You Were Born For The ‘AND’

You were born for the AND

I’m seriously getting my dream baby grand piano delivered tomorrow. 

Talk about a dream I’ve had for so many many years. Probably since I played my first baby grand piano at church for hundreds of people when I was in grade 4.

So, the last house didn’t have the space. I get this house (my dream house!) 10 years ago, and then talk myself out of it exactly like this:

– kids will trash it

– we don’t have the money right now

– maybe we should pay off that credit card first

– my husband won’t approve and it will just be another disagreement over buying stuff (ha! Like you know what I mean!!!!)

All the things that basically didn’t even allow me to entertain my deepest desires.  

I adore playing piano. I adore singing with my piano. I will never do it for anyone and it’s one of my absolute happy places!

On the topic of your hearts biggest dreams and desires – you have to know that even for buying a silly piano I got push back from 5 people closest to me.

Even my kids…

“Mommy, where are we going to build our forts when your piano takes up the whole living room?”

Ummmm seriously?!????

My parents who don’t even live in the same province, first words were, “Why would you want one of those things and where are you going to put it?”

So ya…. zero initial ZUPPORT! (But they have all come to understand my idea now after I’ve had to persistently persuade my people to help support my dream. Yes, that is business advice! Keep enrolling your team in the dream!)

On that note, this is a real thing and probably a real thing from stopping so many women from actually following their dreams and desires – – –

the peanut gallery in your life is probably VERY MUCH ALIVE and happy to be throwing peanuts at all your dreams (unless you live alone!)

And I’m sorry we get so much push back from all different sources – but embrace it and learn to work with it. It’s not going away!  

Go after your dreams anyways. 

Like a BULL in a CHINA store. (My mom used to call me that as a teenager! It stuck!)

You will get pushback on your dreams.  

You will. 

Your dreams will rarely coincide with the dreams of people closest to you!

And totally not resonate with them at all! 

So, my dear… this just means you have to make your dreams and desires a priority and just push through the pushback will all the confidence and ‘don’t-give-a-shit-ness’ in the world. 

Make your dreams come true.  

So #1, there’s push back from the people you love.

Then there’s #2 –

Pushback from the universe.  

Oh, you know there is a little!  Yes, the universe wants you to have all your desires… but it’s going to be asking you if you are serious the whole way through! It’s going to test you.  

If you give up, it was never meant for you.  

If you don’t, it’s waiting there for you, created for you in your future reality.  

And finally there’s the THIRD kind of pushback:

#3 – There’s pushback from yourself, your thoughts.

And this is the worst kind.  

This was actually the hardest pushback (although, I like to blame my family) but really it was all me. 

Me thinking I didn’t deserve my dream. 

Me thinking it’s good for someone else but self-abnegation rears it’s ugly head.  

Self-abnegation is to deny yourself. To abase yourself.

To basically say you aren’t worthy of anything.

To negate yourself.

It’s good for everyone else’s dreams to come true, but I don’t deserve that.

If I were to tell you my life is darn near perfect right now it is. Healthy, Moola, Business growing, bills paid, even my crapola rental properties are doing good (miracle!!!) and my skin is clear, losing weight… blah… all the check marks good!

Did I tell you I had a FULL PAGE ARTICLE written about me in Investment Executive this month?! Ya… life is exciting! Great even!

Self-abnegation can also rear it’s ugly head when you don’t want others to think your life is easy, you are too beautiful, too successful, too smart, too funny, too super awesome at your job and showing up all the other team members, too fit, to rich…. these are all huge reasons to keep a foot in the struggle door.

We are so designed to fit in and why should our lives be awesome when everyone else is struggling in some area?!?!

The answer to that is this: shining your light will help draw more people to their light.

On the topic of money…

Yes, dreams of all shapes and sizes usually cost money or require some assistance by money.

And since when did we have to place buying an alternator and oil changes over our dreams?

Can you have both?

Can you have the car repair and the new piano?

Can you have the practical and the dream?

My other dream was new furniture. My kids have officially trashed my 10-year old furniture I bought when I moved into this house.

It’s done. It’s KAPUT! Stuffing flying out of the arm chair.

So can’t you have both the dream business and the new kitchen chairs?!

I’m here to tell you that you can.

You can always ASK.

Most of us aren’t even ASKING FOR MORE!




But I can’t do the work for you.

This is a soul problem where you’ve been cut off from allowing the good – from allowing God – to flow into your life.

Only you can make that change.

I can tell you to go and allow the good things in, but if your soul is fighting you on it, it won’t be allowed in! You cut off your current of energy.

When did we get to the place where we have been forced to bargain with life instead of asking from life what we want from it. 

Life is bigger than all our requests and asks.

Get the new car! 

Get the support you need!

Get the new bra that makes your boobs feel incredible. (Sadly, I don’t actually have this get… has anyone tried Knix bras?!  Asking for a friend… lol)

It’s not about being ‘stupid’ with your money.  (PS.  You can’t actually be stupid with your money. I’ve written posts about that many times – there’s no such thing. All transactions are serving our higher good – even if that means there is a lesson in there for next time!)

Besides. No one said going after your dreams and deepest desires would be easy. I do pray for you it is… but we all know that if it was easy everyone would have a baby grand piano and be a skinny billionaire! Bahahahahaha! But you know what I mean. 

I do hope that despite the fact that there’s going to be pushback on all the things… you go for them anyways.  

And if there’s no pushback – awesome! Bonus!

I mean let’s be honest…..


You get ‘this’ AND ‘this’.

Not ‘this’ or ‘that’!

The only time you get stuck with ‘this’ or ‘that’ is when you choose it.

The only time you get ‘this’ AND ‘this’ is when you choose it.

SO why are you choosing small.

Why are you stuck in ‘little think‘?

Where is your ‘BIG THINK’?

That’s what abundance is.

You get to have it all.

You get to go for the BIG life you always dreamed of.

You get to honour the desires put on your heart.

That is why you are here.

That is your BIG lesson to learn.

That’s how you…..

Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa