Time Sensitive Suckers

Time Sensitive Suckers

This is what’s been happening to me lately.

And you don’t really know it’s happening – until it’s too late.

It creeps up on you until you realize another day has gone by and YOU haven’t really LIVED your purpose.

Now, it can show up as people pleasing, but in reality it’s really something much more serious than that.

I got the EDs.

(OKAY – TOTAL SIDE NOTE: PAM, also known as the best assistant in the world, died laughing when I asked her to proof this blog this morning and asked why I was writing a blog on ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION as she briefly saw the acronym ED – this blog is not on THAT! And I’ve never snorted-laughed so loud! AND for the record when I wrote this, THAT did not cross my mind at ALL – now…. it will be all you think about! You’re welcome.)

Little tiny elf thieves, called EDs, have taken your time and eaten your day-planner (or whatever device you use for your schedule!)

It’s that serious.

These little buggers are everywhere.

Messing up your schedule, adding things to your to-do list and basically sucking the energy right out of you with little tiny blood sucking straws – not much different than a mosquito!

You don’t really notice the scars they leave anyways cause they blend in with your stretchmarks or enter through leg hair or grey hair! LOL EMOJI!

But they really do exist and there’s a reason they aren’t cute – although I imagine if one were to ever catch an actual time sucking little elf thief they would actually find they are quite cute and let’s face it, as women, we would keep them as pets, feed them and they would grow crazy big – basically until they sucked the entire life right out of us!

The reason they aren’t cute to keep around in your life is that they really suck the drive, energy, purpose, passion right out of you!

The EDs show up in your life like….

  • Making you tir’ED’
  • Less passion’ED’
  • Living life less purpos’ED’
  • Dramatically less excit’ED’
  • Fatigu’ED’
  • Exhaust’ED’
  • Knacker’ED’
  • Wack’ED’
  • Bush’ED”
  • Severely drain’ED’
  • Totally debilitat’ED’

If you have any of those symptoms, you have EDs.

They mess with your head in such a bad way, tricking you that cleaning your kitchen is more important than doing your purpose work.

EDs are sneaky little bastards that somehow make you prioritize ridiculousness over what you are actually here to do.

Need to help your child with school work and spend one quailty hour with them? Nope, still cleaning the kitchen from the mess the kids made at breakfast.


Need to be doing marketing for your business but instead watch 3 hours of netflix?


Have 10 client calls to make, but decide to go shopping online instead?


Supposed to be doing X but end up doing Y?


Your day just got away from you and you blame the emails, texting, and time wasted on social?


You see how serious these EDs are!


Never really reported on and I really feel like I’m doing my service work just to tell you that you need to get these filthy little things out of your life – once and for all.

Don’t worry, not all is despair.

I have a cure!

I’ve discovered ‘the cure’ many moons ago, however, like you, I get sucked back into a life full of EDs so quickly and without warning!

Here’s the cure:

Be intentional with your time. Write it out. Schedule it out.

What gets planned usually gets accomplished.

What gets scheduled gets done.

Don’t allow others to infringe on your plans – also known as SETTING & KEEPING BOUNDARIES!

I wrote this to kick myself in the butt and get back on track with my time management.

Time is MONEY so, you know…..time to get your time back!

This is how you break free from EDs forever!

This is how you live your life on point.

Don’t be that person who cowers in the face of an ED. (Unless it’s an ACTUAL ED! see my note above! LOL)

Be the person who is armed with ED spray and kills them off.

This is how you…

Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa

PS. I’m selling ED remover… seriously. If you want to know how to be free of all this STUFF, we need to talk. I’m putting together a training just for you to be able to find the right system for you to crush every day with your money! Message me to find out more!