You Inc.

You Inc.

Do you understand that you are your greatest asset?

How are you treating that ASSet?

Do you realize you are the CEO of YOU INC.?

How would you rate how you are doing as CEO?

Tough questions if you really get right down to it.

If you want to rate how good of a job you are doing as CEO, take a look around.

Is your life exactly as you want it?

Are you surrounded by people YOU love to spend time with? Beautiful physical surroundings? Health? Wealth? All the main check boxes checked?

Are you at the 90% Point?

What is the 90% Point?

I know you are asking cause I just made it up a second ago, but it plays out like this….. (yes, you can coin me on the 90% Point thing as it just became a thing!)

You should be in a place where your life is 90% exactly what you want it to be.

Meaning that you have designed it almost to perfection or 90% of the way there.

Keeping a 10% space to keep growing.

(If we were all at 100%, we’d never get out of bed! LOL but that’s okay too!)

Growth and stretching into our big dreams and goals is important, so that’s why you should really never be 100% of the the way there.

The 90% Point is a good life.

GREAT LIFE, actually.

90% Point means that when you look around you right now as you read this you life is almost exactly the way you imagined it.

For most people, however, I’m sure they aren’t at 90%. I’m sure most people are sitting at the 40-60% mark with a lot of areas in their life.

And this has nothing to do with GRATITUDE.

Let’s leave gratitude and thanksgiving out of this conversations for the sake of the point I’m trying to make at this moment.

One can be grateful for their life 100% even if they are not at all where they want to be, even if they are in the depths of despair.

I’ve been there, done that and know I was grateful through those times.

Gratitude is something which should not have anything to do with our circumstances as it is a state of mind, and mostly should not be indicative of our external world.

And perhaps no different than what I’m referring to about being CEO of YOU INC. but for this purpose today, you get to forget the gratitude portion and really strip down to the assessment of your life as it sits right now.

Are you loving what you’ve created?

Are you in the 90% Point zone for the life that you are living today?

Are you being honest with yourself?

Or did you “cave” at some point and settle for a life that wasn’t exactly what you had hoped?

Here’s my big YOU INC. CEO SECRET that I will share with you.

It’s on certainty.

The number one reason that you have not achieved what you wanted is because you did not get certain on what you actually wanted.

You didn’t let your heart go free and wild and dream the biggest of dreams.

You probably pushed them down and put other things before the dreams.

And many times, that does lead to resentment.

Even if it doesn’t lead to resentment, it sure doesn’t lead to living your dream life.

Maybe you blame your partner, maybe you blame your parents, kids, or the fact you never got the business loan or student loan to further your dreams.

And you will never be able to get to the 90% Point in your life if you play the blame game.

The point here, my loves, is that when you become CEO and really step into that role of your life, and do all things with 100% confidence and certainty that they will happen – – – – –

they will happen!

This is how you get to the 90% Point.

You create with certainty.

Do you think CEOs waiver, flip-flop, and allow others to tell them where to go?

Or do you think they pave the path and forge the trail to create and bring the dreams to reality?

You obviously know the answer.

Certainty is how you need to start running the company of YOU INC.

Oh, and one last thing.

You stepping into all your desires and dreams is actually something BIGGER THAN YOU!



This is actually something bigger than you.

Never forget that you do nothing for others when you shrink and shrivel up.

You were meant to light the way for others; show others how it’s done.

You were meant to fulfill all the visions, missions, financial targets and goals of YOU INC. so others can see how it’s done and that it is in fact a possibility for themselves.

Did you know you actually take away from the world when you don’t step into your role as CEO?

It should almost be criminal, but somehow society has almost praised and revered the meek and humble human.

FYI – You don’t inspire others when you aren’t fully stepping into your power.

I think it’s because we are too afraid and uncertain of the power we actually have here.

POWER is SCARY! No doubt about it.

It’s like holding a real life lightsaber.


You do have huge responsibility that comes along with the power and stepping into your dreams, but that shouldn’t discourage you.

There’s a time and place for humility, but it’s not when you need to take the reigns as CEO of YOU INC. and show the world that you mean business.

It’s time to be certain.

It’s time for you to live your life at the 90% Point now and keep aim at the 100% life.

It’s time to…

Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa