face your fear of what it might actually take to reach those dreams, face the fear of what building true wealth can look like for you and just get er’ done.

You will sleep better at night.

You will know without a shadow of a doubt that you’ve taken care of the people you love most.

You will now free your mind from worrying about these things that have nagged at you for many years (like getting a will and getting insurance!) and

You will create space to step into your TRUE ABUNDANCE.

But you will never step into your true abundance until you take care of the nagging thoughts in your head that are always whispering ‘what if’….

Bad stuff happens everyday.

Make sure that when the bad stuff happens to you and your family – you have a plan in place to cope, to deal and to eventually move forward and above all to have the funds available to fund your dreams and the dreams of others around you.

You can’t do that broke.

You can’t do that without a will.

Create and put this financial rock into place.

What are you waiting for?

Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa

PS. If you are ready to say YES to yourself – BOOK a FREE call with me directly and let’s figure out your own personal financial plan that will help you build wealth for you and your family! –>


The Secret of Money

The Secret of Money by Lisa Elle

The secret to money is this –

You are still chasing the effect of money and not the cause of money.

You want to see the effects of money realized in your real life – such as:

  • you want to touch the new car
  • you want to sit in the new chair
  • you want to see the new house
  • you want to see the statements of investments that read $2,500,000 or whatever number makes you feel good inside

You are so desperate to make sure you have the effects of money visible before you.

But you are forgetting the cause and aren’t focused on the cause of money.

I do a LOT of reading and study on the laws of money.

Many authors, many writers over the centuries from the Bible to the Tao Te Ching to Napoleon Hill or John Randolph Price, including all the newer money manifesting writers of our time would all agree on this point.

You must focus on the cause of money.

What does that mean?

That means you must focus on the actual source of where your money comes from – where all abundance come from.

Source. Universe. God.

And how do you focus on that?

Through Gratitude and Thanksgiving for the things – the miracles – you have not yet received.

Gratitude ahead of time.

“Be thankful while your good is invisible.”

John Randolph Price

Faith in believing that something GRAND is on its way to you.

Hold the vision of what you desire so fervently and be grateful for its soon appearance.

The problem if you haven’t yet manifested what you want money to provide you is that you are so focused on the effect, the money, the having-of-the-thing that you are so desperate to have.

You are making this waaaay harder than it needs to be.


Where does the money stem from?

Well, we know already that money is energy.

Simply put.

Money is your energy.

Literally, you were in control of this money tap to turn on and off the flow of money this whole time.

And I’m not just talking little bits here and there, I’m talking the GUSH, the FLOW, the RIVER of money that should be flowing to you but somewhere along the way you put the KINK in your hose and the money went down to a trickle.

When you ELIMINATE the pressure built up in that hose, and release the kink into flow, all that you desire will FLOW to you and manifest in substance, in form, in your reality.

Okay, if you don’t believe this, you’ve already lost the game and will never catch on to the secret of money flowing easily to you.

It just won’t.

The energy or the way money will flow easily to you is if you believe it will.

If you believe it won’t come easy, then it won’t come easy to you!

John Randolph Price says (and I love this!), Money is

My Own Natural Energy Yield

I really love this for so many reasons.

What you are yielding in your life is 100% dependent on yoru energy and what you are putting out into the world.

Are you thinking of other’s in lack?

Then you will be in lack or manifest that.

Are you feeling sorry for other people’s financial lives?

Then you are feeling sorry for your own financial life.

I have compassion for so many people whose financial situations are hard.

At the same time, it is my responsibility to my own energy and to the world’s energy field to not lower my thoughts to that lower vibration, which will just attract more lower vibrations.

And don’t kid yourself if you think that not having any money is a lower vibration.


Not having enough money or thinking there is not enough money is the LOWEST vibration you can hold and TOTALLY against the ABUNDANCE the universe has provided for you.

So, get right within with your thoughts, your creator, your connection to source and use that energy as the cause of your money.

Look only to God for your source of money.

Stop looking for, desperately hoping and waiting on the effect of money.

There is unlimited abundance available to you, you just have to tap into it!

Yes, there are soulful guided actions you must take, but you will only get those nudges when you are tuned into source.

Focus on the cause.

Be the cause.

The effect of money will come after.

You are a powerful creator.

Don’t forget it…

You have power over money.

Don’t give your power away to your money (and focus on the effects of money).

Do this and you will….

Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa

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Wealth Frequencies

Wealth Frequencies by Lisa Elle

What frequencies are you sending out to your money?

This is never a simple answer and changes by the second, however, there are overarching themes that you do send out with regards to your money.

Similar to getting adjusted at your chiropractor, this is a life-long process always needing to be adjusted and re-aligned to stay in optimal flow.

But that’s assuming you are even sending out the right frequencies in the first place – to which I would argue that you aren’t if you aren’t quite where you want to be financially.

Which, by the way, is everyone or probably 90% of us.

There’s always a new level of wealth to obtain, isn’t there?

But that aside, I want you to step into your wealth now because….

Wealth is now.

It’s not something you go toward or move toward.

If you are feeling that it’s out of reach or waiting upon this or that to happen, you will never be in a wealthy state.

So when you are always thinking it’s not here, you will always be chasing it and hence never really get there.

Sure, you can set goals and make plans for increase – as you should, but actual wealth is now.

It is a feeling.

Wealth is a feeling.

It is something you embody.

‘I am a Wealth Person’ is an idea – for at the end of the day – we are all the same inter-connected humans and we all leave this earth with our soul and not the bags of money we’ve accumulated.

Wealth is strictly a feeling.

You either feel it or you don’t.

Which do you choose?

And from that feeling that is where your wealth will come from if you choose to BE wealthy.

BEing wealthy is now.

It’s not about your neighbour who has more money than you.

It’s not about competition, it’s not about your past or the mistakes you think you made that lead you to the place you are at in this moment.

It’s not about the woulda, coulda, shoulda.

It’s simply a thought, that becomes a feeling.

I am a Wealth Person.

Choose that.

Be that.

And you will BE WEALTHY NOW and from that place, if you hold that space for your self and that intention, you will bring forth more riches than you know what to do with.

If your monkey mind or thoughts are spitting out constant thoughts on the ‘broke’ train or thinking anything not in alignment with pure abundance, your frequencies are blocked.

Your wealth vibes will not come through.

Wealth will not come through, no matter what you try when you are blocked.

You absolutely must keep a wealth frequency and that is 100% your choice, your decision and all in your head.

So make the BIG DECISION to be wealthy.

Big decisions you make in life, the choices, are always followed by a million baby decisions to stay in alignment with the larger goal or choice.

You need to keep going back to the original decision, choice frequency that you deeply desire.

You really truly are the one who decides if you are wealthy or not.

It’s the same decision you make when you…

Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa


How to Think Critically

How to Think Critically by Lisa Elle

Never before has there been a time when critical thinking has been more important to you and me as human beings.

In this time which is riddled by literally one or two mainstream narratives, it has become imperative that you and I truly take on critical thinking on a daily basis.

Yes, it’s time to turn off the TV and grab a pen and notebook and formulate your thoughts on subjects that may be called to your attention.

Can I also say…. if you are reading this you are among the wealthy of the world and with that responsibility comes critical thinking.

You are wealthy because:

  1. You are reading this on a electronic device with an internet connection. (47% of the world still does not have a way to access the internet which is important for research!)
  2. You are reading this. (20% of the world is illiterate and cannot read – therefore they do not have your advantage of reading many scripts and many books and papers are not available through auditory methods yet.)
  3. You can probably purchase a book or have access to a library. (Again, many people do not even know the resources available to them, this even includes healthcare.)

I encourage you, as a wealth person on planet earth, who has the faculties, to think critically on EVERY subject that is especially polarizing right now – from politics to health care to education to spirituality or your religion – there has never been a more important time for you to “go within” and truly think critically on these topics FOR YOURSELF and not just following along with what you’ve been told from a handful of sources.

I’ve been preaching from this soap box for a long time.

Working in the “financial realm” and being in the financial industry, I tell all my clients to decide if what I’m suggesting works for them. I like to give my clients all their options and tell them to research their options as well. I encourage critical thinking!

That’s exactly why I created The Wealth Collective™ so that you have a place to ask questions and get unbiased financial information – because there truly is not right or wrong path to accomplishing your goals, dreams and fulfilling your desires.

So, my dear friends, yes, you, who is so busy and doesn’t have time for critical thinking and would rather watch Netflix, I challenge you to 10 minutes of critical thinking every day.

Okay, so how do we “think critically”?

I have 3 initial thoughts on this matter that I’ve broken into 3 parts for you – I’m sure I’ll have more, but these are a great place to start you on your critical thinking path…

Part 1 – 3 Centres for Thinking

I think we have to recognize that firstly this is not all about our thoughts and thinking.

There are actually 3 centres that we need to check with regarding our views on certain topics.

I think these are the 3 filters that our beliefs must go through to truly be scrutinized.

The Mind {Thinking/Thoughts}

The Heart {Feeling}

The Gut {Intuition}

All three of these play a CRITICAL role in our overall critical thinking and making decisions and coming up with what our beliefs are.

All these of these “thinking” centres in our body offer us information regarding what is true.

Part of the problem is that so many of us have turned off one or more of these centres so we aren’t getting accurate “reads” the way we should if we were tuned into all these faculties.

In my opinion, there are many ways to clear these centres and clear out the garbage so these channels can offer us clear frequencies. Everything from prayer, to massage or chiro, meditation, burning sage or incense, to many healing practices or modalities, such as craniosacral therapies. The list is probably endless, but you get the drift – even ‘asking’ that you tune into all three centres when decision making is helpful. {Ask and ye shall receive!}

By checking in and tuning into these 3 areas, I know what’s right and wrong for me. I know that my beliefs are backed by a higher consciousness (or also known as tuning into God or the Holy Spirit or Higher Self within you).

Part 2 – Question, Question and Question

You need to question everything!

Use Byron Katie’s “The Questions” to ask yourself these things on any topic – from the big “C” word on every media channel right now or the big “V” word that everyone is talking about, to politics, health care, and in relation to your MONEY and direction on where you are feeling you need to invest at the moment (like GameStop), or when making decisions on your business or relationships….

Byron Katie’s “The Work” 4 Questions Are:

  • Is it true?
  • Can you absolutely know that it’s true?
  • How do you react when you believe that thought?
  • Who would you be without that thought?

(Read: Loving What Is: 4 Questions That Can Change Your Life by Byron Katie – LIFE CHANGING!)

Questioning comes naturally to me personally. I am a “Questioner” as per Gretchen Rubin’s 4 Tendencies Quiz (which I’ve linked here, and it’s amazing and quick to take.)

I think the ‘people pleasers’, ‘obligers’ and ‘upholders’ of what they’ve been told to do from others/society in their lifetime naturally don’t question authority – and I challenge those to question the status quo and the systems that have brought us to this place in history and decide for yourselves.

To do that, it requires:

  1. Questioning
  2. Looking for answers/research
  3. More Questioning
  4. More Research (Yes, reading!)

Rinse, Repeat and it’s ongoing.

However, don’t get discouraged if you go down a rabbit hole and end up with more questions than answers.

You can always go back to Part 1 above and use that strategy.

I encourage you to question everything you’ve ever known and ask for the truth to be revealed to you and it always will be – maybe not right away, but over time.

I think the cosmic joke, if I may, is that, we truly are in control of the reality that we create, and as I’ve said many times before, this is usually the answer you come up with – your thoughts create your reality.

And from there, you really do realize you have the power (and I mean REAL POWER) to create the world in which you want to see.

Think about that for a minute and think about how that could look like for you, your community and your world.

Part 3 – Open Mind

If I may share my story, I went through my ‘dark night of the soul’ many years ago – twice actually. The first time my world crumbled from what I thought is was when I was around 19 or 20 years old. I think the second time around 2010 to 2012 and yes, it lasted a couple of years…. in my early 30’s.

This refers to the time when you realize the world is not at all as it seems and you grieve for humanity and question everything. For some this may not even be a dark time, and for others it is extremely dark.

I feel at some point most of us humans are forced to reckon with the world.

To come to terms with our mortality, and ask ourselves “why”.

To question the deep unknown.

And to many people this plays out as a period (hours, days, weeks, months, years) as the ‘dark night of the soul’. I don’t know how else to explain it.

I will never really understand much of what is playing out – and I don’t need to really know what is happening.

All I can do is have strong faith and know truly that:

This is for my highest good.

That belief.

That one belief will change your life.

That belief also comes with a lot of forgiveness and love.

Everything bad that’s ever happened to you or will happen to you – when you have faith and know there are bigger energies at play and trust God/Universe has your back, you can honestly rest great at night.

I had to go through my ‘dark night of the soul’. Some people never do go through this. Some people have early on. Everyone’s journey is different.

For me, once you go to the darkest place and come back from it (whether it’s a trauma or deep soul searching) you emerge as a new being – usually because somewhere somehow grace, mercy and light was thrust upon you and it transformed you forever. (A spiritual baptism if you will.)

Now what does this have to do with critical thinking?!

I think it OPENS your mind to knowing not everyone is right and not everyone is wrong. I think people who’ve made it through the dark night can easily spot the sun, are more grateful for the mornings, easily EASILY forgive and look for ways to love, to serve and to spread light on this planet.

Critical thinking involves being OPEN MINDED.

1+1 = 2



It’s looking at both options equally and finding that bit of truth in the statement.

This means, take your current beliefs, thoughts and spit them out, scrub them up & scrutinize them before you return them to you head.

You can return to your same beliefs in the same way, but at least you looked at all sides of the equation AND TAKE INTO ACCOUNT BOTH SIDES (not just self-fulfilling prophecies), plus taking a deep critical thinking look at your beliefs truly does help strengthen them!

That’s all.

You are FREE.

You are FREE to choose.

You are FREE to think.

You are FREE {& have the power} to think critically.


And you are a SOVERIGN BEING.

Don’t forget that.

You are a



and that is your POWER.

and that is how you…

Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa


Compromised Wealth

Compromised Wealth

Compromised wealth occurs only because of a compromised brain!

And usually because your compromised brain (logic) is overriding your heart (your feelings).

Now, to begin, not all compromise is bad.

Choosing to be flexible – like debating with your partner over what restaurant or movie to see is not the compromise I’m talking about.

In fact, this compromise has nothing to do with what your pizza preference is or the fact you can’t sit through another Star Wars anything…

This compromise has to do with all the broken promises between you and your soul.

You are the one solely responsible for your wealth and state of abundance.

That is something you will have to own.

That is the starting place in all of this wealth and abundance game and attracting more of it.

The truth is that you were born with total abundance and all the riches of the world, it’s just over time and as you grew up you made choices or chose to follow the beliefs of others who told you how it was.

Time for some belief re-patterning!

Fast forward to today and now.

Here you are and as a logically thinking adult, deep down, when you quiet your spirit and take a deep breath you realize that everything that is in your current reality is bred by you alone.

It’s actually a BEAUTIFUL thing to realize that you and you alone are in choice of the world you wish to create.

So how do we get from where we are, which may be a lesser desireable place, to the desireable place that we dream of?

I think it starts with realizing how we got to the lesser desireable reality in the first place.

AND that my sexy friend is this….


You have compromised yourself.

It’s like your computer screen that flashes and says your password has been compromised, but TRUST ME, this is WAAAAAAYYYYYY worse than being violated in many ways.

You can’t control what others do or do to you, but you can control your thinking, your thoughts and honouring the desires of your heart.

AND that’s where I think most people fall down.

It’s in the LACK of integrity of the words and thoughts and promises they made to themselves.

I’ve said this many times before that if you have kept PERFECT INTEGRITY with your word to yourself, the things you value, your goals, your plans, your desires – ALL THE THINGS, then you would already have the reality before you that you still are longing for.

And the longing, the desperate wanting, the focusing on how bad things are – will only bring more of that to you.

In other words, you can’t CREATE YOUR DREAM REALITY without first being in your DREAM REALITY.

Are you getting what I’m putting down?

You need to BE first.

BE first in your mind, your thoughts, your actions the way that you want things to be and the universe may take a few moments, minutes, hours, days, weeks or months to rearrange itself for you.

Now that you are holding your vision before you, you gotta give the universe sometime to rearrange the chess pieces of reality so that they fall in your favour and ALIGN with your current vibration of what you want to have show up!!

The universes timeline will not be your timeline and be okay with that.

SET THE PLANS and release them.

But to do all of this and do it well you need to be at the top of your game when it comes to staying in alignment with what you are after.

That means no flip flopping!

That means stay true to your word with yourself!

That means strong boundaries for the rest of your world and interactions to allow you to stand in your integrity with yourself.

That means no more settling for less or taking on more than you can chew or doing things out of obligation just because somewhere someone said something that may not even be true for you.

Stop compromising your ENTIRE LIFE.

Stop compromising your wealth.

Your path to all the money you desire will be available to you when you start truly respecting yourself and putting yourself first.

I know it sounds so ass-backwards to us living in a society where we are preached at to not be selfish, but there in lies the secret to all things wealth.

You must acknowledge that the path to riches requires you to be at your highest vibration, and that means not following the sheeple and not doing what you are told to do much of the time.

I’m not saying break the law or anything, I’m talking about doing what you know to do for your highest good.

And my dear friend, that takes a LOT of inside work.

That takes a lot of silence and quieting of your soul to breath in the next steps that are right for you and tune out any of the naysayers.

That’s what it takes to create abundance on the level that you desire.

When you break the promises to yourself you are actually breaking these tiny magical energy fibres in the ethers that were being strung together to help bring you all that you desire.

I love you.

Stop doing this to yourself.

Stop compromising your wealth.

Start keeping your word to yourself and live in true abundance of all the things!

That, my beautiful, is how you….

Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa


Reasons To Be Wealthy

I want to reignite your REASONS TO BE WEALTHY today.

If you have been thinking or occasionally may think:

  • the rich are getting richer
  • the divide is getting wider between rich and poor
  • ‘being rich’ is for rich people and it’s not really for me or
  • money doesn’t buy happiness or
  • I don’t have any money and never will or
  • money doesn’t matter

Then you are right.

You are right because you’ve already made your mind up to be RIGHT about those statements, therefore you will subconsciously find all the reasons that those statements are right and manifesting in your reality as such.

What I understand when people say these things is this:

You have a money block around wealth, large amounts of money and rich people.

(Note: Rich people typically don’t think like that – they may think a lot of things, but usually they are too busy working on growing their wealth to vibrate at the lower levels of complaining or worrying about what others are choosing to do with their money.)

I am very aware of what is happening around me and the world right now.

I see the economy, the numbers and more importantly the real effect on human lives and how this last year has devastated so many people.

And now I will lay out all the possible reasons you may want to reconsider your money mindsets around wealth for 2021 to inspire you to truly be okay with wanting, desiring and GOING AFTER WEALTH!

(Say it with me….. I am a Wealthy Person!)

And it’s serious, and it’s big and it’s transformation.

You will want FREEDOM!

Money brings FREEDOM!


And this isn’t like the old school 2014 freedom where money means you can work from your laptop on a beach, this is a new type of FREEDOM we are finding ourselves losing. (Look around if you think we haven’t lost any of our inherent human rights or freedoms.)

I’m not trying to scare you or have you in a fear mindset – this is about OPTIONS & ACCESS!! (And I feel it’s starting to be a serious thing instead of like “Oh millions of dollars would be nice to have”, I truly think this will be a MUST over the next decades.)

Money brings those things.

Money is going to be the key to your freedom and unfortunately, those who choose (yes, wealth is just a choice!) to not step into their wealth mindset, find creative ways to make money and invest in their ideas or businesses will be left behind and stuck in slavery.

Do you not know by now that when you have no money you are enslaved to yourself?

You have put yourself in bondage and only you can unlock and FREE yourself to create a new life for you.

Let me ask you this…

  • Is money still flowing?
  • Are jobs still around?
  • Are people still buying products and services?
  • Are humans still needing food, clothing and shelter to survive?
  • Do humans want to be treated fair, peaceful & spoiled occasionally with luxury goods & services still?!


That means there is opportunity, and where there is opportunity there is opportunity to be RICH and WEALTHY.

And that is ONLY defined by you, but I do want you to 10x your money mindset game in your head.

Exand it.

Stretch it.

Go for the bigger dreams and money goals.

Right now it is the most important time in history to have money because think of all the good you can do with it.

  • You can invest in & use luxury goods and services! (If you are being honest with yourself, you totally want that!)
  • You can invest in and support start-up and small business.
  • You can help a family member who is ill and can’t work.
  • You can buy food and supplies for hundreds of people.
  • You can buy land and cultivate healthy foods and options.
  • You can be part of the solution to cleaner energy.
  • You can create and help support education in all its forms.
  • You can invest in cures for illnesses and help with irradiating disease from the planet.
  • You can decorate, design and build beautiful buildings or spaces, renovate buildings and create art for them so people can be surrounded by beauty.
  • You can create gorgeous gardens and flower arrangements.
  • You can buy, wear or design luxury fabrics for clothes or linens that are beautifully designed and shoes that are sexy that don’t hurt when you wear them (lol)

(Please tell me something in that list was able to light you up!)

You can only do this if you are wealthy!

Did you hear me?


Things that were common place are now shifting and we are bringing down so many out-dated systems and that’s what makes this an exciting time in history, because now there is….


and there really is no better time in history to create wealth – for you, for your family, for your community.

You want to be a wealthy, but you have to get over your money blocks and your not-so-helpful stigmas and thoughts about money, wealth & rich people.

Don’t go about hating rich people when deep down you may want to be one.

That will not allow you to become rich.

Okay, so there are a million money mindset layers we need to peel back and dispose before we can really get to the next level financially, and we do know its a life journey and there is always another level to up-level to.

But if all you do is slowly, one-by-one take away unhelpful money thoughts and in their place put helpful wealth building thoughts you will slowly begin to see your reality change for the better.

Money is just energy.

You are in control of harnessing and utilizing that energy to create something magnificent in your lifetime.

Are you doing that?

Are you?

This is how you….

Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa